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Transformed Life 2 Min Encouragement

Transformed Life 2 Min Encouragement

By Daniel C Clark
Daily Two minutes of Encouragement from Transformed Life - Daniel Clark

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What does it mean to have an open mind?
What does it mean to have an open mind? I want to talk about the God thing, having an open mind about God. I don't know where you land on that.  there is no way this world that we live in could be just thrown together. And this idea of personal growth in changing our lives, is really about us choosing to align ourselves with this bigger source of energy or this God that is in this world. So learning how to pay attention to the things that are happening around you and on the inside of you, and leaning into that universal wisdom that is in the world, is how we truly change.    I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
January 26, 2022
Slow your mind down and think about your life!
What do you do when you slow down and clear your mind? I want you to take a moment and close your eyes, clear your mind and think about life. How beautiful your mind is. It holds all the information about your life.  How spectacular your mind is. It holds all that together, to accomplish so much in your life because your mind is so powerful. It does so many things for you. Honor the uniqueness that's inside your brain. That is so beautiful. Honor what your brain does for you. It takes care of you. You need to take care of it. It is a beautiful mind.      I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
January 25, 2022
Weall get extremely defensive about our excuses
We all get extremely defensive about our excuses. excuses free us from the responsibility of owning who we are. I don't get fired up because of my bad attitude. I get fired up because the boss is an idiot. When you say things like that, it’s an excuse that takes the power away from ourselves and give it to someone else. The person that you really are is not wrapped up in your excuses. It's wrapped up in discipline, routine and owning who you are. So let's make the world a lot better. Stop making excuses and start doing the things that you know that you need to do.      I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
January 24, 2022
We all believe in our greatness!
Every one of us wants to be great. every one of us has the idea that we  can be great at something on the inside of us. We all have the capacity  to be brilliant, beautiful, boring, stupid, generous, rich, poor,  adorable, obnoxious, successful, pathetic, and bad.  We have all those  things on the inside of us. But we all believe in our own greatness.  Isn't that amazing? Just look at a child. We believed back then! Learn  to forgive, and move forward is a powerful thing to do. So be happier.  Choose to understand yourself in a better way and believe in your  greatness.      I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
January 23, 2022
An excuse is simply a challenge the you let have power over you!
An excuse is simply a challenge that you've decided to let have power over you. we've been talking about that all week long about how excuses have power over us. If you're really serious about having a life that's different, you'll find a way to get past that excuse. It's really just an obstacle and emotional obstacle that you've used as kind of an excuse, because you're not really serious about becoming the person that you want to become. Remember, an excuse is nothing more than something that you're using to block the way to figure out how to get past that obstacle.    I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
January 22, 2022
You are the artist and your masterpiece is your life!
You are the artist and your masterpiece of your life. I'm quoting Jen scenario. She is an author. And here's what she says about that. She says that your desires and ideas are the sketches. Your thoughts, words and attitudes are the paint. Your body is the brush. Your actions are the strokes. Your beliefs are the skills that you use to apply the paint your faith and gratitude determine how extraordinary your work of art is. Oh, I love that. So you are the masterpiece of your life.    I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
January 21, 2022
I love the idea of fake news.
I love the idea of fake news. fake news is the excuse that I use for not  being my best self, not doing the things that I need to do. That's just  fake news. Do you have fake news going on in your world seriously,  think about what you're actually doing and recognize that it's just  fake  You're not actually doing the things that you say you're going to  do. You're just pretending. you love fake news because you're really  deceiving yourself. No more excuses. Let's get busy and change the life  that we're living. To have the life that we want to  live.     I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
January 21, 2022
Do you really belive in Miracles?
Do you really believe in miracles? I'm asking a serious question. Do you really believe in miracles? Really? Well, if you believe in miracles, what kind of miracles do you believe in? Do you believe in miracles for others? You believe in miracles only happen because there's something special about that person. Do you believe that? Miracles only happen when you are doing the right thing and following the rules? What do you believe about miracles? Do you really believe in miracles? I believe in miracles and I believe in you.  I love you. I'm doing Clark
January 19, 2022
What you believe shows up in your thoughts words and behaviors.
What you believe shows up in your words and your thoughts and your behaviors also. What you are experiencing in the world is based on the things that you believe to be true. what you believe to be true shows up in your words, your thoughts and your behaviors. Start paying attention to the words that you're saying, what you're thinking and what you're  doing. master them by changing them you want to do. your experience that you're having in life is directly related to what you think say and do. Be the boss of your brain by telling it what to do and not let it tell you what to do.  I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
January 18, 2022
We Defend and Rationalize our lives!
Our ability to rationalize to defend and superimpose drama on our lives  to me is fascinating. We will defend and rationalize any one of our  behaviors. Yet, it's just absolutely bananas. Especially when we know we  have the power within us to choose and create life in a different way.  We create our own realities. Stop doing the rationalization and  self-imposed drama and defending ourselves. Start creating your world by  making wise choices and not defending or explaining or rationalizing.  Just change your behavior and accept the things that you've done as  being true.  I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
January 17, 2022
Have the most fantastic, wonderful day.
I love you! Have the most fantastic, wonderful day. My meditation today  was about who I AM, not who I was. NO matter what the day is like -  freedom is the ability to choose HOW I FEEL about what is. I can't  change what I have no control over. Have the most beautiful day, no  matter what it is. Choose aliveness! I love you! I'm Dan Clark
January 10, 2022
My Intentions for the year 2022?
Everything ends sometime. Like the end of 2021 and the beginning of  2022. I have ideas of what I want to do every year. Sometimes I set  resolutions and goals for the year I never really accomplish them. But  I've been thinking about that in a different way. This year, I'm  wondering about what my intention is for the entire year. What would I  like to accomplish this entire year? What do I want to say I have done  at the end of the year? My challenge,%firstname%,  is what are you going  to stop doing as we end 2021 and what you're going to be starting as we  start 2022    I love you I'm Dan Clark
December 29, 2021
I appreciate you!
I appreciate you! I really. I know it's late, however I wanted you,  %firstname%, to know that I think of you often and deeply appreciate  you. As the day is winding to an end, take the time to think of how the  day went, and before you go to bed, tell someone how much you appreciate  them!  I love you I'm Dan Clark
December 29, 2021
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve 2021 - So busy!  Christmas Eve is a wonderful time.  What  were the traditions when you were growing up? Take the time to remember  the past and share your memories that were fun and heartwarming. Slow  down today and enjoy the evening!  I love  You I'm Dan Clark
December 24, 2021
Day befoe Christmas Eve
It's the day before Christmas Eve!  I am preparing to slow down and have  the most wonderful Holiday ever with my family. This is the time to BE  present and love those you love!   I love  you
December 23, 2021
Tell someone how much you appreciate them!
How often do you tell someone that you appreciate them?  Give your heart-felt appreciation to someone today, and see how it delights them and gives you joy at the same time! I love you. I am Dan Clark
December 18, 2021
Are you in LOVE with Life?
Are you in love? Hello, I'm Dan Clark and welcome. Now that might not be what you're thinking, I'm talking about. Are you in love with life? What do people think about you when you show up in their world? are you behaving as if you are alive? Are you loving the things that you're doing? Are you loving the things that you get to experience? Are you loving the joys of life as they show up? Are you truly experiencing everything that you want to experience in this life? Are you in love with life? Now, being in love with life doesn't mean that the hurts and disappointments and sadness don't show up? Because they do. But that should never distract from us being alive and feeling alive and being in love with life. So let's be more in love with life. I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
December 17, 2021
The difference between physical and emotion pain?
What's the difference between emotional pain and physical pain? Physical pain is local, you actually know where it's at your arm, your stomach, your back your foot. With emotional pain it is nonlocal. It's actually in every cell in your body. Sometimes emotional pain takes a lot longer to heal. When someone is harmed emotionally give them plenty of time to heal. Allow them the opportunity to share with you what they need to heal. What they really need is just someone to hear them, listen to them, and they can tell you what they need for that emotional harm to be healed.
