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Danay Garcia Podcast

Danay Garcia Podcast

By Danay Garcia
On a whim during quarantine, I tapped into a beautiful Instagram community of people from all over the world, and also…I found myself in a patch of dirt, wrestling with stubborn roots, determined to coax new life out of a neglected garden. It didn’t take long to discover that gardens and people thrive with the same care. Join me here each week as we welcome a wide array of fascinating guests who will help us explore new seeds to plant in our lives
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Finding Your Equilibrium with Ashely Zahabian
This week, we celebrate the first season finale of “The Danay Garcia Podcast” by diving into a topic important for all of us – emotional intelligence. Entrepreneur, speaker, and emotional intelligence expert Ashley Zahabian guides us through the worthwhile process of understanding and regulating our emotions in pursuit of a healthy, balanced, and fulfilled life. Ashley explores with us the pitfalls of instant gratification and bouncing from one emotional extreme to the next, and how we can grow our emotional intelligence, and bring ourselves back to our center. What seeds will you plant today?
June 12, 2021
Breaking the Anxiety Cycle
With the demands of our current world, we are collectively spending so much time in our heads and if we don’t suffer from anxiety ourselves, we certainly know somebody who does. On this episode of “Danay Garcia Podcast,” I was so happy to talk with Dr. Russell Kennedy, “The Anxiety MD,” who shared his personal experience with anxiety, as well as his unique approach we can all take to start breaking our cycles of anxiety. In addition to being a physician, Dr. Russell is a neuroscientist, author of “Anxiety Rx,” and a stand-up comedian. He explores with us the importance of understanding the nuances and origins of anxiety and fear, and tools we can use to better understand and work through our emotional, mental and physical responses to trauma and stress. It’s important to get out of our heads sometimes! What seeds will you plant today?
June 05, 2021
Cut With Care
On our favorite actors, simple clothes become costumes that help define characters, tell a story, and affect how we feel as we watch. I sat down this week with Fear the Walking Dead’s brilliant Costume Designer, Jo Katsaras, who shared her fascinating journey into costume design, as well as her approach to multi-dimensional story telling through the costumes you see us wear every week. Growing up in South Africa, Jo was fascinated with culture, color and people. Her never-ending curiosity helped develop her skills, talent and intuition that made her not just a wizard with scissors and design, but a beloved presence on set. Jo reminds us that some of the most important skills and gifts we can give to each other are kindness, collaboration, and healthy communication. What seeds will you plant today?
May 29, 2021
Widen Your Lens
We are all lucky to get a peek through cinematographer’s Adam Suschitzky’s lens. Adam’s beautiful and nuanced work as a visual storyteller and Director Of Photography helps set the tone for the work I do as an actor on the set of “Fear the Walking Dead,” as it has for many other actors through his impressive and fascinating career. A life-long observer from a creative family, Adam relishes collecting experiences, collaborating, and expanding his world view to keep pushing forward as a person and as an artist. Adam’s insights on visual storytelling apply to all of us no matter our vocation or background: Look to your inner soul. Keep learning, practicing, observing, and stretching yourself. Be open to collaboration and gather amazing experiences along the way!   What seeds will you plant today?
May 22, 2021
Taking Control of your Wallet with Sharon Lechter
Many of us would rather think about anything, before we think about our finances. Why is that, and what do we do about it? This week on the Danay Garcia Podcast, author, businesswoman and money expert Sharon Lechter gets real with us about our financial fears, and how we can regain control of our lives and money. We may not have learned about finances when we were young, or perhaps we inherited negative feelings around money. Sharon illuminates for us what a healthy money mindset can do for our future and self-confidence. She reminds us, “we don’t know what we don’t know,” so educating ourselves and our children in finances is a key to empowerment and an investment in future generations. Faith is a much more lucrative tool than fear! Find out more about Sharon and buy her upcoming book “Exit Rich”: What seeds will you plant today?
