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Self-Compassionate Professor

Self-Compassionate Professor

By Danielle De La Mare, PhD
helping academics and former academics find wellness, meaning, purpose, and freedom
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50. Open to career possibilities with Dr. Brian Witkowski

Self-Compassionate Professor

121. Solstice-inspired reflection, solo episode
Happy Solstice! During this seasonal transition, I discuss the importance of going inward to process the past, notice where you are presently, as well as imagine where you might want to go in the future. Over the next few days, spend some time processing regrets, longings, and other emotions (and do so with self-compassion!). In the next episode, I'll show you how to conduct your own vision quest so you may be prepared for the upcoming vision workshop on July 13, 2022.  
June 21, 2022
120. Patience and discipline with Dr. Jennifer Scott, re-release
As we begin to talk vision in the upcoming vision quest episode as well as the upcoming vision workshop on July 13, I re-release my interview with Dr. Jennifer Scott. Jennifer tells her story about turning down her dream job for her  "dream life." She also discusses how her love for teaching sustained her while she was on the difficult academic job market and describes how her post-ac job presented itself after someone who liked her tweets offered her a job. Jennifer also imparts invaluable wisdom about creating and sustaining a career/life vision including feeling your way  into a vision, living the vision in bite-sized portions even before it's come fully into fruition, and giving the vision structure. Find Dr. Jennifer Scott at
June 19, 2022
119. The power of self check-ins, solo episode
So often, when we try to create more space for our needs, wants, and values, our efforts feel overly abstract, slippery, and unsustainable. But in this episode, I explain how--through regular self check-ins--creating space for ourselves can actually be very simple, tangible, and actionable. I show how this disciplined daily practice bleeds into weeks, months, and years, ultimately leading to a life that is much more your own. In the episode, I focus on what a self check-in is, its benefits, and how such a practice leads to more space. Download the roadmap to creating more daily space on my website:
June 12, 2022
118. The Sabbatical Program, solo episode
In this solo episode, I describe my one-year group coaching program for academics who feel lost and uninspired in their work. I discuss the "space-conscious" philosophy of the program as well as the ways I help you create daily, seasonal, and even physical space so you may more easily access your inner wisdom, answer difficult career questions you may be grappling with, and taking focused, values-aligned action toward your big (and often scary) career goals. Registration opens June 13, 2022 and the program begins August 1, 2022. Program objectives include:  consistently leaning on healthy habits and anchors--in control of time (as opposed to perpetually playing catch-up--whirlwind semester) consistently processing emotions and intentionally aligning to values (as opposed to consistently hustling--little space to orient to your next task) regular bouts of high energy and motivation (as opposed to regular bouts of intense exhaustion, dread, and/or physical illness) underlying feelings of self-trust and confidence to pave a self-compassionate career path (as opposed to underlying feelings of desperation to flee academia) You may access the "creating daily space" roadmap here or find it on my website. 
June 05, 2022
117. Do, act, create with Dr. Eric James Stephens
Since being on the show almost two years ago (in Episode 36), Dr. Eric Stephens offers an update about his entrepreneurial journey. At the time of his first interview on the podcast, due to covid, he had lost his job in higher education and was trying to find stability after great upheaval. Two years later, Eric has founded Educators.Network, providing support to educators who are making career pivots. As Eric builds his team and raises funds from a growing number of investors, he is now living the entrepreneurial reality he had dreamed of previously. Eric stresses the importance of human connection and explains how he continues to make time on his calendar for educators who are experiencing dark moments. Above all else, Eric's message offers hope to those who feel lost. Find Dr. Eric James Stephens on LinkedIn and at 
May 29, 2022
116. Lecture breakers with Dr. Barbi Honeycutt
Dr. Barbi Honeycutt explains what it takes to be a good teacher, arguing that approaching your students authentically, being willing to learn with a teaching community, and working on your mindset are key pieces among others. Barbi also shares her own career story and what motivated her toward entrepreneurial work. We also talk about teaching and perfectionism, simple assessment, and communication apprehension.  Find Dr. Barbi Honeycutt at barbihoneycutt.comm, on LinkedIn at, on Twitter at, and find her FaceBook group at   Register for Lecture Breakers Virtual Conference here and find Barbi's Your Teaching Coach program here. Also, catch her podcast, Lecture Breakers, here. 
May 22, 2022
115. Career decisions and trauma with Dr. Sara Taylor
The second part of a two-part series, Dr. Sara Taylor explains that academia was a perfect container for her trauma and makes a convincing case for all of us to do the deep inner work required to release trauma, arguing that it affects our career decisions among every other aspect of our lives. In this piece of her interview, she offers examples, questions, and truths to consider as you begin this work for yourself. Find Dr. Sara Taylor at 
May 15, 2022
114. Gaining energy and clarity via insights about past with Dr. Sara Taylor
The first of a two-part series, Dr. Sara Taylor describes the work she does today as a therapeutic life coach and shamanic practitioner as well as the ways her academic career was shaped by early trauma. While not conscious of it at the time, with a lot of work, she came to put together her larger life puzzle and understand the bigger picture about why she chose academia and why she eventually left (in addition to many other life pieces). She explains that academia was a perfect container for her trauma and makes a convincing case for all of us to do the deep inner work required to release trauma, arguing that it affects every aspect of our lives. Find Dr. Sara Taylor here: And register for ACADEMIC YEAR DETOX here:
May 08, 2022
113. Pregnancy loss, healing, and professional identity with Dr. Melanie Peffer
Dr. Melanie Peffer passionately argues for a change in the ways our society navigates pregnancy loss, asserting that as academics, we can use our professional status to open conversation. Melanie shows how she has done this in her own classroom, in her pedagogical research, and on her blog. She also talks about the necessity of feeling and talking about the grief experienced after pregnancy loss, the importance of also holding on to gratitude, and the need to implement rituals that honor lost babies. Find Melanie at  And sign up for ACADEMIC YEAR DETOX here:
May 01, 2022
112. The inner critic and creating space with Dr. Nicole Janz
Dr. Nicole Janz tells her story of healing from burnout. She also discusses her decision to ultimately leave academia and how in the process of letting go of her academic identity, she became more fully herself: attached less to her career identity and more psychologically flexible about owning all of her identities in life and career. Nicole also explains how our inner critics adopt a voice consistent with the culture of academia and offers advice about how to dialogue with the inner critic so as to open up space and new possibilities. Find Dr. Nicole Janz at Also, download her free anti-burnout daily planner here.  And...register here for ACADEMIC YEAR DETOX! 
April 24, 2022
111. Telling a new story with Dr. Sanne Frandsen
Dr. Sanne Frandsen describes the power of narrative, explaining how many of our career problems manifest from the stories we tell ourselves. She offers two specific examples: how feelings of inadequacy and time poverty are often issues of mindset and can likely be managed by telling a new story. Sanne also explains that in career crises, people must navigate through messy and ongoing narrative changes until they are able to find something that fits. Find Dr. Sanne Frandsen at, on LinkedIn at Sanne Frandsen, and in her Facebook group, Next Level- Career Community for Women in Academia.   Also, sign up for ACADEMIC YEAR DETOX here (listen to Episode 110 for details). 
