Evolve Your Soul Series

Episode 12: Love in Action

An episode of Evolve Your Soul Series

By Dana Damara
You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. There is nothing wrong with you. You are in a constant state of evolution. So when you transform and shift, it's only because you are evolving into a new version of yourSelf, with a capital S.

Listen to Dana each week talk about themes you can focus on every week to re-member how perfect and Divine you really are.

Evolve your soul.
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Episode 17: Patience
Patience. What a virtue … and … it’s a pathway to the Divine. It is the key to soulful living. Patience is the recipe for truth, freedom and love. We sit and we wait; we wait for the breath of the Divine to guide us into our truth, and our purpose and we have patience as we observe our life and all the amazingness that happens as we move through each connection, each struggle, each embrace and each disappointment. We have patience and when it’s right and it’s time .. we know. That’s all … we just know. Listen to me talk about patience. Patience is the pause in between the inhale and exhale that holds everything.  Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com
October 11, 2019
Episode 16: Transformation
Listen to me talk about my most transformative work:  intimate relationship and parenting.  I can sit in a room, full of yogis seeking transformation, and not bat an eye. I can do that all day, every day.  But put me in the seat of intimate relationship with a potential Divine partner, and I go into deep patterning. Conscious parenting - ah, thank Goddess I've caught myself there.  I get tired and overwhelmed because I'm consistently observing and transforming the "HOW" so I can be a "higher octave" of mySelf.  Intimate relationship with a Divine partner and showing up as a conscious parent are truly, the two most powerful desires of my entire life.  It takes work ... every, single day. I've been able to transform many patterns, but tendrils still show up as residual and with this practice, I am able to transform them with love, breath, and compassion.   The yoga practice .... looks easy, and yes it is ... on the surface.  But my question for you is what is beneath the surface of your patterns?  And why are you still running them? How are they serving you?  So I'm asking you - what is your most powerful work right now?  What is it that you want to transform right now. Because nothing matters before this moment anyway ... it's all happening now.  What is it for you ... I want to know.  Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com
October 4, 2019
Episode 15: Love
I believe that love is at the root of everything. Even at the root of fear. Love lies at the edge of it all. And because everything starts with love, everything will end in love. If we sit in any energy long enough, even the uncomfortable ones, love will rise to the occasion. It’s guaranteed – you just have to sit intently through the static, commercials, advertisements, and less than perfect distractions. Sometimes love is obvious – like when you look at a newborn baby. But sometimes it takes a hot little minute to get there. Sometimes you have to go through grief, anger, shame, or fear before love will reveal itself. That’s when it gets really, really real.  Listen to me talk about LOVE and how it truly is the only thing that exists.  Just keep giving it because it IS infinite ... and if that is true ... that it is infinite, why do we hold onto our love.  Why aren't we just giving it away all the time? It's always going to refuel and refill us so why aren't we giving it away?  Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com
September 25, 2019
Episode 14: Relationship
I find it challenging to not go deep into this topic because it’s deep, yet so simple.  This is my personal definition of the word RELATIONSHIP:   “the way in which we are connected to ourselves is actually reflected into how connected we are to others, or how we regard and behave with others.” Listen to me talk about relationships and how important it really is. Actually, how it really IS the ONLY THING there is.  And that it's a reflection of who we are on all levels of being.  What relationships serve, and which ones can be released.  Our entire lives will be dictated via our relationships so I say, let's make sure we are paying attention.  Become the observer and remember that everything you are experiencing externally, you are truly emitting from the inside.  Listen deeply. Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com
September 19, 2019
Episode 13: Manifest
