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Once BITten!

Once BITten!

By Daniel Prince
Bitcoin can be a very deep and confusing rabbit hole to fall into.
This podcast is for people who are looking for answers.
Daniel Prince, author of Choose Life, is on a mission to share real life stories of how Bitcoin has changed and shaped individuals and families lives forever.

Are you considering investing in Bitcoin but too skeptical? Are you afraid that you have missed the boat or are you unsure of what Bitcoin is?
Are you looking for a way to change your families life, invest for the future, store your wealth or hedge against the current financial system?

Could Bitcoin be for you?
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Guy Swann- Bitcoin Is Going To Be The Elephant In The Room In Every Central Bank Meeting For The Next 10 Years!

Once BITten!

Guy Swann- Bitcoin Is Going To Be The Elephant In The Room In Every Central Bank Meeting For The Next 10 Years!

Once BITten!

@jayberjay - Bitcoin's Newest Book - Magic Internet Money!
BTC $ 12,386 Today's guest on the show is the newest author in the #bitcoin space who comes on the show to discuss his book Magic Internet Money which was released just yesterday! Listen to Jesse explain his past and coming from a background of an MBA, Investment Banking and Consulting Roles to exiting the mainstream to fall deep down the rabbit hole and write his first-ever book! I love how people like Jesse are being inspired by #Bitcoin to step up and take the plunge and listen to their inner calling! Thank you, Jesse, for coming on the show to share your experience and for choosing my show to drop this big news on, all the very best of luck with this launch! Let's go #Bitcoin twitter hit some retweets and go make some orders! A huge thanks to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and to @coinfloor and @obi for the continued support!
October 21, 2020
@tedcooke - How To Remember Your Seed Phrase In Under 10 Minutes! #77
BTC $ 11,384 Today's guest on the show is @tedcooke Co-founder of @Memrise, an author, a Memory Champion and a Times columnist! Ed was the coach to Joshua Foer who wrote the book 'Moonwalking With Einstein' who became the memory champion of the US! Join us as we go down the rabbit hole of mnemonics training and how we can train ourselves to remember a 24-word seed phrase in a matter of minutes! .@tedcooke challenges himself to remember 12 random words in under a minute and explains the methodology behind how he and many others do it. Listen to Ed's crazy stories of early #Bitcoin exposure and how he and his co-founder founded the awesome app @memrise! Thanks to @tedcooke for taking the time to come on the show and share his amazing stories! A huge thank you to @coinfloor and @obi for the continued support. Massive thanks to @adamwoodhams1 for his awesome work and producing the show. H/t to @hodlerthanthou and the Britcoiners @twentyoneism. Shills and Mench’s: www.swanbitcoin/oncebitten @memrise @tedcooke
October 16, 2020
Tristan Edwards - How We Are Solving Ageing! #76
BTC $ 11,368 Tristan Edwards is co-founder, president, and chief investment officer of @lifebiosciences and comes on the show to talk about longevity! Tristan is co-founder with @davidasinclair the author of the book 'Lifespan'. Tristan brings extensive global financial capital markets following a 16-year investment career spanning leading financial organizations across Australia, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Learn how Tristan went from working in finance and managing one of the worlds largest funds during the 08 financial crisis to concentrating all of his energy into helping build a company and support scientists to solve ageing! How far away are we from finding a cure for human ageing and how many years could we realistically live a fully functional life for? A huge thank you to @coinfloor and @obi for the continued support. Massive thanks to @adamwoodhams1 for his awesome work and producing the show. H/t to @hodlerthanthou and the Britcoiners @twentyoneism. Shills and Mench’s: www.swanbitcoin/oncebitten @lifebiosciences - @davidasinclair
October 13, 2020
@parkeralewis - Bitcoin Is One For All.#75
BTC $ 11,076 Today's guest on the show is @parkeralewis from @unchainedcap who comes on to face another question from Lauren and another surprise guest! Grab a beer/wine, kick back and join @parkeralewis and I as we discuss many topics including the latest news from @square investing in #Bitcoin! What inspired Parker's latest writing and how does Parker explain inflation to a child? What is the price stability mandate and how is that creating distorted price signals in the market? What is @parkeralewis trigger word and is #FOMO actually rational behaviour? A huge thank you to @parkeralewis for taking the time to come on the show and sharing his incredible insights. Massive thanks to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and to @coinfloor @obi for the continued trust and support! Big shout out to @playshamory @hodlerthanthou and @twentyoneism. Full List Of SHills And Menchs:   @Unchainedcap @Coinfloor @Obi @Playshamory @Scottmsibley - Free Game Code - f68bbfud @TheCryptoconomy @RiverFinancial @Trezor @Ledger @COLDCARDwallet @stephanlivera @johnkvallis @MartyBent @matt_odell @CitizenBitcoin @pierre_rochard @bitstein
October 9, 2020
@Luckynumber17_ - A Professional Soccer Player #Stackingsats And WInning Championships! #74
BTC $ 10,618 Today’s guest on the show is @Luckynumber17_ a professional footballer based in the US and busy scoring goals for the @TampaBayRowdies Lucky has an incredible story, growing up in Zimbabwe, seeing hyperinflation affect everything in his country and chasing his dream to become a professional footballer! Lucky is well and truly down the #Bitcoin Rabbit hole and shares stories of how some of his teammates are also stacking Sats! Learn how Lucky got his big chance to play professional football and win 2 championships with the @NYCosmos playing alongside one of the best players of his time @RaulGonzalez of @realmadrid - no, not @RaoulGMI - STFU, don't scare him ;) Learn how interacting with #Bitcoin has changed Lucky’s game, training, mental and physical health and outlook on life to help him lengthen his career. What is going on back in Zimbabwe, why is Lucky’s wife stuck in the country and how does he try to reach his friends, family and inspire the next generation with #Bitcoin education? Who does @Luckynumber17_ wish he could red pill and why? Listen as @Luckynumber17_ sends a heartfelt personal #Bitcoin message home in his own language to those who might be listening in Zimbabwe. A huge thank you @Luckynumber17_ for coming on the show, reaching out, sharing your story and for inspiring so many others! #Bitcoin twitter, we got a new favourite player and team to follow, let's go! Massive thanks to @obi and for supporting the show. Thanks, @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and @hodlerthanthou @twentyonesim for the great music. Full List Of Shills Menchs: @TampaBayRowdies - - @Obi @Coryklippsten @NYCosmos @BrendanLane19 @PeterMcCormack @Mattodell @paxful @Martybent @Saifedean @100trillionusd @jeffbooth @prestonpysh @APompliano @Realvision @MacroVoices @Raoulgmi @ttmygh @michael_saylor @Joerogan @Trevornoah @Krakenfx @danheld @CaitlinLong_
October 7, 2020
@ttmygh - Grant Williams - History Doesn't Repeat Itself, But It Rhymes! #73
BTC $ 10,540 Today's guest on the show is none other than Grant Williams @ttmygh. How did Grant first find his way into the financial markets in the early 80's and work his way onto a trading desk just before black Monday and the market crash of 1987? What happened in 1987, what lead to the crash and how did that unique experience early in Grant's career help shape his thinking and steady him for the rest of his journey. What was it like to turn up in Tokyo in the late 80's to trade in markets that were booming at the time? What concerns does Grant have about the current situation and how does he study history to try and figure out the road ahead? What were some of the craziest times Grant lived through throughout his trading career in HK, NY, Singapore, London, Sydney and Tokyo and what was the one position he looks back on with a heavy heart? How did the early days of creating @realvision look and why does Grant look back fondly on the mistakes he made? A huge thank you to @ttmygh for taking the time to come on the show and for all the hard work he has done over the last decade to help us understand more about financial markets, trading and macro economics! Big shout out to @obi @coinfloor @adamwoodhams1 for supporting the show! Thanks, Badders for the music @hodlerthanthou @twentyoneism! Full List Of Shills And Menchs: @ttmygh - @coinfloor - @obi - @spomboy @fleckcap @EpsilonTheory @RealVision @RaoulGMI @MarkHar13514700 @MarkYusko.
October 3, 2020
@Breedlove22 - Inflation Is An Infectious Cancer On The Moral Fabric Of Society. #72
BTC $ 10,764 Today's guest on the show is one of #Bitcoin's most prolific writers, Robert Breedlove. Join Rob and I as we take a deep dive into his last piece of writing Masters Of Slaves And Money. How did a visit to an art museum inspire @Breedlove22 to write his latest article, how has it made him feel since writing it and what effect did it have on me? Let @Breedlove22 finally obliterate any thoughts or narratives that inflation is 'good for an economy.' How are we having time stolen from us on a monstrous scale and how is regulation stifling innovation? If we fix the money will we fix the world and is money biological? What's @breedlove22 next project and how can we help support him in his quest to educate as many people as possible about #Bitcoin? A huge thank you to @Breedlove22 for taking the time to come on the show to discuss these topics! Thanks to @obi and @coinfloor for supporting the show and to @adamwoodhams1 for producing Once BITten. Full List Of Shills And Menchs: @obi Robert's Patreon page where you can help fund his book - MAsters Of Slaves And Money - @GaryLeland @bitblockboom @Alslacrosse @TheCryptoconomy @saifedean @real_vijay @WTF_1971 @jordanbpeterson - @joerogan @michael_saylor @garynorth Creature from Jekyll Island abridged version.