April 17, 2022
110. Academic year detox, solo episode
I invite you to participate in the half-day retreat, "Academic Year Detox," where we'll help you to process the year's toxins, release them from your system, and create the space you have been craving: in body, mind, and community. Join us May 13, 2022 at 9:15am PDT/12:15pm EDT. Register here:
April 10, 2022
109. The thing beneath with Dr. Corey Latta
Dr. Corey Latta discusses his experiences with toxic workplaces from corporate to higher education, explaining that while toxicity comes in different shapes and flavors, all such environments lack one major ingredient: people centeredness. He offers wise and empowering guidance for those navigating toxic workplaces and in the end, we discuss the ways healing, growth, and inner work (and lack thereof) may shape our career choices. Find Corey on LinkedIn at Corey Latta, PhD and check out his blog, The Thing Beneath at 
April 03, 2022
108. Facilitating inner dialogue with Parts Theory, solo episode
Drawing on the work of psychologist, Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, I explain how you can facilitate inner dialogue with yourself so as to improve your mental health, resilience, and psychological flexibility. If you feel stuck in your career, this practice offers a way out of rigid thinking and opens up a wider range of possibilities. For help facilitating this practice more deeply, work with me! You can schedule a consult here:   
March 27, 2022
107. The practice of doing nothing, solo episode
In this solo episode, I explain how self-pressure negatively impacts our relationship to self and to others as well as how it negatively impacts the trajectories of our daily lives and career development. For the sake of personal growth, career development, and a more peaceful existence, I advocate for a short period of doing nothing daily. First, I discuss how to begin a practice of doing nothing. And second, I discuss how such a practice can positively impact your career and life. 
March 20, 2022
106. Mentorship with Dr. Shoba Subramanian
Dr. Shoba Subramanian demonstrates the power of mentorship on individuals, institutions, and society, arguing for environments where kindness, empathy, trust, and sharing are embraced, a “personal board of mentors” philosophy is normalized, great focus is placed on the professional growth of mentees, and space is made for a natural cycle of mentees eventually becoming mentors themselves. It is in these environments, as Shoba explains, where professional growth, positive institutional change, and wellness thrive.
March 13, 2022
105. Presence with Dr. Caitlin Faas, re-release
It's spring break and I'm resting! In that spirit, I re-release my interview with Dr. Caitlin Faas. Caitlin tells a fascinating story about how she finally found peace in her job as a tenured professor--a job that once felt stifling. Interestingly, that peace opened up new opportunities for Caitlin and she eventually walked away from her academic job with grace and ease. In this episode, Caitlin describes how she has been able to talk herself through difficult life and career challenges as well as how she's able to facilitate that process for her clients. More than anything, Caitlin emphasizes the power of presence as we navigate both the good and bad times. Find Caitlin and her meditations at  
March 06, 2022
104. Setting boundaries with Dr. Shaun Marq Anderson
Dr. Shaun Marq Anderson offers a clear and compelling rationale about why saying no to extra university work is necessary, the importance of clarifying both your professional and personal values, and strategies he uses to say no with tact and kindness. Shaun explains that his upbringing and career journey showed him the power of his own vision and the need to play by his own rules. In this way, he dismisses the institutional and cultural messages that keep many academics stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and burnout. Drawing on his expertise in organizational culture, he also explains why institutions must do a better job supporting faculty. Find Dr. Shaun Marq Anderson at or email him at   
February 27, 2022
103. Everyday self compassion with Dr. Matthew Goodman
Based on Dr. Kristin Neff's research in Mindful Self-Compassion, Dr. Matthew Goodman defines self-compassion, describes its power, the benefits and challenges of practicing self-compassion, and he even leads us in a self-compassion exercise! Dr. Goodman talks too about how he is using self-compassion and other daily practices to navigate the challenges he faces in his own academic career. Find his book, Simple Stress Reduction: Easy and Effective Practices for Kids, Teens, and Adults, on Amazon and find him on LinkedIn and Instagram at Matthew Goodman, PhD. Also, check out his personal website, as well as his podcast, The Middle Way with Dr. Matthew Goodman. 
February 20, 2022
102. Redesigning your life with Dr. Pylin Chuapetcharasopon
Dr. Pylin Chuapetcharasopon describes her journey from PhD to corporate, her career/health/life crisis, and the clear commitment she eventually made to herself to redesign her life so that she could live without regrets. Pylin has spent two years healing, growing, and building a foundation for the life she wants and today, she works with unfulfilled corporate humans to help them find purpose, passion, freedom, and fulfillment. To listeners who are considering a pivot to corporate, she offers a free career audit call (Thank you for this, Pylin!). Find Pylin at and make sure you mention you heard her on the podcast! 
February 13, 2022
101. Single parents and academia with Dr. Eliane Boucher
Dr. Eliane Boucher discusses the ways academic institutions fail to support the health and wellness of faculty. We talk about the unaddressed mental health issues among professors, how the culture of academia often breeds toxic workplaces, as well as the ways parenthood often goes unacknowledged and unsupported. Eliane also talks pointedly about the issues facing academic single parents and the need for institutional policies that support them. Find Dr. Eliane Boucher on LinkedIn. 
February 06, 2022
100. Hearing your inner wisdom
In celebration of my 100th episode, I reflect on the career crisis I went through several years ago and although I did not fully hear it or understand it at the time, I explain how my own inner wisdom was speaking to me during that difficult period. I also show you how your career vision is embedded in the things you love, how you may be suppressing your vision, and how to create space for your wisdom to speak so that you may receive intuitive hits about your career. For personalized help with this or any other career wellness issue, please schedule a consult on my website: 
January 30, 2022
99. Project Jenn with Dr. Jenn Berg
Dr. Jenn Berg explains how her work as a tenured math professor came to take over her life. After developing a meditation practice however, she started noticing patterns that indicated she had an unhealthy relationship to work. As she watched herself in a new way, she realized it was time to walk away and she made the bold decision to leave academia altogether. She's now working on "Project Jenn," where she is unlearning bad habits, processing emotions when they emerge, and actively making choices about what she wants. - P.S. This is the photo we were talking about early in the interview. It's my husband, Dan, literally stuck on the wall after attempting to jump out of the crawl space in the basement. LOL. 
January 23, 2022
98. Embodiment and energy healing with Dr. Patricia Bonnard
Dr. Patricia Bonnard explains how her career has been shaped by her multipotentialite tendencies, driving her to multidisciplinary studies, consultancy work around diverse issues, and later, energy healing, embodiment work, and coaching. She explains the importance for humans to find answers to life's questions by going inward, which as she notes, results in greater empowerment, authenticity, connection, and compassion. In other words, finding solutions within connects you more closely to your humanity. Find Dr. Patricia Bonnard on LinkedIn and on her website at 
January 16, 2022
97. Public scholarship with Dr. Alex Ketchum
Dr. Alex Ketchum, author of Engage in Public Scholarship: A Guidebook on Feminist and Accessible Communication, explains the value of engaging in public scholarship, offering much hope and a sense of possibility for individual academics, the academy generally, as well as society at large. Alex describes her own experiences doing public scholarship, the need for broader engagement with academic research in our society, as well as the risks and challenges of doing such work. Pre-order her book in paperback now and receive a 20% discount using the code, ketchum20. Also, follow Dr. Alex Ketchum on Twitter at @ketchum22. 
