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Dannylize This!!

Dannylize This!!

By Daniel Gonzalez
What's going on world!!

My name is Daniel Gonzalez most of my friends and family Call me Papi! I'm a Stand Up Comic based out of Austin, TX in my career I have opened for some notable names like Rell Battle, Jeremy Piven, Brian Holtzman and many more. I approach life from a simple perspective and that is to love people and follow your passions. This Podcast is aimed to both seek knowledge and entertain while laughing at life. Join me as I continue to seek more of myself while talking to people cool people.
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Christy Crandall
I’m this episode I have Christy Crandall (formerly Toribio/Yearta) is a native of Santa Rosa, CA. Prior to working in the film industry, she served 20+ years in the Army culminating as an AG (Human Resource) Officer. Retiring from the Army in 2012 afforded her the opportunity to explore her passion in a new career field (in the film industry). In addition to acting, she was an Executive Producer on her first film "My Brother's Keeper"(short film / 2015), which was an extremely rewarding experience. Her current project is as a production supervisor for the upcoming horror film, “521 North Main Street”. Aside from the world of the filming, she enjoys traveling, and has visited multiple countries to include Bahamas, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Malta, Italy, and most recently climbed Machu Picchu in Peru. She holds a BA from the University of Tampa, and is currently studying at Full Sail University for a degree in digital cinematography. To follow Christy find her on Facebook To support this podcast please consider donating and giving a follow
May 04, 2022
Kevin Kellam
hello Today’s episode features Kevin Kellam. A stand up comic, radio personality and podcast for the SportsKeeda network came on to talk pro wrestling, family and comedy. To follow Kevin- To help support this podcast please consider donating -
May 02, 2022
Philly Fresh aka Phillip Rowe
Hello, In this episode I sat down with UFC welterweight prospect Phillip Rowe to talk business post fighting, mind set, fighter pay and match making. Philly recently had a famed grappling match with the great Gordon Ryan. To support the podcast please consider donating my using this link
April 27, 2022
Rell Battle is Back!
Welcome back! if you have been keeping up with this Podcast this Guest is one of my Favorite Comics in the country. Rell Battle!  Rell has been features on Comedy Central, Roku, HBO, and now Peacok. we talked Boxing, his new Comedy Special, and so much more. to follow Rell Battle use this Link- to help support this Podcast please consider donating.-
April 20, 2022
Pete A. Turner
Welcome back, In todays episode I have the host of the Break it Down show Pete A Turner.  Pete has over 25 years of broadcasting experience along with a unique opportunity to work in US military intelligence. during this episode we talk about his days in Afghanistan, Iraq and Chechnya. Along with some other projects he has in the works, to support Pete please use this link. and to help grow this podcast please consider donating.-
April 18, 2022
Larry Hankin
Welcome back, in todays episode I have Comedian and Actor Larry Hankin. Larry is best known for his role as Mr. Heckles in the TV show Friends.  Larry has so much experience and wisdom during his time in the entertainment industry and we get into the origins of his career, talk Lenny Bruce and so much more. please follow and support Larry using this Link_ to support this podcast please consider donating and using this link.
April 13, 2022
Adam Gabel
Welcome back, In todays episode i have Comic Adam Gabel. Adam is a stand from New York, I met Adam during the pandemic with a virtual writing group. Adam and i discus the business model of Comedy for the up and coming acts across the country. along with other writing tips and more.  to follow Adam use this link to support this podcast please consider donating-
April 11, 2022
Rico Aviles and Eric McElroy
Welcome back to the Podcast, Today I have my friends from the Rico Podcast Rico and Eric. We just sat and caught up on somethings like Podcasting, Jiujitsu, and so much more, we also get in to our takes on the Tony Rock viral video.  to Support this Podcast please consider donating by using the Link- to follow Rico and Eric -Use this link.
April 06, 2022
Angel Castro
Welcome to another episode, Todays guest is the host of El Pujilato podcast Angel Castro, he an independent spanish MMA/Boxing analyst and commentator  Today we sat down to talk the current state of MMA, Boxing and pop culture. Angel is friend and fantastic analyst. he update on all things combat sports and a huge fan of comedy. to support Angel Castro please use this link- to support this podcast please consider donating using this link-
April 04, 2022
Ku Egenti
Hello, welcome back to another episode, today I sat down with Houston Comic Ku Egenti to discuss the ups and downs of comedy, exchange stories and promote his new album Kutastrafi.  to support this podcast please consider donating using this link- and to follow Ku -
March 30, 2022
Micheal Armagost aka Squidz Killing it
Hello, This episodes I sat down with Micheal Armagost aka Squidz Killinit is an American media company owner. The name of his company is Killinit Productions L.L.C. He also has various ventures that span from videography to producing and writing music. When he's not doing that, he is giving back to his community and Killinit every step of the way. To help grow this podcast please consider donating- To follow Micheal
March 28, 2022
Steve Rubin
Hello, In this episode I sat down with historian, writer and journalist Steve Rubin. We talked James Bond and some of the behind the scenes of Hollywood. I really enjoyed this episode. A lot of fun stories. To help this podcast grow please consider donating using this link.