December 16, 2021
What do you do when you say you'll do something? And then actually don't do it?. What I'm talking about is in relationships, often we say that we're going to do something and then something happens and we're able to follow through. When you're the one that doesn't follow through and someone is hurt or disappointed, how you behave. Do you defend or explain or do you own? When they say that you've done something that harmed them, no matter what you think about it, own it to start with, to see how it is to be in their shoes. And then if there's way to make it right, please do the best that you can to make your right I love you
December 15, 2021
What do you do when you're sad? This week I experienced some sadness  that was really hurtful. When things happen in my personal life that  makes it so difficult sometimes, and even in my professional life, I  allow myself to be sad, I make sure that I totally take responsibility  for the things that are mine. I believe that I create my world. I take  total responsibility for it. I make sure that someone in my world knows  that I'm sad and I share it with them to help soothe my sadness.  Relationships are very important when you're sad.   I love you. I am Dan Clark
December 14, 2021
Paying attention to my emotions first !
I've been talking about emotions and how they're wired with language as children. One of the most successful things I've done in my personal life is to learn how to pay attention to my emotions. And as I learned how to be aware of what I was thinking and feeling, it changed everything about me. Learning how to pay attention to your own emotions first, is transformational and living a life that is free from judgment and being able to be forgiving.  I love you , I am Dan Clark
December 13, 2021
Perfectionism has a 100% failure rate!
The failure rate of perfectionism is at 100%. That's fascinating to me. I  was having a great conversation with a friend this morning. And we were  talking about how, when we try to do things perfectly, we either stop  completely or actually never even start them because we can't do them  perfectly. That's so silly. Nothing is perfect. So here we go. Here's my  challenge for the day. What would happen if you let go of your  perfectionism and just did it anyway? My challenge today is more and  stop trying for perfection. I love you. I  am Dan Clark
December 10, 2021
How I learned to forgive
I've been talking about emotions and how they're wired with language as  children. One of the most successful things I've done in my personal  life is to learn how to pay attention to my emotions. As I learned how  to be aware of what I was thinking and feeling, it changed everything  about me. I learned that I was reacting to them, they're not doing  anything to me. This really changed my life. learning how to pay  attention to your own emotions first, is transformational.  This is how I  learned to live my life that is free from judgment and being able to be  forgiving. I love you. I am Dan Clark
December 09, 2021
Emotions as children
Emotions and thoughts are wired together at the same time. A baby  expresses with its emotions: it wants, it cries, it coos, it laughs. All  those things are related to the body sensation that is having and it's  using those to get us to pay attention to it because it needs something  or it wants something. As we get older we turn those same body  sensations into language. Emotions and language are directly related  because we put language to the emotions that we're experiencing. So  language is wired with emotions. I love  you. I am Dan Clark
December 08, 2021
Becoming my best self
I don't think I remember it being so difficult as it has been these last  couple of years. the things that are happening in our world are so  negative. I was noticing that sometimes my joy gets taken away by the  little things that didn't use to bother me. I'm going to be above the  things that are going on in my world because the world needs me to be my  best person. And I'm focused on becoming that best person every single  day. I love you. I am Dan Clark
December 07, 2021
It's Black Friday. Good morning. I'm Dan Clark and welcome. Yes, as a matter of fact, it is Black Friday, but I have a list of things for you to do today for me, I want you to be thinking about the things that you dislike and the things that you like. And here's why did you know that if you have a specific list of things that you dislike, it's a lot easier to notice the things that you like. So today, sit down, or maybe just talk with someone about all the things that you dislike, get it out of your brain, put it on paper, throw it away when you get done talking about it and thinking about it, and then focus on the things that you like, embrace the things that you like, fully and wholly today. I mean, completely. Throw yourself into things that you like and truly enjoy the day. It's a Black Friday, spend time with family and go shopping. It doesn't matter what you do, but focus on the things that you like after you let go the things that you dislike.
November 26, 2021
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving. Hello, I'm Dan Clark and welcome. Yes, I truly wish for you to have the most happy Thanksgiving that you've had in a long time. You know, all the things that are happening in our world right now can make it very difficult times the things that are happening around us. But I'm choosing as I hope you will to today, to have the most wonderful day, you do know that it's not about what's happening around us. It's how it makes a difference. And so choosing to be the kind of person that is absolutely thankful, no matter what's happening around you for the things that you can be thankful in creates a heart that is so kind and loving, and you are just that way. So as you enjoy family, as you join Thanksgiving. And as you spend your day to day, whatever it is that you're going to do. I hope that you put your whole heart into it and you truly enjoy the things inside you and you give away who you really are to those that are around you. I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
November 25, 2021
Are you Kind?
Kindness is relative. Depending on what you are thinking, that person  might be kind or not, since they might think they are being kind, when  really they are not being kind. You get to decide. When you are kind it  is a lot easier for others to hear unpleasant things about themselves.  When you are being kind, it is also a lot easier for you to hear the  things that you do not do well. When someone is telling you something  about you that you might need to hear,  are you kind? Kindness is  relative, which means that the way that you receive it is the way that  you give it.      I love you. I am Dan  Clark
November 24, 2021
The patterns of our early years continue into adulthood.
Did you know that the first sock that you put on is the first sock that  your mom put on you or whoever raised you put on you in the morning?  Those patterns that are so far back in our brain, we continue them to  adulthood. If we can recognize the patterns, we can change them, instead  of doing the same old thing. So if your life isn't going well, maybe  it's because of the way you learned things.      I love you. I am Dan Clark
November 23, 2021
Your Mind is So Powerful
Have you ever wondered how powerful your mind is? You can close your  eyes and remember an event as if it's happening right now. You can have  dreams that are amazing. The illusion in your mind is that you are not  good enough to accomplish what it is that you really want to do. This  wall of limitation is not real. This limit is your own imagination  created by the emotions inside you and it only exists only in your mind.  Believe that there is no limit to what you can believe about yourself.  Close your eyes and imagine YOU ARE GOOD  ENOUGH      I love you. I am Dan Clark
November 22, 2021
Are you a suspecious person?
Are you a suspicious person? do you take time to figure out what's  really happening always questioning their motive? what you attribute to  someone's behavior really has nothing to do with them. It has everything  to do with you. When you have a very innocent heart, you don't really  notice a lot of negative things going on around you. when you have a  very judgmental heart, you notice all kinds of negative things. So make  sure that you're paying attention to what you think about yourself  because what's on the inside of you is what you're going to be thinking  about them.   I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
November 20, 2021
Your LIFE is like a movie!
Have you ever thought of your life is like a movie? Well, it is kind of  like that. I mean, think about it. We are the actors, the directors, and  the producers of our lives or the movie of our lives. You know that the  decisions that you make every day eventually determine the type of  movie that will turn out in your life, whether it is tragedy or comedy.  You are the writer of the play. So let us write a really good movie and  do your best with the life that you are living. I love you. I am Dan Clark
November 19, 2021
The Movie of your life
Have you ever thought of your life being like a movie? Well, it is kind  of like that. I mean, think about it. We are the actors, the directors,  and the producers of our lives or the movie of our lives. You know that  the decisions that you make every day eventually determine the type of  movie that will turn out in your life, whether it's tragedy or comedy.  You are the writer of the play. So let's write a really good movie and  do your best with the life that you're living. I love you. I'm Dan  Clark.
November 18, 2021
Everything has a motive
Every behavior has a motive. Good or Bad everything you do or say has a  motive.  What is your motive? What's the motive that you have about the way you live your life? I want you to be thinking about what your motive is for everything that you do the rest of the day? What motivates you to do the things that you do and why are you thinking the thoughts that you're thinking? What is your behavior like? Remember, motive can only be observed when you do something? Or when you say something? I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
November 17, 2021
How would you rate your kindness ?