January 09, 2022
96. Career goals and values
In this solo episode, I discuss the need to unpack the values embedded in your career goals and notice, in micro-moments, how your mind will often tell you lies that derail you from aligning with your values. I encourage listeners to notice such lies so they can free themselves to pave a career and life path with meaning and intention as well as expand their capacities to do what they want to do and be who they want to be. If you want help improving your own career wellness, please feel free to schedule a free coaching consult on my website:    
January 02, 2022
95. Begin your self-compassion practice over the holidays
In this solo episode, I discuss the challenges of the holiday season and how to begin practicing self-compassion during this time. I argue that the deep inner work of self-compassion is essential to processing emotion and re-orienting along a self-compassionate career path. Drawing on Dr. Kristin Neff's work, I discuss the essential elements of taking a self-compassion break: a) acknowledging your suffering, b) noticing that you are not alone on this difficult human journey, c) showing yourself kindness. If you want  to find more career wellness, schedule a free consult here:
December 26, 2021
94. Career wellness and your nervous system
In this solo episode, drawing on elements of Polyvagal Theory, I discuss how self-care anchors you in a calm and connected nervous system state. I also discuss how for many of us, after a long semester, our nervous systems become dysregulated and as a result, we become not only disconnected from our bodies and from others, but we also become disconnected from our career visions: we either cannot see our vision or we are furiously chasing an elusive vision. If your nervous system is dysregulated, I explain how you can return to a more connected state. If you want  to find more career wellness, schedule a free consult here:  
December 19, 2021
93. Mental health and academia with Dr. Olga Vvedenskaya
Dr. Olga Vvedenskaya is a co-founder of Dragonfly Mental Health where she and her colleagues offer mental health support to academics. She tells about her own struggle with depression and explains how the disease distorts reality, convincing a person that they are totally alone. Olga reassures listeners who are struggling with depression and other mental health issues that they are indeed not alone and explains how to find support in a number of ways, offered by Dragonfly Mental Health. Find Dr. Olga Vvedenskaya and Dragonfly Mental Health at 
December 12, 2021
92. Brain waves rule with Dr. James Hardt
Dr. James Hardt discusses his exit from academia, the founding of the Biocybernaut Institute, as well as the help he and his team provide to people who go through his neurofeedback training. He explains that such training changes people's brain waves so that they experience much greater creativity and calm--similar to long-time meditators. Apply for Dr. Hardt's neurofeedback training at  
December 05, 2021
91. Self-care and career clarity with Dr. Melva Robertson
Dr. Melva Robertson describes both her research about Covid and the Great Resignation as well as her own career pivot into academia after the Covid pause provided ample reflection time and insight. Melva explains that self-care, mental health, and finding calm are foundational pieces to career transition. Find her at
November 28, 2021
90. Burnout and academia with Dr. Özgün Ünver (re-release)
In the spirit of self-care, self-compassion, and wellness, I re-release my interview with Dr. Özgün Ünver. Dr. Özgün Ünver explains how academics may be at greater risk of burnout compared to the rest of the population. She also describes how burnout manifests differently for different people, types of support one might want to seek when in burnout, as well as her own experience with  burnout. Özgün also discusses the necessity of turning into difficult  emotions as well as practicing self-acceptance and self-compassion when  healing from burnout. Sign up for her newsletter and get the updates about when her next burnout course will be offered at
November 21, 2021
89. Self-compassion, career, & parenting with Dr. Laura Froyen (re-release)
In the spirit of self-care, self-compassion, and wellness, I re-release my interview with Dr. Laura Froyen.  Dr. Laura Froyen discusses a powerful moment where she was flooded with compassion for herself and in that moment, she realized leaving academia would be in her family's and her own best interests. She talks also about her life purpose: helping families to make respectful parenting  decisions and the critical need for children to learn how to make healthy and productive life choices. Laura offers fantastic advice about creating stronger boundaries and finding a more balanced life.
November 14, 2021
88. Integrative wellness with Dr. Rebecca Shisler Marshall (re-release)
In the spirit of self-care, self-compassion, and wellness, I re-release my interview with Dr. Rebecca Shisler Marshall.  An Associate Professor at University of Georgia, Dr. Rebecca Shisler Marshall introduces herself not just by academic title, but also as "a  life coach, a Reike practitioner, a mindfulness instructor, and a  Shamanic practitioner." In this episode, she explains feeling powerfully drawn to integrative wellness work and after some years as an academic, she finally surrendered to a wonderfully unique career path--a path  that was paved with self-compassion, self-care, a surrender to a deep and powerful calling, and an absolute willingness to step fully into her integrity. Rebecca blends together all of who she is in order to create a career that fits well. Check out Rebecca's podcast, Centered Living, and find her at 
November 07, 2021
87. The side hustle with Cheryl Lau
Cheryl Lau is a PhD student who runs a six-figure business as a side-hustle coach. She explains how learning how to take care of herself was an important first step to building a strong and thriving business and she argues that people with a lot of other responsibilities from full-time jobs to caring for children can build their own side-hustle businesses with very little time by keeping it simple. She advocates for trying on new career pieces and letting them help you to grow into the best version of yourself. Find Cheryl on her podcast, The Side Hustle Club, on Instagram at, or on her website at  (If you are interested in starting a side-hustle and want to hear other stories about academics with side hustles, check out Episodes 22, 46, 68, 77, and 84. All use their side-hustles to contribute to the world in ways they most care about.) 
October 31, 2021
86. Take control of your career with Dr. Sarah Hutchinson
Dr. Sarah Hutchinson once felt stuck in her academic job, but began exploring her options and trying out different positions. And as she followed her curiosity over the years, she gained a unique set of skills. Now, after having moved from Toronto to Oregon for family reasons, she was excited and surprised to find the job search much easier than it had been in the past, noticing that her expertise was quite sought after. In this interview, she discusses how she built her confidence, how she networked, how she developed her career in small manageable pieces over time, and the mindset shifts she made that helped her to pivot out of academia.  
October 24, 2021
85. Optimism and vision with Dr. Anna Clemens
Dr. Anna Clemens describes the differences she felt in her PhD program between her lab work and her writing work, realizing that when she was writing, she felt happier and more accomplished. It was at this point, after completing her PhD and taking some time to reflect on where her career might go, that she realized writing would be a center piece. Over the next three years, Anna tried on many different pieces of scientific writing and eventually, after much learning and experimenting, she built her own business as a scientific writing coach. She attributes much of her success to her optimism, vision, and the clarity she has about her own needs. Find Dr. Anna Clemens on LinkedIn or at her website, Also, check out her course, "The Researchers Writing Academy" for STEM researchers at 
October 17, 2021
84. Legacy and purpose with Dr. Angela Gist-Mackey
Dr. Angela Gist-Mackey explains that her career journey began in advertising, but eventually she realized that not only was academia a better fit for her, it paved a path for her to fulfill a larger purpose. While in her advertising career, she experienced bullying by supervisors and was struck by the sharp differences in the organizational cultures in which she worked. Angela was fascinated by these organizational dynamics and so began her PhD in organizational communication some years later. Now, as a tenured professor at the University of Kansas, Angela has much wisdom to share about the career wellness lessons she has learned over the years. At the core of it all though, her sense of legacy and purpose steers her career as both a professor and co-founder of her family business. Find Dr. Angela Gist-Mackey at or 
October 10, 2021
83. Working well with Sarah Dobson
Sarah Dobson tells her story about how her health challenges changed her career trajectory, how she maintained a foot in her research even after leaving the traditional academic path, and how she ultimately turned that work into her own business: helping researchers to write strong and persuasive grant proposals. Sarah also discusses how she has learned--and continues to learn--about self care. She explains that we live in a challenging moment in history, where we are all at great risk of burnout and in light of this, she offers advice about how to approach our work with wellness in mind, from listening to our bodies to working within our own unique zones of genius. Find Sarah Dobson on LinkedIn at or Twitter at @sarahcdobson.    