March 23, 2022
Einar Haraldsson / Road Dowg Diarys #2
hello, Part 1:  Road Dowg Diary #2 : I open up about my recent successes, from doing road gigs. Part 2: I spoke to my friend Einar Haralson actor from Iceland. A former Police Officer who has found success with his 2nd career after retirement. All to prove that he's a better actor then The Rock. enjoy this 2 Part episode. To help the podcast grow, please use this link to donate - To follow Einar use thi link-
March 22, 2022
John Anthony
Hello, In today episode i sat down with Actor and screen writer John Anthony to talk about his current project Walter and so much more.  this was an amazing conversation to find John please follow his IMDB - to support this podcast please consider donating by using this link. -
March 16, 2022
Road Dog Diary #1
Hello, In today’s episode I recount my road trip to Dallas while on the road back to Austin. The good the bad and the ugly! Please if you like the content use this link to support:
March 14, 2022
Jason Valle and Pitbull
Hello, in this episode I sat down with Jiujitsu black belt and MMA fighter Jason Valle along with his training partner and fighter Robert "Pitbull" Massalene. ahead of there fight at Combat Night, we sit down to talk about one of best MMA camps in the country Fusion XL. and the talent that comes out of Florida. we talk training, jiujitsu and so much more. thanks   to support this podcast please consider donating by using the link 
March 09, 2022
Mike Hudak
Hello, in this episode i had the pleasure of having Stand up Comic, and producer Mike Hudak. Mike is a stand up based out of Austin, tx hes worked with some of the best comics in the country like Bret Ernst, Brian Holtzman, and so much more.  to help Support this podcast please consider donating -
March 07, 2022
Alvin Codner aka Mr Dats Life
Hello, In this episode i have returning guest, my good friend Alvin Codner he is an artist based out of Kissimmee, FL, a former mayoral candidate and most of all an entrepreneur. We sat down to talk life, and catch up, this always one of my favorite guest. enjoy! to support the podcast please use this 
March 02, 2022
Travis Dunn
Hello, Today I sat down with Travis Dunn actor, Stand up, producer, writer and former race car driver. we talked process of acting vs stand up. and we talked about cars, and his racing days.  you can find Travis  and on Facebook at Travis Dunn please continue to support us by using -
February 28, 2022
John Moyer
Hello,  I sat down with John Moyer, a stand up comic, hypnotist, and corporate speaker. to talk comedy, marriage and so much more.  this conversation was full of nuggets that can translate to your career.  you can find John at you can help support this podcast by using -
February 23, 2022
Frankie Pace
Welcome Back! In this episode i had the honor of sitting down with New York Legend Frankie Pace.  Frankie is a comic from New York who cut his teeth in the 70s and 80s. He has appeared on SNL, Cosby Show, and so much more. He is currently living and working out of Las Vegas.  During our conversation we tough on the commitment of real comics, how to right jokes, and the differences in culture between ages.  you can support the podcast by using - thanks
February 21, 2022
Leonarda Jonie
Welcome back! In this episode I sat down with my good friend Leonarda Jonie, A stand up comic out of Austin, TX by way of New York City. She is an outspoken artist with a huge personality. I truly love her comedy and her friendship, its never a dull moment when she is around. During todays podcast we talked comedy, faith, and so much more.  You can find Leonarda Jonie- You can support the podcast by using
February 16, 2022
Steve Bluestein
In todays episode i stat down with Comedy Store OG Steve Bluestein. Steve recount the early days of the comedy store and his career in the 70s and 80s. As we talk shop and compare generations. he breaks down what in his view makes a true comedian vs a club comic. i loved this conversation for all the wisdom and knowledge he passed down. you can find Steve at  Please don't forget to like, share and subscribe to the podcast. with the many changes coming to the podcast sphere its more important to tell your friends about your favorite podcast.  to help support please visit 
February 14, 2022
Keith Ross Nelson
Stand up Comic, actor, writer Keith Ross Nelson is currently on tour, he took time out of his hectic schedule to talk shop with me. I learned a lot about he business and the attitude one need to have in comedy. You can find Keith at Don’t forget to like share and leave a review and follow by clicking this link.
