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Spark Starter

Spark Starter

By Danielle Blum
Welcome to the Spark Starter Podcast. I’m your host Danielle Nicole. Tune in to hear conversations with inspiring people, creative innovators and industry experts. These episodes will ignite a spark and have you thinking about the world in a whole new way.
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5 - From cancer to local hero with Ania Volovique

Spark Starter

7- Keeping the spark alive in relationships with Suzanne Raja
(1:42) Being the best person that you can be (3:29) Passion equals polarity (8:14) Devotional energy (11:09) Taking time for self-care (15:40) Awakening your own pleasure (18:59) Pleasure is like breathing (26:55) Reviving the pleasure (30:22) Speaking your feelings (34:47) Remembering your breath (38:19) Creating polarity creates attraction (42:32) Embodying love and living with passion Through my body, I want to extend the invitation to my partner: how can you invite him to be present in the moment? About Suzanne Raja: In this episode, featuring Suzanne Raja, we talk about how to have extraordinary romantic relationships, what keeps the spark alive, and feminine pleasure. Suzanne Raja is the co-founder of Warrior Sage alongside her husband Satyen Raja. WarriorSage is a multi-million dollar transformational leadership academy that has trained over 100,000 people worldwide. Suzanne Raja has dedicated her life to embracing, embodying and empowering soul radiance in life, love and social impact. Connect with Suzanne here:
January 22, 2021
6- 17yr old inventor changing the world with Joshua Gao
(2:38) Sound-waves to vibrate a flame (6:20) Incremental growth (8:12) Getting down and do the work (11:13) Team effort (16:22) Generating sound walls (20:12) Willing to help and contribute (21:00) We´re all in this together We´re here to just help one another, we´re here to just benefit one another, to learn from each other and make the world a better place About Joshua Gao Joshua Gao is a 17yr old inventor and entrepreneur who has developed a technology that uses sound waves to extinguish fires safely. He won an international competition with his classmates and is now developing this technology inside his company called SAFE: (Sound: The Alternative Fire Extinguisher) Website: Linkedin: Joshua Gao
January 07, 2021
5 - From cancer to local hero with Ania Volovique
(3:25) Shifting your mind (4:18) Feeling like I belong (6:21) Permission to feel (8:42) Healing journey (11:30) Accepting all my pieces (12:55) Giving yourself to the world (16:32) Meditation (20:57) Choose what chooses you (21:46) Surrender and trust The body it´s a tool, ally, friend, teacher and it´s the greatest wisdom that we have and it´s also the fastest connection to God About Ania Volovique Ania is a local inspiration. She invited people into her healing journey with brain cancer and her story caught fire when people witnessed her unique mindset. Tune in to learn these mindset life upgrades. Connect with Ania here: IG: @ania_volovique
January 07, 2021
4- Say yes to your dreams despite fear with Danielle Nicole
(1:39) The need to feel perfect (3:33) Learning new things about myself (5:06) Saying yes to growth (5:40) Everything is a learning lesson (7:47) If you feel fear and excitement: say yes (8:10) We´re always evolving and growing "What do I want to do? What feels like a full yes inside of my being?" "We all have things that we want to do and create, and we all have fear, and it's totally normal"
January 04, 2021
3- Following your bliss to find your calling with Patrick Combs
(3:30) Taking the first step (7:12) Finding your purpose in life (8:55) Your purpose is not only one thing (11:26) Greater expression of who you are (16:58) Being present, here and now (26:14) Do what makes you come alive (30:56) Making my purpose clear (42:42) The courage to follow your dreams "I'm in a hurry to do what is still undone in my heart and my being because I don´t presume that I´m going to be here next month" "I know that peace, love and joy come for no reason for just deeply being where I am" About Patrick Combs: Tune in to this episode to learn what it means to find your bliss in life. What makes life worth living? Discover more in this episode. Patrick is world-renowned speaker and thought leader on passion, purpose, and heart-based business. He has written multiple books and toured with his comedic smash-hit. Connect with Patrick here: IG: @theblisspreneur
January 04, 2021
2-Transformational leadership and exiting the Matrix with Satyen Raja
(2:20) Forgetting our true nature (6:10) Finding your discomfort (8:16) Where am I suppressed in life? (12:44) Struggle: effort linked to negative emotion (18:15) Overusing yang energy (19:45) Massive actions = massive results (22:44) Biggest chaos on the system (29:57) Inviting you into your own power (33:13) Uncertainty in the business world "If we like to move forward effort is required, but the struggle is optional" "If we´re not happy, we´re not feeling what we´re connected to the joy of existence " About Satyen Raja On today’s episode we talk about the power of self-transformation and a new form of leadership in how we run our companies. Satyen Raja is known as the private transformational mentor, advisor and confidant to powerful and influential leaders. Connect with Satyen here: FB: @satyenraja
December 17, 2020
1- A self-discovery journey that lead to healing chronic disease with Laura Bautista with Laura Bautista
(1:35) Knowing eczema (4:01) Learning how to eat (10:50) Making changes for yourself (13:12) Alternative medicine (14:23) Food as medicine method to heal (18:54) The root cause of disease (21:03) Increasing awareness (24:49) Sustainable healing (31:17) Empowering yourself with information (34:12) Probiotics are essentials (40:25) Healing food and medicine "Is there anything I can be doing for myself to create changes?" "If you don't get to the root cause of the issue, you will continue to battle that issue for the rest of your life" "The body is designed to heal itself given what it needs, but we´re taught that our bodies break"
December 17, 2020