September 30, 2020
@Croesus_BTC - This Is A Call To Arms! #71
BTC $ 10,754 Today's guest on the show is @Croesus_BTC who has recently emerged as one of the new thinkers and writers within the #bitcoin space. Listen to @Croesus_BTC revel in answering the best interviewer in the space (Lauren). Why is @Croesus_BTC here and why is he working as hard as possible to help spread the word of #Bitcoin and inspire other #Bitcoin twitter lurkers out of the shadows to help us cross the chasm? Follow us down the rabbit hole as we unwrap the @MicroStrategy play and our thoughts around @michael_saylor ballsy 'full chad' #bitcoin move! Is the @krakenfx bank move a good thing for the space? And, ahem, is #Bitcoin twitter akin to the greatest thinkers of ancient Greece? Disclaimer, Haters gonna hate. Sorry for the slightly compromised audio in this show, I think that was due to heavy raindrops hitting the window behind myself and Lauren! A huge thank you to @Croesus_BTC for joining me on the show to discuss these topics! Massive thanks to @obi @coinfloor @Adamwoodhams1 @hodlerthanthou @twentyoneism Full List Of Shills And Menchs: @danheld @johnkvallis @matt_odell @real_vijay @RonPaul @parkeralewis @SethPeachey @saifedean @Breedlove22 @ctdl21 @JeffBooth @michael_saylor @MicroStrategy @PrestonPysh @HodlSovereign @100trillionUSD @RayDalio @rjames_BTC @mises
September 27, 2020
@HillebrandMax - We Need To Fight for Freedom. #70
BTC $ 10 608 Today's guest on the show is @HillebrandMax a young man who advocates and practices a #Bitcoin standard, self-sovereignty and freedom for all! Listen to Max champion child labour, the nonsense of regulations and the 'beauty' of Austrian economics. How did @HillebrandMax discover @mises, Rothbard, Hayek et al in his young teens and in what ways have these people shaped his life? Learn how Max bought a 3-ton flatbed truck on eBay for #Bitcoin and why he dropped a shipping container on the back of it! How does Max lead a #Bitcoin only life and insist on up to 3 times the price of his services if someone insists on paying in fiat? What is the @Paralelni_polis #hcpp20 conference all about, how will it be a hybrid event that everyone can join? Make sure to use the coupon code Oncebitten to get a 50% discount! Huge thanks to @HillebrandMax for taking the time to come on the show and share his life story and help inspire others who are looking to gain more self-sovereignty. Massive thanks to @obi @Coinfloor @Adamwoodhams1 @Twentyoneism and @Hodlerthanthou for supporting the show. Full list of SHills And Menchs: HCPP CONFERENCE -   Use CODE 'oncebitten' @Paralelni_polis @Saifedean @johnkvallis @wasabiwallet @bisq_network @tferriss @LoveHomeSwap
September 26, 2020
@2140btc - Consilium Tergum - MIcrostrategy Are One Year Behind The Private Sector. #69
BTC $ 10'466 Today's guest on the show is @2140btc - Consilium Tergum who joins us to represent the small private business owners who have already moved their treasury to a #Bitcoin Standard a year ahead of Microstrategy! Why did @2140btc reach out to me the day the news broke about @michael_saylor and @MicroStrategy? Who were the people that @2140btc credits for helping him come to the huge decision to diversify the family businesses treasury into #Bitcoin? What happens when #Bitcoin moons and the balance sheet explodes in #BTC/USD terms? How many other businesses does @2140btc know already holding significant amounts of #Bitcoin on the balance sheet? A huge thank you to @2140btc for reaching out and taking the time to share this information and personal experiences. Massive thanks to @adamwoodhams1 for producing the show. Thank you @Obi @coinfloor for your trust in me and supporting the show. Big shoutouts to @twentyoneism and @hodlerthanthou Full List Of Shills And Menchs: - @coinfloor - @obi @swanbitcoin @WTF_1971 @michael_saylor @MicroStrategy @RaoulGMI @DTAPCAP @JeffBooth @PrestonPysh @NVK @Krakenfx @Gemini @100trillionUSD @unchainedcap @phil_geiger @MartyBent @stoolpresidente @matt_odell
September 23, 2020
@rjames_BTC - For Me It's More About Bitcoin As A Force For Good In The World! # 68
BTC $ - 10'954 Today's guest on the show is @rjames_BTC - Richard James, who made the short educational film Hard Money. What inspired Richard to make the film, how long did it take to make and did he look for permission from the OG's who he features in the film to use their content or did he just go for it? What is life like in Melbourne and Australia right now and how is that shaping Richard's thinking about Bitcoin and the future? How does the land of Surfing and BBQ's really look like from the inside from a Bitcoiners perspective and how can it be 'compulsory' to vote in Australia and still be a 'democracy'? Will Richard's travel business be able to weather the Covid storm and how did his business partners react when he diversified some of the companies holdings into #Bitcoin? A huge thank you to @rjames_BTC for coming on the show and for his awesome work - Go send some sats! Massive thanks to @obi and @coinfloor for supporting the show. Huge props to @Adamwoodhams1 for making the show what it is! Big up @twentyoneism @hodlerthanthou Go stack with @Swanbitcoin Full List Od Shills And Menchs: @coinfloor - @swanbitcoin - @twentyoneism @rjames_BTC @saifedean @TuurDemeester @100trillionUSD @Breedlove22 @PrestonPysh @parkeralewis @jimmysong @bitstein @TheCryptoconomy @roysebag @nntaleb @RonPaul @mrcoolbp @WTF_1971 @heavilyarmedc
September 19, 2020
@ReedWommack - Scarcity Is Not The Most Important Aspect Of Bitcoin! #67
BTC $ - 10'998  Today's guest on the show is the worlds happiest #Bitcoiner ever in the world ever, ever - @ReedWommack Learn how Reed's pursuit of happiness took him on a journey through Zen Buddhism to almost become a monk before finally settling on #Bitcoin!  Can Reed remain 'Zen' whilst on #bitcoin Twitter during a price pump, if so how and what does Zen actually mean to Reed? Why did Reed start writing a family daily newsletter about #bitcoin and how did that land him his dream job @swanbitcoin? What inspired @reedWommack to push back on some 'OG's' in the #Bitcoin space, challenge the 'scarcity narrative' and surmise that scarcity is not the most important aspect of #Bitcoin? Will @ReedWommack launch #Bitcoin twitter silent retreat weeks? Huge thanks to @adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and to @coinfloor for their continued support! Full List OF Shills And Mench's: - @obi @swanbitcoin - @coryklippsten - @skwp - @CitizenBitcoin  @Headspace - @andypuddicombe @knutsvanholm @saifedean @Breedlove22 @plumvillageom @_ConnerBrown_ @johnkvallis @edstromandrew Reed's Article about Scarcity - 
September 16, 2020
@SirKenRobinson - Nothing Changes The World So Much As A Committed Small Group Of People. #66
This week's show is an interview with the late @SirKenrobinson, one of life's true gentlemen and strong men. Sir Ken's work in education is unparalleled when it comes to his reach. The @TED talk 'Do Schools Kill Creativity' is still the most widely watched and downloaded TED talk of all time. Being an 'academic' himself, Sir Ken has been a product of the education system, worked professionally within it and then challenged it for decades to appeal for change. Why did Sir Ken strongly believe that creativity needed to be introduced and included in the education curriculum and what lead him to challenge Tony Blair's Labor government in the late '90s? What is 'alternative' education to Sir Ken and how can we get some of these ideas and practices spread into the mainstream system? This decade will see a huge fundamental shift in education and will look very different in 10 years from now. Words cannot describe how saddened I was to learn of Sir Ken's passing. I hope this interview will go some way to helping spread his work and keeping this conversation alive. Thank you Sir Ken. Links To Sir Ken Robinson's work. For Sir Ken's Books - For Sir Ken's TED Talks -
September 12, 2020
@ThorupMikkel - I Love Waking Up Everyday To Help People Starve The Beast. #65
BTC $ - 10,262 Today's guest on the show is @ThorupMikkel from The Expat Money Show and Escape Artist - @eartist_ Mikkel is here to help us navigate the future and teach us how to get the most out of our lives, money and #Bitcoin! Learn what Flag Theory is and how Mikkel has leveraged this practice to live wherever he wants, gain citizenships, second passports and legally not pay taxes for 20 years. What countries are the worst and most restrictive to live with regards to regulations and taxes, what countries are best to live and currently offering 'deals' to those seeking the flag theory life? How is it possible that a guy who had a 'learning disability' managed to  'escape school' at 12 years old ended up travelling the world, starting businesses and helping others escape systems they feel trapped in? A huge thank you to @ThorupMikkel for taking the time to come on the show to share this information with us. Massive thanks to @Obi and @coinfloor for supporting the show and to @adamwoodhams1 for producing Once BITten. Below is a referral link to visit Mikkel's website to interact with him privately or to sign up to some of his newsletters. Full List Of Shills And Menchs: @coinfloor @Obi @swanbitcoin @isaacmorehouse @galileoxp
September 9, 2020
@hodlonaut - We Will Never See #Bitcoin Below $10k Again! #64
BTC $ 10,001 Today's guest on the show is none other than the Space Cat himself @hodlonaut! Listen to The Space Cat explain to Lauren how he chose his now-famous Avatar and why he is happy to exchange fiat currency for #Bitcoin. How did an encounter with ice cream at 9 years of age help @Hodlonaut shape his young economic mind? How did the @ctdl21 project come together and who is showing up to write #Bitcoin related articles each month? As educators in the #bitcoin space, how can we do a better job of identifying the touch-points best to use on certain individuals and their personality types? How has the @hodlonaut 's lengthy court case with not Satoshi affected his day to day life? Why were people in his home town trying to hunt him down and how did the response from the #bitcoin community emotionally resonate with him? How long does @hodlonaut think the case will drag on and what is this costing him? What does @knutsvanholm, @Schwarzenegger, @Hodlonaut, @mises and Milton Friedman have in common? When will we get that huge green dildo moment that will come in and wreck those people who are trading #Bitcoin? A huge thank you to @hodlonaut for coming on the show, sending huge love your way man, stay strong brother we are all behind you. Massive shout out to @adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and for the support of @obi and @coinfloor! Full List Of Shills And Mench's: @coinfloor @swanbitcoin - @ctdl21 @bitcoinkatia @knutsvanholm @PeterMcCormack @100trillionUSD @matt_odell @joerogan @BitkoYinowsky @elonmusk @BtcpayServer @Schwarzenegger @starkness @lightning @Tesla A Clip of Arnie talking about Milton Friedman -
September 5, 2020
@elsultanbitcoin - It Amazes Me That People Still Have Faith In The System. #63
BTC $ 11250 Today's guest on the show is @elsultanbitcoin - Alessandro Cecere is the CEO of @coinspree the masterminds behind the beautiful looking plug and play Pandora Box full node. Join us as we discuss what is going on in Venezuela right now and how once upon a time the Bolivar was stronger than the USD. Why does Alessandro believe that Venezuela will be the first country to adopt #Bitcoin and what could that mean for the country? What brought Alessandro outside of his Batcave and how much does he sensor himself during interviews? How difficult has it been to build a #Bitcoin startup and what challenges have Alessandro and his team faced along the way? Why does Alessandro believe Italy could be the next country to suffer in the same way that Venezuela has and that the US is on a fast track to communism? A huge thank you to @elsultanbitcoin for coming on the show to share his passion, his journey and his unique insights. Massive thanks to @obi and @coinfloor for supporting the show and to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing OnceBITten! Full List Of Shills And Mench's: @Twentyoneism @Casahodl @Knoxcustody @keyvandavani @stephanlivera @JWWeatherman_
September 2, 2020
@SethPeachey - I Feel As A Millennial I Have Been Robbed By This Entire System #62
BTC $ 11,548 Today's guest on the show is @SethPeachey a #bitcoin twitter lurker who has a story to share! Join us as we learn about Seth's journey through a homeschooled childhood to a young adult. How has this 'alternative' #education shaped his life and what was it like growing up with the stigma surrounding those weird #homeschool kids? What gender does Lauren think #Bitcoin would be and what does Self Directed Education look like on @galileoxp? How did @sethPeachey find #bitcoin and how has @prestonPysh accelerated his learning and passion for investing in this asset? A huge thanks to @SethPeachey for coming on the show to share his story and for listening to the podcast! Thanks, @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and @obi and @coinfloor for supporting the show! Shout out @twentyoneism @hodlerthanthou Full List Of Shills And Menchs: @PrestonPysh - @khanacademy -
August 29, 2020
@dannydiekroeger - Why Would We Let A Totally Incompetent Group Of People Have A Total Monopoly Over Our Money System? #61
BTC $ 11,590 Today's guest on the show is @dannydiekroeger a Pro Baseball player turned software engineer working in #Bitcoin for @cashapp ! If you aren't following @dannydiekroeger yet, you should be! His threads about #bitcoin related topics are truly epic and he has an amazing skill at making difficult concepts easy to understand! Listen as Danny explains to 9-year-old Samuel what it's like to play sport at a professional level and what he might have done differently to hit a few more home runs! How many pro Baseball players are #Stackingsats and when will a player negotiate their full contract in #Bitcoin? Join us as @dannydiekroeger talks us through his rabbit hole journey, his computer science background and help me understand what SHA256 is and what how a hash function works. What are UTXO's and nodes and how does @dannydiekroeger see the bright orange future? What went down with the Twitter hack on that fateful day that seems so long ago now!!? A huge thank you to @dannydiekroeger for coming on the show to share his experiences and knowledge and for helping the #Bitcoin community further our education! Big ups to @obi @coinfloor for supporting the show and @Adamwoodhams1 for producing it. Lastly, go follow @twentyoneism, you will thank me. Full List Of Shills And Mench's: @Cashapp @Square @Obi @Coinfloor @Swanbitcoin @aantonop @BitGo @mikebelshe
August 26, 2020
@clarkmoody - It's Just Rocket Science. #60
