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Social Conditioning, Orgonite & Spiritual Awakenings | Interview with Devon "Airbender" Graham

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By Dante
Welcome to Dante’s Inferno! My name is Dante and I’m an Energy Coach who specializes in getting you to accept yourself, love yourself, heal your past pain/trauma then go on to dominate life.
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“I Don’t Feel Like Getting Up”
In this episode, we address what happens when you don’t enforce discipline and integrating this “I am the CEO of my life” mindset.
June 4, 2019
#1 Hack to Build Self-Confidence
In this episode, I talk about why not breaking trust with yourself is so important. 
June 1, 2019
This One Habit Will Ruin Your Life
In this episode, I share a habit that will completely ruin your life. 
June 1, 2019
How to Stop Being A Little Bitch ft. Isaac Mashman
In this episode, Isaac and I talk about why you should stop being a little bitch and start taking action on your goals. 
May 29, 2019
Why You Should Stop Jerking Off And Start Approaching Women
In this episode, I sit down with Simon Pauly and talk about some real shit. 
May 28, 2019
Discussing The Fate Of Warcraft 3 Reforged With Entrepreneur And Twitch Caster WTii
In this episode, I sit down with Twitch Caster and Entrepreneur Richard Langley to discuss his career, how he got his start and his perspective on Warcraft 3 and the new direction Blizzard is taking it in. 
May 21, 2019
The Life Changing Magic Of Saying “No”
In this episode, I breakdown why saying “No” is your greatest key for success.
May 17, 2019
Why Being "Nice" Is Disrespectful
In this episode, we're going to talk about why being "nice" is actually terrible and toxic.
May 14, 2019
The #1 Trait That Separates Winners From Losers
In this episode, we break down the number one trait that separates winners from mediocre, toxic losers. 
May 14, 2019
The Pros & Cons Of Being An Asshole
In this episode, I break down the advantages and colossal disadvantages of being a douche.
May 13, 2019
Lions Don't Concern Themselves With The Opinions Of Sheep
In this episode, I break down why it's imperative not to care about the opinions of irrelevant people. 
May 12, 2019
A Little Message For You
Thank you for listening to this podcast.
May 9, 2019
How to SNAP OUT Of Your DEPRESSION And Start Winning
 Do you struggle with depression? In this episode, I show you how to eliminate it and take back control of your life.  
May 9, 2019
What Happens When We Don't Heal Our Trauma
In this episode, I dive into what happens when we neglect to heal the broken and painful parts of our past. 
May 7, 2019
Are You Setting Your Time On Fire?
 In this episode, I talk about how COLOSSALLY IMPORTANT managing your  time is and why now knowing who you are will destroy your success.  
May 7, 2019
Do You Think Women Are Stupid Sluts?
In this episode, I break down why we should take women off a pedestal and stop resenting them. 
May 6, 2019
Why Running From Who We Are Doesn’t Work
In this episode, I dive into why holding onto our past pain and trauma is destroying our life. 
May 5, 2019
Why Toxic People Can't Say Thank You
In this episode, I talk about why toxic people can't say thank you and why their house is a complete mess. 
May 4, 2019
What Love Is & Isn't (Also, I'm Engaged)
Hey, everyone! I'm engaged! So, I thought I'd shoot a video on the topic of love. I don't know if you know this but I used to work as a dating coach for 2+  years, had threesomes, orgies and plenty of relationships. Here's my  take on them now. 
May 3, 2019
What to Do When You're Having A Bad Day
In this episode, I talk about why I'm having a "bad day" and how you (if you're also having a bad day) and I can turn it all around. 
May 2, 2019
How Slowing Your Life Down Will Speed Up Your Success
In this episode, I talk about presence. 
April 30, 2019
Your Friends Will Change You
In this episode, I share why our friends can negatively or positively impact us. 
April 30, 2019
How to Quit Smoking + The Fall Of Troy
In this episode, I show you how I quit smoking and how you can to as well as any other negative habit. I also dive into what we can learn from the movie "Troy" and how we can apply said lessons to our own life. 