What does it mean to manifest?  Does it mean we create the perfect life?  Does it mean that we are the sole creators of our life?  Or maybe it means that if we think hard enough we will bring into existence all that we desire. No, none of that is true.  "Manifesting" your life is so complex; spiritually infused; Divinely guided and actually, as simple as understanding that we are manifesting in every single second. With every breath.  With every thought.  We are creating our life.  The question is, how awake are you to what you are manifesting? Take a listen about the reality in manifesting. How simple it really is to CO-CREATE your life. Align with your heart and pay attention.  Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com
August 30, 2019
Episode 12: Love in Action
This is a podcast on  L O V E ... infinite love. Unconditional love. All the kinds of L O V E. How we give it, take it away, block it and then learn how to dissolve everything to love.   It's also about how to USE the power of LOVE in all your A C T I O N.  Sometimes we are holding onto old energy that blocks us from remembering that we are all truly love. Or, we spiritually by-pass our grief, anger or hurt and send "love and light" without diving into the depths of that healing. Neither of this does anything but perpetuate the injury or trauma.  We must instead sit in it ALL until it alchemizes to LOVE .. and THEN take a heart centered approach in everything we do.   Listen to me talk about LOVE ... how I found it, continue to drop into it, and how I've blocked it too.  Take a listen and see how you can use your own super-human power of love to heal the planet. And then re-member, it's an inside job.  Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com
August 22, 2019
Episode 11: Leadership
Leadership - what does it mean to you?  Does it mean you need to be "bossy"?  Does it mean to take the "lead"?  Does it mean to use your super human power skills and apply them at every turn?  With the state of the world the way it is ... it means all of that and it means to stop. To listen. To self-inquiry. To support each other. To elevate one another.  To heal that which still lives inside you so you CAN lead from a place that is clear.   So often we go out into the world and think we have to LEAD and DO.  But we forgot that the world we experience is merely a reflection of our own thoughts and emotions.  It's merely a reality check into our own emotional state.  So self inquiry is the first step in leadership.  Listen to me talk about leadership and reach out if you have anything to add or discuss! Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com
August 12, 2019
Episode 10: Courage
I believe courage happens in every moment.  It happens when you leap forward into something that is unfamiliar.  It happens when you relax into the familiar.  It happens when you speak your mind and when you listen.  It happens when you move forward and when you let go.  It happens when you stand strong and when you open up to vulnerability.  Courage happens every moment of every day.  It takes courage to:  Speak your mind. Say yes. Say no. Tell the truth. Reach out. Sit in un-comfortableness. Be content. Be vulnerable. Be still. Listen. Leap forward.  Love.  What a concept – it takes courage to love. Yes … that is the courage of all courage.  But when you are courageous enough to love, you gain the strength you need to move mountains. Listen to me talk about courage ... it's our driving force from the heart.  Take a listen and reach out if you have anything to add or discuss! Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com ⁠
August 2, 2019
Episode 9: Desire
What if our deepest desire was to be completely present in whatever moment we are in, without desiring it to be any other way? ⁠ ⁠ Is that even possible? ⁠ I think it is. ⁠ ⁠ But it takes a minute to calibrate and truly experience that, doesn’t it? To recognize that the moment we are in, we created a while ago based on a desire. And that moment is happening in it’s perfectly, divinely orchestrated time. For further contemplation, if we are indeed desiring something outside of that moment, well, that’s okay too because if it’s a thought, it’s happening somewhere in the ether, just not right in this exact moment. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ So you can yearn, pray, wish and want, without an attachment and you can witness the desire and know that it’s on it’s way. If you can enjoy and be with what is happening right now, you’ll only create speed in receiving that desire.⁠   Take a listen and reach out if you have anything to add or discuss! Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com ⁠
July 26, 2019
Episode 8: 3D's: Dedication, Devotion, Discipline