How would you rate yourself on a level of kindness? Are you a kind person? What do kind people do? How do they think, how do they react? How do they spend their money? How do they drive their cars? How do they dress? How do they spend their money? What do they do with their time? What is a kind person really like? Kindness means that I'm willing to be kind, even though I'm unhappy with you. So how kind are you? Let's practice being more kind. I love you. I'm Dan Clark. I love you. I\'m Dan Clark.
November 16, 2021
Your name is very important to you
Good Morning %firstname% !  Your name is very important. Out of all the  data that hits your brain, it sorts out your name as one of the TOP  things it notices. Why? Because your brain wants to know what is  happening. You are VERY important. So when you say someone's name in  conversation their brain is on alert. They tend to be more present and  more receptive to you what you are saying. When you greet others today,  use their name. Notice how they react. I will say it now: Hello  %firstname%    Good to see you!  I love you. I\'m Dan Clark.
November 15, 2021
We all do silly things
There are things about ourselves that we're pretty negative about, Somtimes those things that we've experienced didn't reflect our best self. It  doesn't mean that we're a good or bad person, it just means that we're  still trying to figure it out. When you are harsh on yourself the more you're likely to do those same things,  So one of the ways that you can  move away from this is to make fun of it, decide that you're going to do  it differently next time.  Remember, joy and happiness, and  gratefulness are the best ways to change a habit than any other way. I  love you. I'm Dan Clark.
November 09, 2021
how to have a better functioning brain
How would you like to have a better functioning brain? Did you know that our brains are designed to actually think about the negative more than the positive? It's just true. If you want to have a brain that functions better, try thinking about the things that you enjoy in life. if you choose to think about past pleasant experiences, it will actually help your brain become healthier because you're bringing those emotions from the past into you. practice thinking about the things that you've enjoyed about your past, and it will help your brain function a lot better. I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
November 08, 2021
Talking Slow improves understanding
Slow speaking is very impactful.  When you need someone to really  understand you in a difficult conversation - practice this cool skill.  Talk  V E R Y   S L O W   U S I N G   E L O N G A T E D words. Talking  slow based on research improves the understanding tremendously.  I  explain this better in the sound bite here  --> I love you. I am Dan Clark
November 05, 2021
The Listening Skill
Awe the listening skill. We all need to improve this one. Here is an idea. Today, practice this listening skill. In a conversation, practice not telling your story, saying what you are thinking, or comparing or swapping stories. When you are truly listening, you are hearing them by not thinking of YOUR response. Give the person you are listening to your undivided attention, and see how it changes the conversation! I love you. I am Dan Clark
November 04, 2021
Where does wisdom come from? We all have wisdom on the inside of us.  Listening is the first skill for being an influencer. Wisdom comes from  being an excellent listener. Want to have more wisdom and more have more  influence in your world? Become a skilled listener. I love you. I am Dan Clark
November 03, 2021
It's Just True
It's just true! Yes that is so true. It is just true. Practicing the  idea that "It's Just True" is accepting what is true. So today, it is  "Just True". If it can't can't be changed, it is just  true! I love you. I am Dan Clark
October 28, 2021
I know you can, I know you want to, and I know you will
I know you can, I know you want to and I know you will.  If you know you  can, and you know you want to then why don't you do it? It's because of  the WILL.  WHEN WILL YOU?  Making excuses isn't working very well for  you. Stop the talking and stop the doubting. Right now say today "I  WILL" I love you. I am Dan Clark
October 27, 2021
You are only as wise as your last five minutes. Wisdom is measured by  your most recent behavior. Wisdom is the awareness of how you influence  the world. Wisdom is also measured by silence and behavior, not by  talking and many excuses. I love you.  I am Dan Clark
October 20, 2021
What a wonderful evening!
Good Evening! Surprise!! I want to know how your day was? Lots of  stress? Did go well? Did you gell all that done that needed to happen?  Are you being the person you want to be? Right now is the perfect time  to move toward the best evening ever! Talk to someone about your day!  Give a hug to someone you live with! Be A listener to a friend or send a  text encouraging someone. Slow down and ENJOY your evening!!! I love you. I am Dan Clark
October 19, 2021
It's Sunday
Waking up slowly? It's a Sunday morning early. The day is young and  fresh. You can choose how the day goes. Today I am choosing to be alive  and present. Slow down today. Rest, even if it is for 5 minutes. Take  this moment to dream about the kind heart you have, be thankful for it,  and then smile at yourself. Life is soo good. Even in the struggles. I love you. I am Dan Clark
October 17, 2021
Share your heart
How is the day going? You know how important it is to be present and  live today! Look inside yourself and see the wonderful person you really  are! Those that know you, love you! Do you let them tell you how much  they love you? Share your heart with someone today and tell them how  much you appreciate them! I love you. I  am Dan Clark
October 16, 2021
Stop worrying
Whatever you are struggling with today, someday in the future won't be  troubling you anymore.  I can prove that. Do you remember the struggles  you were in 5 years ago? Do you remember how it got solved or what  happened? Everything passes with time. Don't make something bigger than  it really is. Life is hard, and you are going to be fine. Look around  you! What is today, is not tomorrow! Practicing letting go, and learning  from everything that you can! I love  you. I am Dan Clark
October 15, 2021
Face Time
Face Time! How often do you face time anyone? My mom, who is 92, loves  face time, and our family facetimes mom all the time. Facetime is just  that! FACE TIME. Being seen, someone actually seeing you, is very  important. Regardless of how you do connect today, focus on SEEING the  person you are with today. As if you are face timing them. LOVE those in  your world today by NOTICING them and seeing them! I love you. I am Dan Clark
October 14, 2021
The Mind Heart connetion
Do me a favor. Place your hand on your heart and feel it beating. This  organ you own works tirelessly to provide your body with the blood it  needs to sustain life. The Heart MInd connection is an amazing science  the validates how important it is to be mindful of your heart. It speaks  to you and tells you what it wants. Listen to what your heart says to  you today! I love you. I am Dan Clark
October 13, 2021
Athentic Self
Authentic Self. What do you think when I use the word Authentic. I  define it this way. The authentic self is who you are in the moment. The  happy, angry, upset, hurt and bad self is still the authentic YOU.  Being a better version of yourself is how we improve at being our best  authentic self. Today practicing being the BEST Authentic  self... I love you. I am Dan Clark
October 04, 2021
You can solve MOST conflicts in less then ten min!
You can solve almost ALL conflict in less than ten mins.! I know that  might be hard to believe, but it is true. Most of us want to be heard  and want to tell our side of the story. When in reality, the way we  FEEL  and our EMOTIONS have more to do with conflict solving than any of  the stories we are telling. This is not hard but it takes some  understanding of  OURSELF more than the other person!  Conflict  resolution is SELF-discipline with excellent listening skills. I love you. I\'m Dan Clark
October 01, 2021
Do you give yourself premission to be sad?
Do you allow SAD emotions to show up? Seriously? If we choose  NOT to feel sad then we are also choosing to not feel Glad. When you shut off  ONE emotion off you shut them all off. Emotions last 8 secs, like an  ocean wave. There is some residual but the actual emotions are short.  Give yourself permission to be sad, and be sad. I promise, allowing the  sad to show up will help you allow the more pleasant emotions to show  up. I love you. I\'m Dan Clark
September 30, 2021
Favorite Things
You can only like something that you are familiar with. In other words,  your favorite color, car, football team or flower is based on emotions  and NOT much else. You might be willing to argue this point with me,  until the discussion becomes about the feeling you get when you think  about your favorite.. fill in the blank what ever it is That means you automatically don\'t see or discount or move away from  things you dont\' like or have had a bad experience with in the past.  Make a list of things you dislike, and then investigate why. Have fun. I love you. I\'m Dan Clark
September 29, 2021
What is the difference between Fake and Imagination ?