February 09, 2022
Vanessa Garcia
Welcome back to another episode in todays podcast, I sent out smoke signals and Taino calls to my Cuban friends in Miami, just to get a hold of Vanessa. she is writer novelist, as writen for Espn, LA time, National Review, and so much more, we dive in deep about the Cuba Issue and later in the episode we talked writing and culture.  follow Vanessa using this link and dont forget to support me and by using this link.
February 07, 2022
This episode went off the rails before it even started. I sat down with my good friend Talí from @isquat__ on Instagram she is a fitness influencer, gym rat, and entrepreneur. I love kicking it with my friend as we discuss the obsession behind fitness and other endeavors. Don’t forget to follow Tali on IG! Also continue to support the podcast by using
February 02, 2022
Marc Sheffler
In this Episode I sat down with what i consider to be one of the best conversations I have had in a lontg time. Marc Scheffler took me to school as he recounted the Glory days of the World famous Comedy store and the famed Class of '76 which included Robin Williams, Letterman, Jay Leno, Freddie Prince and so many more. The love for the art of stand up comedy shows as he paint the picture of his career and so much more. listen and enjoy! dont forget to Like, Share Subscribe and most of all leave a review!  helps us grow!
January 31, 2022
Mark Christopher Lawrance
In this episode I sat down with Mark Christopher Lawrence who is an actor, stand up comic, and voice over actor.  Mark has been in just about everything in entertainment from DryBar comedy special to Emmy nominated shorts films.  we stat down to talk shop, and pass down some wisdom to the next generation. you can find Mark follow him and discover some amazing content you can also follow me on social media and or donate to the podcast using
January 26, 2022
C.J & Lorissa Julianus
In todays episode i sat down with the power couple behind the indie movie sensation the Misadventures of Mistress Maneater. This amazing duo talk movies, writing directing and relationships with me. we go in-depth on the process of the script and the movie making process, Also work life balance for creatives and relationships.    Please do me a favor and check out there movie and listen to there passion for art and filmmaking! thanks again for all Dannylize this use this link for support
January 24, 2022
Flaco aka Micheal Lloyd
In todays instalment I can down with Michael Lloyd an Actor and Marine Vet based in New Orleans. He have appeared in dozens of shows like NCIS: New Orleans, Scream Queens, Into the Badlands, and was recently featured as a non speaking character on Queen of The South. we spoke about life, faith and so much more.
January 19, 2022
Mr. Eric Patno
Hello everyone In this Episode I have my friend Eric Patno stand up comic, producer, podcaster. this was a silly conversation about life, family and so much more. For all links and future shows use
January 17, 2022
Bruce Vilanch
Today I sat down to speak with a legend in entertainment, comedy, TV, and so much more. Bruce is most well known for his portrayal of Edna Turnblad in the play Hair spray, a contestant on Hollywood squares. During todays episode Bruce and I talk about the creative process, the difference between Stand up and Stage acting when it pertains to comedy. I truly enjoyed speaking to this legend. His wisdom and insight on culture is amazing enjoy the episode.
January 12, 2022
Rico Aviles
Today Richard "Rico" Aviles returns to the podcast with some amazing news.  Rico is translator, stand up comic and podcaster. We sat down to catch up and reflect on what was 2021 And looking forward into 2022.
January 10, 2022
Maxx “The Pothead Chimp” Law
Another episode in the books! In this episode I sat down with comedian, musician and veteran Maxx Law. He’s honestly one of my favorite people to talk to about life. We get into some deep thought about comedy, politics and so much more enjoy!!
January 03, 2022
2022 Predictions with Mrs Gonzalez
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Thanks for Join me again!! It’s been a long time since I have been with all of you. But today I dragged my wife Marisa Gonzalez to share out 2021 wrap up, and 2022 predictions. We talked and yawned about of marriage and that last year, and some news. Like always don’t forget to leave a review and share with you friends!
December 31, 2021
The Battle with Rell Battle
Mi Gente, Welcome back to another episode of the Dannylize This podcast. In todays episode I sat down with the founder of the Roast Battle Rell Battle. We talk about the comedy industry, the Roast Battle, his career and so much more. this is one of my favorite conversation with a working comic and writer. Rell has been featured in Conan, Comedy Central, along with countless movies and television shows. his insight of the entertainment industry is insightful and wise. i loved this conversation and i hope you do too.  like always please dont forget to subscribe and for more content along with other ways to support use the link below thanks.