3-D:  D E D I C A T I O N  - D E V O T I O N  - D I S C I P L I N E … and then there is DISTRACTION.  What are you devoted to?  How do you dedicate your time? And where are you disciplined? Most importantly - - - what distracts you?  All these words – similar but different.  We devote our love and attention from our heart.  We dedicate our thoughts and actions from the mind.  And, we move through life with the fire in our belly – disciplining our actions so they remain in alignment with who we are on a soul level.  Listen to me talk about the difference; how to experience them all; and how to use those 21,000 breaths a day.  Stay on the path Warrior Jedi. Take a listen and reach out if you have anything to add or discuss! Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com
July 18, 2019
Episode 7: Boundaries
Boundaries are the highest form of self-love. Why? Because when we open ourselves up we allow love in, we create space for expansion. When we close off a bit, when we draw that line, we create space for a shift in perspective. Boundaries make space for discernment between thoughts and reaction. Our job is to know where and when to set boundaries. And when to let them go.  Listen to me talk about how you can create boundaries for yourself OR how you can let go of boundaries that keep you stuck. This one is a big one for me personally. We want to and that space of self-love, so we can protect the space for our sweet soul. Take a listen and reach out if you have anything to add or discuss! Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com
July 13, 2019
Episode 6: Liberation
What does it mean to be free?  To be liberated?  From pain?  From our thoughts?  From spiritual disconnect?  What does it mean to you to be free? How can we be free when these are so many things "wrong" in the world. When there are so many things that keep is in bondage of our thoughts and patterns?  That keep is in separateness.   When we come back to the recognition that all we experience outside is inside, we are free to liberate our own Self. We minimize our distractions and come to the expansion of our hearts knowing.  Only then, when we gaze inward, do we experience liberation.   Listen in and for this one, I would love to hear your thoughts.  They are important.  Feel free to reach out and find me! I love talking about this kind of stuff.  Find me on Instagram and Facebook at @danadamaraevolution and at my website www.danadamara.com 
July 4, 2019
Episode 5: Review
Review — revisit - realignment - recalibration - re-member. With 5-6 planets in retrograde, it’s time to review. Review how we do things, why we are doing them, how we are doing them, and if they are in alignment with where we would like to go  Listen to me talk about why it’s important to review the MOMENT, and not so much the past. Why it’s important to know our bodies and where we hold things in our body. And what it feels like when things are out of alignment.   The can be used as a benchmark for what is ours and what is not. But mostly it’s a reflection of where we WERE at THAT time. So, when the same instance comes up again, it’s coming up for review. But it’s not asking you to revisit the past per se, it’s asking you, how do you want to live your future?   Review to realign and remember who you are. Thanks for listening!   Find me at www.danadamara.comand reach out on Instagram or Facebook at @danadamaraevolution.
June 27, 2019
Episode 4: Let Go
What does it mean to really let go?  Of people? Of jobs? Of patterns?  Who would we be if we let go?  Let go of our belief structures. Our past trauma. Our "should" and "supposed to be"?  They say that the root of all of our suffering is attachment.  Seriously, what would it be like if we just let go.   Listen to me talk about how powerful letting go really is. When we let go, we are offered an opportunity to open up to the unknown.  Something we cannot even conceive of.  Something we may not even envision for ourselves. We forget that there is Divine order; there are forces out of our realm of thinking that are at work and when we let go, and give it up to that, well then we begin to play with magic.   We can't know it all so why do we try?  Why do we resist? I see it show up on the mat when people grip their toes; look at their watch; study someone else in the room; try too hard ... all the things that show up in the yoga room, manifest outside the room. My invitation is to observe those patterns and then let them go.  One bit at at time.  Find me at www.danadamara.com and reach out on Instagram or Facebook at @danadamaraevolution
June 21, 2019
Episode 3: Expansion