BTC $ 11,696 Today's guest on the show is @clarkmoody the designer of the best #bitcoin dashboard out there. How has @clarkmoody ' s background in rocket science helped shape his thinking around #Bitcoin and are we really headed to the moon? Why did @clarkmoody dedicate his career to #Bitcoin and why did he build his dashboard? How are an uncensored internet and the free flow of information around the world going to advance humanity as a whole? How did a chance encounter with a classmate and MT Gox pull @clarkmoody into the #Bitcoin rabbit hole and away from rocket science? Why is the barrier to entry to #Bitcoin so high on a personal level and how did @clarkmoody wrestle with this part of his journey as the sacred cows were slowly culled? Who are @Grayscale, why do you have to pay a premium to invest in their fund and will Wall Street start trading/arbitraging the premium percentage on #bitcoin? What happens when @clarkmoody rolls the fud dice? A huge thank you to @clarkmoody for coming on the show and giving up his time to discuss these topics. Big thanks to @obi @coinfloor and @Adamwoodhams1 for supporting and producing the show. Big up @twentyoneism who are doing incredible work, go follow now! Full List Of Shills And Menchs: @krakenfx @Grayscale @elonmusk @Blockstream @SpaceX @ThomasEWoods - @CMEGroup @SamouraiWallet @mises @RiverFinancial @nic__carter
August 19, 2020
@CoinCornerDanny - Bitcoin Can Be Scary, But At The End Of The Day, It's Just Software. #59
BTC $ - 11,854 Today's guest in the show is Danny Scott @CoinCornerDanny CEO of @CoinCorner and co-founder of @mtSocks. Listen to how Danny explains the Byzantine Generals problem to a 9-year-old and how a university 'professor' delayed Danny's entry into #Bitcoin. What is an exchange and how much work has it taken to build a company in the digital currency space? When does a 'Startup' stop becoming a startup and how does @CoincornerDanny try to keep a startup mentality within the company whilst having to play by the 'regulator's' rules. How did Danny fall into mining for #bitcoin in the early days and how has that shaped his thinking around building a business and helping to educate others. What is #DeFi? Like seriously, wtaf is #DeFi? How does @CoinCornerDanny feel about altcoins, getting trolled by Tron Bots and listing some of the 'Alts' on the exchange? How does @CoinCorenerDanny help educate as many people as possible about #bitcoin with underwear? How did Danny and some of the @coincorner team add contribute to #Bitcoin Core? A huge thanks to @CoinCornerDanny for taking the time to come on the show and discuss all of these topics. Big love to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and @hodlerthanthou for lending us his incredible music. Shoutout for those crazy #BRitcoiners doing great work over at @twentyoneism. Huge respect to and @obi for supporting the OnceBITten pod. Full List Of Shills And Mench's: @CoinCorner @MtSocks @CoinCornerMolly @Coinfloor - @obi @BillGates @ImShillGates @CharlieShrem - @Tesla @github
August 15, 2020
@matt_odell - If We Don't Do This Right, It's Gonna Be Dark. #58
BTC $ 11'788 Today's guest on the show is none other than @matt_odell! Go grab your favourite tipple of choice and settle in for an absolute treat! How did Matt ultimately conclude that he needed to be more visible in the #Bitcoin space, what was his biggest mistake and how does that decision sit with him now? What steps can parents take to help set kids up with more privacy as they enter their digital lives and how would @Matt_odell feel if #Bitcoin was not in his life right now? How far into the war on cash are we and is there any coming back from the precipice of cashless societies and full-on surveillance states? What's the word on Nodes and how should we be using and interacting with them? What is coinjoin, will there be a 2 tiered market price for KYC v Non-KYC'd #Bitcoin in the future? What sectors has "Rona" sped up, where will the future be shaped and what makes @Matt_odell hopeful for the future? Is Matt going to be able to stay humble through the next bull run, or are we allowed to cross the blurred line and celebrate some vindication and dunk on some of the deniers that have hassled us through the long winter!? What the hell is #DEFI, 'yield farming' and why should we stay the well away from it? A massive thank you to @Matt_odell for taking the time to create this episode! Huge respect to @obi and @coinfloor for the support and to @Adamwoohams1 for producing the show. Full List Of Shills And Mench's: - @Coinfloor - @Obi @BitcoinQ_A - @Tails_live - @TutanotaTeam - @signalapp - @galileoxp - @APompliano @POTUS @BtcpayServer @bisq_network @CashApp @SamouraiWallet @JackMallers @GretaThunberg @wasabiwallet @hodlhodl @gladstein @Ledger @Trezor @mynodebtc @nodl_it @Raspberry_Pi @RoninDojoUI @arbedout @AndrewYang @zoom_us @TheStalwart @clarkmoody - @Krakenfx @MartyBent @PeterMcCormack @stephanlivera @johnkvallis @CitizenBitcoin @100trillionUSD EASTER EGG -  For the first person to find this part of the show notes there is a prize waiting for you. Go to and order the Bitcoin educational card game for free by entering code sfmxbgr5
August 8, 2020
@BrendanLane19 - Inflation Is Directly Robbing People, Bitcoin Gives Me A Lot Of Hope. #57
BTC $ 11426 Today's guest is @BrendanLane19 who joins us on the show to represent the lesser-known Twitter accounts, to give voice to people who aren't working in the space but are doing everything possible to learn more about it and how to add value in their own way. What made Brendan reach out to me in the Dm's and why did he feel a pull to come on the show and share his message? Why is @RobinhoodApp both a great idea and a bad idea for Brendan's age demographic? Is @stoolpresidente doing more harm than comedy to the millennial generation with his parody day trading stock picking videos? How does @Brendanlane19 view the current situation with money printing, inflationary policies, QE and why does he see it as directly robbing people. How did @Jeffbooth 's book the @priceoftomorrow effect Brendan's thinking and help shape his mind to build a better future for him and his young family? Take a look behind the scenes at the way internet sales and marketing works and how could Brendan help new #Bitcoin companies scale. Thank you @Brendanlane19 for coming on the show and sharing your insights and knowledge and for inspiring many others who will listen to this! A big thanks to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and to @obi and @coinfloor for the continued support. Full List Of Shills And Mench's: @coinfloor @Swanbitcoin @PeterMcCormack @stephanlivera @cashapp @stoolpresidente - @daveydaytrader_ @RobinhoodApp @saifedean - @RayDalio @joerogan @JeffBooth - @priceoftomorrow @RaoulGMI @MarkYusko @APompliano @Spotify @Tesla @Austen @LambdaSchool
August 5, 2020
James Drage - Foreign Exchange Markets Explained! - #56
BTC-$ 11250 Today's guest on the show is James Drage, an ex Foreign Exchange Trader who comes on the show to reveal how FX markets work and what it's like to sit at the sharp end of the worlds largest market. What drives the FX market and how do businesses hedge themselves against big currency swings by entering into derivate structures such as options? What does a day in the life of an FX trader look like and what is it like to manage such huge positions? How do geopolitical shocks, natural disasters and central banks affect the currency markets and the business cycle? What was it like navigating the stormy waters of 2008 the day after Lehman went bust? Having recently swallowed the red pill how does James look at #bitcoin? A huge than you to James for spending the time to come on the show and share his knowledge and experience. Thank you @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and for the support of @coinfloor and @obi! To start stacking some sats make sure you head over to
August 2, 2020
@edstromandrew - @Johnkvallis - We Are The Stories We tell Ourselves. #55
BTC $ 11'100 Today's guests on the show are @Johnkvallis - fellow #Bitcoin podcaster and @edstromandrew author of the book Why Buy Bitcoin - A Legacy Finance Roundtable Discussion! Join us as we discuss our past careers in the legacy finance system, how we found ourselves in that arena, what happened in the early days and how or why we extricated ourselves! Our adventures might help you get an insiders view on what goes on behind the closed doors of FX Brokerage, M&A, Equity Sales and "Wealth Management". Get a look inside Goldman Sachs as Andy winds back his way back machine and talks us through a day in the life of a young buck figuring out how Goldman play up to 4 sides of every deal to squeeze their 'clients' dry! Listen to John describe how he turned up for work in the ivory towers in the cheapest, nastiest suit and tie money could buy. Then learn how he quit on a whim and consider what might have been if he wasn't face to face with his boss that morning. Learn how now not to drive a Bentley through the back streets of London and what it was like to be a complete and total Gopher for 3 years earning my stripes as an FX Broker. Huge thanks to @Coinfloor - @obi - @Adamwoodhams1 for supporting the show and helping me with this personal transition to 'Podcaster.' Massive thanks to @JohnkVallis - Your podcast is fire man, you are a huge inspiration to myself and many others, keep doing what you are doing! Massive thanks to @Edstromandrew who took a punt on me very early and came on the show to discuss his excellent book. If you haven't read it, make sure you check it out. Thanks for the work brother and for protecting your clients best interests, if only there were more out there like you! Lastly - Go #stacksats people! oncebitten Seriously, let's go! Full List Of Shills And Menchs: - @Coinfloor oncebitten @Edstromandrew - @Johnkvallis - @Swanbitcoin @coryklippsten @SKWP @Citizenbitcoin @TheCryptoconomy @knutsvanholm @saifedean @BVBTC @Hodlerthanthou @PeterMcCormack @stephanlivera @APompliano
July 29, 2020
@BVBTC - Brekkie Von Bitcoin Chief Propogandist Of SwanBitcoin #54.
BTC $ 9913 Today's guest on the show is none other than @BVBTC the Chief Memetic Officer of @swanbitcoin. What lead @BVBTC to the world of #Bitcoin, making films, and the art of meming! How can we break out of the #Bitcoin twitter echo chamber, cross the chasm and reach those groups of people who are halfway prepped for #bitcoin? Why do the @RickandMorty fans hate Brekkie, what on earth did he do to upset them? How do governments use their film industries to socially engineer nationalism and recruit for the military? How are @Swanbitcoin positioning themselves for the noobs coming into the #bitcoin space and the journey to the moon? How can you find yourself a job in the #Bitcoin space and where is this space leading us into the future? A huge thank you to @BVBTC for taking the time to share his story and helping spread the message of #Bitcoin! Thank you @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and to @Coinfloor and @obi for the continued support! Full List Of Shills And Menchs: - @obi - @Coinfloor @SKWP - @coryklippsten - @CitizenBitcoin - @RickandMorty - @JustinRoiland - @BitcoinTina @bitstein @SouthPark @edstromandrew @knutsvanholm @stephanlivera @BullBitcoin_ @twentyoneism @MartyBent @matt_odell @Friarhass @Tantra_Labs
July 26, 2020
@selfbankt - It's The 21st Century - We Need A 21st Century Money! - - Episode # 53
BTC $ 9232 Today's guest on the show is @selfbankt a widely followed #bitcoin Twitter account known for his cool meme style and now What is the @twentyoneism #Bitcoin art collective and who are the merry band of Britcoiners doing everything they can to push the message outside of the echo chamber? What lead @Selfbankt to the brink of the rabbit hole and how does his day job of putting people to sleep tie into all of this? How is @Selfbankt looking at the future, what fundamental behavioural changes has #Bitcoin forced upon him and what has been his biggest regret and mistake in his #Bitcoin journey? As a medical professional how has @selfbankt seen the Covid situation play out and how has that been affecting the health system as a whole? A huge thank you to @coinfloor and @obi for the support. Massive thanks to @adamwwodhams1 for producing the show. And of course, thanks to @Selfbankt for all of his work in this space and for taking the time to discuss these ideas on the podcast. Full list of Shills and Mench's: @jcsketches - - @Coinfloor - @obi - @twentyoneism - @hodlerthanthou - @RyanDraycott @hodlonaut - @bitcoinkatia - @ctdl21 - Shepard Fairey - @OBEYGIANT  @rebelmoneyart @joerogan @Bquittem @Citizenbitcoin @JohnKvallis @WTF_1971 @AleksSvetski @PrestonPysh @JeffBooth - @priceoftomorrow @FriarHass @TuurDemeester @LeadByDonkeys @yanisvaroufakis
July 21, 2020
@BitcoinQ_A - Beginner's Or Refresher's Guide To #Bitcoin!
BTC $ 9154 Today's guest on the show is @BitcoinQ_A who is on a mission to help educate as many people as possible about #Bitcoin in an easy to understand and humble way! What bought @BitcoinQ_A into the rabbit hole and how did the world of shitcoinery eventually usher him to the promised land of #Bitcoin? Lauren wanted to know why he decided to stay anonymous and choose to be a robot! This episode was designed to be a 'no jargon' journey into the different warrens of the #Bitcoin Rabbit hole and we sincerely hope this goes a long way to helping people understand more about this technology. Join us as we discuss mobile and hard wallets, Private Keys, #Bitcoin addresses and much more. What does the meme 'Not Your Keys Not Your Coins' mean, why is this so important and how does one take control of your coins? What is a node, how does it function, what does it do, where can we buy one or how can we build one? What is a blockchain, what were the block wars, what's a block height and what the hell is a fork or a chain analysis company? What are miners, are we as plebs able to join the mining space from our garages and why are we arguing over the words halving or halvening? What is unit bias, what are shitcoins, what's the difference between a #bitcoin or a #Sat and what is lightning and coinjoin? Full List Of Shills and Mench's: Visit this website to learn more about what we discussed today! @Coinfloor @obi @Hodler than thou - The Sir Badminton of Bitcoin - Amazing Bond Theme music. @Adamwoodhams1 - Sound production @matt_odel - @MartyBent - @TFTC21 @aantonop @twentyoneism - Bitcoin Art Collective @Ledger - @Trezor - @COLDCARDwallet @mynodebtc @RoninDojoUI @Raspberry_Pi @ministryofnodes - @_k3tan - @stephanlivera @yanisvaroufakis @clarkmoody - @BitcoinAudible - @TheCryptoconomy @torproject @BtcpayServer @CashApp @elsultanbitcoin @ElectrumWallet @RobinhoodApp @elonmusk @johnkvallis @keyvandavani
July 19, 2020
@NVK - Why Hardware Wallets Are So Important!
BTC $ - 9216 Today's guest on the show is @nvk from @COLDCARDwallet who comes on to talk all things Hardware Wallets and #Bitcoin. Join us as we try to unravel the complexities of #Bitcoin and try to explain exactly what a hardware wallet is and why it's so important. What does the meme 'Not your Keys, Not Your Coins" really mean and why is self-sovereignty such a huge mind-shift for people to go through? Listen to @NVK as he takes us through a step by step first time journey of using a hard wallet. What' is a seed phrase, private-key and why do we get 24 words? Once you have taken custody of your #Bitcoin where does it live and how can you access it? What can you do if you have lost your hard wallet or 24 words? Is there a new wave of interest in #Bitcoin only hardware products coming into the market and where is that interest coming from? Huge thanks to @NVK for sharing his time, insights and knowledge. Thank you @Coinfloor for your support and thanks to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show. Full list of Shills and Menchs: - Go Stack some sats UK! - Go Stack some Sats USA! @COLDCARDwallet @OPENDIME @BITCOINBACKUP @usbCOLDPOWER @Coinkite @WalletsRecovery @GrayscaleInvest @Mattodell
July 15, 2020
@sthenc - How To Invest In Bitcoin Startups.
