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By Alix Reigner
dancersFAQ is a podcast for artists, athletes and dancers - hosted by Alix Reigner - giving health information, keys for action and motivation, as well as tips for a successful career and awesome life.
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What is it like to be the dance captain at the Moulin Rouge?
Dive into the world of the Moulin Rouge! This is the first episode of a series about this famous Parisian cabaret. Today, discover what it is like to be the dance captain of a renown show with Aurore Houet who stayed at this position for 14 years before retiring 3 years ago. Enjoy the Féérie!
January 19, 2021
What's your story - Frey Faust?
Breaking a vicious circle happens most times when you hit rock bottom. What if we weren’t waiting for that and educating ourselves as soon as possible? It’s one of the messages that I got from my exchange with Frey Faust, the founder of Axis Syllabus. He danced for several iconic choreographers such as Merce Cunningham, Daniel Ezralow, Stephen Petronio and Meredith Monk but felt that something was wrong as a lot of dancers around him were getting injured and as he was feeling more and more pain throughout his career. But, he still had to reach the point of not being able to walk to dive into the scientific findings of the study of the human body and movement in order to find a better way of training and moving. Discover Frey’s story in this episode. Mentioned in this episode: • Joseph Pilates and Pilates • Juliu Horvath and Gyrotonic • Axis Syllabus • Marcel Marceau • Daniel Ezralow, Merce Cunningham, Stephen Petronio, Meredith Monk • Cecchetti method / Vaganova method • Janet Panetta • rolling, crawling, running, walking, climbing and jumping • human movement alphabet • •
January 12, 2021
Who is your host on dancerFAQ?
In this episode, I share the reasons why I started this podcast and my feelings about this first season :) Enjoy.
December 12, 2020
How can professional dancers prepare themselves for birthing their babies?
There are physical techniques to create space in your pelvis for a faster, smoother and easier birth. Ginny Phang - from Four Trimesters Birth Sanctuary in Singapore - gives us some precious information about pregnancy routine and how to prepare physically and mentally for labor and delivery when you are a dancer/athlete. Make sure you head to our Instagram account @dancersfaq in order to access the videos recorded during this interview. Thinking about having a baby? Pregnant? Due very soon? This episode is for you! Don't forget that alignment and misalignment of the pelvis work on a weekly basis! Mentioned in this episode: • hypertonic pelvic floor • misaligned pelvis • cardinal movements • optimal maternal positioning protocol, • alignment exercises • pregnancy routine • passive/active exercises • maternal movements and maternal positions • nutation/conternutation • supine position • the drive angle Find Ginny on:
November 24, 2020
What does it look like when a b-boy explores alternative ways of doing ballet?
Fusion of ballet and hip hop is so cliché! Girls on pointes + b-boys turning on their heads. From my point of view, fusion is like scrapbooking or making a collage, you mix and match steps, music or expressions from different styles but you don't really create anything genuine. Creating a brand new language, inspired from different disciplines, is really challenging and much more interesting. In this episode, Joseph Simon tells us about his dance and choreographic research called Ballet Fantasies. Mentioned in this episode: • ArtEZ, • Limón Technique • Ballet Fantasies • Ballets Russes • Sticky Feet • Le Faune • Ballet, breaking, popping, hip hop, house dance • Dansateliers, • Vaslav Nijinski • Claude Debussy • Stéphane Mallarmé Find Joseph Simon on Instagram:
November 17, 2020
What is contact improvisation?
What is contact improvisation? You can find contact improvisation jams nearly wherever you go. What is this style gathering movers from so many different background (martial arts, dance, circus, yoga...)? Irene Sposetti, a dancer/teacher for over 20 years enlightens us on this subject. In this episode, she discusses the topics of movement research, cultural adaptation, gaze and intimacy.  If you want to develop your improvisational skills, access and refine your intuition, empower your creative imagination and connect to fellow movers, this style could be for you! Mentioned in this episode: •
November 10, 2020
Repetition, the mother of knowledge?
Repetition will make you master a particular skill. Tina Afiyan Breiova, a performer/teacher, keeps on putting her beginners' shoes on, diving into new movement practices. She believes that people can get a richer range of possibilities in their movement and develop their athletic skills by getting out of their comfort zone on a regular basis and working across disciplines. Get to know her point of view on traditional repetitive training and her advice to get better at what you do. Mentioned in this episode : • PARTS, • Duncan Centre konzervatoř, • Ferus Animi // Terra Nova • Tomislav English • Kalaripayattu • Choice architecture • Ran Lee
November 3, 2020
How can a man make his ballerina dreams come true?