What is the difference between FAKE and IMAGINATION? Fake is pushing  away the negative emotions and ACTING the opposite. Imagination is  FEELING it is true. Imagination is bringing to you the GOOD feelings of  having a good life. If you IMAGINE, eyes closed, how you would feel if  you were living the life you want, those emotions will fill you and  bring you more joy. Remember, we attract the emotions on the inside of  us. Take the time to IMAGINE More often and bring good things to you! I love you. I'm Dan Clark
September 28, 2021
Beatuful fall day
Sometimes the weather affects my mood and my attitude. Why? Because the  BAD weather isn't something I enjoy. However, today, I want the weather to affect my mood. It is a wonderful beautiful fall day in the midwest.  These are the days I love. I am going to spend some time outside today,  and allow this day to affect me! I love fall! I hope you spend time outside too! I love you. I'm Dan Clark
September 28, 2021
What do you do when things don't go well ?
what do you do when life gets difficult, and you are not doing well? When you don't care for yourself when things are going well then it is really hard to take care of yourself when things don't go well. So take better care of yourself now before things go south, so you know how to care for yourself when they do. I love you I\'m Dan Clark
September 21, 2021
Confirmation Bias
It's called Confirmation Bias - when you tell your brain to notice something, your brain will always confirm what you are looking for. What you think is true your brain will CONFIRM as true. What you are unconsciously looking for your brain will find and confirm. How are you always confirming what you believe to be true? How about being more open and looking at the world in a different way? I love you I'm Dan Clark
September 20, 2021
Being Grateful
Take a moment right now and make a list of 5 - 7 things you are grateful  for. Make this list internally. This will increase your energy and  improve your mood I love you I'm Dan  Clark
September 07, 2021
Labor Day
It's Labor Day! What are you doing today? Are you creating a memory that  you can remember for a long time? Memories are directly connected to  emotions. Have a wonderful day, and create those memories by having the  most wonderful day! I love you I'm Dan Clark
September 06, 2021
A smile is such a simple thing. We all love to see others smile. When  you smile the world around you notices. When children are playing and  smiling it warms our hearts. When those we love smile, it makes us so  happy. When you see anyone smile it does something to your heart  too.  Today, let's smile often and give that smile  away. I love you I'm Dan Clark
September 02, 2021
Fixed or Growth Mindset
Hello! It's a Wednesday! Question? Are you in a fixed mindset or growth  mindset? A fixed mindset means we have already decided on the outcome  and are "fixed" in how we see ourselves. A growth mindset means we are  willing to take risks and get out of our comfort zone and "grow'. Fixed  mindset individuals talk about what they can't do, Growth mindset  individuals talk about what they will do and can do. Which one are you? I love you I'm Dan Clark
September 01, 2021
What is Discipline?
What is Discipline? There are three different types of self-discipline. Active discipline. That means that at the moment like finishing making your bed, doing the dishes, and finishing the task at hand. Reactive discipline is when we are prepared to deal with the unknown and we choose based on a decision that we've made in advance. Proactive discipline is when we've already decided on the disciplines that we want to have and do them according to the plan. Active, Reactive, and Proactive. I love you I'm Dan Clark
August 30, 2021
Need or Want
What's the difference between needing something and wanting something?  When you're needing something, you've got to have something because it  fulfills you, right? It's almost like an addiction. When you want  something, you can live without it. Notice the feeling when you feel  like you NEED something. Now notice the feeling when you want something.  "I want to have a good life, good job, health, to be happy." Needy  demands, wanting nurtures, or works toward it. Focus on what you want  instead of what you need and see how it changes the way you feel   I  love you. I'm Dan Clark.! I love you I\\'m  Dan Clark
August 26, 2021
Tell me what you are doing today? I am spending time with three of my siblings and my mom today. I love having time with family. Life is so precious and short. Don't you have a fun or funny memory from childhood? Take a  movement right now, and think of wonderful memory from your past.  Enjoy your memory and LIFE today !!! I love you  I'm Dan Clark
August 21, 2021
Attitudes beliefs and behaviors are learned
Your attitude is learned. Your beliefs are learned. You behavior is learned. That means that everything that is learned can be changed. The earlier in life you learn something the more you believe it to be true. Attitude, beliefs and behaviors are choices. If you want to have a FANTASTIC life? then unlearn or relearn LIFE SKILLS. Examples: radical acceptance, forgiveness, empathy. More on this to come! I love you I'm Dan Clark
August 19, 2021
Don’t do it!
Don’t do it! Don’t! Don’t tell yourself NO. Tell yourself “This is what I will do instead”. This refocus is very effective in rewiring a habit or thought pattern. The concept that Mel Robins has made popular called 5 4 3 2 1 principle works because it rewires the behavior that is attached to a thought. Try it. When this thought comes to me change to a new thought! More info in the audio ! I love you I\'m Dan Clark
August 18, 2021
I believe in Syncronicity
I believe in synchronicity Hello, Dan Clark, and welcome. Now synchronicity is where the things that are unexpected begin to show up to affirm what you would love to have happen because you believe in it so much. That is how synchronicity works. Here's another word that I also really liked a lot and it is called self-fulfilling prophecy. What that is, is where what you actually think about the most has a tendency to come true in your life. Now, again, thinking about imagination, if you are living in this fake world inside your head, that isn't what we're talking about. We're talking about you imagining what it would be like how it would feel that's creating new energy on the inside of you. And that energy inside you will bring towards you the things that you are wanting. Maybe not everything that you want, but what's wrong with having more joy on the inside of you. I mean, this is what we call hope, and hope is something that we all really need. I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
August 13, 2021
Imagine your future
I haven't thought about this in a long time. I remember playing a  pretend to guitar, something I'd cut out of cardboard and my brother and  I were pretending to be famous rock stars. It was so fun. As adults we  tend to not imagine, we tend to see the world as hard and difficult. Our  imagination is about choosing the opposite. Today imagine as if the  things that you want to be true are true. This is not pretending it is  imagining. Feeling it. I promise you this will help elevate the mood  that you are in.    I love you I'm Dan  Clark
August 05, 2021
Imagine your future
Good Morning!  I have been thinking about Imagination!  Our imagination  is related to the child-like self on the inside of us. Joy can be  imagining the future as if it is true.  As I was imagining my future  that has not yet happened, I was in such a place of joy when I opened my  eyes. Now, I am not talking bout being fake, I am only saying to  IMAGINE and FEEL it. This changed the way I felt this morning and can do  the same thing for you. So imagine your future and feel the JOY.    I love you I'm Dan Clark
August 04, 2021
5 sec rule
5-sec rule! Stop right now and think with me. In 5 sec what would you  say is your best quality. Chances are you CAN"T say it in 5 seconds. Our  brains go blank.  That is because your BRAIN repeats the NEGATIVE  things about yourself constantly. SOO..  the 5 Sec Rule. Take 5 Sec often today, say things that you LOVE about yourself, that you are  grateful for, and that you do for others. Let's practice appreciating  ourselves more often. It feels weird but I promise it will change your  attitude to JOY! I love you I'm Dan Clark
August 01, 2021
My attitude
What are you doing right now? Working? Resting? Something you want to  do? Something that you have to do? Something that is you don't want to  do? NO matter what it is, YOUR current experience with what you are  doing right now is absolutely based on your ATTITUDE!  We all do things  to do that we don't want to, have to do, and that are hard to do. Joy is  directly related to your ATTITUDE about everything you do. What's your  ATTITUDE right now? I love you I'm Dan  Clark
July 31, 2021
NO matter how hard you try, you can't do enough to make someone else  happy. You CAN do for them things that create connection, however, they  choose happiness regardless of what you do.  Happiness is something you  create by HOW YOU SEE THINGS!  When happiness is based on YOU are  Pleasing them, that is a lot pressure. Wisdom is understanding that  happiness is MY Responsibility, not someone  else's. I love you I\\'m Dan Clark
July 30, 2021
You are very important
You are the most important person in your life, because if you don't  take care of YOU then you can't be there for others. It's not selfish to  say no. It's knowing that your time to rest, and take care of YOU is  actually taking care of others. Be WISE and take care of yourself. Do  things that YOU want to do, rest - relax and say no more often. Love you  !! I love you I\\'m Dan Clark
July 29, 2021
Stop Holding Yourself Back
Stop holding yourself back! Really.  STOP HOLDING YOURSELF BACK!  Yes,  stop holding yourself back. You know exactly what I am saying So STOP  IT!!!!.    Use your God-Given Talent and step into the world with  newness and LIFE. BTW - I had to have someone help me stop holding  myself back. So don't go it alone.   STOP HOLDING YOURSELF  BACK.....!1 I love you I\'m Dan Clark
July 15, 2021
Here is a thought. Real transformation involves the feeling of weird,  odd, and strange. The reason? If you are familiar with it, then you are  not changing. Change involves the feelings of being uncomfortable. That  is where ALL transformation happens. Want to know how well you are doing  in your transformation? Do something that feels weird or odd today.  Tell someone you love them, give a compliment instead of complaining,  drive the speed limit, hold someone's hand, take your shoes off and walk  in the grass. BE different today! !1 I love  you I'm Dan Clark
July 13, 2021
Mindful or Minnd Full
Mindful or mind full. Saw a cartoon that was a man walking between 4  trees with his dog. The sun was bright up ahead. The cloud above him on  the left read MINDFUL and was filled with all kinds of distracting thoughts. The cloud on the right was filled with the picture of what he was seeing in the moment, the sun and trees.  is your MINDFUL or are you  Mind Full? Being more present is a distraction from the busy mind to  become the present mind.!!1 I love you I'm  Dan Clark
July 12, 2021
Self Efficacy
Self Efficacy means we have a good yes and a good no. It means we don't  need to explain or defend our yes or no, it's just a yes or a no. We  might need to give a reason, which is different than defending or  explaining. When saying NO or YES in the future, practice saying less  about why you are saying Yes or No. Less drama comes from fewer words.  Self Efficacy is how we have a happier life, and better boundaries. I love you I'm Dan Clark
July 09, 2021
Saying Yes
Most of us do not say the word "yes" very often. Do you? We seem to skip  the word and use some form of accepting or acknowledging Yes without  actually saying it. Yes is also very powerful. It is like giving  yourself permission to do something. Just like the word NO, practice  saying the word YES over the next few days and see how it changes the  way you feel about YES. I love you I'm  Dan Clark
July 08, 2021
Saying NO !