May 24, 2021
The Culture with Zsaknor Powe
Hello my fellow goons, A lot has happened in the last week, but Zsak and I went over a lot of culture war issues. But all in all this one is episode is my favorite so far. Don't forget to leave a review, and subscribe to help this podcast grow.  use this link for all show updates and merch Thank you
May 13, 2021
The Writer Robert Dean
Hello all, In todays episode I sat down with writer, Journalist, poet and Editor and Chief of Big Laugh Comedy network. To talk Austin Comedy, Homelessness, and so many other things. thank you so much for your support. to continue to support, please like, share, and subscribe. For more opportunity support the Dannylize This podcast use the link at the end of the description.
April 29, 2021
I'm Back!
Hello Dannylize This Listeners. i apologize for the long lay off, but I'm back with a new episode catching you up with the what's new with me, a quick breakdown down of  Masvidal vs Usman 2, and a rant of my classmate. Please don't forget to like share and subscribe. this helps me grow. also  use this link to both follow me on social media and to purchase your own Dannylize This tshirt.   Thanks Daniel "Papi" Gonzalez
April 23, 2021
Going Deep with Mysia Chabert
Welcome back everyone, in this Episode I sat down with Mysia Chabert the host of the toJunto Podcast, Stand up comedian and all around bad ass to talk like, comedy, relationship and So much more. Don’t forget to follow, like and Subscribe on all podcast platforms. Use the link for all merch and Social media links. Thank you and enjoy!
January 19, 2021
Hello Season 2 is here Ft Tre Keveloh
Welcome back everyone, it’s been a little bit of since we spoke the world had been flipped on it’s head to I called my friend Trevor Keveloh stand up Comic, producer and all around crazy man to talk about Comedy, current events and so much more more! Please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! For all merchandise and social use the link in the bio! Code: Dannylize
January 12, 2021
Halloween Convo with Wifey
To celebrate Halloween, I recorded a podcast with my Wife. Enjoy
November 01, 2020
I hate short Girls and Pumpkins
Thank you for listening, in this episode I riff about short women, and the lack of black people at the pumpkin patches.? Please like, share and Subscribe. Also get some merch use the link —>>>
October 13, 2020
Driving my Thoughts
Hello everyone it been while, so I was driving toward Killeen, TX to perform and in gave some insight on the state of my podcast.
October 09, 2020
Selyna with a Why?
Today i sat down with Selyna Tosch aka Selyna with a Why. she a stand up comic from the heartland, performs regularly in the blue room, she very funny, we talk about Covid, #metoo, and so much more enjoy. Code : Dannylize don't forget to like, follow and share all my social media, But Most of all Subscribe and help grow this podcast thanks
September 17, 2020
Faith and Comedy with Layton Flatt
Welcome Back to another instalment of the Dannylize This! Podcast, Today i sat down with Layton Flatt, stand up comic and youth pastor. We talked about how faith and comedy intertwine and so much more. Use Code: Dannylize at check out enjoy
September 10, 2020
the Jay Pages plus The Redo!
Hello everyone Sorry for not getting these Audio Episodes out earlier, but im finally catching up. this Interview was full of tech issues, but all in all one of the best conversations i had regarding mindset and training. Jay Pages is Caio Terra's 3rd American Black Belt, he old school, and loves martial arts and the mental aspect of every fight, we go deep on philosophy and so much more!
September 10, 2020
The Assassin Jon Mann
Hello All welcome to another Installment of Dannylize this, On this weeks episode i sat down for another latenight show with a friend and fellow comedian Jonathan Mann. Jonathan is a 2nd generation comic with a unique brand of comedy and out look on life. In this episode we talk about Central Florida, Race, politics, and so much more, go deep on Joke Writing. Don't forget please subscribe and share with your friends. for some dope Merch go to www.epicjitstees. use code DANNYLIZE at check out for your jiujitsu t shirts, and help support this podcast
August 21, 2020
Welcome,  Nice to see you here, well it seems you missed the Facebook live broadcast of Dannylize (judging you)...any way i sat down the a beautiful soul,  Olivia Pascal The Master Queen Bitch. we got into some deep conversation and random conversation about life, and randonautica. Olivia is stand up comedian out of the DFW. enjoy please like, share and subscribe using  also get some merch. using code DANNYIZE at check out with
August 13, 2020
Sunday Coffee with Joel Garcia
Welcome back,  Today i spoke with the Head Instructor at Embrace Martial Arts in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Today we talk about the Mindset of Martial Arts and Faith and reminisce about tough moments in life.  Joel is lifelong martial artist, from Brazil. enjoy the conversation. Use the link to subscribe and or shop for your Epic Jits Tee. code :Dannylize
August 09, 2020
Single Ladies and Tik Tok preachers
No guest this week, so i talked about how the ladies can learn to keep a man, I also talk about the Tik Tok Preachers and how they effect my views on Christianity and its place in my life.  thank you all so much for listening, don't forget to subscribe, and get some Merch at code Dannylize
August 06, 2020
Cafesito with Fatboy
In this episode i called Fatboy aka Juan Santiago to join me to talk about fitness, Jiujitsu and mindset. Juan is the Owner Operator of Fatboy BJJ, and overall savage. enjoy  dont forget to click the link for more content and merchandise Code: Dannylize
August 02, 2020
Comedian & Tik Tok Sensation SRI RAJ
Sri Raj is a Dallas based Comedian, who has found a home on Tik Tok, with his own unique brand of comedy. During the Live Broadcast we spoke about culture, comedy, social media and family. Don't forget to like, share and Subscribe use code DANNYLIZE at check out.