BTC $ 9158 Today's guest on the show is investor @sthenc - Stephen Cole a well known investor in start-up companies in the #bitcoin space. What is start-up investing, what is an accredited investor and how can we plebs look into investing in start-up companies? Should we plebs even consider investing in Start-up #Bitcoin companies, or should we just #stacksats and #hodl? What is the Venture Capital space currently looking at in this space and are they even fully understanding the #Bitcoin Value proposition? Does @sthenc believe newly funded Start-Ups should hold a certain percentage of seed funds in #Bitcoin? What #Bitcoin companies has Stephen invested in and why? What would be the one idea that Stephen would immediately invest in if it was pitched to him? How did @sthenc find and enter the rabbit hole and does he have any thoughts into some high profile individuals that might be secretly stacking and hodling #bitcoin? Finally, why does @sthenc call out @chancetherapper to come join the revolution? Please take note of the new music behind the intro which was composed by the amazing @hodlerthanthou for the Bond meme Agent Orange, License To Shill - A huge thank you to @sthenc for taking the time to come on the show and share his insights and knowledge. Hat tips to @coinfloor @obi and @Adamwoodhams1 for supporting and producing the show. Full list of Shills and Menchs: - @Coinfloor @SKWP -  @coryklippsten @naval - @AngelList @BitcoinerVC - @coryklippsten - @stephanlivera - @skwp - @louishliu @matt_odell @unchainedcap - @Adamant_Capital - @SamouraiWallet @Didi @CashApp - @GrayscaleInvest - @RiverFinancial - @OPENDIME @PrestonPysh @bisq_network @chancetherapper @joerogan @CasaHODL @elonmusk @thielfellowship @jk_rowling
July 10, 2020
@CitizenBitcoin - Brady Swensen - Bitcoin Radically Changed My World View.
BTC $ 9273 Today's guest on the show is none other than @CitizenBitcoin - Brady Swenson who joins me to share his background story and how he has fallen down the #bitcoin rabbit hole. How did Brady's experience on a tiny South American island and working within the peace corps shape his thinking around community, systems and money? Why does Brady feel a huge responsibility to educate as many people about #Bitcoin as possible? Has Brady's understanding of #Bitcoin changed his behaviours and beliefs? Where can this new technology take us and what most excites him for the future and what might the world look like if we had stayed on a gold standard? How did Brady find himself working in his dream job and part of an incredible team of Bitcoiners. A huge thank you to Brady - @CitizenBitcoin for taking the time to come onto the show to share his insights and of course for his continued work in the space. Thank you to @adamwoodhams1 for producing the show. Huge shout out to @coinfloor and @obi for supporting the show! Full list of shills and Menchs: - @Coinfloor - @SwanBitcoin @coryklippsten - @skwp - @edstromandrew - @BVBTC @Bquittem - @TheCryptoconomy - @RawBTC @JeffBooth @adam3us @PrestonPysh @Give_Bitcoin @Travis_Kling @aantonop @WTF_1971 @Anders_ @knutsvanholm @6102bitcoin @elonmusk @joerogan
July 6, 2020
@Goingparabolic Jason Williams - When The S*** Hits The Fan You Will Want Options.
BTC $ - 9157 Today's guest on the show is Jason Williams Co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital. During this episode, we discuss many topics and I am truly grateful to Jason for being so open and sharing so much of his personal story. We kick off with how Jason grew up in poverty, what propelled him to commit to getting himself into Yale and what lead to him eventually 'dropping out' to chase his own dreams and passion in the health sector. What are Jason's thoughts about Covid, Education, UBI, Bailouts, and of course #Bitcoin? What was it like to sell out of a company for millions of USD, why does he love cars and how many Lambo's has he owned? What's it like to work with @APompliano and @MarkYusko and how does he bite his lip when one of the aforementioned vents against @Tesla? How is one of his businesses turning used tyres into mining for #Bitcoin? What's it like to try and educate legacy businesses about #bitcoin to #getoffzero? What deal did a bank offer him for a 2 million USD investment? What parts of the #Bitcoin ecosystem most excites @JWilliamsFstmed and his partners, what are they looking to invest in? Why does he feel a huge passion to inspire people and help them learn about #Bitcoin and handle their shit? Thank you @JwilliamsFstmed for taking the time to share all of your insights and knowledge from your own experience. Thank you to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show. Thank you @obi and @coinfloor for supporting the show. Full List OF Shills And Mench's: - @coinfloor @MarkYusko @APompliano @Ryandraycott @selfbankt @twentyoneism @mcuban @jpbaric @elonmusk @JackMallers @ln_strike @TheRealBlockFi @BlockFiZac @Spacex @Tesla
June 30, 2020
@FriarHass - The Only Infrastructure Worth A Damn Is Bitcoin
BTC $ 9156 Today's guest on the show is @FriarHass the most respected scholar and word spreader of Dollar-Cost Averaging into #Bitcoin! Find out how @FriarHass family escaped a war-torn Lebanon and hyperinflation when he was just a baby to build a new life in Australia. How has this journey of being born into a family shaped by huge change shaped his life and outlook on the economic structure? How did buying #Bitcoin in 2013 ruin @Friarhass life, how has he spent 1000 days 'in the red' and why was he embarrassed to face friends during the dark days? How dark were the dark times and why does @Friarhass family 'hate' #Bitcoin? How does auto DCA (Dollar Cost Average) buying help people psychologically? What is DCA selling and how does that fit into the HODL mindset? This conversation with @Friarhass was truly amazing and I hope this helps people get a much deeper understanding of the power of small frequent regular transactions into #Bitcoin. Huge thanks to @Friarhass for sharing his knowledge and insights! Thank you to @Coinfloor and @Obi for supporting the show and as always to @Adamwoodhams1 for his amazing production skills! Full List Of SHills And Mench's: - @obi - @Coinfloor - @SKWP - @coryklippsten DCA Companies: #Bitcoin-only: @BitarooExchange @theamberapp @SwanBitcoin @RiverFinancial @CashApp @BullBitcoin_ @Coinfloor @bitdroplet Not #Bitcoin-only (but close!) @vimbaco @Bittylicious_ @DalaiLama @AleksSvetski @RayDalio @Johnkvallis @Pontifex @POTUS @joerogan @surferjimw @stonewallbitson @CashApp @BitarooExchange @21bitcoins
June 27, 2020
@Bquittem - When We Look Back In 5-10 Years It will Be Glaringly Obvious The System Was Ready To Burn.
Today's guest on the show is @Bquittem one of the most prolific writers and thinkers in the #bitcoin space. What was @Bquittem doing before #Bitcoin and why did he leave a high paying sales role that he excelled at year after year? Listen to Brandon explain how we are coming to the end of a 500-year megacycle and a fourth turning at the exact same time. We are now at the business end of the information age and #Bitcoin is a beacon of hope and optimism. How can we make these huge systemic changes in #Education, health systems and politics at large? Is UBI a good idea in the US and how does @Bquittem view this? How can we avoid more social unrest, does #Bitcoin fix this? What inspired @Bquittem to write his 4 part series comparing #Bitcoin to a Mycelium network and why are human beings and other animals in nature always trying to alter their consciousness? And finally, what the hell does @mikeroweworks have to do with all of this? Huge thank you to @Bquittem for taking the time to talk with me and share his thoughts and for being so open! Thanks to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show. Shout out @Obi and @Coinfloor for supporting the show. FUll List Of Shills And Mench's: - @Obi @coinfloor Guy Swann - @BitcoinAudible @TheCryptoconomy @MartyBent -  @TFTC21 @JohnkVallis @CitizenBitcoin @HoweGeneration @danheld @woonomic @RayDalio @dergigi @Give_Bitcoin @coryklippsten @skwp @edstromandrew @mikeroweworks @tferriss @IAmMarkManson
June 24, 2020
@BtcDanny - My Story and Why I Am Building A Bitcoin Only Business.
BTC $ 9466 Today's guest on the show is @BtcDanny the CEO of - @BitcoinsFast a UK based #Bitcoin only company supplying an easy way for you merchants and consumers to interact with #Bitcoin. Listen to @BtcDanny as he recounts his amazing #bitcoin backstory, why he had family members threatened, forced to wear a tracking ankle bracelet and dodge a prison sentence in Cyprus. What was life like in Cyprus when the shit hit the fan with the bank bail-ins and 'money confiscation' from the local people? What worries and excites @BtcDanny about #bitcoin and what can we do to build solutions to upcoming problems? A huge thank you to @BtcDanny for taking the time to share his insights and knowledge and being so open with his experiences in the #bitcoin space. Thank you to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show and to @obi and @coinfloor for supporting the podcast ;) Full List Of Shills And Menchs:  @CoinCorner @Spacex @Obi @TuurDemeester @aantonop @CharlieShrem @CoinFest
June 19, 2020
@Maxbuybit - Two Lonely Bitcoin Podcasters Searching for Truths.
BTC $ 9391 Today's guest on the show is fellow #Britcoiner, #Bitcoin artist and podcaster @Maxbuybit. @Maxbuybit and I sat down a few weeks back to discuss all things #Bitcoin, the reason for starting a podcast and our experiences since then. How have nerves affected us when facing guests who have a deep knowledge of their subject? Which guests have left standing impressions on us? How have family and friends reacted to our podcasts and has that helped us red pill those nearest and dearest? What projects are we finding ourselves being drawn to next and what keeps us humbled! This is a wide-ranging riff on many #Bitcoin related topics we hope you enjoy it and thanks to everyone who helps support our shows with the retweets and banter on Twitter. Huge thanks to @Obi and @Coinfloor who are kind enough to support both of our young podcasts! Thanks as always to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show. And let's hope @rickygervais gets to listen to this and reaches out to Max ;) Full List Of SHills And Menchs: @MartyBent @Jack @lopp @saifedean @RaoulGMI @mynodebtc @CasaHODL @SamouraiWallet @BtcpayServer @PeterMcCormack @gladstein @hodlonaut @rickygervais @carolecadwalla @ScottMSibley @PlaySHAmory @knutsvanholm @BTCsessions @Snowden @aantonop @DalaiLama @Elon @johnkvallis @keyvandavani
June 18, 2020
Dr Sylvia Buet - If You Are Here Just To Make Money, You Will Get Nothing Back.
BTC $ 9460 Today's guest on the show is Dr Sylvia Buet, an expert in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and, if I can help it,  a soon to be #Bitcoin Hodler ;) I invited Dr Buet on to the show to discuss the highs and lows of life, investing, our relationship to money, mental health and how a moon price event in #bitcoin will psychologically affect us. Are you really ready to become uncomfortably wealthy? Would you really be happy if the existing financial system completely collapsed? How has lockdown affected people psychologically and what worries does Sylvia have about coming out of this event? What mental health traps can we avoid, how can we better get to know how and why we think the way we do and how can we prepare ourselves for the now and the future with better decision-making tools? Thank you so much to Dr Buet for taking the time to come on to the show and share her knowledge and let's hope @stephenfry takes a listen to this podcast! You can reach Sylvia here for a free 20-minute call, please reach out to learn more or to shill her #Bitcoin and help me red pill her :) Thank you to @coinfloor and @obi for supporting the show. Thank you to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show. Full List Of Shills And Menchs: Dr Sylvia Buet - @swanbitcoin -  @stephenfry  
June 16, 2020
@parkeralewis - Bitcoin Is The Solution To Global QE.
BTC $ 9433 Today's guest on the show is one of #Bitcoin's most prolific writers @parkeralewis from @unchainedcap @parkeralewis has possibly the deepest insight I have ever listened to into the Federal Reserves balance sheet and is an expert at explaining his knowledge in an easy to understand way. Lauren asks - what are Hedge funds? @parkeralewis comes from that world and lifts the lid on what it might look like inside those closed doors! We also delve into the US Dollar, The Federal Reserve, QE, Shadow Banking, #Bitcoin and more as @parkeralewis shares insights and knowledge into the past and how he sees a #Bitcoin economic system future as inevitable. Is the gold rush on, are bigger mainstream and traditional investors coming into #bitcoin? A huge thank you to @parkeralewis for sharing his time and knowledge. Thank you @coinfloor and @obi for your support. Thank you to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show. Full list of Shills and Menchs: @coinfloor @swanbitcoin @josephkelly - @dhruvbansal You can find all of @parkeralewis work at and also listen to his writing as read by Guy Swann a here @BitcoinAudible @Jkylebass- @NakamotoInst -
June 13, 2020
@watermaniak - Why I Had To Close My #Bitcoin Business.
