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Daniel Hughes Photography Podcast

Daniel Hughes Photography Podcast

By Daniel Hughes
Hey, welcome to my podcast! I talk to some amazing people who run their own businesses about living with and running a small business. You'll find some great tips and advice that will hopefully help you strike out on your own.
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Does Gear Matter? With Martin Cheung
I have an amazing chat with aware winning wedding photographer Martin Cheung. We wax lyrical about the importance of gear and education.  I'm still saying "absolutely" way too much!  Martin and I get to the bottom of the argument about whether gear or knowledge makes you a better photographer. We laugh at how all wedding photographers are ******* and if there is a perfect time to quit your job and start working for yourself. Enjoy! ;).
May 21, 2021
Starting from Scratch with Jonny Felstead
On the eve of opening us his very own shop, after 16 years in the industry, I have the most amazing chat with Nottingham's finest barber, Jonny Felstead! We talk about how every day is a school day; How tax is different on biscuits with chocolate! We discuss the advantages of working for yourself and how having a support network can really help with self-doubt. I wipe my nose too much (as it was freezing in my kitchen when I recorded this). And I also say "amazing" way too much! Thanks so much to Jonny for this and thanks for listening!
April 11, 2021
Shifting to a greener business with Deborah Panesar
Hello! Welcome to my first podcast 'Shifting to a greener business with Deborah Panesar'. The aim of this podcast is to support independent businesses, either new or long-established, who are looking to make their business more green and how to tackle this head on.  We also talk about how I forgot to record this the first time we did it! What app I use for instagram scheduling. How I forgot the title of this podcast How to clean your kitchen and I say "Journey" way too much! Thanks so much for listening, I hope you find it useful.
February 22, 2021