April 22, 2019
Why Labels & Separation Are Toxic
 In THIS EPISODE, I breakdown why labels and anything that separates us  from another Human being is destructive to your happiness and your  success. 
April 21, 2019
Why Your Emotions Are Overwhelming
In this episode, I breakdown why your emotions are so intense and how to gain control of them. 
April 20, 2019
In this episode, I dive into why most people will never, ever change. 
April 19, 2019
You Can Read A Thousand Books, It Will Never Be Enough
In this episode, I talk about the futility in pursuing self-help and why it's a colossal WASTE OF TIME if you haven't healed your past pain and trauma yet. 
April 19, 2019
Why "Brushing People Off" Will Ruin Your Life
in this episode, I hit a lot of different topics like power vs. force, treating people with kindness and healing your past.
April 19, 2019
Low Vibrational Foods Promote Unconsciousness
In this episode, I talk about how the foods and consumables (like cigarettes / alcohol) lower our awareness and make us unconscious which then makes us more manipulable. 
April 18, 2019
Here's Your "Motivation" Anchor
In this episode, I intensely riff and rant about social conditioning and why gaining control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions if the most important thing you can do in life--period. 
April 18, 2019
Are Your Thoughts On Your Side? (Quick Hack For Mental Peace)
In this episode, I talk about why mental awareness of your thoughts and being AWARE of how you're feeling moment to moment is very important. 
April 17, 2019
This Is What Is Destroying The Human Spirit
In this episode, I talk about social conditioning, The System and why low vibrational energy is dominating most people on the planet. 
April 17, 2019
Quick Update + Stillness Matters
Super excited to be able to record on the go now. I’m very happy and here’s a quick tip on why being quiet will help you make more money, have more sex and live an awesome life.
April 16, 2019
“I’m Gay” | Why Labels And Judging Others Will Destroy Your Life
In this episode, I talk about why labels and anything that promotes "separation" is massively destructive and low vibrational. 
April 16, 2019
Release Your Trauma And Supercharge Your Life
in this episode, I share with you how releasing your trauma will make you dominate in life. 
April 15, 2019
Why WHAT YOU DO Doesn't Matter But HOW YOU FEEL Does + Live Release
In this episode, I sit down with my little brother and share with him some energy awareness training. 
April 14, 2019
How to Stop Procrastinating (The Easy Way feat. Glenn Ackerman)
In this episode, the energy master himself Glenn Ackerman delivers 45 minutes of straight fire on the topic of procrastination. 
April 14, 2019
Battling HIV And Living A Happy Life | Interview with Axl David Romero
 In this episode, I sit down with my friend Axl who's living with HIV and talk about happiness, gratitude and success. 
April 14, 2019
The Truth About Success & The System
 In this segment, I talk about why motivation SUCKS and what actually work when it comes to success and happiness. 
April 11, 2019
CBD 6, The Opium Epidemic & Natural Remedies | Interview with Elyssa Hightower
In this episode, I sit down with Elyssa Hightower and talk about why CBD and Cannabis in general are powerful ways to take your health back and live a happier life. We touch on the Opium Epidemic and the terrible effects of addiction. 
April 11, 2019
Why You'll Always Be The Same Person (Real Talk)
In this episode, i dive into why most people never change. 
April 10, 2019
How to Find Your Purpose
In this episode, I share some personal life experience with the intent of helping you pinpoint and lockdown your purpose.
April 9, 2019
Accessing Higher States of Being, Consciousness and Toxicity | Interview with Ahmad Karim
In this video, I sit down with Ahmad Abdel Karim and talk about  presence, egoic madness, the evolution of Humanity, low vibrational  energy, toxic people, how to move energy, trauma and why moving up the  levels of energy into states of gratitude, inspiration and excitement  are key for living the life of YOUR dreams. 
April 9, 2019
Entitlement, Entrepreneurship & Paradigm Shifts | Interview with Isaac Mashman
 In this video, I sit down with Isaac Mashman and talk about  productivity, cultural hypnosis, social conditioning, negativity,  paradigm shifts, sheeple, The Walking Dead and entitlement.  
April 9, 2019
Why YOUR HOUSE Will Always Be Messy
In this episode, I talk about self-awareness and why your house will forever repel people.