October 03, 2021
82. Toxic workplaces and bullying with Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson describes her own experiences with toxic workplaces and bullying as well as her research and coaching on the topic. She explains that people who find themselves in such environments should do four things: 1) find a support system, 2) document, document, document, 3) engage in self-care, and 4) create an exit plan as soon as possible, even if it's ultimately not used. Find Michelle Wilson on LinkedIn and/or email her at  
September 26, 2021
81. Disentangling your thoughts with Dr. Jane Jones
Dr. Jane Jones discusses her work as a book-writing coach to academics, how she came to create and build a business, and the identity work she did in order to feel strong and stable in her new work. Jane talks about why academia was not a good fit and how once she left, the heaviness of the burnout she had accumulated in academia dissipated quickly. Jane also explains why "alt-ac," as a term, is problematic and argues that her career pivot was simply a career change, not an "alternative" to academia. Find Dr. Jane Jones at 
September 19, 2021
80. Patience and discipline with Dr. Jennifer Scott (decision guide episode)
Dr. Jennifer Scott tells her story about turning down her dream job for her "dream life." She also discusses how her love for teaching sustained her while she was on the difficult academic job market and describes how her post-ac job presented itself after someone who liked her tweets, offered her a job. Jennifer also imparts invaluable wisdom about creating and sustaining a career/life vision including feeling your way into a vision, living the vision in bite-sized portions even before it's come fully into fruition, and giving the vision structure. Find Dr. Jennifer Scott at  
September 12, 2021
79. Breakthrough and self-trust with Angela Han
Angela Han talks about how she navigates two careers: lawyer and life-coach. She also talks about how breakthroughs often come after breakdowns, the discomfort of listening to and following your intuition, how she has found a way to rest on a foundation of self-trust, how personal growth is ongoing, and the importance of challenging your closely held beliefs. Angela's philosophies and practices are both practical and inspirational for anyone who feels stuck in their career/life. Find Angela Han on LinkedIn at  
September 05, 2021
78. Instructional design with Dr. Nicole Papaioannou
Dr. Nicole Papaioannou discusses her journey from academia, to full-time work in instructional design, and finally, to freelancing/consulting work in instructional design. She discusses the wellness gap in her life when she was an academic and how, in her first full-time post-ac job, she was able to finally not only meet her needs for meaningful and challenging work, but also satisfy her needs for financially secure and stable work. Nicole offers interesting tidbits about instructional design as a career and describes what she misses about academia. She also explains how today, her entrepreneurial work offers her freedom to strike a work-life balance--a type of freedom she believes she would not have had in academia. 
August 29, 2021
77. Betting on self with Dr. Kemi Doll
Dr. Kemi Doll explains that we need to clear our own compasses so that we know how to navigate our academic careers with meaning and purpose. She describes how she keeps her own compass clear with self-care, self-examination, taking time with herself, as well as planning and prioritizing her academic work according to her own true north. Kemi notes that many academics lose themselves to academic culture and institutional expectations, allowing external pressures to cloud their purposeful reasons for wanting to be academics in the first place. In this way, as they settle and allow the things that were once personally meaningful to them to be stripped away, Kemi explains that they experience burnout in slow motion. She also offers rich and focused advice about how academics can find and dust off their internal compasses. In addition to her academic work, Dr. Kemi Doll also coaches women of color faculty in academic medicine and is the creator of the weekly podcast, Your Unapologetic Career. Find her at 
August 22, 2021
76. Trusting the entrepreneurial journey with Dr. Emily Crookston
Dr. Emily Crookston describes her reasons for becoming an academic and her realization, in a yoga class, that her life as an academic was one of suffering. In this episode, Emily describes the joys and challenges of pursuing an entrepreneurial path, including the freedom she has to create anything she wants and live wherever she wants as well as the uncertainty that characterizes such a path. She describes the important role self-examination plays in building and sustaining a business, how her work day is freeing and usually very focused on the present moment, and how she is working toward securing for herself more time and space to create more of what she wants in her life and career. Find Dr. Emily Crookston on LinkedIn or at 
August 15, 2021
75. Being a real human with Dr. Brandy L. Simula
Dr. Brandy L. Simula explains how pandemic burnout is still very much with us and that it's important for us to give ourselves space to be human as opposed to expecting ourselves to show up fully--with 100% effort and totally on top of it--in everything we do. She explains how to make choices about what we put full effort into and what we don't, how to acknowledge to ourselves and others that life is often messy and hard, and to connect to people that can support us as we navigate the challenges of being human in the midst of a pandemic. Brandy also discusses her own career pivot and the moment she realized academia did not offer her the life she wanted--that it was too much of a sacrifice to continue down that path. Find Dr. Brandy Simula at 
August 08, 2021
74. Kaleidoscopic career with Dr. Suchitra Shenoy Packer
Dr. Suchitra Shenoy Packer left her tenure-track job in order to relocate for her husband's new job. She did not want to give up her academic job, but she was committed to her family and marriage. Although she describes her exit from academia as emotionally difficult, she was comforted by her research about the diversity of meanings people attribute to their work and as she grappled with her changing identity, she started a blog for multicultural families, became an artist, and began working toward elementary teaching. She is now grateful for all the opportunities for self-discovery she has had since leaving academia and explains that had she not left, she would never have known all that she was capable of. You may reach Dr. Suchitra Shenoy Packer at 
August 01, 2021
73. Burnout and academia with Dr. Özgün Ünver
Dr. Özgün Ünver explains how academics may be at greater risk of burnout compared to the rest of the population. She also describes how burnout manifests differently for different people, types of support one might want to seek when in burnout, as well as her own experience with burnout. Özgün also discusses the necessity of turning into difficult emotions as well as practicing self-acceptance and self-compassion when healing from burnout. Registration for her 4-week free course on burnout closes August 1, 2021. Sign up at 
July 25, 2021
72. No regrets with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh
Dr. Carol Parker Walsh explains the importance of listening to the inner voice that is telling you to do something else in your career. If you do not listen, she explains, you will not only continue an unmotivated and uninspired existence in your current career, but you will likely experience a spiritual-emotional-intellectual death. Carol explains that we regret not what we have done, but what we haven't done in our lives. Her coaching work addresses these issues, helping high-achieving (mostly) women to develop deeper relationships with themselves so they not only hear their inner voices, but listen to them, and take action on their behalf. Find Dr. Carol Parker Walsh at   
July 18, 2021
71. Negotiating opportunities with Dr. James Hedges
Dr. James Hedges, Director of Professional and Continuing Education at Westminster College, is devoted to understanding, negotiating, and managing the relationship his institution has to the chaotic and shifting environment within which it now finds itself. James describes his work, compares it to the work he did as a faculty member, and offers lessons learned from his current role: chaos can create opportunities, negotiation and confidence is key, discussing workplace issues with colleagues is important and therapeutic, and opening to and accepting ambiguity and failure is necessary, among others.  
July 11, 2021
70. Decision guide: How to answer the "open" questions
In this solo episode, I continue what I started in Episode 62: I walk you through how to answer the questions on the decision guide about whether or not to leave academia for tenure-track faculty (Find the decision guide at I discuss how to create enough space for yourself so that you can answer the second set of questions as fully as possible. And drawing on research in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindful Self-Compassion, and Organizational Behavior, I show you how to create space for your career vision by clearing space in your mind, identity, emotions, and present experience as well as explain how to make space for your values and inspired career actions. Creating such space will help you to answer the second set of questions in the guide and help you to begin building a vision infused with integrity. 