May 15, 2021
A Special Chat with Ruben Blades: In the Key of Curiosity
Hold on to your hats because this week on The Danay Garcia Podcast we are treated to the incomparable wisdom and humor of legendary Renaissance man, Rubén Blades. Rubén looks back into his upbringing in Panama to pass along the lessons that have carried him through an incredible and award-winning career in music, acting, and public service. I’m thankful to work with Rubén on “Fear the Walking Dead,” and I’m inspired by how his curiosity and dedication to service have pushed his timeless storytelling to transcend entertainment. No matter where our individual paths may lead, Rubén reminds us that time is fragile, curiosity keeps us relevant, and “destinies are not inherited, destinies are made.” Much like Rubén himself, his brand new album, “Salswing” is an exciting mix of style that celebrates the universal gift of music. A fusion of Jazz and Salsa, “Salswing” is yet another project of Rubén’s that offers us a chance to celebrate life, expand our experiences, and connect with each other. What seeds will you plant today? Album available here: Ruben Blades- Salswing  “Aunque la conexión entre el Jazz y la Salsa ha sido documentada históricamente, aún resta mucho por describir y por reconocer. Las combinaciones y colaboraciones entre músicos de estos géneros han sido numerosas a través de los años e incluyen a figuras de la talla de Mario Bauza y Dizzy Gillespie, Machito y Charlie Parker, Luis Russell y Louis Armstrong. Con esta producción intento continuar esa relación, comprobando que el arte no posee nacionalidad sino que representa un espíritu que trasciende razas, geografías e idiomas. La excelente banda panameña que me acompaña, la Orquesta de Roberto Delgado, se constituye en prueba fehaciente de lo que afirmo: la música es un regalo universal y desde Panamá renovamos nuestro aporte con este disco, SALSWING!. Esperamos que lo disfruten tanto como nosotros grabándolo y que en estos tiempos difíciles les permita sonreír, bailar y confiar en un mejor futuro”. Rubén Blades 15 de abril del 2021
May 07, 2021
It Just Takes One
When I first met Colby Minifie on the set of “Fear the Walking Dead,” I was immediately struck by her energy, and how it positively impacted everybody around her. This week on “The Danay Garcia Podcast” I was thrilled to chat with Colby about her passion for the environment, and the importance of staying curious, as an actor and a citizen of the world. From a young age, Colby’s own personal curiosity led her her to travel and seek experiences that would expand her point of view, and her cultural and environmental understanding. She shares her joy and energy with us in this episode, as well as resources and seeds we can plant that will make a difference for the environment and in our own lives. What seeds will you plant today?
May 01, 2021
Special Chat with Garret Dillahunt
It was not easy to say goodbye to John Dorie, but we’ll all continue to appreciate Garret Dillahunt’s epic portrayal of this beloved “Fear the Walking Dead” character. This week on “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” I was thrilled to sit down Garret, my friend and FTWD colleague, to share stories from the show and explore the surprising and fascinating path that led to a diverse career full of unforgettable dramatic and comedic performances. A gracious and thoughtful artist and human with a life-long love of learning, Garret’s robust body of work represents the boundaries he’s pushed and the chances he’s taken to grow professionally and personally.  Garret shares with us his insights on the importance of risk taking, collaborating, and finding meaning in your work.  Just as Garret has inspired me, I think he will inspire you too, as we ask…what are the seeds you will plant and grow in your life? 
April 23, 2021
No Brain, No Gain
Taking care of our bodies takes more than eating our veggies and lifting weights to build muscles. We need to take care of the most important muscle of all – our brains. This week, on the Danay Garcia Podcast, I sit down and talk all things brain with Louisa Nicola, a neuroscientist, neuropsychologist, host of “The Neuro Experience” podcast, and founder of Neuro Athletics.  In her work with elite athletes, Louisa focuses on training the brain in partnership the body. An athlete herself, Louisa provides an approachable introduction to neuroscience, and together we explore the keys to caring for, training, and maximizing our brain power.  Show some love to your beautiful brain, and ask yourself, what are the seeds you will plant and grow in your life? 