Most of us grew up in a world where Barbie dolls and pink toys were for girls and plastic swords and blue toys were for boys. This binary way of thinking has been affecting the classical dance industry for decades. Here is the story of Yeric Valentino, a professional ballet dancer that was trained to perform Princes and who wanted to be a Princess. Last year (2019), he made his dreams come true by joining the company Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, dancing on pointes with a tutu on. After interpreting male roles, he had to face the choice of what was right and what was easy. He listened back to his inner self and lately became the one he always wanted to be. This episode is for the ones that love the idea of not being what people expect them to be, and any curious listener. Mentioned in this episode: • Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, • Infectious Stardust - Youtube Channel, Find Yeric on Instagram
October 27, 2020
Why is it important to put your heels down when you jump?
Landing from a jump must be trained consciously. A lack of technique, bad habits and anatomical limitations can predispose to injuries such as fatigue fracture. Santiago del Valle, a physiotherapist and the founder of Corporis Fabrica (physiotherapy and body disciplines center in Paris) explains why it is so important to put our heels down when we jump. If you are curious about the foot physiology and/or classical ballet, this episode is for you! Pictures and videos are available on our Instagram @dancersfaq.
October 20, 2020
How to become a drag queen?
Being a drag queen is not only about hyper femininity and female glamour standards. Sascha aka Absinthia Absolut is a bearded queen with glittery lips from Berlin. He shares here how his life switched after attending a RuPaul's drag race screening. Becoming a drag queen made Sascha become his true self, embracing the multiple facets of his personality. He could dance freely, not being judged but only admired. He could be at the centre of the attention, performing in an ocean of mesmerising lights. He could be Sascha and Absinthia at the same time, not choosing one gender only but mixing both and reinventing the rules of drag culture. In fact, he did not choose to put an emphasis on hyper femininity, shaving his arms and looking for female glamour standards, he kept his beard, put on a pair of high heels and asked his first audience: "Give me all your luvin'". Mentioned in this episode: • Olivia Jones talk show • RuPaul's drag race • House of Presence • "Give me all your luvin'" by Madonna Follow Absinthia Absolut on Follow us on Contact us via
October 1, 2020
What is it like to be a dancer in Las Vegas?
Las Vegas is THE entertainment capital of the world! Also known as "sin City", I've always wondered what it was like to be a performer there. Is having a "normal" life easy when there are so many party opportunities around you? Leslie Louis Jean, a former Crazy Horse dancer, shares her experience with us. Mentioned in this episode: - MGM - Trader Joe's - Alvin Ailey's School Find Leslie: - Sophrology, massages and feminity coaching on - Crazy in Love for sensual choreographies on heels
September 9, 2020
How to deal with loneliness, competitivity and heavy hierarchy in castings and companies?
Diane Mesnier, a psychologist, yoga teacher and former model shares her past experiences in the modeling industry. You'll hear about loneliness, competitivity and heavy hierarchy in castings and dance companies. How could we improve the performing arts and fashion industries? What are the responsibilities agents, choreographers and production teams need to take? How could we create a healthier working atmosphere?  Find Diane Mesnier on ARTEMIS.
August 28, 2020
What's your story - Sun Phitthaya Phaefuang?
What's your story, a dancersfaq program where amazing people share their story. Sun Phitthaya Phaefuang started jazz and modern in Norway. He is now a contemporary dancer in Asia (performing in Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and more) and THE ambassador of Voguing  in Thailand. Mentioned in this episode: • Debbie Bazoo • Javier, House of Ninja  • Icon mother Leiomy Maldonado ( • Kiki House of Sun . Info+: The 3 styles of Voguing: Old Way (using shapes and poses), New Way (using acrobatics and poses requiring high flexibility) and Vogue Femme (very dramatic and feminine moves and faces). Vogue Femme is built around five elements: catwalk, duckwalks, hand performances, floor performances and spins & dips. Some of the ball's competition categories: sex siren, bizarre, faces, voguing and runway.
August 20, 2020
Where do professional dancers perform in Africa?
Where do professional dancers perform in Africa? is the question that Claire Nini answers in this episode. Claire is a journalist and a specialist in African dance and art. She launched with Jean Boog, in December 2019, a non-profit organization called SHOW BIS that aims to send to Africa obsolete technical equipment from European theaters. Listen and learn more about her project and the situation in 2020 in Western and Central Africa regarding the performing arts. Mentioned in this episode: • Kettly Noël, Donko Seko and Dense Bamako Danse (Bamako, Mali) • Salia Sanou, La Termintière (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) • Serge Tsakap, Tiéwé Art (Batoufam, Cameroun) • Faustin Linyekula, Studios Kabako (Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo) • Germaine Acogny, Ecole des sables (Toubab Dialaw, Senegal) • La danse, l'art de la rencontre, Dominique Hervieu (available on • Movement (R)evolution Africa, Joan Frosch and Alla Kovgan • Mon élue noire, Olivier Dubois (with Germaine Acogny)
August 13, 2020
Breath, cold and commitment, the recipe for a healthy and creative life?