July 04, 2021
69. Fun is the only enduring commodity with Randy Olson
Randy Olson left his tenured professorship twenty-five years ago to attend film school in California. There, he learned how to use narrative to improve science communication and now, as he puts it, he runs "Randy Olson University," where he teaches scientists and others to communicate using the framework he has poured many years of work into, writing five books on the subject. The career transition he made was long and difficult, but as he explains, having fun and accepting "slow periods" when they emerge are key to resilience.  
June 27, 2021
68. Self-authorization with Dr. Malik Boykin
Dr. Malik Boykin discusses the important role "self-authorization" has played in his career as both an academic and hip hop artist. That is, rather than allowing others to direct his path, he authorizes himself to do the things that are important to him: setting big career goals, prioritizing his mentorship and research, and being willing to change course if his academic career becomes nothing more than stress. In this conversation, Dr. Boykin explains how his music is heavily influenced by his academic work as well as how self-authorization helps him to find wellness and balance. Find him at  
June 20, 2021
67. Know and care for self with Thomas Gelmi
Interpersonal development coach, Thomas Gelmi, explains how cultivating a deep relationship to self is key to fostering safe working environments, connecting authentically to others, collaborating, as well as experiencing clarity, creativity, and peace. Whether you are trying to repair broken working relationships, feel healthier in your academic career, decide whether or not to leave academia, or make a career pivot, this episode offers helpful tools and inspiring advice.  
June 13, 2021
66. Courage to reimagine career with Dr. Liz Smith
Dr. Liz Smith explains how women often discount their own potential to run for public office, the necessity for women to be surrounded by a supportive community when taking the leap into a political career, and the challenges of running a campaign. Liz also talks about being called to run for office and how, despite great risk and uncertainty, she summoned the courage to do so and won! Liz Smith now holds the Office of Gunnison County Commissioner in Colorado. This episode is full of hope. 
June 07, 2021
65. Legacy with Dr. Shikta Das
Dr. Shikta Das tells her story about transitioning from academia to industry. She talks about the challenge and importance of breaking free of social and cultural expectations as well as the necessity of acknowledging and acting on her own values so that she can leave a legacy she is proud of. 
May 30, 2021
64. Dream big and take action with Dr. Amani Said
Dr. Amani Said teaches us that doing the inner work of observing and changing our thoughts is key not only to finding peace, joy, and gratitude in the present, but also necessary for paving a dream career. She describes her own career transition journey, explaining that it was not until she became content in her present situation that she could begin to visualize her big career dreams. We discuss what it looks like to dream big as well as the fears that inevitably come with the dreams. We talk also about academics' general resistance to personal development and how research provides evidence to many of the ideas coaches use to help their clients. 
May 23, 2021
63. Workplace stability with Dr. Mike Farmer
Dr. Mike Farmer discusses his search for workplace stability over the course of his career in industry and then in academia, where he first served as tenure-track faculty at a public university. More recently, he finds himself at a small private university where, as he explains, the university environment is more collaborative compared to the often competitive nature often found at larger public institutions. 
May 16, 2021
62. Decision guide: How to answer the "orient" questions
In this solo episode, I show you how to answer the first set of questions on the decision guide for tenure-track faculty (Find the guide at In this episode, we go deep! I ask you to get really honest with yourself about what you like and dislike about your current academic work and because this question may challenge your identity and the culture(s) of which you are a part, it may feel deeply uncomfortable. Rather than being stuck in indecision though, moving through the discomfort is necessary so that you may find yourself on the other side, feeling both clear and confident about the career decisions that emerge in the process. 
May 09, 2021
61. Creating your online presence with Dr. Gertrude Nonterah
Dr. Gertrude "Gee" Nonterah discusses her decision to leave academia as well as her entrepreneurial spirit. She explains how she has leveraged her scientific background and online marketing expertise to not only create opportunities for herself in the freelance world, but also more recently, find her dream job as a science writer. Gee offers advice to other academics who also want to build a personal brand and create content. Find her on LinkedIn or at 
May 02, 2021
60. Self-trust with Dr. Cathy Mazak
After two years unpaid leave from her position as a full tenured professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Dr. Cathy Mazak is about to finally exit the academy. Her once side hustle is now a thriving business where she earns much more money than she ever earned as a professor. In this episode, Cathy argues that academic work is actually more risky than entrepreneurship because at the university, your paycheck depends on the financial health of the university system. She also talks about the unique set of skills each of us has and that it doesn't matter what container we practice those skills in: university, nonprofit, government, own business, etc. Being a professor is not your identity, she explains. It's just the container in which you happen to offer your gifts to the world. Cathy also discusses the importance of self-trust in building a business and how for women, it's a challenge because we have been socialized to mistrust ourselves.  
April 25, 2021
59. Intuition and career with Dr. Meggin McIntosh
Although Dr. Meggin McIntosh loved her career in academia, between university politics and an inner knowing that she was destined for something else, she eventually left and started a successful business. In this episode, Meggin describes the moment she knew it was time to leave her academic career, explains the importance of listening to intuition, and offers advice to others about listening to their own intuition. Her conviction to build a meaningful career is clear throughout the interview and toward the end of the conversation, when Meggin describes the gratitude she feels for the coaching career she has built, she says, "THIS is what my whole life prepared me for." Her words are powerful, her conviction strong, and her wisdom deep. 
April 18, 2021
58. Science career-ing my way with Victoria Crystal
Victoria Crystal takes us back to graduate school and helps us to remember what actually drove us there and how much of those original longings are still with us now. In this interview, she tells us that she loves science AND that the academic research process felt restricting to her. So after finding the courage to leave her PhD program, she found a way to be a scientist on her own terms. She now teaches science in various ways to various audiences: to students in the college classroom, to the general public who visit national parks, as well as to kids listening to her podcast, Ask a Scientist.
April 11, 2021
57. Covid tenure loss, grief, & healing with Dr. Stacey Wieland
Dr. Stacey Wieland discusses losing her tenured position to covid last summer, how she has grieved and begun to heal, as well as how the experience has opened her to new insights about her strengths as well as new career possibilities. Stacey discusses the importance of being able to hold both grief and hope simultaneously, strike a work-life balance, hold loosely to the future, use discernment to make solid career decisions, and lean into community and relationships. This conversation is full of wisdom for those navigating the loss of their academic jobs/careers. 
April 04, 2021
56. Take a spring break with Dr. Danielle De La Mare
In this solo episode, my conversation (on Episode 54) with Dr. Lauren Broyles and the spring break season collide. I talk about the problem of overworking during spring break. I discuss why a spring break is necessary, how rest is actually a power position, and steps you can take to ensure you actually get a break this spring. After this episode, I hope you take a nap! 
March 27, 2021
55. Keeping your academic identity with Dr. Jillian Powers
Dr. Jillian Powers explains that we do not have to leave our academic identities behind when we leave our academic jobs. Jillian describes how she has been able to hold on to and adapt her academic identity even after transitioning from an academic career to a career in industry. She now integrates, into her business anthropology work, the things about academia she loves. Interestingly, she has even refused to create a résumé and still uses a CV. 
March 21, 2021
54. Addiction and academic women with Dr. Lauren Broyles
Dr. Lauren Broyles speaks honestly and openly about the problem of addiction among academic women. As a former addiction researcher and a woman in recovery from both alcohol use disorder as well as work addiction, Lauren speaks about the pervasive problem in academia where women often "outsource" their emotions in order to cope with heavy workloads. This mental health crisis in academia, as Lauren notes, is rarely talked about or researched. For academic women in this situation, Lauren has a created a Facebook group called, “The Bigger Table.” 