April 16, 2021
Writing and Re-Writing Your Story
On this week’s episode, I was moved by my conversation with Tony Rodrigues, who shared with us his incredible story of pain, growth, and forgiveness. While a difficult childhood and a near-fatal accident were traumatic incidents of his early life, he walks us through how they shaped him into who he is, and allowed him to help others through his work as a high performance life coach and speaker. While this is a powerful episode that touches on sensitive topics, Tony’s thoughtful insights invite us to look at our own journeys of healing and evolution, and how we can wake up every morning, ready to let go, find joy, feel gratitude, write and re-write our stories. Growth can be painful, but it can also be beautiful. What are the seeds you will plant and grow in your life?
April 02, 2021
Lost in Transition
We’ve all been there. The uncomfortable, messy transitions from one part of our life to another can leave us with endless questions and loads of self-doubt. This week, on “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” I was thrilled to talk with Dara Goldberg, a coach specializing in life transitions, who helps us see the beauty and opportunity that exist in the space between who we have been, and who we are becoming. Growth spurts aren’t just for kids! We grow and change throughout the entirety of our lives, and while the circumstances that determine what we are, are often out of our control and even painful, we can decide who we are and how we show up in our lives. Growth never stops.  So what are the seeds you will plant and grow in your life? 
March 19, 2021
Don’t Give Up at the Starting Line
The importance of community and collaborative perseverance hit home for me on this week’s episode of “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” as I talked with my friend and “Fear The Walking Dead” cast mate, Darryl “Chill” Mitchell. It was a joy and a privilege to laugh and swap stories from the set with Chill, and to hear his inspiring personal journey. While a motorcycle accident took Chill’s ability to walk years into his career, the accident and his injuries gave him a new perspective on life, work, relationships, and what it means to be a representative of the disabled community. Currently working on two franchise shows (“NCIS:New Orleans”& “FTWD”) Chill, encourages all of us to take nothing for granted, help each other, and keep going, because “You can’t give up at the starting line.”  What are the seeds you will plant in your life?
March 05, 2021
Revealing Your Resilience
You’ve got this! Dr. Aditi and I both believe in you! I’m so honored to welcome Dr. Aditi Nerurkar to this week’s episode of “The Danay Garcia Podcast.” Dr. Aditi is a renowned Harvard-trained doctor, researcher and public health expert who is passionate about helping us all discover our resilience, plant seeds and build the habits that will set us up for long-term well-being.  Even with the challenging circumstances of surviving a pandemic, we all have uncomplicated tools at our disposal to make today just a little bit better than yesterday. Focusing on realistic goals, feeling good, and building habits over time, Dr. Aditi and I share our strategies for self-care that improve our overall mental, emotional and physical health, and ultimately help us to help others.  What are the seeds you will plant in your life?
February 19, 2021
Give Back, Pay It Forward
We all need a Ben Lopez in our life. On this week’s episode of “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” I talk with Ben who, in addition to being a filmmaker and “creative whisperer,” is the Executive Director of National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP). With a life-long love for learning, Ben’s passion for mentorship comes out in everything he does. Through his role at NALIP, and in his everyday life, Ben is an avid educator and visionary champion for other artists, young people, and emerging leaders. A naturally collaborative and curious person, Ben takes a turn at interviewing me, and we chat about planting seeds by finding your tribe, giving back, showing up, and pushing each other to be better than we could have ever imagined. What are the seeds you will plant in your life?