This topic is one of my favorites to talk about.  And seemingly, in class this week, it was a favorite as well.  We love expanding don't we?  Until we hit our edge. That space where we look out into the "next thing" and say ... I'm not ready.  It happens to the best of us.  In those moments of contraction, there are still things to learn, to experience, to heal. So we mustn't minimize those moments; nor should we wallow in them too long either though.  Expansion happens after contraction - it can't even happen without the contraction. It's not possible.  But sometimes, we mistake contraction for our "comfort zone" and we refuse to expand at all.   Expansion is our birthright. It's our way of BEing. It's our way of connecting.  We are meant to expand our awareness to one that reaches beyond the minutia and into the upper realms of consciousness.  Expansion happens when we look up instead of down, and inward instead of out.  In this episode, listen to me talk about what it means to stand on the edge of what's next. To understand with every cell that you are ready.  To recognize the signs from the Universe that you ARE ready and it's delivering everything you need.  To actually FEEL into your readiness and know you are backed by Source and ready to expand.   Find me at www.danadamara.com and reach out on Instagram or Facebook at @danadamaraevolution
June 13, 2019
Episode 2: Spiritual Ninja
I was trying to encapsulate the theme in one word while I was teaching class yesterday. I just couldn’t. I mean how do you explain staying clear and focused amidst chaos? Watching the wind blow through your life and allowing it to happen? Staying strong when you feel weak? ⠀ *⠀ Using your super human powers to overcome adversity? Being a master of your own domain when you’re not quite sure where you’re going or what you’re doing? And finally … knowing what tool to use in each and every one of those situations in a quick-draw moment in time.⠀ *⠀ You become a Spiritual Ninja. That was the phrase that came to me S P I R I T U A L N I N J A. This New Moon Gemini, the low lying sneaky little New Moon is full of surprises, but if you are too busy freaking out at the change, the loss, the disassociation, or sudden shift in your life, you’re going to miss the miracle. And listen, some of you are NOT experiencing shifts. ⠀ *⠀ We can align our body, mind, and soul as quick as our heartbeat. We see truth … in one breath, not three weeks. We re-member that we are connected to God and therefore have everything we need, right here, right now. Find me at www.danadamara.comand reach out on Instagram or Facebook at @danadamaraevolution⠀ *
June 5, 2019
Episode 1: Alignment
This one is about alignment - it’s everything!! In yoga classes, we make sure we align our body so we are free from injury. And then we learn how deeply we can align and misalign when we are distracted, transitioning, or living a life that is no longer in resonance with who we are or where we’d like to be. An awakening happens when we are realigning - when people or circumstances begin to point us in a new direction. We can either resist or flow … I say flow. We are not just the density of our body, nor are we the thoughts that float around in our mind. We are all of it.   Listen in and hear me talk about the alignments and misalignments of my own life and how I strive for swift realignment, but not perfection!! In this podcast I talk about my teachers via @byron.katie, @dianahowes, @dearkali and @greenshoolbali and how NONE of these teachers are yoga teachers but how they supported me in experiencing a deeper awareness of who I AM.   Here’s my thought: Know what tosses you out of alignment; know what brings your back. I know what brings me into an old patterned loop, and thankfully I know how to realign, almost instantaneously! I talk about my marriage, my divorce, loss of my yoga studio, what’s it like to raise two teen girls and dating. How all these things bring me into alignment and also out of it!!  For me the ocean realigns everything … in one set of waves, the world is right again. Find me at www.danadamara.com and reach out on Instagram or Facebook at @danadamaraevolution.  
May 30, 2019
Intro to Evolve Your Soul Series
My name is Dana Damara and I am your host for Evolve Your Soul Series.  I am so excited to begin this podcast with you.  I am a firm believer that we are always evolving ... always expanding ... always enough.  Society tells us that we are not enough and that is just not true.  We are an ever evolving being that continues to align with our soul.  Whenever we think we are not enough, it just means we are moving into a new phase of showing up in the world.   I have been sharing this practice of yoga for years now, and I've always themed my classes, bringing something for us all to contemplate and meditate on as we move our bodies, calm the mind, and connect with the heart.  The physical practice of yoga, being it only 1/8 of the practice, has a way of removing stagnation from the body yes, but more then that, it sheds the layers that keep us from remembering who we are.  This podcast will be an evolution of those themes, each week, in the hopes that something resonates deep within you.  Please feel free to send me ideas, topics, people to interview ... anything that interests YOU so I can be of service through this modality.   Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha Dana Damara www.danadamara.com @danadamaraevolution
May 25, 2019
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