April 8, 2019
Revolutionzing Mainstream Culture, Merch & Running A Personal Brand | Interview w/ Jack Manley
In this episode, Jack Manley shares insight into how he runs his brand, work/life balance and revolutionizing mainstream culture. 
April 7, 2019
Twitter Drama + Human Unconsciousness: Why You Cant Argue With Toxic People
In this episode, I make a complete ass of myself and show you why being triggered and trying to be RIGHT is never right. 
April 4, 2019
Jam Session + The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F%ck
In this episode, I play my guitar and talk about social conditioning. 
April 3, 2019
How to Get UNSTUCK From Stress & Anxiety
In this episode, I dive into how you can release negative emotions like stress or anxiety and also touch on death.
April 3, 2019
Social Conditioning, Orgonite & Spiritual Awakenings | Interview with Devon "Airbender" Graham
In this episode, I sit down with Devon "The Black Airbender" Graham and talk about orgonite, spirituality, social conditioning, breath-work and spiritual awakenings. 
April 2, 2019
And This Is Why Humans Kill Each Other (Macro Human Dynamics)
In this episode, I breakdown why humans kill each other, where hate/aggression comes from and how riots begin.
April 2, 2019
Low Vibrational Knows When You're Weak (And Will Take Advantage)
In this episode, I breakdown how low vibrational energy will try to take you out with short, upfront pleasure.
March 30, 2019
The Life Changing Power Of Gratitude
In this episode, I talk about why gratitude is important. 
March 29, 2019
The Warning Signs Of Deep Supressed Trauma/LVE
In this episode, I dive deep into how trauma manifests in our day to day lives.
March 29, 2019
Don't Forget Where You Came From
Hey, I just wanted to give a big thank you to all of YOU for supporting me  and the movement :) 
March 27, 2019
How to Be Contagiously Awesome | Interview with Camille Martin
The video of both of us can be found on YouTube channel. She has a great vibe, very optimistic and takes action. Just following her and exposing yourself to someone who’s positive AND putting the work in does a lot for us. I mean, we’ve all heard that quote: “You’re the average of the 5 people you hangout with.” Which is TOTALLY true!! But this also applies to what and who you consume. The books you read, the courses you take, the music you listen to. It’s all slowly shifting us and who we are. We’re not the same person day to day, even moment to moment really. So, I guess this is my way of saying I believe in Camille and think she’s going to crush it and it would be in your best interest to add an A player human being like her to your list of people to consume and follow 🙂 Thanks for reading this far and listening to some or all of this podcast :) I appreciate your attention and you mean the f%cking world to me 💙
March 27, 2019
Don’t Regret Your F%cking Life 🤬
In this episode, I leave everything on the table and give my thesis for life.
March 26, 2019
The Majority Of Society Is Unconscious
In this episode, I talk about the reason why most humans are unhappy. 
March 26, 2019
Your Energy Colors Your Life
In this episode, I talk about a bunch of random topics that are valuable.
March 23, 2019
Dante's #1 Secret To Talk FOREVER
In this episode, I show you the power of free association. 
March 22, 2019
Ecstasy Guided Release: Cure For Depression & Stress
In this episode, I wanted to give you guys a powerful release from my mentor and energy coach Glenn Ackerman.
March 20, 2019
Don’t Lower Your Vibration/Let Others Rise to Match Yours
Hey!!! I love you guys. This is the newest episode talking about why it’s so important to not lower your vibration for others.
March 19, 2019
Why Judgement Is Toxic For Your Success & Happiness
In this episode, I breakdown why judgement is poison. 
March 19, 2019
#1 Way to Tell If You're Still Holding Onto Trauma
in this episode, I breakdown the NUMBER ONE way you can tell that you're still holding onto past pain and trauma. 
March 18, 2019
"JUST DIVORCE HER BRO!" Relationship Mistakes You Might Be Making
Don't make these fatal relationship mistakes. 
March 18, 2019
How to DISENGAGE From Negative Thoughts
In this episode, I breakdown how you can DISENGAGE from negative thoughts and master your thoughts, feelings and emotions.