February 05, 2021
Turn on Your Light
While I’m grateful to experience Karen David’s lightness, joy and deep insights through our real-life friendship and work together in “Fear the Walking Dead,” I’m beyond thrilled that you too, get to share in her wisdom on this week’s episode of “The Danay Garcia Podcast.”  As an actor, singer, and human ray of sunshine, Karen’s seeds are rooted in gratitude, connection, and a down-to-earth sensibility that we can all relate to, and be inspired by. Karen reminds us that both our adventures and our struggles provide the opportunity to choose and protect our own happiness, clarify our desires, celebrate the success of others, and learn from mistakes, big and small. What are the seeds you will plant in your life?
January 22, 2021
Change You Tempo
To hear Osiel Gouneo share the lessons and experiences of his life, is to share in his contagious joy, astounding passion, and wisdom beyond his years. I was thrilled to welcome Osiel as my guest this week on “The Danay Garcia Podcast.” A principal dancer with Bayersiches Staatsballett in Munich, Germany, Osiel’s story began as a young boy in Cuba, where he quickly fell in love with, and dedicated his life to ballet. Osiel was generous enough to share the seeds he’s cultivated through his demanding career – seeds that transcend dance and the arts. Use the tools you are given, and breathe life into your work. Stand up for yourself. Innovate and push yourself. Go back to the basics when you feel stuck. Change the tempo and adapt. Explore, go for it, and be free. What are the seeds you will plant in your life?
January 08, 2021
Don't Wait For The Phone To Ring
On this week’s episode of “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” I had the honor of talking with the uber-talented, beautiful, and inspirational Luba Mason. The diversity of Luba’s acting and musical talents and career choices have created a fascinating artist with an equally fascinating body of work. And as Luba and I reflect on 2020, we are lucky enough to be on the receiving end of her energy, joy, and wisdom. Though the pandemic prematurely closed the critically acclaimed Broadway show Luba was performing in, she is celebrating her newly released album, “Triangle,” and looking forward to the 2021 release of her movie, “Red Pill.” Luba shares her path and shows us the importance of continuously pushing your boundaries and creating your own opportunities. Even in this year, when so many of us feel stuck, powerless, or a little lost, we can create something for ourselves that doesn’t depend on what the rest of the world is doing. You never know what can happen. What are the seeds you can plant in your life today?
December 26, 2020
The Art of Feeling Everything at Once
This week on “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” I was thrilled to talk with actor and human extraordinaire, Steven Ogg whom you might know for his roles as Simon “The Walking Dead”, Trevor Phillips –GTA V video game and his upcoming show “Snowpiercer.” season 2 which will air in January 2021. Steven brings his unique energy and perspective to our conversation with an openness and transparency that I’m sure you will appreciate as much as I did. Together, we explore a range of topics including how our choices guide our lives and impact those around us; the affect the pandemic has had on the creative process (and every other process, for that matter); and the very real and relatable ups and downs of modern life. Steven shares experiences from his storied career, and challenges us to look thoughtfully at what we each face when we wake up in the morning. What are the seeds you can plant in your life today?
December 11, 2020
Protect Your Magic - Denise Hamilton
On the debut episode of “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” I chat with Denise Hamilton, the dynamic CEO and Founder of Watch Her Work, a digital platform that helps professional women connect, network and maximize their careers. A fellow storyteller, Denise has helped thousands of women connect, and learn from each other’s journeys and experiences. Join us for this fun and inspirational episode as we talk about the seeds we can all plant in our lives - the importance of taking risks and challenging yourself, using failure for good (what is failure, anyway?), and what it means to protect your magic.
November 27, 2020
"Cultivate and share our bounty"
Between my quarantine gardening and online chats with a growing community, it didn’t take long to discover that gardens and people thrive with the same care: a little bit of vision, and a lot of encouragement, sunshine, water, healthy roots, fresh air, curiosity, magic, and help from our friends. And we’re at our very best when we share our beautiful bounty. In coming weeks we’ll welcome wonderfully diverse guests representing a wide range of professions and backgrounds. Their unique insights and perspectives will provide different seeds for each of us to plant in our own lives. Thanks for being here!
November 19, 2020