BTC $ 9700 Today's guest o the show is Ruben Waterman founder and CEO of the late great @GetBittr Find out why Ruben had to close his business and how that has affected him. How did he launch @GetBittr , what challenges did he face in setting up the company and what does he feel about KYC? Why will @watermaniak never set up a business in the EU again and what concerns him about the current structure surrounding launching your own business as an entrepreneur? Is there a hidden agenda to keep people from launching businesses that disrupt the legacy systems? A huge thank you to Ruben @watermaniak for taking the time to come on the show and share his experience. Thanks to @Coinfloor and @obi for the support and also to @adamwoodhams1 for producing the show! Full list of Shills and Mench's: @coinfloor - @Obi @SwanBitcoin - @coryklippsten @skwp @aantonop @acorns @krakenfx @elon @Jack @bity @BitcoinTina @keyvandavani @johnkvallis @ChrisEspley1 -
June 8, 2020
@PrestonPysh - People Know Something Is Wrong.
BTC $ 9750 Today's guest on the show is none other than the smoothest voice in the business @PrestonPysh. @PrestonPysh joins me the day after his epic tweet thread outlining his thoughts around Inflation v Deflation, QE, UBI #bitcoin and the global macro economy at large. Listen to @PrestonPysh layout all of these topics and explain them in simple terminology to help us understand this weird financial system we have found ourselves trapped in. What lead @PrestonPysh to #Bitcoin and what excites him the most about the future? As a value investor does @PrestonPysh feel aggrieved at the blatant manipulation of the markets or does he have a different mindset of how to look at these developments and use them to find hidden opportunities? Here is the link to @PrestonPysh full thread which I urge you to read and retweet! Full List Of Shills And Mench's: @coinfloor www.swanbitcoin/Oncebitten @apple @100trillionusd @square @RayDalio @JeffBooth @priceoftomorrow @Spacex
June 4, 2020
@pahueg - Bitcoin Is Not De-Centralised. It's Non-Centralised And That's The Real Beauty Of It!
BTC $ 9500 Today's guest on the show is @pahueg, author of the book "Ignore At Your Own Risk". Learn how Pascal fell into the Austrian Economic Rabbit Hole at an early age whilst studying Keynesian Economics at uni. How has he managed to marry both sides of the coin to garner as a rounded opinion as possible when it comes to money, politics and demographics. Why are millennials NOT going to drive #Bitcoin adoption and what is non-centralisation? Can we adopt a low time preference to improve our lives as a whole and is Switzerland really the "Crypto Nation"? What has been the response to the economic policy in Switzerland, how does Pascal see this playing out and what will drive #Bitcoin adoption in his country and among his peers? As the Swiss National Bank is the worlds largest hedge fund will this be the first "nation-state" to buy #Bitcoin? A huge thank you to @pahueg for giving up his time to share his insights and knowledge. As always, massive thanks to @adamwoodhams1 for producing the show! Full list of shills and menchs: Book - @Coinfloor @libertarianism - @mises @MartyBent @PhilJBonello @Saifedean @elonmusk @GetBittr @watermaniak @jk_rowling @SwanBitcoin
June 3, 2020
@hodl_american - I Can't be Stopped.
BTC $ 9397 Today's guest on the show is none other than #Bitcoin twitter's original bad boy American Hodl or, as he is now known, WARTIME HODL @hodl_american. This episode was recorded just a few days after he was 'allowed' back into the Twittersphere after his latest banning. Listen to Lauren ask him why @hodl_american keeps getting banned! Why does @hodl_american price everything in sats and how did that lead him to buy the cheapest moped ever known to man? Can we be saved from this fiat monetary system and why did @hodl_american decide to instantaneously send some sats to a young man in Colombia? How did this single act of kindness cause a ripple effect through #Bitcoin twitter which has now changed somebodies life forever. Step into the world of @hodl_american, that "guy" we think we know on #Bitcoin twitter. A huge thank you to @hodl_american for agreeing to come on the show and share his stories and insights from his extended stay in the #Bitcoin rabbit hole. Spoiler alert, this guy, @hodl_american, really gives a shit and is a super caring human being that just wants the best for humanity, as most of us in this strange world of #bitcoin all do. Thank you @hodl_american - Peace is on the other side of this! Thank you as always to @AdamWoodhams1 for producing the show, your work is 100% appreciated. Thank you to anyone who listens to the show and helps spread the #bitcoin ethos, it's an incredibly humbling feeling to help add some small sprinkle of value to this community. Full list of shills and Mench's: @ancapchildren @joerogan @matt_odell @knutsvanholm @Excellion @BashCo_ @RiverFinancial @swanbitcoin @Cashapp @Therealblockfi @peterMcCormack @Bitpiggys @stephanlivera @100trilliondollars @saifedean @Jack @jk_rowling @bitstein
May 29, 2020
@gladstein - Bitcoin - It's A Machine That Turns Greed Into Freedom.
BTC $ 9283 Today's guest on the show is none other than @gladstein the CSO of the Human Rights Foundation @HRF. Listen to @Gladstein explain the history of freedom to Lauren and introduce us to the ancient Athenian Cleisthenes and why he was so important to shaping democracy around the world. What do Human Rights mean to @gladstein and what specific rights does he devote his life to? How did Alex find #Bitcoin and how does he see this invention helping people around the world gain more human rights, democracy and escape authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. Who are the worst dictators of our time and which countries are currently top of the list of committing atrocities? What countries are testing tracking apps and why has the @NHSuk secretly been discussing this technology? Listen to @gladstein lay out a positive future for humanity built on #bitcoin. Finally, how can @tim_cook help with the fight for Human Rights and the education of #Bitcoin? Full list of Shills and Mench's: @HRF @LittleBitcoinBk @tim_cook @jack @PeterMcCormack @aantonop @TheCryptoconomy @Quillette - @YeonmiParkNK - @WIRED @nic__carter @NHSuk @blackmirror
May 24, 2020
@obi - Bitcoin Is Monetary Re-Education And We Have An Obligation to Spread that Message.
BTC $ 9661 Today's guest on the show is @obi Nwosu the CEO @Coinfloor the world's only #Bitcoin only exchange with 100% proof of reserves. Listen to @obi describe the journey of @coinfloor and their decision to compile full audits and publicly share proof of reserves from day one. Listen to the story behind their recent decision to go #Bitcoin only and the launch of their new auto-buy Dollar (Pound) Cost Average service for UK based residents and expats. What is the future for @Coinfloor and how do we, as a community help prepare and educate new people entering the space looking to learn about #Bitcoin? Finally, find out why @obi thinks we need people like @Mrexposed @marvabbey @tazerblack of @thisis3shots to learn and help us educate people about #bitcoin. Guys, if you see this, listen to the last 10 minutes of the pod. Peace. A huge thank you to @obi for taking the time to connect with me and conduct this interview. Special thanks for supporting and sponsoring the show @coinfloor! As always, a big hat tip to @adamwoodhams1 for producing the show! If you would like to check out @Coinfloor please hit this link to learn more Full list of Shills and Mench's: @Obi @Coinfloor @CoinFest @bitcoinembassyu @coinscrum @Swanbitcoin - @theamberapp @BullBitcoin_ @CoinCorner @GetBittr @coinflexdotcom 3 Shots of Tequila @thisis3shots @Mrexposed @marvabbey @tazerblack  
May 19, 2020
@Knutsvanholm - Independence Reimagined.
BTC $ 9347 Today's guest on the show is @knutsvanholm who joins me to discuss his new book "Independence Reimagined", the most dangerous book in #bitcoin. Find out why @knutsvanholm ' s book was banned for release by Amazon and how that made him feel.  Where the hell the did the new intro music come from for this show and does it need more cowbell?  Join us in a fun game of diving into the rabbit holes from Knut's book. Listen closely as he unlocks his beautiful mind to explain some of his incredible thoughts and epiphanies. Lauren questions the legitimacy of Knut's name, is it real or just made up, if it's made up why the hell did he choose such a difficult name? Is @knutsvanholm a polymath, the messiah, or just a naughty boy? Will @knutsvanholm ever write an episode for @SouthPark about #bitcoin and wen #Bitcoin movie or death metal song? Thank you to @coinfloor for supporting the show! Full List Of Shills And Mench's: Books here - @coinfloor - @TheCryptoconomy @BitkoYinowsky @hodlonaut @FractalEncrypt @swedetoshi @ValueOfBitcoin @danielwingen @Diditaihuttu @montypython @GretaThunberg @100trillionUSD @matt_odell @dergigi @sapinker @mrcoolbp @heavilyarmedc @Breedlove22 @APompliano @Jack @Elonmusk @mises @ercwl @giacomozucco @benmezrich @thebitcoinrabbi @krakenfx @BtcpayServer @AdamWoodhams1 @kallerosenbaum
May 15, 2020
@RadarRayne - Shredding Dollar Bills, Moon Rock, S2F and Bitcoin!
BTC $ 8600 Today's guest on the show is @RadarRayne the artist behind Plan B's Stock To Flow model artwork masterpiece, which together they have named Genesis. Find out how Petek finds her inspiration, channels her energy and attempts to 'draw' #Bitcoin. Learn how Petek's childhood and past have inadvertently bought her full circle to find and combine her passion for art, economics and #Bitcoin. Why did Petek film herself shredding US dollar bills and what was the reaction on Twitter?   What other pieces of artwork does Petek up her sleeve? Finally, listen to Petek's incredible story of being groomed by an anonymous Russian/French scammer involving a secret meetup in an exotic location with bags full of fiat money! Thank you to @RadarRayne for spending the time to share your story! As always huge thanks to @Adamwoodhams1 for producing the show! Full list of Shills and Mench's: - For UK based Bitcoin services - For USA based Bitcoin services - For families looking into online self-lead education for kids. @100trillionUSD @saifedean @RaoulGMI @DTAPCAP @TimDraper
May 10, 2020
@JeffBooth - Deflation, Not Inflation, That Is What We Are Facing!
BTC $ 9240 Today's guest on the show is @Jeffbooth the author of the book @priceoftomorrow. His book has been making waves in the #bitcoin community since it's release as it discusses the idea that we are facing a world of deflation rather than inflation. Having created a career in the field of tech #entrepreneurship, building, founding and advising multiple tech companies @JeffBooth is also an advocate of #Bitcoin. This experience has given Jeff invaluable insights into the future of business and the economic landscape from both camps of mainstream and Austrian economics.  What could a world of deflationary prices look like? What is going to drive this cycle? Why is #Covid19 accelerating this shift and how does #Bitcoin fit into this narrative? Thank you @jeffbooth for taking the time to discuss these and many more matters during our interview.  Thank you @Adamwoodhams1 for the continued excellent work with the podcast! Thank you to all of you who help by supporting the show! Full list of Shills and Mench's: @priceoftomorrow @Coinfloor @SwanBitcoin @PhilJBonello @RayDalio @realvision @APompliano @johnkvallis @PrestonPysh @joerogan
May 6, 2020
@cypherdiaries2 - The Future Of Money Is Not Predetermined - Otto's rally Cry And Warning From 2028.
BTC/$ 8844 Today's guest on the show is @cypherdiaries2 who is sharing his story to prepare us all for what is going to happen with #bitcoin in the future. Listen as Otto explains how he is contacting the people of our time from a disused warehouse in an undisclosed location in the year 2028. What is life like in his time, what did endless money printing do to society, how has technology taken over our every decision and what can we do to avoid some of the traps that are currently being laid for us to blindly walk in to? Who can we recruit to the front lines of the money wars to stop some of the damage that they now have to fight in 2028? Are you ready to heed this warning? Finally, do you have the knowledge and cryptographic skills to find and break the code to a seed phrase that Otto has sent to the people of our time in his @cypherdiaries2 story? That seed phrase will unlock 1 #bitcoin. Thank you @cypherdiaries2 for contacting me and making us all think differently. Thank you to @adamwoohams1 for another awesome show production! Full list of Shills and Mench's: @raydalio  @elonmusk @saifedean @naval @MartyBent @matt_odell
April 30, 2020
@stephanlivera - Bitcoin Is A Continual Self Improvement Journey.