March 17, 2019
How to Tell If You're An Empath
In this episode, I breakdown what an "empath" is an dhow to tell if you are one.
March 16, 2019
How, When & Why You Should Release Toxic People From Your Life
In this episode, I break down why, how and when you should release toxic people from your life. I dive into how destructive toxic and low vibration people can be to your life and emotional health.
March 16, 2019
Evil Whoo Whoo Secrets Of The Universe (THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW)
In this episode, I reveal how you can stay happy for the rest of your life.
March 14, 2019
Why Self-Acceptance And Self-Love Matters
In this episode, I reveal painful memories from my past and why loving yourself and accepting yourself is vital for living a life of success and happiness. 
March 11, 2019
How to Get Through A Breakup
In this episode, I share some energetic secrets you can use to come out of a breakup unscathed. 
March 10, 2019
My Secret to Success
In this episode, I breakdown why kindness and win-win dynamics always wins. 
March 10, 2019
What to Do When People TALK SHIT About You
In this episode, I breakdown how you should respond when people give you hate. 
March 9, 2019
How to Avoid Burnout (And Bounce Back If You're Having One)
In this episode, I breakdown what burnout is and how to avoid it and comeback from it if you're currently experiencing one. 
March 8, 2019
Interview With A Panda
A little bit of a different episode featuring “Phoenix Panda.”
March 6, 2019
How to Get Gigs, Grow Your Following And "Make It" | Tips For Musicians ft. Martin Danel
What's up guys! In this episode, I bring my dear friend Martin Danel on the podcast to share how he's built his full time job of being a working musician. This man is consistently putting in the work, honing his craft and doing it all with a big smile on his face. I'm honored to bring Martin to you guys and if you're a musician... this episode is going to blow you away.
March 5, 2019
Cultivating Competence | Interview With Hazel Carbonaro
In this episode, I sit down with my friend Hazel and we talk about dating, social media and being a man on his path. 
February 27, 2019
This Meditation Will Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY (Life-Changing)
In this episode, I guide you throw a basic release for negativity and low vibration energy.
February 26, 2019
Top Books That Changed My Life
In this episode, I break down all the books that helped me in life.
February 24, 2019
SECRET Way to Raise Your Vibration And TRANSCEND Low Vibration Energy ft. Glenn Ackerman
In this video, we show the most powerful way you can raise your vibrational state of consciousness.    Growing up, we get caught up in being in "reaction" to our environment and we begin accumulating tons of traumatic events.  This causes us to be in a "low vibrational energy" state, which is in constant reaction to our environment and the events in our life.  This makes us deeply unhappy and causes us to suffer greatly.  The hidden secret to escaping this personal hell is to ENGAGE in life and awaken from this deep negative hypnosis so you can start crushing life.  In this video Glenn shares his top tips for raising to a higher level of consciousness as well as tips for staying detached to low vibration energy that can bring us back into unconsciousness.  
February 24, 2019
How Young Entrepreneurs Should Think About Business | Interview With Kevin Joseph
In this episode, my brother Kevin Joseph hops on the podcast to talk about his Facebook Advertising business and how he became successful.
February 21, 2019
Starting Fresh
In this episode, I explain what’s happening with my life and what direction I’m moving toward.
February 20, 2019
How to Stop Being Creepy & Weird ft. Joseph, Kevin & Dante
In this episode, my cousin and my friend Kevin descend into The Inferno to share insight and perspective on trauma, social media and technology.
February 18, 2019
Positivity, Fitness & Mental Health | Interview with Jake Virginia
In this episode, Jake hops on the podcast to talk about his business, fitness and mental health. You're going to get a ton of value from this conversation. I hope you enjoy. 
February 15, 2019
I Gave Up A Thousand Times
Hey, guys! I hope you get a ton of value from this episode. I’m sitting here writing this description thinking how I can make it cool and awesome and give you lots of good emotions... but all I can say is I had a ton of fun recording this and I hope you can feel the power in the words and even better—use them to transform your life positively.
February 15, 2019
How to Climb Out Of Your Despair & Negativity
Here’s some amazing tools 🧰 which you can sue to escape a negative state of vibration and start crushing it again.