March 14, 2021
53. Strengthening your short sides with Mark Herschberg
Mark Herschberg shows us how developing new skills—even a tiny bit—can affect one’s impact in a big way. Drawing on his book, The Career Tool Kit, Mark shows us why it is important to recognize our weaknesses, how to develop them, and how to turn them into skills. Similarly, he also shows us how to increase our organizational impact: a process that requires people to open to new ways of doing things and work through challenges collectively.   
March 07, 2021
52. Going home with Dr. Karen Laurence
Dr. Karen Laurence calls out issues associated with academic isolation—issues academics rarely discuss, but feelings academics know deeply. She describes how her sense of home where she felt connected to close family and friends grounded her during an often intense and competitive graduate school experience. And when she eventually left home and those close connections, she became increasingly attached to her academic identity, which resulted in greater stress, anxiety, and a painful sense of isolation. She speaks also about the difficult road back home. In the end, she urges others who may feel unhappy in their academic careers to contemplate life and career possibilities beyond academia. 
February 28, 2021
51. Feel whole with Dr. Margie Serrato
As my first repeat guest, Dr. Margie Serrato and I start by talking about how her experience in academia is only a small part of her story. This insight leads us to a bigger conversation about how we, as academics, actively arrest our own development because we are afraid of what others might think. Margie urges us to expand our beliefs about what is acceptable, dismiss our inner judgments so that we can curiously explore new personal and career possibilities, and get to know ourselves honestly and deeply.   
February 21, 2021
50. Open to career possibilities with Dr. Brian Witkowski
Dr. Brian Witkowski urges us to think more flexibly about career, explaining how once you understand what you deeply care about, you can then translate your passion into a business model that allows you to do exactly the kind of work you want to do and earn a good living doing it. Brian emphasizes the need for academics to think about their work in new and different ways and shows us that we do not have to think of our careers in rigid and one-dimensional ways. Find Brian Witkowski on LinkedIn at the Lucrative Artist. 
February 14, 2021
49. Presence with Dr. Caitlin Faas
Dr. Caitlin Faas tells a fascinating story about how she finally found peace in her job as a tenured professor--a job that once felt stifling. That peace opened up new opportunities for Caitlin. And eventually, she was able to walk away from her academic job with grace and ease. In this episode, Caitlin demonstrates how she has been able to talk herself through difficult life and career challenges as well as how she's able to facilitate that process for her clients. More than anything else, Caitlin describes the power of presence as we navigate both the good and the bad times. 
February 07, 2021
48. Unraveling your academic identity with Dr. Emily Benson
Dr. Emily Benson will leave behind her academic career in May/June of this year and begin working full-time in her growing career coaching business. In this episode she explains how her coaching business began, how she finally knew it was time to resign from her faculty position, the challenges of working in academia when you are a creative person, how she plans to say goodbye to academia in a healthy way, and the challenges of mid-career transition. Emily and I also chat about how, as HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons), we crave meaningful work. We also discuss the importance of listening to our bodies. 
January 30, 2021
47. Balance and freedom with Dr. Sara Branch
Dr. Sara Branch tells an open and honest story about reaching burnout as a tenure-track faculty member, including the challenges she faced in navigating intense mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion as well as depression. Sara describes having lost herself at that time. But Sara's life changed dramatically in 2018 when she left academia and found herself again. The joy and freedom she now feels is tangible in her voice during this conversation. She urges listeners to think about their values and decide whether or not their personality is a good fit for academia. 
January 24, 2021
46. Color outside the lines with Dr. Alissa Ackerman
Dr. Alissa Ackerman describes the healing power of finding her own personal voice within her academic work—a change that facilitated deeper connections to her research, her students, and herself. Having built deeper connections, Alissa found herself better positioned  to offer healing to a wider public audience and ultimately, able to create much greater healing impact in the world than she was able to do with her standard academic voice. She imparts that wisdom to listeners, asking them to get really still about what they want to do, notice whether or not their goals are congruent with the space they find themselves in, and accept responsibility to make necessary changes. 
January 17, 2021
45. Healthy purposeful growth with Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore
After having earned tenure, left academia, and built a wildly successful company (the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity), Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore retired three years ago at the age of 45. In this episode, she shares her deep wisdom about how she grew into a life grounded in purpose and health: pausing every year to reassess her life and ensure that she's on track to fulfill her own definition of success, working to let go of her entrenched childhood fears around financial insecurity, and willingly embracing a life free of attachment to particular identities and roles. In this episode, you'll hear and feel the unwavering commitment she has to living up to her own potential and helping others to do the same. 
January 10, 2021
42. Be brave with Dr. Natalia Bielczyk
Dr. Natalia Bielczyk tells the story of feeling burned out in her PhD program. And in an effort to rest and regain a sense of interest and excitement in her work, she decided to take a year off. In that time, she allowed herself to explore and engage her non-academic interests. This time investment led her to the career in which she now finds herself--a career she very much loves. For those who are struggling to feel a sense of ease and clarity in their academic careers, Natalia advises to watch your mental patterns and expectations, learn how to read people, and know that life does not have to be difficult. In the end, Natalia urges academics to be brave and if academia isn't working for them, try other career options because, as she notes, we only have one life. Find Natalia's offerings for early-career PhDs transitioning to industry at her website:
December 20, 2020
41. Building a network foundation with Allison Otto
Whether faculty, postdoc, or grad student, Allison explains the value of seeking support from career services on your campus, describes the dartboard strategy for networking, and tells her own career transition story. We also talk about the importance of paying attention to your emotions and keeping yourself organized throughout the career transition process.  
December 12, 2020
40. Follow your heart with Dr. Andre Marques-Smith
Dr. Andre Marques-Smith explains the absolute necessity of engaging with your passion throughout life: staying focused on the things that nourish your passion, noticing when your passion starts to wane and when it does, assessing the situation and making decisions that will open up new paths of passion once again. He talks about his changing interests over the course of his life and how he has easily let go of old habits in order to embrace new and emerging interests. Dr. Marques-Smith argues that we will achieve only mediocrity if we stay in a place after our passion dissipates and that moving on is essential despite fears and sunken costs.   
December 06, 2020
39. Greatness is in your back pocket with Dr. Jake Gunnoe
Last week, in Episode 38, we heard from Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi, who discussed the components of good mentorship and leadership. In this week's episode, we hear from one of Dr. Kashiwagi's mentees, Dr. Jake Gunnoe. Dr. Gunnoe talks about how to be a good mentee, how to find a mentor, how to navigate the relationship, and he explains the many benefits of seeking out mentors. Few of us have had a mentoring relationship as deep and as enduring as the one Jake and Jacob have had, but, as Jake explains, a mentoring relationship doesn't have to look any certain way. It simply needs to be helpful and in that way, as Jake discusses, "greatness is your back pocket." Find Dr. Jake Gunnoe on LinkedIn and reach out to him via email at Also, check out Leadership of Arizona's YouTube Channel.  