BTC/$ 7764 Today's guest is none other @stephanlivera, the Podfather of #Bitcoin podcasts! Listen to Stephan answer the customary 9-year-old #bitcoin questions and then try to describe Austrian economics in one sentence! What has been going on in Australia during this #Covid19 lockdown and how does Stephan see this playing out for the economy at large? Could Stephan Livera's Fat Camps idea save more people's lives and be more beneficial for society and humanity in the long run rather than a vaccine or continued lockdowns? What are the projects that Stephan is currently working on and how is he doing more to strengthen the #bitcoin ecosystem? Full list of Shills and Mench's: Ketan - Ministry Of Nodes @BitcoinerVC @mises @pierre_rochard Anders Tegnell @coryklippsten @skwp @louishliu @swan @AngelList @naval @NickSzabo4 @tferriss @matt_odell @kanyewest @ThomasEWoods @PeterSchiff @Nouriel John Ioannidis Eric Vorhees
April 28, 2020
@renewableworks - The Oil Markets Don't Turn Negative Without Huge Consequences!
BTC $ 7673 Today's guest is @renewableworks an old friend/colleague and client from my days in the financial markets. Henri-Jean is a Commodity trader with 25+ years experience. Join us as Henri lays bare exactly what happened in the oil markets last week. Why did oil close in negative territory, how is this even possible and what are the ripple effects of such an unprecedented occurrence?  This is not your usual #Bitcoin focused episode, but that is exactly why I invited Henri on to the show so that we can all learn a little more about markets and how they function. The energy market structure is so incredibly important and I think it's being grossly misunderstood and under-reported.  We are all taking last weeks events far too lightly.  A wave of hurt is coming but from where? Thank you @renewableworks Henri-Jean for coming onto the show and sharing your experience. Thank you also to show producer @AdamWoodhams1 There are no Shills and Mench's in this show, just pure gold!
April 26, 2020
@phil_geiger - Hardware Wallets, Multisig and Securing Your #Bitcoin In A Safer Way.
BTC $ 7550 Today's guest on the show is @phil_geiger from @unchainedcap - The first #Bitcoin native financial services company offering collaborative custody multisig security and liquidity products. What is Multisig, what is collaborative custody and what financial services are we exactly talking about? @phil_geiger - lays everything out as simply as possible for us to understand! Learn about how @unchainedcap can help you take further control in securing your #Bitcoin, their ethos of 'not your keys not your coin' and how they are developing new products and partnerships within the space. @phil_geiger then gives up more of his time to do a separate recording where he does a full walk-through screen shared video demo of how @unchainedcap works and exactly how we can set up accounts, you will be able to find this on their youtube channel here - As usual, huge thanks to today's guest @phil_geiger and to the producer of the show @AdamWoodhams1 Full list of Shills and Mench's @TheCryptoconomy @parkeralewis @CitizenBitcoin @dhruvbansal @saifedean @mises @CasaHODL @ElectrumWallet @Trezor @Ledger @COLDCARDwallet @DalaiLama @joerogan @elonmusk @TheRock @MarkYusko @johnkvallis
April 24, 2020
@Scottmsibley - On A mission to Educate Kids And Families About Bitcoin
BTC$ 6850 Today's guest is @ScottmSibley the creator of @PlaySHAmory! Scott is on a mission to educate kids and families about #bitcoin in a fun and engaging way with the invention of his super fun card game. Join us as we learn how an initial career in public accounting didn't ignite Scott's fire but ultimately armed him with the tools to immediately understand the value proposition of #Bitcoin. Learn how @ScottmSibley has since devoted his career to building an #Edtech company for young students to map their educational and vocational journey and why he felt compelled to invent an educational game about #Bitcoin. Finally, find out why @scottMsibley would like for @RussellOkung and  @KingJames to play his new card game! @scottMsibley has graciously offered a 10% Discount on all preorders - THE CODE IS  < bitten10 > Full list of Shills and Mench's @saifedean @MartyBent @matt_odell @bitpiggys @thebitcoinrabbi @PeterMcCormack @TheGivingBlock @RussellOkung @KingJames @elonmusk @SwanBitcoin @trylolli @fold_app @fold_app @kanyewest @joerogan @jordanbpeterson
April 20, 2020
Bitcoin Podcasters Roundtable with @johnkvallis and @keyvandavani
BTC$ 7240 Today's episode is a special roundtable meetup with @keyvandavani and @johnkvallis. The three of us sit down to discuss how creating a #Bitcoin podcast has shaped our thinking and how incredibly lucky we find ourselves being exposed to such incredible guests. Get under the hood of how some guests have left us speechless and why the hell do Vladamir Putin @elonmusk and his excellency the @DalaiLama get a mench in a #bitcoin podcast? Full list of Shills and Mench's: @elonmusk @DalaiLama @ObiWanKenoBit @knutsvanholm @giacomozucco @MaximeBernier @peoplespca @LibertyBlitz @_benkaufman @100trillionusd @BillGates @va_shiva @PeterMcCormack    
April 18, 2020
@isaacmorehouse - Free Markets, Homeschool, Entrepreneurship and Bitcoin.
BTC$ 6880 Today's guest is @isaacmorehouse who is the CEO of @careercrash and advisor @discoverpraxis. Find out how Isaac views the overlaps of #homeschool #freemarkets, #Education and #Bitcoin. Why has Isaac spent years building companies that are aimed at accelerating the careers of young adults who don't necessarily want to chase the honours and degrees of mainstream education? How has society shaped our thoughts and behaviours to believe that anything new or different from the status quo is wrong and irresponsible? Listen to @Isaacmorehouse bust the FUD around #homeschool including the Socialisation concerns and how to hack going to college or building a career without a 'conventional education.' How did Isaac discover #Bitcoin and why there is no going back since he experienced the freedom that it gives you. Learn how Isaac has developed a strategy to shill as lightly as possible when speaking with friends and family around #Homeschool and #Bitcoin. Thank you to @Isaacmorehouse for his time and sharing so much about these topics.  As always a huge thanks to @AdamWoodhams1 for producing the show! Full list of Shills and Mench's: @careercrash @discoverpraxis John Holt - John Taylor Gatto - @kerry_edu Kerry McDonald @khanacademy @salkhanacademy @tferriss @jeffreyatucker @joerogan
April 12, 2020
@Dergigi Just Three More Halvings!
BTC/$ 7272 Today's guest is @Dergigi author of 21 lessons  Join us for a celebratory headwetting drink as we welcome Dergigi's new baby into this strange world of lockdown and learn how fatherhood has impacted Gigi. Lauren returns to grill @Dergigi about #Bitcoin and why he chooses to remain private. Listen to Gigi talk more about his experiences studying exponential trends in his professional work.  What does he think about legacy business practices and where does he see the future of humanity in a post virus world.  What businesses can arise from this situation and where should we be focusing our attention and why won't '#Bitcoiners' exist after three more halvings. Full list of Shills and Mench's: @jordanbpeterson @jockowillink @johnkvallis @rustyrockets @thebodycoach
April 9, 2020
@saifedean - Time Preference Is The Most Important Aspect Of Economics That You Can Learn.
BTC$ 6706 Today's guest is none other than @Saifedean Ammous author of the Bitcoin Standard.  Join us as we take a deep dive into the concept of time preference and #Bitcoin. Learn how @Saifedean views the world and what life experiences have helped him change and shape his thinking to a low time preference mindset. Co-host Lauren and twin brother Samuel return to ask a 9-year-old #Bitcoin related question to @Saifedean, which he answers with aplomb! Find out @Saifedean thoughts about the current University and #education system and why he now prefers to teach outside of mainstream academia. Finally, find out who @saifedean would like to read his book so that they could learn about #Bitcoin and low time preference in order to share the message with their huge audiences. Full List Of Shills and Mench's: Lionel Messi - @Cristiano Ronaldo 
April 4, 2020
@Breedlove22 The Number Zero And Bitcoin.
BTC$ 6189 Today's guest is Robert Breedlove, CEO of Parallax Digital @breedlove22. Robert lit up Twitter and Medium this week with an incredible piece of writing titled The Number Zero And Bitcoin. The article goes to great lengths and depths to explain when, why and how the number zero was first discovered. @breedlove22 then walks us through the impact that this missing part of our numeral system had on humanity, how it shaped modernity and our understanding of literally everything. The analogies to #Bitcoin are more than tangible and this interview will, without doubt, have you questioning some fixed mindsets, core beliefs, and will force you into pondering about humanities past and your families future. Finally, find out why Robert calls out @jordanbpeterson @joerogan. A huge thank you to @breedlove22 for taking the time to write this incredible piece and for coming on the show to share it with us all. As always, thanks, @AdamWoodhams1 for the audio and music production! Full list of Shills and Mench's: @nntaleb @tferriss @jordanbpeterson @joerogan
April 1, 2020
@PeterMcCormack - Bitcoin - The Question Is.... What Can This Really Do For People And Humanity?
BTC$ 6244 Today's guest is none other than @Peter McCormack host of the wildly popular podcast What Bitcoin Did and his latest show Defiance. Join @PeterMcCormack for a lockdown drink and a meandering conversation through his life-shaping experiences and how surreal it is for him to realise that he now has a 'voice' and how much responsibility he feels to use this platform to help and educate others. Lauren returns to ask some 9-year-old killer questions including why @PeterMcCormack doesn't like beer and why he hates flying. What point is @PeterMcCormack at in his trial against 'he who isn't Satoshi' and how has the #Brexit situation in the UK affected his thinking. This is not one to be missed as @PeterMcCormack is at his entertaining best and honestly opens up in a very frank conversation about many subjects including interviewing North Korea's most prominent defector! Why does @PeterMcCormack want to speak to @joerogan or @Snowden and find out once and for all why @LFC lost to @WatfordFC. Thank you, Peter, for taking the time to do this interview, chat with Lauren and help support a new #Bitcoin podcast! Full List Of Shills and Mench's: @richroll @laurashin @PatFlynn @VentureCoinist @gladstein - @HRF -  @OsloFF - @SingularityU @martybent @Slayer @Metallica @OwnYourDataNow @saifedean @TuurDemeester @stephanlivera @AleksSvetski @Snowden @joerogan @Sportsbetio @liverpool @WatfordFC @johnkvallis @knutsvanholm @raoulpal @martybent @realvision @ttmygh @DTAPCAP @MarkYusko @MarkHar13514700
March 28, 2020
@BlakeWBradley and Erin - Bitcoin Maximilism and Homeschooling!
Btc$ 6687 Today's guests on the show are @BlakeWBradley and his wife Erin. This double rabbit hole edition marries the topics of #bitcoin and #homeschooling, during these #quarantine times this is the perfect time to get some real-life insights into exploring your choices around #education! Erin and Blake openly discuss their past and present experiences and outline what led them to homeschool their kids and how Blake discovered #Bitcoin. How do Blake and Erin handle a busy and 'different' life and what resources do they recommend to those people suddenly pushed into a #Homeschooling situation? Join us as we navigate 2 bottomless warrens and ask yourselves, could an alternative education option actually be a net positive for our family? Full list of Shills and Mench's Sarah Mackenzie. Veritas Press @skwp - Yan Pritzker @Codecademy @shakepay - Blakes referral link - @TheRealBlockFi @bluewalletio @martybent @Sally_Clarkson @BraveWriter - Julie Bogart @Kanyewest @DaveRamsey - @khanacademy @100trillionUSD - Homeschooling Summit Free Access. - My personal family website for Worldschooling resources.
March 26, 2020
@johnkvallis - Bitcoin Is A Heartbeat Of Existential Comfort.
BTC$ 6018 Today's guest is @johnkvallis from the Bitcoin Rapid Fire Podcast. Join John and I as we share a beer over Zoom to talk about #Bitcoin and much more. Learn how John found himself a job in 'Wealth Management" whilst at a UFC fight in China and the preceding crazy trip through the jungles of the Amazon and Central and South America searching for shamans and truth! How does John feel about wealth management and how the hell did he end up working in medicine? What is John's view on the Coronavirus and how does he see the world post-pandemic? Does John believe that large US companies such as Boeing should get a bailout? Why does John feel nothing but hope for the future and what the hell is up with this episodes intro music? Full list of Shills and Mench's @LittleBitcoinBk @edstromandrew @dergigi @saifedean @joerogan @Diditaihuttu @Zurich for being total dirty bastards. @francispouliot_ @BullBitcoin_ @shakepay #stayhumblestacksats
March 22, 2020
@AleksSvetski - Corona is a VERY CONVENIENT excuse.