Most of us have a difficult relationship with the word NO! We don't know how to say NO to others or to ourselves. NO is a powerful word. Our relationship with NO is directly related to how our life is going.  Saying NO means someone else might not like it, or saying NO might mean we don't get what we want. Here is an idea. Practicing saying NO a lot in the next few days. Just say NO. Decided after you say NO what you want to do, but say NO first. Work on changing the relationship you have with the word NO. I love you I'm Dan  Clark
July 07, 2021
July 5th
Happy Monday! Today we celebrate the 4th as a national holiday! What is  your favorite 4th of July celebration? Potato salad, grilled hamburgers,  and baked beans were always on the food. fireworks at home and then the  big display where we sat in the stadium.  Fun.  :)  Swells my heart  with feelings of love for our flag and my  country! I love you I'm Dan Clark
July 05, 2021
4th of July Declaration
Celebrating the 4th of July was a big deal when I was growing up. It meant family time, fireworks and potato salad? What was your 4th of July like as a child? Today I am celebrating it a bit differently . I am choosing to declare my own independence and make ONE life change that will make a difference for ME in the next year! What is your declaration for this next year? I love you I'm Dan Clark
July 04, 2021
Self effacing is a term used when we are telling a story and spin it to  make ourselves look good. We all do that. We leave out details or move  the story to be in our best interest. Sometimes we need to say what  actually happened. LIke Goerge Washington said "I did cut down that  tree." Do you leave out details or make the story about them and not  you, when it was really you? Wisdom is knowing the difference between  what needs to be said and what does not need to be said. Be  wise. I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 23, 2021
Intentional Thinking
What does it mean to be intentional in our thinking?  I think it means is that you are intentionally thinking about the things that you want to think about, yes, intentionally thinking about them. you choose to think about the things that you want to think about. Most of us are reactive in our world. Intentional thinking is actually choosing to think about the things that we want to think about. In other words, sitting quietly, thinking about the people that we love, thinking about how our future is unfolding in front of us in the way that we wanted to thinking about the kind of person that we are becoming, not about the things that we just did that make us unhappy, thinking about how we are not in control of this world. And we're letting go the things that affect us that we are simply learning how to live life fully by being fully present. Intentional thinking takes a little bit of effort. Remember, that's one of the things actually is the first thing that I put on our list two days ago, about how to have the best life a year from now. So what I want you to start practicing is every day sometime during the day, being intentional about thinking about what you want to think about. I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
June 22, 2021
Three life changing daily routines.
Three things to change your life in one year. 1. Think who you want to  be not who you are for three to five min every morning! 2. Change up  your morning routine every 60 - 90 days, move away from the mundane and  boring routines that stagnate like the same food, same medications, and  same exercise routine 3. Write out your day, journal and think about  what you are doing that day, and have a daily intention. Being  intentional each day gives you focus and direction.   I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 20, 2021
Change your life in ONE YEAR !
I have a promise for you!  This is an absolute. I promise. If you change your daily routine, your morning routine to include three things, in  ONE YEAR life will be different! Now why am I saying one year! Because it takes one year for the mind to turn and 2 years the change to be permanent. When someone is in my world for a year, everyone notices because we change the MIND processes information. The brain is a  muscle, and the right kind of exercise is effective. The three things you need to do will come in tomorrow's inspiration!   I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 19, 2021
Happy Birthday
What was the best birthday you remember %firstname%? Mine was age 6 when  I got a red flyer wagon. And my 60th when we had my first themed birthday party! How old were you when you had your best birthday party?  Who was there? What do you remember? Not everyone has wonderful birthdays, however, I hope you had wonderful birthdays growing up. Share a fun childhood story with someone today and relive a happy childhood memory!  Bring those childhood joys forward and have a happy fun heart  today! I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 17, 2021
Listen to your heart
Think for a moment about your heart. What does your heart say?  Does it say "I love you?" Does it say "I am so happy!" Does it say "LIfe  is hard?" Does it say "I am living the life I want to live?" Does it  say"I am sad?" Buried inside you is the real you, the person that was born pure,  innocent, and alive. Listen to your heart, and if it says you are sad, then do not say you are not sad, agree, and then work on being happy! If it says you are living well, then agree and have joy.   listen to your heart, and agree with it, and do what is asks of you. I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 16, 2021
What are you going to do today?
I have a question for you today?  What are you going to do  today? Yup what is %firstname% going to do. Is this a day to work,  relax, do yard work, have a Sunday meal, go to church, read a book,  spend time with family or friends? My question is actually about quality  time. What can you do to make today one of your best days? You  were designed for connection with other human beings. That  is our deepest need. What are you going to do? My suggestion? Connect  with someone in a meaningful way! I love  you I'm Dan Clark
June 13, 2021
 you have an innocence on the inside of you that is so endearing. This is how children are so loveable. Innocence is not  judgment, sees the good, loves without expectation,  knows what it wants, and what it does not want. Innocence is our purity, trust, and  authentic concern for others. Innocense is good anger, knowing when to  be cautious, and speaks without harming. Innocence reacts slowly and  speaks from a humble heart. Youhave this inside  you. I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 12, 2021
You are my friend
Good Morning my friend! Yes, you are my friend. I am glad  to have you as my friend. Thank you! That makes me feel special!. Your  friends need to know that you call them your friend!  Tell them how much  you appreciate them as your friend!  Love on them  today! I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 10, 2021
I love you !You are very special and important to me. I  think of you often and you are in my heart often. Today, right now, feel  the love I have for you. Have the most wonderful day! I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 09, 2021
I see you smiling !
Hey !  %firstname% There is a smile inside of you right now and I bet if  I ask you to smile you could! So go ahead! Smile! The way you smile lights up the world around you! Perfection is found in the smile of a  child. I see you smiling! I love you I'm  Dan Clark
June 08, 2021
Think about you!