November 29, 2020
38. Find a mentor and listen with Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi
Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi describes his model for success, including finding a mentor, listening, making mistakes, and getting out of your own head. The model he lives that led him to creating a successful course at Arizona State University as well as building a successful nonprofit business came from his father's academic research--research he applied practically to managing his own home and children. Growing up, Jacob watched the effects of living the model on his family and now, in his organization, teaches these principles to others. Email him at or find him on LinkedIn. Also, check out his books, "No Influence Mentoring" and "In Search of Truth" as well as Leadership Society of Arizona's YouTube Channel.  , 
November 22, 2020
37. Strategic career planning with Dr. Vicky Sherwood
Dr. Vicky Sherwood describes how she started down an academic career path without ever making strategic decisions about where she wanted to go. Having earned her PhD and completed a post-doc, Vicky says she was "hell-bent on becoming a professor," yet over the course of her academic career, she carried an ongoing and nagging sense that she should explore other career possibilities. Eventually she left her job as a tenured professor and now speaks of her present career in freelance medical writing as ever-changing and always in process. Dr. Vicky Sherwood offers great advice to others who want to leave. Check out her blog called, "Biomed Badass" and find her on LinkedIn.
November 15, 2020
36. Unique unrepeatable career paths with Dr. Eric Stephens
Drawing on the work of Dr. Adriana Cavarero and other ethics philosophers, Eric argues that humans exist to support one another. He discusses the necessity of human connection and how we, as "unique unrepeatable" humans, are called into being by the unique unrepeatable conversations we have with others in unique unrepeatable moments. Within the context of finding post-ac work, we discuss the importance of connecting to others through informational interviews where in an interview, the interviewee hears their own story reflected through the interviewer and vice-versa. And when the interaction is treated as unique and unrepeatable, we open the door for greater authenticity and thus connection. And in this way, Eric explains, we find our own anchor and our own value.  
November 08, 2020
35. Self-compassion, career, & parenting with Dr. Laura Froyen
Dr. Laura Froyen discusses a powerful moment where she was flooded with compassion for herself and in that moment, she realized leaving academia would be in her family's and her own best interests. She talks also about her life purpose: helping families to make respectful parenting decisions and the critical need for children to learn how to make healthy and productive life choices. Laura offers fantastic advice about creating stronger boundaries and finding a more balanced life. 
November 01, 2020
34. Navigating career ambiguity with Dr. Jake Livengood
Dr. Jake Livengood speaks about the importance of preparing for uncertainty in the career/job-search journey. He makes a convincing case for career transitioners and job seekers to develop a "yes and" mindset--a mindset grounded in improv theatre where one accepts uncertainty and play; and in the process, finds foundational elements of career wellness and resilience: self-compassion, presence, and letting go of control. This episode will help listeners to ease up on self-pressure and show up more fully in their careers and lives.   
October 25, 2020
33. Have a plan with Dr. John Southard
Dr. John Southard describes his difficult transition out of academia and into the business world and offers advice to others in similar situations. He discusses how he found the strength to move through the "academia hangover" he experienced, the challenges of hitting rock bottom financially, how he began his career transition journey by networking, and how he discovered that his research prepared him well for his new role in business. For PhD candidates, John emphasizes the importance of having a back-up career plan, the necessity of coming to grips with your financial reality, and the power (and drudgery) of networking. Find him on LinkedIn. 
October 18, 2020
32. Seek advice from non-academics too with Dr. Megan O'Rourke
Dr. Megan O'Rourke describes her unique career journey out of academia immediately after earning her PhD, her path back into academia as a tenure-track faculty member, and her decision to leave again after earning tenure. In this episode, she describes her experiences on the tenure-track, what it felt like to earn tenure, and her decision to finally take a job with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where she now works. She advises other academics who want to leave academia to "not insulate and isolate" with other academics. Seek advice from not just those in academia, she says, but also those who are satisfied with their non-academic careers.  
October 11, 2020
31. Try on different career pieces with Dr. Tracy Costello
Dr. Tracy Costello tells the story of waking up one morning and realizing she no longer wanted to be an academic. Particularly astute at networking, Tracy went on to find new opportunities, explaining that networking is simply relationship building. She also talks about how "altac" is both an inaccurate and derogatory term, the importance of trying on new career identities, as well as her current work as a postdoc career coach and trainer. 
October 04, 2020
30. Unstoppable with Dr. Chris Cornthwaite
Dr. Chris Cornthwaite discusses the importance of writing your own story so that you can find the thread that runs through your life and begin to create a career vision that is authentic to your interests and passions--a vision that is bigger than the academic dream you once had. He also talks about how his mantra, "I'm f*cking unstoppable," helps him to overcome self-doubt as well as the importance of recognizing, building, and unbuilding rituals in our lives. In this conversation, Chris and I also geek out on the personal development work of Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, Martha Beck, and Oprah among others, discussing how important that stuff has been to our own development and transformation. 
September 27, 2020
29. Knowing yourself deeply with Dr. Margie Serrato
In this episode, Dr. Margie Serrato talks about the thread running through her life and career. She describes being motivated by self-analysis from the time she chose her double major in psychology and anthropology as a college student; to the dissertation topic she chose in graduate school; to her discovery of the professional world of coaching. She also describes the extremely positive impact such self-analysis and self-knowing can have on people's lives, offering questions listeners might ask themselves in order to clarify their own paths.
September 19, 2020
28. Permission to go for it with Dr. Melanie Peffer
In this episode, Dr. Melanie Peffer gives us permission to "go for it" and do the things that feel exciting, interesting, and fun. She explains the numerous career opportunities she has encountered since leaving her tenure-track job as well as her emerging interests in industry, coaching, consulting, and even authoring children's books. Melanie is honest about the fears she experienced when she decided to leave the tenure track, but the lightness, hopefulness, and ease with which she seems to go about her work and personal life today demonstrates she made a good decision. 
September 13, 2020
27. Redefining your career and life with Dr. Ashley Wellman
In this episode, Dr. Ashley Wellman gets REAL, sharing her story about the difficult and often dark ways her academic career has punctuated her personal life. After losing her husband suddenly though, Ashley found that creative writing helped her process her grief. And through this process, as she gained strength and realized her own worth, she also found herself closing the door on her academic career. Despite the heavy career and life challenges she describes in this interview, Ashley leaves listeners feeling inspired, empowered, and hopeful. She tells us that we, if we desire, get to redefine who we are. 
September 06, 2020
26. Unblock with Dr. Sharon Shahaf
A rising star in graduate school, who was highly sought after for tenure-track positions, Dr. Shahaf describes the exhaustion and stress she experienced navigating a tenure-track job while also learning how to be a new mother. Caught up in the culture of overwork in academia, her peers and mentors celebrated the career opportunities that were opening for her, never cautioning that she may be doing too much. So with everyone's blessing and a track record of solid scholarship, Sharon took her first tenure-track job. Today, after a very difficult journey on the tenure track, Sharon explains how she has finally stepped into her power. She's no longer an academic, but a writing and life coach who has learned intimately that self-pressure robs academics (and others) of their creative flow. Listen in. This interview is full of golden nuggets about life, writing, and how to step fully into yourself. 
August 30, 2020
23. PhD to corporate with Dr. Ron Shapiro
In this episode, Dr. Ron Shapiro talks about his unique and effective job search methods, the importance of writing results-oriented and relevant resumes, the need for people to step up and find a mentor, and the fundamental cultural clashes between corporate and academic organizational cultures. Most notably, he challenges academics to see how their own university-trained worldviews may keep them stuck in limiting paradigms.  