The cryotherapy, cold shower and ice bathing craziness explained by Daniel Ruppert, a mover and Wim Hof Method instructor. In this episode you will find evidence based information and understand why the cold therapy combined with breathing exercises and commitment can take your career to the next level ; enhancing your creativity and increasing your performance. Daniel’s page A guided Wim Hof Method session you can do If you want to know more about the science behind the Wim Hof Method the “Iceman”
July 5, 2020
What is Hypnobirthing?
Shari Lyon, 5 x award-winning Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner from Belly2birth is answering the question “What is Hypnobirthing?”  I have to say, Hypnobirthing is not only for pregnant women but for EVERYONE! It is a way of understanding women’s body and realizing that childbirth can be a fearless and positive experience (not the way it is usually shown in movies nowadays). I personally learned sooo much preparing this interview. In this episode, you will discover (or learn more about) Hypnobirthing, a technique mixing self-hypnosis, meditation, deep relaxation, massage, acupressure, mental preparation and much more in order to create and maintain a positive mindset through pregnancy and delivery. You will also learn about birth hormones, mind/body connection, as well as causes of fear and how it affects labour. Mentioned in this episode: - “Knowledge is for the mind, and experiences for the body” Dr Joe Dispenza  - Dr Sarah Buckley's book "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering" - Shari's Natural Home Birth using Hypnobirthing Techniques - Nurture Hub Podcast, with Shari Lyon and Nicola Laye
May 26, 2020
How can I allow my success?
It’s not always easy to be confronted to negative feedbacks from your audience, your fans or those close to you BUT there is a way of being prepared for it and not letting yourself be destabilized. Terez Firewoman Hartmann is sharing on dancersFAQ her experience, her expertise and her personal tips to allow your success and live your life on fire.  - Mentioned in this episode: Allowing your success, by Terez Firewoman Hartmann (2012) Beautiful, Wild & Free (2020 Tiger King Remix) Good Vibe Fire Tribe Channel Deepak Chopra The Secret, by Drew Heriot / Rhonda Byrne Abraham Hicks
May 5, 2020
The Symptothermal Method - Bonus track 01
A bonus track on the Symptothermal Method from the second episode of dancersFAQ with Jessie Brebner from Fertility Charting available here. The Symptothermal Method is a natural method of contraception. It is based on observing physical changes throughout your menstrual cycle in order to know when you are fertile or not. The most important signs are the change in your cervical mucus and cervix (sympto) as well as your basal body temperature (thermal). Its efficacy can rise up to 99,6% if well used BUT in opposition to a hormonal contraception “its success relies upon you.” (Jessie Bebner). You must be very dedicated in order to reach a high effectiveness. Charting your cycle will open a new level of self-awareness, no matter your sexual activity. THIS IS NOT the Ogino Knaus “rhythm” method where you “calculate” your fertile days based on your previous cycle lengths. - Mentioned in this episode: Taking charge of your fertility by Tony Weschler The Rhythm Method was created by the gynecologists Ogina (Japan) and Knaus (Austria) in the 1930s. They both discovered that the ovulation occurs between 12 and 16 days before the next period Find Jessie Brebner on
April 23, 2020
What is this sticky, creamy, watery thing in my undies?
What is this sticky, creamy, watery thing in my undies? Jessie Brebner from Fertility Charting is answering this question.  On social media, I came across the story of a young woman whose mother stopped washing her underwear when she found some vaginal discharge at the bottom of it. If you don’t already know it: every single woman having a healthy menstrual cycle (not taking any hormonal contraception for example) has this sticky/creamy/watery thing at certain times of her menstrual cycle called cervical mucus. I am very proud of this episode since cervical mucus is something every woman should know about and feel no shame talking about it ; but I know from my personal experience that we’re not there yet. A big big thank to Jessie for her time and beautiful energy. Follow her on instagram @fertilitycharting and go to her website You will find a bunch of information on Fertility Awareness Methods, recommendation for apps or devices as well as cervical mucus and cervix photo galleries. Hope you will enjoy the podcast. Leave a comment and follow us @dancersfaq.
April 21, 2020