Good Morning, You do know that you are a very unique individual. The things that you do are only the things that you can do!  Who you are is based on your self-concept, or what you think about yourself!  Take a moment today and think about what you think about yourself ! Think  about how wonderful you are, and all the wonderful things you can do.  Think about who loves you, and the things that you do to make a  contribution to the world. Be the kind of person who appreciates and acknowledged the kind of person you are! I  love you I'm Dan Clark
June 06, 2021
Who are you becoming?
Good Morning  Today is one of those days to think about who you are becoming. What kind of things can you do today to be the kind of person you want to be? What is it that you would love to see you do consistently that would bring you joy? Have a wonderful  Saturday! I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 05, 2021
What do you want to change about yourself ?
What is ONE thing you can change about yourself? We have been focused on  the gap between who we are and how others experience you. Do you need  to be less judgmental, sarcastic, or less jealous? Becoming the person  you want to begins with changes. What do you want to change about  yourself? I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 04, 2021
Are you Hiding part of you are from others?
Is there some aspect of your personality that you are hiding from others? That is called being incongruent. Are you jealous or judgmental or sarcastic?  The gap between who we are and what others see means we are not being authentic. Getting rid of the judgment, sarcasm, and jealously creates a very healthy transparent person, closing the gap on who you are and who you want to be. I  love you I'm Dan Clark
June 03, 2021
How would your close friends and family members describe you?
How would your close friends and family members describe you? We can't really see ourselves well, and how others describe us, not their judgment or put-downs, but what they truly see in you is important. The gap between who we are and what others are experiencing in our behavior means we are not the person they see.  What are they noticing is important to know, so you can become like the person you want to  be. I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 02, 2021
It's Spring Cleaning Time!
Spring cleaning! Well now it is that time of year. Finding things that you have forgotten about when you spring clean can be fun. How about cleaning for you?  Are you stuck in a pattern of thinking that isn't working for you? It's Springtime! I am going to be intentional this week on resting my intention for the summer and taking care of those things that I haven't paid attention to all winter. What do you need to focus on this spring? I love you I'm Dan Clark
June 01, 2021
NO with less drama!
NO, I said no. Just because I said so. That doesn't work very well in a  quality conversation. Defending or explaining a no creates drama. A  reason is simple and to point. A reason would be "because it's best for  all of us" or "I don't want to." Defending or explaining with a lot of  words brings about drama.  Quality conversations include a reason for the NO. Practice saying NO with well less drama  today! I love you I'm Dan Clark
May 20, 2021
Quality conversations use less words
Have you ever hummed while someone was talking to you? I am working with  a couple and he was humming while she was talking Not very effective  communication. She kept repeating the same thing in different words and  he was just done with the conversation. We have all been there, done  with the current conversation . Quality conversations get to the point  quickly. Research says that after the third senttence what you are  saying can't be remembered anyway. Shorten up those conversations and  see what if understanding improves. I love  you I'm Dan Clark
May 19, 2021
Listen more talk less!
Listening is not an easy skill for most of us. Great listeners are not thinking of a reply while the other person is talking. Great  listeners allow the other person to finish talking completely. Silence  is your friend, in all conversations. Talking less and listening more  and allowing for moments of silence improve the quality of  conversations. Take a 2 sec break between responces and see for your  self. I love you I'm Dan Clark
May 18, 2021
I am grateful for the expereince I am having.
I am learning to be grateful for the experience I am having, not  necessarily for the outome of what is  happening. I had a recent  experience and I am so grateful for what I am because of it. I didn't  like the outcome, but I am grateful for what I am leavning. What are you  learning in life and how are more grateful for the expereince? I love you I'm Dan Clark
May 13, 2021
What I do have that I am grateful for...
Have I told you how much I believe in you. I believe that you can  accomplish the things you want in life. I am so grateful for having you  in my life. It is often easier to think about how things are NOT going  than how things are going. We are practicing greatfullness this  week.  What I do have and am grateful for is more effective than  thinking about what I do not have. What are you grateful for today? I love you I'm Dan Clark
May 12, 2021
I am so grateful.
Mel Robbins, the author of the book "The 5 Second Rule" says that on all  the research she has done on personal growth, the thing that is always  at the top of the list is "Gratitude". Gratitude changes the heart, the  mind and the soul. I am grateful for life, who I am becoming, and that I  have the abiltity to choose! What are you grateful for? I am also  grateful for health, family, friends. I am most grateful for you.  Thanks!!!! I love you I'm Dan Clark
May 11, 2021
Spring Day!
It's a beautiful thursday! I don't know where you are livng, but here in  the midwest it is a beautiful sunny spring day. These are the kind of  days where you just want to spend more time out side. Today, take some  time to be outside and enjoy this wonderful day!  I love you! I love you I'm Dan Clark
May 06, 2021
Worry Free Tuesday!
Worry free Tuesday. Yes, let's declare today as Worry Free  Tuesday.  Worry is your mind predicting an outcome that is not pleasant.  Worry is  you deciding that you can't handle the future. Don't you know  that  somewhere inside you there is this voice that says "You can  handle  this?" We all have it. So today is WORRY FREE TUESDAY. Your  inner voice  is speaking to you. Here is one way to have a worry free  Tuesday. Say  this several times today!  "I will not worry about things I  can not  change!"  I love you! I love  you I'm Dan Clark
May 04, 2021
Tell them you are so brave and courageous.
You are so brave.  You are so courageous. Being brave means you are seeing others be brave. Having courage means you see others as having courage. Use your words today, and use these two words. See the bravery and courage in YOUR world. Love those you are close to and TELL them  you love them.  I love you !   BE  ABUNDANT  Click here! BE ALIVE!
April 30, 2021
Are you facing a big decision today?
Are you facing a big decision or thinking about taking a chance on something new? This process can be difficult as we ask ourselves "should I" or "shouldn't I" over and over. Most of us have been conditioned to use fear as a guide to keep us safe when making potentially life changing decisions and taking chances in life. How many times do you catch yourself contemplating the what if's... What if it doesn't work? What if I fail? What if I wish I could go back and change my mind? We have all done this at some point when we don't feel confident about our ability to choose or the outcomes we may face. But what if we took our fear out of the equation? What if we imagined our best outcome and focused on the positive what if's such as...What if I succeed? What if it works? What if my choice has a positive, lasting impact on others lives? Can you imagine how wonderful that would feel? I'm not saying you should jump off every cliff you see but definitely consider the positive outcomes when making life changing decisions.
April 29, 2021
We all have them! Unconscious Emotions
Unconscious emotions? We all have them. They show up on your face and others ask you about them. When you become aware of your unconscious emotions, you are more aware of what else is influencing your thoughts and behaviors.  Listen to your body, notice your deeper self, and feel or sense that deeper relationship you have with you.
April 28, 2021
What does a dentist call their X Ray?
What does a dentist call their X-Ray? TOOTH PICS.  too funny !!!! We all know that laughing is so healthy for us, yet most of us simply do not laugh. Yes, our world is very serious and there are serious things going on. YET WE NEED TO LAUGH. Today notice the world around you. Practicing be more light and fun and laugh more today! I love you I'm Dan Clark
April 26, 2021
Saying I am sorry.
Saying I am sorry is the first step, what can I do to help is next. While visiting my grandchildren in Texas we watched “Daniel Tiger” on PBS. This program teaches life skills. Even adults can learn from them. When something goes wrong and you need to apologize what you do next can make all the difference in the world. Marking it right could include more than saying I am sorry. What else can you do to help too? I love you I'm Dan Clark
April 25, 2021
My Blue Honda!
When I bought the Blue honda civic several years ago, I loved how it  looked. I would to my self and others "this is a cute car" Often, at a  gas station or somewhere else someone would say to me "that is such a  cute car" Wow, The very words and thoughts about the car I was having  would come out of someone else. Thoughts are real things! What you  believe and say does influence your world! I was amazed. What you are  saying tends to come true in your life! I  love you I'm Dan Clark
April 22, 2021
The Struggle is yours - and you can learn from it!