July 30, 2020
Sunday Morning Coffee with Alvin Codner
Hello All Welcome back to another episode of DannyLize This, today I have long time friend, activist, artist, and mayoral candidate Alvin Codner. Alvin is one of the most genuine people you can ever meet, and his passion for people is contagious. In today's episode we touch on a lot of big topics culturally, and politically. To visit and contribute to Alvin please check out And to support this podcast please like follow and share using the link Use code: DannyLize at check out
July 26, 2020
Shooting the Shit with Richard Aviles
this episode was live on facebook, use the link in BIO.. Richard Aviles is Stand Up Comic, Language interpreter and entrepreneur, and friend of mine who i met doing Jiu-jitsu. So when i decided to go live i had to invite him on to talk about life and catch up with him. We talk Jiujitsu, Comedy and so much more enjoy! Code :DANNYLIZE
July 23, 2020
Sunday Morning with Mason Fowler
Live on Facebook I sat down with SUG champion and ADCC veteran Mason Fowler to talk about his upcoming fight with Craig Jones. What it’s like to Train at CTA and so much more. Use code DANNYLIZE at check out for all Jiujitsu merch.
July 19, 2020
Someone is Getting Baptized!
Hello world!! I’m back, breaking down and ranting up!! Today I talk about UFC 251, face mask 250$ ticket, Mike Perry and so much more.. Enjoy! Code: Dannylize at check out.
July 10, 2020
Possibly the worst podcast ever!?
Hey what’s up! Soo, in this episode I got a little well you know 💨💨... but hey it went ok. So I rambled and talked about some new premises. Thanks gain!! Code DANNYLIZE at check out
June 25, 2020
Conspiracy Theory This
Welcome back to another episode of Dannylize this. Today I talk about some of my favorite conspiracy theory, and why they are believable. Also I cover a few current events and much more Enjoy!!!! Don’t forget to click the link to get your T-shirt and use code: DANNYLIZE for a discount on all other items.
June 11, 2020
Fear and Ignorance
Hello everyone late night episode, short but after the events of this past weekend and George Floyd’s death, my heart is heavy and I’m need to have a heart to heart with you. Honestly I don’t know how to address this but I hope you hear my heart. Thank you for listening Use code: DANNYLIZE at check out
June 02, 2020
Fight talk with Katelyn Nicdao
Hello world! I sat down with Katelyn Nicdao amateur MMA fighter, Model and actress. To talk life, fighting and so much more Don’t forget to get your Dannylize this! Gear use code Dannylize. Thanks enjoy!
May 30, 2020
Going Deep with Blake Andress
Today, Amateur cook, Stand Up Comic, all around great guy, sit down with me to talk about life.
May 23, 2020
Friday Whiskey Sip
Today I talk about some Insecurities and therapist assignment, I also talk about my grandfather and his legacy and what people told me growing up. Then in the 2nd segment talk about some goals and funny thoughts.
May 16, 2020
Eps#2 Fights are Back
Braking down UFC 249 and talking about the start of my week. Tekashi 69 is out and on the Run again. Drops and breaks records. Enjoy
May 12, 2020
Eps#1 Dannylize This Pilot
Thank you for Joining me today During our 1st Episode, I rant about recent news, and things i saw on Social Media. Also talk about something i realized about pandemic Dos and Don'ts. I speak about the most lovable pedophile in the world Uncle "Joe" and why he creeps me and his fall from grace. 2nd Segment i break down the UFC 249 Card and give fight Predictions please follow share and subscribe to all forms of social media and thank you for watching/ listening
May 08, 2020