BTC$ 5200  Language warning folks - If the kids are around put those headphones in! Today's guest is @AleksSvetski co-founder of @theamberapp which makes buying #bitcoin easy by Stacking Sats on Autopilot by Dollar Cost Averaging into Bitcoin from as little as $5 per purchase. Recently @AleksSvetski released a tweetstorm of epic proportions and a Medium article titled 'Corona Didn't Cause It'. This is a must-read which starts with outlining his view of how "The REAL problem is the fact that we’ve allowed those who purport to run the show to meddle & play fucking god with not only our wealth but now our health!" @AleksSvetski holds no punches in this interview and brings the noise and fire with gusto. Thank you @AleksSvetski for coming on and supporting the show and being so open with your thoughts of the current climate.  I can't wait to see @theamberapp launch in Europe after all of your hard work! Full list of Shills and Mench's @TimelessBitcoin @theamberapp @realvision @RaoulGMI @unchainedcap @giacomozucco @markyusko @GretaThunberg @kanyewest @matt_odell @Breedlove22 @aantonop @nic__carter @dergigi @francispouliot_ @_ConnerBrown_ @danheld @FriarHass @roryhighside
March 19, 2020
@HodlerThanThou - Yo Momma!
BTC$ 5210 Today's guest is @HodlerThanThou the Sir Badminton Of Bitcoin. Learn how a pseudonymous multiple platinum award-winning songwriter and music producer has escaped the fiat music world to build a citadel  and new life in a French forest How has #Bitcoin changed his life and where does he see the future of our global economy?  Is he optimistic that we will emerge from this weird Orwellian dystopic situation in which many countries suddenly find themselves?  Who do we need to help understand #Bitcoin and how can we as early adopters protect this incredible invention? Full list of Shills and Mench's @hodl_american @saifedean @lopp @dergigi @WhiteRabbitBTC @NakamotoInst
March 17, 2020
CryptoAddict - Double Rabbit Hole Edition - Alternative Education And Bitcoin!
BTC$ 5226 Today's guest on the show is CryptoAddict - @Globalife365 join us as we dive down the rabbit holes of 'alternative' #Education, becoming a Digital Nomad and #Bitcoin. Learn how CryptoAddict and his wife realised that his fast-paced highly successful career in North America was not serving him or his family and that they had to change everything. What decisions did they face, what judgement did they encounter and what were their choices regarding #education for their child. How did growing up under a communist regime in Bulgaria and finding the internet shape his thinking when finding the technology of #Bitcoin? What inspired him to become a staunch Hodler, stacker and trader and how are 90% of traders getting it all wrong? Full list of Shills and Mench's: @Tferriss - The Four Hour Work Week. @SirKenRobinson John Taylor Gatto John Holt  - Elin Morgan @nimbleNODE_ @BitMEXdotcom BAAKT @CMEGroup @jpbaric @Sportsbetio @WatfordFC @SwanBitcoin @coryklippsten @skwp @Fidelity @realDonaldTrump
March 14, 2020
@SKWP Yan Pritzker - How To Escape A Nuclear Fallout And Build A Bitcoin Company.
BTC$ 7600  Today's guest yan Pritzker @SKWP the Author of the book Inventing Bitcoin. Learn about Yan's incredible life story and why he is committed to building a #bitcoin only company. Lauren returns to ask a 9-year-old's question about #Bitcoin and Yan tells her why he and I have both gone crazy. Listen to us discuss Yan's amazing quote from his book - "Bitcoin will decentralize the production and consumption of money, which is the key to unlocking new ways for humanity to collaborate on a scale that was previously unimaginable." And why do I believe that @Swanbitcoin is going to become one of the most important companies in the Bitcoin community and how Yan is committed to this mission? Full list of shills and Mench's: @swanbitcoin @coryklippsten @nickszabo - @CitizenBitcoin @stephanlivera @edstromandrew @BitcoinTINA @jimmysong @aantonop - Currency wars talk  - @PeterMcCormack @reverb - David Kalt @NakoMbelle @AlenaSatoshi @LittleBitcoinBk @panicfomo @criptodiana
March 12, 2020
@Martybent - Bitcoin - Not Having Skin In The Game Is Too Risky.
BTC $ 7870 Today's guest is none other than your boy @martybent, host of popular podcast @tftc  Cacaaaaw. Find out what the noise is that Marty makes and why he calls his listeners freaks!  What was Marty's old day job and why did he decide to quit a career in traditional finance? How did Marty find Bitcoin and why does he think it's extremely important for people of his age group to invest in this asset? What are Marty's thoughts about the disintegration of families due to the current social construct?  Who would @martybent like to hear talk more about #bitcoin and who was he 'stalking' around Tapas bars in Seville on his honeymoon? Full list of shills and Mench's  @TFTC21 @pierres_rochard @BitcoinTINA @nntaleb @matt_odell @barstoolsports @jfnewbery @TheBlueMatt @jamesob
March 9, 2020
@coryklippsten - Bitcoin is the best product that has ever existed.
BTC $ 8893 Today's guest is Cory Klippsten founder of @SwanBitcoin and @Give_Bitcoin. Learn how was drawn into the rabbit hole and why he is committing his life and work to help educate people about #Bitcoin. Find out how due to a random twist of fate Cory was not sat at his desk in Tower 2 when the plane hit on September 11th. What was the idea behind @SwanBitcoin and how does Cory hope to help people create financial freedom? How has @nntaleb shaped Cory's thinking and why does he believe that #Bitcoin is the best product that has ever existed? Who does Cory think would be a great spokesperson for #Bitcoin and how can a tech-savvy swan help you red pill your Grandma? Full list of Shills and Mench's: @bitcoinventures @Skwp - Yan Pritzker @CitizenBitcoin @BitcoinerVC @johnkvallis @johnkvallis @saifedean @Naval @nntaleb @NickSzabo @Timferriss @Jack @BitcoinTINA @ck_SNARKs @pierre_rochard @aplusk - Ashton Kucher - @gladstein @PeterMcCormack @RaoulGMI @Realvision @nathanielpopper @Jpbaric @sthenc @bitstein @Square @gemini_bitcoin @BITCOlNBULL @bitdroplet @Krakenfx @theamberapp @Coinbase @gemini_bitcoin @Dtapcap @stephanlivera @edstromandrew @Tracemayer @rogerkver
March 7, 2020
@MarkYusko - Bitcoin, Financial Markets and .......?
BTC $ 8720 Today's guest on the show is none other than Mr #edge himself @Markyusko In this wide-ranging conversation, Mark shares his knowledge and insights into the 4 pillars of investing, the current state and manipulation of #financialmarkets, #Coronavirus and of course #Bitcoin! Find out where and when Mark had his #Bitcoin eureka moment and why he refrained from dancing around the room. Gain insights into the techniques he uses to try and educate people and where he sees #bitcoin heading in the future. Mark lifts the lid on what it's like to appear on @CNBC and why he was labelled an outcast by peers. Find out how his work with young guns @APompliano and @JWilliamsFstmed helps challenge and hone his thinking and what's keeping him young at heart. Finally why the hell did we get talking about #bitcoin, @TheRock and the people's eyebrow? Full list of Shills and Mench's: @mansharamani Julian Robertson @dan_pantera - Dan Morehead @APompliano @JWilliamsFstmed @TheRock @Tesla @CNBC
March 4, 2020
@JPbaric - Bitcoin Mining Explained and MUCH more!
BTC $ 8555 @JPbaric is the CEO of In this interview, the youngest and cutest podcast host Lauren returns to ask a 9-year-old question about mining #Bitcoin!  I then take the baton from her and ask possibly the most basic questions about  #Bitcoin mining ever recorded, which JP patiently answers superbly. I guarantee you that in this episode you are going to learn something about mining that you never knew before. Learn how JP started his journey into Bitcoin by self-educating himself about money and Austrian Economics whilst bored in school classes aged 14! Listen to how he started mining with GPU Graphic Cards in a milk crate in his parents' basement as a young teen. What drove him to keep building out bigger mining rigs and eventually launching his own company?  Who are some of the HUGE companies out there who are mining whilst at the same time fudding Bitcoin!?! Why is the US facing a huge problem at being left behind in the mining industry?  Where do the trading opportunities lie in the Mining industry and why does JP think it will become the biggest securitised market in the world? And finally, forget mining asteroids, can we launch #Bitcoin mining rigs into space and is @Elonmusk willing to listen to this young 22-year-old visionary? Full list Of Shills and Mench's: @SilvergateBank @SignatureBank  @Fidelity @Jpmorgan @elonmusk @SpaceX 
February 29, 2020
@PhilJBonello - The Prisoners Dilemma For Nation States And Bitcoin Adoption.
BTC $8814 As a research Analyst Phil Bonello has studied in depth the top 150 assets within the Cryptosphere! Through this work, Phil had a front seat in uncovering a high percentage of scams in the space. This has gifted him with a unique experience that has shaped his thinking about #Bitcoin. What is mimetic theory and how is the prisoner's dilemma facing Nation States and Sovereign Wealth Funds set up to see a huge price run-up for Bitcoin? What is Digital Gold, how is Bitcoin uncorrelated to everything and why did Phil start looking into what money is? Learn how Phil sees the Millennial generation rising from the poorest generation to the richest generation and the implications that it's going to have on Bitcoin price and adoption rates. And finally, what do @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump @Kanyewest @Kimkardashian have in common with #Bitcoin? Full list of Shills and Mench's: Link to article. Phil's Article the many angles of Bitcoin @Jack @Square @Riverfinancial @Knutsvanholm @SwanBitcoin @Kanyewest @Kimkardashian @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump
February 27, 2020
@vandrewattycpa Jeff Vandroux - The Political Economy, Bitcoin And Retirement Contributions!
BTC $ 8825 Todays Guest is Jeff Vandroux @vandrewattycpa from keykeeper IRA who comes onto the show to outline his ideas and definitions of the 'Political Economy'. Learn how Jeff sees Socialism, Libertarianism, Communism, Capitalism, Marxism, Liberalism, Distributism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Fascism and other groups. How do these groups regularly cross blurred lines into each other's beliefs? Then, with all this in mind, which Citadel would Jeff choose to live in or does he even believe in their creation? What does Jeff think about UBI and Bitcoin? How does Jeff advise his customers to manage retirement contributions and manage tax implications that include #Bitcoin contributions? Learn why the US define #Bitcoin as a security rather than a currency and whether Jeff ever sees that regulation changing. Finally, why does Jeff want to nudge @TuckerCarlson  Full list of Shills and Mench's: @mises @Hodl_American @WalterEBlock @AndrewYang - Andrew, please forgive me for mispronouncing your surname during the interview. @TuckerCarlson
February 25, 2020
@KnutSvanholm - Sovereignty Through Mathematics And The Trigger Show!
BTC $9672 Today's guest is Author @Knutsvanholm whose book Sovereignty Through Mathematics is causing quite the stir in the #Bitcoin world as it stormed straight to the top of the @bitcoinersbest  best book list! The worlds youngest podcaster joins us again and puts Knut on the spot with a 9 year-olds question about #Bitcoin. Be sure to listen to the very end as Knut and I hit re-record twice and slowly develop a friendship over a few beers! Join me on this journey into Knut's beautiful mind as we meander our way through many #Bitcoin related topics and how it will touch parts of peoples lives in many ways. These topics have the propensity to trigger many people and Knut's willingness to openly discuss them will have you diving down even more rabbit holes. Find out his thoughts about life in Sweden, #climatechange, Greta Thunberg, The Educational System, ADHD, ADD, Politics, Bitcoiners changing the world, creating Generational wealth, The 2nd Amendment and much more! Full list of Shills and Mench's : @JoniAppelberg @bezantdenier @jack @hodlonaut  @SamHarrisOrg @BTCSchellingpt @TheCryptoconomy @Joerogan @dergigi @bitcoinwalking @hodlhodl @ercwl - Eric Wall  @opendime @Coinkite @FractalEncrypt  @Danheld @giacomozucco @pointsixonefive @kallerosenbaum @saifedean @skwp - Yan Pritzker @GretaThunberg @Billieeilish @DTAPCAP - Dan Tapiero @JimmySong @gunsnroses  @SirKenRobinson  @TEDTalks @montypython @RubinReport
February 22, 2020
Andy Edstrom - Why Buy Bitcoin?
BTC $9616 @edstromandrew Andy Edstrom and I sit down to discuss inspiring younger generations, Financial Advisory,  Wall Street Inside Stories, Climate Change, Portfolio Allocation and of course Bitcoin! In this episode, you can learn exactly what the role of a fiduciary is and how that differs from main street broker-dealers or financial advisors.  Listen to Andy's first-hand accounts from inside the belly of the beast Goldman Sachs from when he was working on Wall Street.  What are some of the 14 characteristics of money and how do they differ across the #USD, #Gold and #Bitcoin? How does Andy see the #FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) about the #Climatechange argument surrounding #bitcoin and #Mining? Learn why Andy was driven to write the book Why Buy Bitcoin and how convincing his colleagues and father at his wealth management company about the opportunity of investing in #Bitcoin was a challenge in itself. And finally, be introduced to the worlds youngest and cutest # Bitcoin podcast host! Full list of Shills and Mench's @CitizenBitcoin @heavilyarmedc @RayDalio @DanHeld @RaoulGMI @Realvision
February 20, 2020
Raoul Pal - If I Could Only Make One Investment In The Next Ten Years.........