We should use the struggle we are all in to work things out. We have the  ability to learn and use the struggle we have in our lives to change  how life is turning out! Reframing and thinking about life from a new  perspective is how we change. The struggle you are in is not unique to  you. We all have them. It is, however, your struggle, and using that  struggle to grow makes all the difference in the world. What struggle  are you and how are you reframing it? I  love you I'm Dan Clark
April 21, 2021
What are you critial of ?
Look around you! what would you like to see different about your world?  Happiness might come more often if I chose to think about what I  do have instead of what I want to be different. Are you using a  critical eye toward the world! Notice what you are critical of and move toward the things that you want more often. Your brain will feel happier. I promise! I love you I'm  Dan Clark
April 20, 2021
Life is not fair.
The world is N O T fair. We all know this. What are you doing with the  things in your life that are not fair? We don't choose our parents, our bodies, where we are born, or the color of our eyes. Others are smarter,  have more money, better kids, or nicer jobs! We all have thoughts that  "things are just not fair". What you DO with those thoughts is how Life  GOES FOR YOU!   YUP! It's not fair. Choose wisely today. Let go of what is not fair. Living a happy life is choosing to focus on the things you have control over. I love you I'm Dan  Clark 
April 19, 2021
Everything has a beginning and an ending!
Everything has a beginning and everything has an end. A day has a  beginning and an ending. Not everything that we own is going to last  forever. Nothing actually lasts forever. things always come to an end.  Your ability to negotiate when things end is how well your life is going  to go. In other words, your willingness and ability to transition to  the next thing when things are ending shows how healthy you are  emotionally. I love you I'm Dan Clark
April 15, 2021
I was thinking today about how smiling affects those that are around us.  We all notice what someone else's expression is. And often we make some  type of a judgment good or bad about what we think they're thinking  about while we're seeing them. What is it that people see on your face?  We can't always be smiling. I would like for you to be more conscious  about what your face is doing today and be thinking about the impact  that you're making on those around you as they glance at you..     I love you I'm Dan Clark
April 14, 2021
Do you give yourself compliments?
Do you compliment yourself? Do you tell yourself that you do a great  job, you think about how wonderful you are about some of the things that  you do? I mean, how well did you tie your shoes today? How well did you  drive to work? or How well did you make dinner yesterday ? or How well  did you mow the yard? Give yourself more compliments and it actually  will increase the joy in inside of you.      I love you I'm Dan Clark
April 13, 2021
Open Heartedness - Breathing deep and being present
Open Heartedness is being fully present, not judging the moment, and taking ONE min and practicing being fully present. I love you I'm Dan Clark
April 10, 2021
Opened Heartedness - not about what is next!
We all get caught up in the "what is next" idea of life. Openheartedness is being present, and not caught up in the "next" thing we need to do. I love you I'm Dan Clark
April 09, 2021
Open Heartedness - Being engaged !
Being engaged in the moment is allowing yourself to be present. I love you I'm Dan Clark
April 08, 2021
Grandmas and open heartedeness
I’m working with a client who has been writing about her grandma and how much she loved her. She stated in her journal that grandma shamed those in her world to follow her rules. She was re-writing the way she felt about grandma because she was moving away from the shame that she felt and learning to except grandma for who she was. Open hearted ness of this is rewriting your experience as a child and looking at things as they really are. She’s a young lady was letting go of the shame and was acknowledging that she loved grandma and excepting her completely. That freedom is called open heartedness. I love you I’m Dan Clark
April 07, 2021
Open heart
What does an open heart mean? It means you’re not judging the current circumstance as good or bad and you’re excepting what is happening as true. This gives you the freedom to choose without being reactive. Awareness of your mindset and emotions mean/or activity unless judgment. Opening your heart is like absorbing circumstance as well as filter or judgment. With an open heart to hurt fear anger or sadness show up without blaming or judging Joy is experienced fully also one of the hardest this week
April 05, 2021
What more intimacy in conversation? Talk slower!
Words Can Change Your Brain: This is such a fascinating book. He did  research on how to have wonderful conversations that improve intimacy.  He states you should SLOW THE WORDS DOWN. Like, talk slow. I demonstrate this in the audio version of this. When you talk slow the other person actually listens more intently. So next time you want to be heard and  create a closer relationship with someone, talk SLOW and only one or two sentences before allowing them to talk. Let's try it and see how it works...   I love you I'm Dan Clark  
April 01, 2021
Words Can Change Your Brain!
Words Can Change Your Brain: I'm reading a book by that title and the  very first sentence in one of the chapters says this "The word no is the most powerful word in the world and yet it might not be so powerful in your personal life" When it comes to our personal and professional life we handle yes and no completely different. Understanding this balance can help us have a much healthier life. When someone tells you no are you resistant to that?  it depends on who's asking and who's telling yes or no. How do you handle no?   I love you I'm Dan  Clark 
March 31, 2021
95% of all we do is done in our unconscious thinking!
95 % of all we do is done in our unconscious thinking. Want to know what is happening in your unconscious thinking? Then pay attention to the words that you don't say. You know, like the ones when you judge  someone, or when you mess up and what you say to yourself! How you treat others in your mind is what is happening in your unconscious thinking.  This inner dialog gives you hints about your unconscious mind. Want to have more wisdom? Pay attention to this inner dialog and begin to change it! I love you! I am Dan Clark
March 30, 2021
Would you like your life to be a lot better?
Would you like to have your life go a lot better? Create more conflict in your relationships! Your life will be a lot better down the road.  Like the guy who told his wife after 20 years, he didn't like the dishes she served lunch to him on.  I am not talking about drama. I am talking about sharing what you like, and that means others get a chance to really know you. Share more about what you want in life, so things don't become a really big deal in the future.   love you I am Dan Clark
March 29, 2021
It's a Friday !!
F R I D A Y !!!! Who did you connect with this week? Who did you have  the best conversations with? What did you share and how vulnerable were  you? Did you say " I love you " to anyone? Being intentional, open and  caring can sure make a difference on how your week ends up! The day is  not over. Reach out to someone, notice them, tell them what you  appreciate about them, and then feel YOUR love and CARE for them in YOUR  HEART! We are people who need to FEEL the LOVE we give away. Be  intentional today! I love you I am Dan Clark
March 26, 2021
Am I lost or is it just an accident?
I am lost. I do not know where I am? It does not happen to me often.  Would you call that an accident? Not really. It might be poor planning,  no map, or many other things. My question is, what is an accident? I  have focused on intentions this week for a reason. We don't accidentally  brush our teeth, shower, or eat lunch. We don't accidentally have  success in life either. Today, write out three things that must be done.  Three! No, not that thing, it's too big! What three things must be done  today? Write them down and do them! I love you I am Dan Clark
March 25, 2021
Was it an accident or intentional?
It was an accident, Really! Have you ever said that? We all have. When  we are intentional, we don't say that, correct? Or do we? If accidents  happen, then what is the opposite of being intentional? Accident? The unintentional consequences of not being intentional is the results we did not plan. Let me say that again. It is not an accident when we don't reach our goals. When we have a focused plan, then the outcome is never an accident, it is the results of our hard work and focus! Lets' be intentional in 2021! I love you!  I am Dan Clark 
March 24, 2021
It takes effort to be intentional!
What exactly is intentionality? It is when you are intentional. Because our unconscious does so much of the work for us, being intentional takes  great planning and focus. Being forgetful, and getting off track means you were not intentional! Setting Goals and achieving them takes effort  using intentionality. A plan that reaches those goals has INTENTIONAL  steps to achieve that goal. How intentional are you? Do you have a  written plan for the goals you have? Being intentional is choosing to follow your plan. Let's have an awesome 2021! I love you! I am Dan Clark
March 23, 2021
Goals for 2021
Take a moment and think about 2020. Did you achieve the goals you set for that year? I sure didn't What I am learning is how powerful my intentions are.  I was not as intentional as I could have been and that resulted in me having fewer goals achieved.   This year, I am choosing to be more intentional by using a daily routine of what I intend to do that day, giving me better control over the outcome. Let's have a great  2021. Be more intentional by tracking your daily activities. You will reach that goal when you are more intentional.  I am Dan Clark
March 22, 2021
Love the days we have!!!!