August 09, 2020
22. Integrative wellness with Dr. Rebecca Shisler Marshall
An Associate Professor at University of Georgia, Dr. Rebecca Shisler Marshall introduces herself not just by academic title, but also as "a life coach, a Reike practitioner, a mindfulness instructor, and a Shamanic practitioner." In this episode, she explains feeling powerfully drawn to integrative wellness work and after some years as an academic, she finally surrendered to a wonderfully unique career path--a path that was paved with self-compassion, self-care, a surrender to a deep and powerful calling, and an absolute willingness to step fully into her integrity. Dr. Marshall blends together all of who she is in order to create a career that fits well.  
August 02, 2020
21. PhD career development with Dr. Dan Olson-Bang
In this episode, Dr. Dan Olson-Bang, Director of Professional and Career Development at Syracuse University, discusses his own journey out of academia after earning his PhD as well as offers expert advice to PhDs who are currently seeking their own alt-ac opportunities. In this discussion, Dan emphasizes the need for PhDs to recognize their own employability and viability, explains how to get beyond the fear of networking, and describes the necessity of figuring out what it is you like and value. 
July 26, 2020
20. The art of pursuing your interests, longings, and needs with Dr. Jessica Garrett Mills
In this episode, Dr. Jessica Garrett Mills describes how she created a fulfilling career and balanced life by following an interest she started to develop soon after earning her PhD. Twelve years later, she draws on her expertise in executive functioning to coach and facilitate workshops for students, parents, educators and other professionals. And as if that's not enough, she lives a life of work-life balance among family and friends in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio--a place she longed to return to after initially leaving to pursue an academic career. Jessica seems to naturally follow her inner voice, a lesson many academics could learn from. 
July 18, 2020
19. Career discernment with Dr. Beth Godbee
Former professor, Dr. Beth Godbee, joins me for the first episode of Season 2! Dr. Godbee describes how to live life and career in process: open to imperfection, mindful of our bodies' messages, and grounded in the process of ongoing decision making based on personal commitments. She discusses her move from professor to entrepreneur, her discomfort with our productivity-based culture, and the ongoing need for emotional literacy and social justice work. This episode demonstrates that a good life is always messy. 
July 12, 2020
18. An open and authentic approach to career with Carolyn Mackey
Carolyn Mackey discusses how she realized her work in higher education was harming her mental and physical health and how she made the decision to walk away. Influenced by her training in entrepreneurship, Reiki, and A Course in Miracles, she created a career that gave her peace and a sense of freedom. In this episode, Carolyn reminds us to keep it simple, to recognize when we're making decisions out of fear, and to stay open to ideas and opportunities that might seem strange at first. If you feel stuck, confused, or hopeless about your career, you'll find this episode inspirational.  
July 03, 2020
17. Beloved community with Dr. Lenwood Hayman, Jr.
In this episode, Dr. Lenwood Hayman, Associate Professor of Behavioral Health Sciences at Morgan State University, describes to me the essential practices of love, self-love, self-examination, and meditation as he creates a career focused not on competition, self-interest, and perfectionism, but on compassion, listening, interdependence, and love. So many insights! 
June 28, 2020
16. Compassionate breathing meditation
Today, I offer a "compassionate breathing" meditation from the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion. It's been a tough week, a tough month, a tough year. The racial justice revolution and pandemic are calling us to pause. This is my way of pausing. And if you need to pause and offer yourself some self-compassion, you're invited to meditate with me. I also unexpectedly gift you with a cameo from my noisy family  upstairs. LOL.   
June 21, 2020
15. Summoning a positive mindset during job loss with Dr. Marissa Floyd (Part 3 of 3)
This episode concludes my conversation with Dr. Marissa Floyd. In this interview, recorded two days ago, we catch up since we spoke eight months ago about her recent pandemic-related job loss. Although her life circumstances are much more challenging now, she continues to exude groundedness, wisdom, and humility. In this episode, she teaches us how we can do the same by harnessing a positive mindset, communicating with potential employers from a place of strength and hope, building strong networks, practicing self-compassion, and more. It's all so good, especially if you're looking for a job now--during this particularly difficult historical period.    
June 07, 2020
14. Creating your own alt-ac career opportunities with Dr. Marissa Floyd (Part 2 of 3)
So much great advice in this episode! Dr. Marissa Floyd picks up where she left off in Episode 13 and tells us about why she loves her job and why she loves working in Costa Rica. She also offers advice to others who want to create their own career opportunities. This is Part 2 of a three-part series. We'll get an update from Marissa in the next episode. 
May 31, 2020
13. Creating your own alt-ac career opportunities with Dr. Marissa Floyd (Part 1 of 3)
In this episode--a three-part interview series--Dr. Marissa Floyd drops some serious wisdom about how to create your own alt-ac career opportunities. Her recipe? Weave together your academic research with an outside internship and boldly seek out people and companies who can help you do exactly what you want to do. This interview is truly inspiring. 
May 24, 2020
10. Reinventing yourself with Dr. Gloria Walker
Dr. Gloria Walker is an expert in career reinvention. While she helps others to reinvent themselves, she also has had three major career reinventions of her own. In this episode, she describes how with each change, she becomes clearer about who she is and what she cares about. She even discusses how her latest career has helped her to rediscover her intuition after having had it previously beat out of her by culture. "Everything changes and that's OK" is her guiding mantra, which as she explains, keeps her grounded. If you're in the midst of reinvention, this episode is for you. 
May 03, 2020
9. How to take a self-compassion break
Because pandemic weirdness has taken over, I found that I needed a self-compassion break this week. Most of us need one right now so in this episode, I offer instructions about how to take a self-compassion break. My instructions are based on research in the area of Mindful Self-Compassion. 
April 26, 2020
8. Finding your career dharma with Dr. Erin Willer
In this episode, Dr. Erin Willer, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Denver, draws on Stephen Cope's book, "The Great Work of Your Life" to discuss how it shaped her own career journey as an academic. One of my favorite questions she asks in this episode is this: "What is this doing for my heart and soul as opposed to my vita?" This is a question all of us should be asking ourselves. Enjoy the interview!
April 19, 2020
0. My own career-wellness story
In the trailer, I tell my own career-wellness story, explain how self-compassion has changed the shape of my own career, and describe my vision for the Self-Compassionate Professor community--a place where, above all, faculty, grad students, and those in altac careers feel supported by others to take counter-cultural career paths. #careerwellness #selfcompassion #happyhealthyfulfilled  
March 28, 2020
4. Finding balance and truth with Natasha Thomas-Jackson
In this episode, Natasha Thomas-Jackson and I talk about her balanced and truthful way of navigating life and career. As a social justice advocate, she says, “ justice is internal and external. It’s psycho-spiritual as well as socio-political...All of my work, at its root, involves healing… healing ourselves, homes, communities, political system, and our world…My why is that I’m in love with people. I want all people to be free and my tools are love and truth.” In this episode, Natasha offers tangible strategies for healing ourselves and our world. PLEASE listen! It will make you a better person. 
March 15, 2020
2. Live by your own rules with Shawna Starkey
In this episode, Shawna discusses how she lives by her own rules and how she created her own career in her own way! In this episode, we talk about the flexibility and freedom she's been able to create and how she's stayed resilient during the hard times. Unlike most, Shawna doesn't abandon her own needs, values, and happiness in pursuit of culturally-defined rules. This is a great episode!
February 28, 2020
1. Living your dreams with Dr. Ginger Moran
In this episode, I talk to Dr. Ginger Moran, former Professor of English Literature. She describes her transition from an academic career to creating her own own career, involving writing, coaching, and entrepreneurship. Ginger emphasizes the challenges of living your dreams, but she also emphasizes the pain of living a small life. 
January 24, 2020