BTC $10,181. Today's guest is none other than Rauol Pal, (@RaoulGMI) CEO and founder of GMI Macro Investor and CEO and founder @realvision. Recently Raoul has been lighting up crypto twitter with bullish comments on Bitcoin which has had a huge effect on the community and got more people talking about Bitcoin as an investment asset. In this interview, we find out what drove Raoul to start Real Vision, why he believes the media let everybody down and why we should all have better access to real financial insights and information. Learn about how Raoul sees the stock and property markets play out as we enter the critical years of the boomers coming to retirement age and how the book The Fourth Turning had a huge effect on his thinking. What is the vanity trade and why is Raoul avoiding that to concentrate on Bonds, Dollars, Gold and Bitcoin? Are the US pension systems and stock markets set up for a huge liquidity crisis and crash? Find out how Raoul is seeing a huge brain drain from legacy businesses to entrepreneurial pursuits into the Crypto sector and how long he has quietly been following Bitcoin. It was an extreme pleasure and humbling opportunity to get the opportunity to talk with Raoul. Gain insights into a true Global Macro Traders mind, how he looks at the big picture of world markets and where Bitcoin fits into his thinking is amazing. Finally - Listen closely as Raoul and I go head to head on predicting the Bitcoin price top for 2020. Find Raoul at: Twitter @RaoulGMI Linkedin Full List of Shills and Mench’s @DTAPCAP - Dan Tapiero @dan_pantera - Dan Morehead @MarkHar13514700 - Mark Hart @Jkylebass - Kyle Bass @MarkYusko @howeGeneration - Neil Howe Co-Author of The Fourth Turning @100trillionUSD John Burbank @Billgates
February 18, 2020
Guy Swann- Bitcoin Is Going To Be The Elephant In The Room In Every Central Bank Meeting For The Next 10 Years!
BTC $10,240 Guy Swann is the host of the wildly popular @TheCryptoconomy Podcast. In his show Guy reads all the best Bitcoin works aloud so that you can listen! Through his dedication Guy has read over 350 articles or books to create one of the most incredible resources in the Bitcoin educational market available. But who is Guy Swann? Where did he grow up, what did he study, how did heated debates with his brother lead them inadvertently to the opening of the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole? Whose writing does he find the easiest or most difficult to read aloud? Discover why Guy believes that Bitcoin is going to be the elephant in the room in every central bank meeting for the next 10 years and how it will make all of their attempts to steal from everyone obsolete. Be amused at stories of how as a young broke student, Guy started stacking sats on a shoestring budget in the shadiest ways possible.......and how that didn’t work out so well! It's no surprise at all that Guy has been fundamentally affected by Bitcoin through his research and exposure to this asset class. Listen to his deeper philosophical thoughts on some of the different ways that Bitcoin has touched him the most and how that has changed his life and behaviours. Learn how Guy is planning on building his podcast into a sustainable revenue generator and why he has devoted so much time to an essentially free project until now. And finally, can we help Guy reach the companies that he most wants to work within the Bitcoin industry? Full List of Shills and Mench’s @dergigi @TraceMayer @EpsilonTheory - Ben Hunt @Breedlove22 - Robert Breedlove @skwp - Yan Priitzker - @CasaHODL @unchainedcap @SwanBitcoin @Blockstream @NickSzabo4 @Anchor @PeterMcCormack @TuurDemeester @Pierre_rochard @_connorbrown_ @TheLTBnetwork @Bitcoinwalking @Chrisdannen - @Give_Bitcoin @coryklippsten @Joerogancomedy @jordanbpeterson
February 13, 2020
@DerGigi “Bitcoin Is A Harsh Mistress!”
BTC $10,347 In this episode @Dergigi grabs me by the arm and leads me down the Rabbit Hole of the 21 lessons that he learnt from Bitcoin.  Find out which lessons have affected me the most and his further thoughts behind these points since writing the book. We also put to rest a rather scathing review of his work and Der Gigi gets the chance to eloquently lay out his feelings about that particular reviewer. What does gravity have to do with Bitcoin and was Der Gigi Once Bitten twice shy, or Once Bitten forever smitten? Does Bitcoin have a heartbeat, what the hell is hyperbitcoinastion and why doesn’t Der Gigi even really care about the price of Bitcoin? How will Government shitcoinery and 'state level FOMO' drive a crazy price rise and what does history tell us about putting the control of our money in the hands of the few? Find out why 3 halvings in the next 10 years is not being given enough attention and how average citizens can get themselves their first Bitcoin. Listen to Der Gigi’s advice on how to start stacking Sats and why Bill Gates suddenly got pushed aside by The Pope. Find Der Gigi at: @dergigi Full List Of Shills and Mench’s: Guy Swann @TheCryptoconomy Steve Barbour @SGBarbour @UpstreamDataInc Dan Held @danheld - Article mentioned Der Gigi Also wanted to add these articles for the argument about Bitcoin being bad for the environment (pay attention Alan!)  @parkeralewis Matt Odell @matt_odell @singularityu - @DanielKrawisz - @mrcoolbp @hevilyarmedc @saifedean The Bitcoin Standard @real_vijay @bitcoinTina @BillGates @Pontifex Godfrey Bloom - @Goddersbloom - Satoshi - @nakamotoInst - Read the white paper! Plan B - @100trillionUSD Raoul Pal - @RaoulGMI - @Realvision Dan Morehead - @Dan_pantera - @panteraCapital Dan Tapiero - @DTAPCAP
February 11, 2020
Forget The Oscars - @Bitcoinwalking Steps Up To Award The Best Bitcoin Podcasts.
BTC $9386 Bruce Stewart AKA @Bitcoinwalking describes himself as a Crytpo Boomer who walks over 20km per day listening to Bitcoin podcasts. In this conversation he shares with us his amazing life journey, spanning 7 decades of ups and downs, including bankruptcy and becoming homeless in his 60’s. Learn how he stumbled into Bitcoin and how Bitcoin is a new world and how Bitcoin is changing his outlook and perspective on how to save for the generations he will be leaving behind him. I can’t thank Bruce enough for agreeing to come onto the show, he was very hesitant to do the interview at first and he does get emotional when talking about life a few times. But thankfully for us all Bruce decided his story and experiences might go some way to helping others in their own lives. Bruce blew me away with his honesty and openness and willingness to share all of his stories. It’s real stories like Bruces that need to be heard and shared. I hope his insights into Bitcoin at the age of 72 will help unlock other people around the world from his same generation. I am also on a rampage to change the meme of #OKBoomer to #BoomerOK! The media at large are doing a great job of driving a wedge between the Boomer and younger generations and this is exactly why I wanted to talk to Bruce about how to bridge this divide and help people of all ages come together and work towards a better future. I think it is fair to say that there is nobody out there who has listened to more Bitcoin related podcasts than Bruce, which puts him in a unique position within the Bitcoin community. As it’s Awards season, and coming off the back of the Oscars last night, I decided to have some fun and surprised Bruce with the inaugural  “Bruce Stewart’s Bitcoin Podcast Awards” Learn who wins in the following categories: Best Bitcoin Podcast For Beginners. Best Bitcoin Podcast For Technical and all round Knowledge. Best Bitcoin Podcast Cover Art. Best Bitcoin Podcast Intro Music. Best Newcomer to Bitcoin Podcasting. Full list of Shills and Mench’s @TheCryptoconomy - Guy Swann @stephanlivera - Stephan Livera Podcast - @ministryofnodes   @martybent @TFTC21 - Tales From The Crypt @matt_odell @CharlieShrem - Untold Stories @metalpaysme- Metal Pay @MarshallHayner @realDonaldTrump
February 10, 2020
Ben Prentice - WTF Happened in 1971?
BTC $10,155 Ben Prentice @mrbcoolbp is the co-creator of the incredible website In this podcast we uncover wtAf did happen in 1971 and discuss at length some pretty startling discoveries. Join Ben and I as we engage in a wide ranging interview about money and Bitcoin. Discover why societies across the globe are paying the ultimate price of the financial regulatory decisions put into place during a ‘meeting of the minds’ who decided our monetary and economic futures 50 years ago. Learn why inflation is one of the most misunderstood concepts of modern day monetary theory and how it has kickstarted the catastrophic knock on effects felt today in modern day society. Learn the definition of money and whether you are thinking about it and using it effectively. Find out if Bitcoin is a bonafide option for you to consider investing in and if Bitcoin is the answer for people across the world to find a store of value and save money for their futures. Learn about the stock to flow ratio of currencies and commodities and how it effects asset prices. Understand the history of money and why gold has ultimately completely failed as being a medium of exchange. What the hell is Money Maximalism and why is Bitcoin considered to be the hardest money ever invented by human civilisation? Find out who the best people are to learn from when first dipping your toe into the Bitcoin fountain of knowledge, and finally, who is @Ninja and why could he be the key to unlock the next generation of Bitcoin adopters? Full list of Shills and Mench’s Bitcoin echo chamber Podcast - @heavilyarmedc Ben asked me to retroactively add @JWWeatherman_ from @APompliano Host of Off The Chain Podcast. @edstromandrew Author of Why Buy Bitcoin @RaoulGMI founder of @realvision and Global Macro Investor. @HillebrandMax @stephanlivera @evoskuil @MacroVoices @aantonop @joerogan @saifedean The Bitcoin Standard @NickSzabo4 @dergigi - @parkeralewis of @unchainedcap @NodedPodcast @martybent @RussellOkung @Snowden @Twitch @mattodell @Ninja BOOKS: Jörg Guido Hülsmann Ethics of money production - Rothbard - Henry Hazlitt Why Buy Bitcoin
February 9, 2020
@Checkmatey_ Banksy Is A Bitcoiner!
BTC $9296 This is an interview with an up and coming voice in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency at large community. I had the opportunity to sit down and share virtual beers with with @checkmatey, who had literally just came hot off the heels of a very public spat/debate/gentleman’s conversation (call it what you will)  with none other than Chief Eth Officer Vitalik Buterin. But that was not all what this conversation was about. The wide ranging nature of this interview will have almost everybody (whether you are a Bitcoin noob, 5th batsman or maxi) nodding in agreement, questioning some fixed beliefs, laughing out loud or simply dumbfounded.  Join us as we manoeuvre ourselves through an endless rabbit hole and the extended warrens of the world of Bitcoin. Below are just some ideas of what we covered and who got shilled during our Bitcoin wanderings. Find out how @PeterMcCormack- Mount Gox Series on the @whatbitcoindid podcast influenced @_checkmatey_ Why we reference @saifedean seminal book The Bitcoin Standard. How Banksy is in (almost) no doubt a bitcoin hodler, but more importantly, who Banksy actually is! (look out @MassiveAttackUK) How Raoul Pal @RaoulGMI of @realvision has officially rolled the penultimate turn of the proverbial unstoppable snowball of bitcoin being adopted by main street. How @aantonop uses the analogy of forest fires to describe the current financial system v’s bitcoin. What On-chain analysis is and what it means for the landscape of new businesses and entrepreneurs entering into the space of bitcoin, crypto and finance. Why @_Checkamtey_ is dodging rounds of beers. What Monero and Decred are and their uses as possible side hedges. How we briefly fell down a porn rabbit hole. An insight into the dogma surrounding and a possible bug of Bitcoin Why @_checkmatey_ uses his chosen Pseudonym And lastly, a quick discussion on uncovering Satoshi, the mastermind or minds behind Bitcoin. I hope you enjoy everything we discuss and please feel free to reach out to me @princey1976 on the Twitters Find @checkmatey on the twitters or medium or also find him at Lastly, buy bitcoin and hodl on!
February 6, 2020
February 2, 2020
February 2, 2020
@DidiTaihuttu - Whatever happened to that crazy Dutch guy who sold his house and all his belongings for Bitcoin?
BTC $9502 Last year I sat down with that crazy Bitcoin Dutch guy, Didi Taihuttu, of The Bitcoin Family to learn about his families experiences and how Bitcoin has changed their lives forever. I hope you enjoy this first-ever episode of the Once BITten podcast, a podcast aimed at helping people understand the wider aspects of Bitcoin and how it is changing people’s lives for the better. Your host is Daniel Prince - Author of Choose Life. Twitter @princey1976 Your guest is Didi Taihuttu Twitter @Didtaihuttu The Bitcoin Family -
January 30, 2020