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The Dan Ryland Audio Experience

The Dan Ryland Audio Experience

By Dan Ryland
I've been working in digital for over a decade (design and web development across both charity and private sectors) I founded and run a 6-figure digital agency. We have global, billion dollar clients such as Google, GSK and NHS. We use business profits to help students. I'm passionate about helping individuals find and follow their purpose.
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Developing the design side of a service as opposed to the bespoke manufacture with Graeme
Interested in Dan's mentorship programme?
December 7, 2021
Persevere, don't lose your passion with Penelope
Interested in Dan's mentorship programme?
November 29, 2021
From £5 to a 6 figure business | My origin story | Nottingham Trent University Nov 2021
Interested in Dan's mentorship programme? 
November 22, 2021
Automate your lead generation process with FREE tools
Using Airtable, Zapier and Gmail, you can automate your lead generation flow. All these are free tools and are great for simplifying your workflow. Airtable Zapier Gmail
June 12, 2019
How to avoid this influencer marketing fail
Thoughts on a recent article about an influencer with millions of followers struggling to sell products to their followers. Lessons: 1. Make sure your followers are the right audience for the type of product you’re trying to push. If not, use ads to find the right audience. 2. Sell with a compelling narrative. Share why you believe a product is worth their time/money. 3. Post often about the product. Seeing your genuine enthusiasm (posting multiple times) is going to social proof it, leading to a greater potential of a sale. 
June 5, 2019
👨🏽‍💻 LinkedIn strategy for students
Here’s a LinkedIn strategy for students that are unsure how to get into a certain career and don't know where to start.
February 8, 2019
👩🏽‍🎓 Advice to web students
While I was at Uni, I had to do lots of odd jobs to keep afloat and be able to pay bills and buy food.  It wasn’t always easy, but using my web skills helped me gain extra income. The extra experience even helped to build my portfolio.
January 2, 2019
🗣 My short introduction at NTU's Work in Tech event
It was great to speak to NTU computer science students. Was there as part of a ‘Work in tech’ event where a few of us Fellows gave intro presentations, Q&A, then conducted some mock interviews with the students to give them some good experience and constructive feedback. Here's my short intro...
December 12, 2018
💬Q&A with MindSwan PPC
A quick Q&A with Anu Adegbola from MindSwan PPC. MindSwan is a PPC/Paid Search agency based in London helping companies unlocking consumer insight through data analysis. @mindswanppc 🎵Salliefoyeh - Never Seen
October 9, 2018
👍🏻Hire Your First Employee
A couple of thoughts on hiring your first employee that you might find helpful. If you have employees, when did you hire your first employee? @realdanryland
September 30, 2018
📱Digital Marketing, Small Businesses (SME) & Nottingham 🏹
We're in Nottingham - an absolute creative hub - talking about Digital Marketing strategies, small businesses (SME) and business leads. We'll be documenting our journey in running a business as we get an office in Nottingham. ❓Question: How and when do you budget/plan your marketing? 🖥Minor Oak - Nottingham Coworking 🎶Stars - Nakicia
September 5, 2018
🙌🏻 Leads from LinkedIn
3 tips on getting clients directly through LinkedIn. -- ⭐️LinkedIn Search ⭐️ Website - ⭐️Calendly Website - ⭐️Naomi March - Recruiter LinkedIn - ⭐️My links Website - Twitter - Instagram - Podcast - ⭐️Ryland Consulting Website - Twitter - Instagram - ⭐️Ryland Fund Website - Twitter - Instagram -
August 19, 2018
🎉 You've Won Your First Contract 💼 Next Steps
Congratz! Now let's get into the detail of what it takes to smash the next steps. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list, but it's a good starting point. Hope it's helpful! 1. Write a crib sheet so you remember for next time 2. Who do I ask for software licenses? 3. Get to know the hierarchy of the company 4. Ask about their preferred communication method 5. Check working/office hours 6. Get to know their measurements of success 7. Get down with the invoicing process 8. Internal timesheets/time management 9. Internal processes 10. Lead from the bottom 11. Keep a paper trail or a log 12. Get LinkedIn recommendations
July 30, 2018
💼 Starting a Business as a Contractor
Things you'll need to know when starting your contract business. Hope it's helpful! --- Register a business (UK) Professional indemnity insurance Kevin, my accountant Xero VAT Business Bank Accounts Tide Starling Bank CRM (Client Relationship Manager) ---- OTHER LINKS Ryland Consulting Treehouse 50% OFF your first month using this link Hotjar - Analytics & Feedback
July 23, 2018
🤓 From Permanent to Contract
So January this year, I left my permanent role to become a Contract User Experience (UX) Designer. I wanted to document and share some of the preparation before making the move so here's a start at it. To add, my notice period was 3months. BONUS Organising calls with recruiters can be long and tedious. I started using Calendly and it helped automate some of that process making it less stressful and time-consuming! Highly recommend using it, and it's free! LINKS Ryland Consulting Treehouse 50% OFF your first month using this link Hotjar - Analytics & Feedback
July 16, 2018