“Beauty, youth, good fortune, even love itself, cannot keep care and pain, loss and sorrow, from the most blessed for...into each life some  rain must fall, Some days must be dark and sad and dreary.”  this is a  quote from the movie "Little Women" by Louise May Alcott. I love that movie.  Love the days you have! Whether sorrow, dark,  rainy, or sunshine they all are days you are alive.  I love you so much    I am Dan Clark
March 20, 2021
What is your special talent?
What kind of special talent do you have? I love playing sports but I am  not good at sports at all. When I was growing up I wanted to be good at  sports like a few of my siblings. As I got older, I discovered my own  special talent and began to develop that. What is your special talent?  What do others say you do well? Today acknowledge your special talent  and own it! Tell someone that you are glad you have that special talent.  I love you, I am Dan Clark
March 19, 2021
What am I doing what I am doing?
Why am I doing what I am doing? We all have these patterns that we repeat in our life. If these patterns are creating difficulties,  especially in relationships, then maybe we should look into the pattern.  Patterns that are most difficult to change are ones that are learned before the age of 7. For example, ask yourself where you are most like your mom or your dad? That is a pattern. If it is a pattern that causes difficulties in your life, then maybe you should look into changing that pattern.   I love you, I am Dan Clark
March 18, 2021
I am not sad...
I am not sad, I am not angry, and I am not afraid. I have these because of the choices I have made. Choices do not prevent sadness, anger, or being afraid. Choices allow me to feel them and then MOVE TOWARD the feelings I want to have. What are your choices today? Sad, angry,  afraid? Tell someone what you feel today! Happy, Joyful or Blessed? Tell someone. Choose to be alive and share the real you! LOVE YOU! BE  ABUNDANT.
March 17, 2021
I am so sorry! I Appologize !
Sorry! I am so sorry! Please forgive me! I didn't mean to do that!  WOW!  What happens when you hear those words? Apologies are a necessary part of life.  I did not say "I apologize" did I? I used different  words.  Words have power and meaning. Choosing the right word can sure make a  difference in the conversation! How often do you say "I  apologize?" If you have hurt someone, done something that you need to correct, attempt to fix it asap if possible. Own your truth! BE  ALIVE!  I love you, I am Dan Clark 
March 16, 2021
In like a Lion out like a Lamb!
In like a lion out like a lamb. I love old folklore like that. As a  young man, I remember feeling that was so true. March was so windy, and  yet it left so calm. Do you remember March from your days as a child?  What was it like? Have fun thinking about March when you were young!  I love  you
March 12, 2021
Is your brain boring?
Are you living a boring life? Well maybe not, What I am saying is how boring to be doing the same thing over and over. 95% OF YOUR THOUGHTS  ARE THE SAME AS THE DAY BEFORE! How boring is that? Of course, I am having fun with you because you might not live a boring life. However,  if you do want feel more alive, more connected, and vibrant, then put NEW words in your brain. Read, do or experience something that you have never experienced before. Take a risk and have NEW thoughts. Your brain will love you!  I love you. I'm Dan  Clark.
March 11, 2021
Where does anxiety come from ?
Where does anxiety come from? I have discovered that anxiety is unprocessed energy. Or another way to say it is, anxiety is words you have not spoken. Learning to talk about what you experienced and not what happened releases the energy inside you. Journaling, and or talking about what you were experiencing moves the energy away from you. In a  severe anxiety attack, the energy inside you is in control and you are not. Often the feeling you going to die is related to not being able to control it. Talk more about your experience, and journal more to lower your anxiety.    I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
March 10, 2021
Say theses three things to yourself today!
Say these three sentences to yourself often today. "I will be happy"  "I will be well" "I am going to be filled with kindness and peace"  Help your brain by talking to it directly. These kinds of things tend to come true more you say them. Try it today. 
March 09, 2021
Close your eyes for 2 minutes!
When it is safe, close your eyes for 2 minutes and do nothing. When you  shut off sight, it heightens the other senses. The mind tends to wander off and you begin thinking about all kinds of things. In preparation for meditating try this. Set a timer for 2 minutes, close your eyes, and be aware of what is happening on the inside of you. You are just noticing.  This is a great way to practice slowing your mind down. You will feel much calmer too. I love you. I'm Dan Clark. 
March 08, 2021
I love mornings
I love mornings
March 07, 2021
We have no control over the outcome
You can not control the results only your actions. We often want to control the outcome of things. That is very frustrating. Letting go of the need to control the outcome isn't easy.   Releasing the outcome is so freeing. A healthy brain knows that no matter what the outcome is, it  will be able to handle it.  Release your worry and let things  BE.        love you. I'm  Dan  Clark.
March 06, 2021
Everything Ends
I was taught things ending was not always good. Everything ends. Making peace with things that end or are ending, is transformational. What do you need to let of that is ending. What do you need to end? Let's be wise and make peace with things that need to end in our lives.     I  love you. I'm Dan  Clark.
March 05, 2021
The miracle of life
Do you believe that being alive is a miracle? The experience of being alive is a miracle! How? Well, we do things all the time, and even being able to do things is a miracle. The MIRACLE of life!    Expereince TODAY like it is a miracle!     I love you. I'm Dan  Clark.
March 04, 2021
Words shape our lives
I am not sure I believe in Karma. I do believe that our minds shape our lives. What we think and what we say is how WE behave. What we don't say also is very important too because those words also affect our behavior. Owing our deeper unsaid words reveal what we don't want others to know. These words affect our behavior too. Looking at unsaid words and the reason behind them can be very revealing. Congruent brains are happy brains.       I love you. I'm Dan  Clark.
March 03, 2021
Emotions Trump!
Emotions Trump. Emotions affect every part of our life. Noticing our mood the emotions are stored in our body,  and releasing them helps us feel better. Noticing them releases them and  then we are not carrying them around anymore. What is your mood? What emotions are you feeling? Acknowledge them, feel them and it will help them go away.     I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
March 02, 2021
Stop and notice the things around you!
Do you notice things around? Really notice things. Being present and mindful means we are aware of and noticing the things around us. We all have this internal dialogue with ourselves, and it can be very distracting. Right now, look around you and notice what you see. Stop the dialogue and be present and aware. It will help you feel better and will slow your brain down.  I love you. I'm Dan Clark.
March 01, 2021
Where ever you are, there you are!
Where ever you are, there you are! Yup, that is so true. Often we are not where we really are, because we are somewhere else. Distracted and thinking. When you think about it, we are always right where we are. At home, at work, watching TV, doing dishes, laundry, taking care of our children, eating out, sitting, walking, whatever we are doing, there we are! Being more aware of WHERE YOU ARE helps your brain be more present!  Today, notice where you are!  I love you.    I'm Dan Clark.
February 28, 2021
What is your saturday like?
 I have been thinking about you. I really have. And  those other 7.8 Billion other people in the world. I am gonna take some time today to enjoy my day. Let's do something different today. What would you love to be doing differently? I am gonna sit on my front porch. sitting and loving who I am. Do something for yourself. Breath deep, walk outside, feel my LOVE for you, trust in your future, and rest more than usual.      I'm Dan Clark. 
February 27, 2021
Make your bed mindfully!
Make your bed, mindfully! Yes Mindfully. I stay at a couple's studio apartment two days a week when I am in Kansas working. There is a twin bed I sleep in.  I leave the apartment better than I find it most days. I  am very mindful of cleaning up behind me. and I make the bed very mindfully. I choose to keep it tidy and straight. When I leave it looks so good! Make your bed today, and do it mindfully.  Slow down and notice what you are doing.     I  Love you. I'm Dan  Clark