February 12, 2019
Win/Win Relationships, Good Energy And Sober Raves | Interview With Dylan Lundgren
In this episode, I sit down with public speaker and poet Dylan Lundgren to talk about energy, mindsets for success and relationships. 
February 11, 2019
Why I Love Being Cheated On
Every moment in our lives present a great gift 🎁 and opportunity to get bitter or get better. This includes cheating. In this episode, I share exactly why I LOVE getting cheated on.
February 9, 2019
How to Be An Alpha Male
Here’s my perspective of what being an Alpha Male is really all about.
February 8, 2019
How to Be Cool
Here's my POV on what being cool actually means and how you can start.
February 7, 2019
How to Tell If You Truly Love Someone
Here's how you can tell if you really love someone.
February 7, 2019
Life Update :)
Just a short check in with Dante and what he’s doing.
February 7, 2019
Why You Should Be Real At All Times
Why it's crucial to be real at all times with everyone. 
February 7, 2019
How to Stop Caring About Other People
Here’s my POV on why other people’s opinions of you simply don’t matter.
February 6, 2019
What Does High Vibration Energy Feel Like?
Here’s my perspective on what’s so cool about high vibration energy in terms of practical life application.
February 5, 2019
How to Never Procrastinate Again
In this episode, we break down masculine & feminine energy, how they relate to each other, how you can avoid burnout and how to NEVER procrastinate again.
February 2, 2019
Help Create World Peace
In this episode, I come clean.
February 2, 2019
How to Stop Being Jealous
In this episode, I show you why jealousy never helps and how you can stop being jealous forever.
February 1, 2019
You Are A God
In this episode, I reveal what you actually are and why NOW is the time to awaken to your true potential.
February 1, 2019
How to Flirt
This used to confound me. Sometimes it was accidental and awesome but sometimes a social interaction would burn to the ground leaving me thinking “What the hell happened?” In this episode, I reveal the secrets to flirting and why you can’t do it.
February 1, 2019
Why Aren’t There More “Enlightened” People?
In this episode, I tell you how to become enlightened and why there aren’t very many of us.
February 1, 2019
How to Deal With Your Partner Cheating On You
In this episode, I break down how you can turn a toxic relationship around and how/why you can let it go if need be.
February 1, 2019
The Subtle Dynamics Of High & Low Vibration Energy
Here I breakdown levels of energy and how it impacts our lives.
January 31, 2019
Why Your Worst Moments Are Secretly Awesome
I’ve been gone a few days accumulating life experience and more context for energy. I’ve been learning. Now, I’m back to continue the content train and share what I’ve learned about love, life and happiness.
January 30, 2019
How to Dodge Bullets
Here’s how you can never let negativity affect you ever again.
January 27, 2019
Why You Should LOVE Being Triggered
Here’s why you should love being triggered and how you can use this process of being triggered to heal past emotional pain & trauma, then go on to fucking dominate life 😇
January 26, 2019
Make Positivity Louder
Good always beats evil.
January 26, 2019
High Vibrational Toolkit 🧰: Eliminate Your Stress And Start Crushing It
Here’s a formula for whenever you’re in a negative state to quickly escape it and start feeling gooood and crushing life.
January 26, 2019
How to Quit Smoking
If you struggle with smoking, hate yourself for it or find it’s exhausting & difficult to stop—this episode will help eliminate the difficulty and make letting go of smoking a breeze.
January 25, 2019
You’re Worth It
A brief message for those who need it.
January 24, 2019
Listen to This If You Hate Social Media
Here’s a value packed episode laying out the perfect blueprint to use social media in order to focus your success and massively speed up the manifestation of your dream life.
January 23, 2019
Why You Have Shitty Friends (And How to Get Awesome Ones)
If you struggle with having truly amazing and awesome friends, then you’re going to enjoy this episode. I outline exactly how you can let go of mediocre people and circumstances within your life in exchange for awesome and exciting ones.
January 23, 2019
How to Handle Physical Abuse
This was a hard episode for me to record but I understand it’s going to help people. It hurts my heart to know and witness people suffering verbal and physical abuse. Or any toxic situation in general. But there is a way out. There is hope. I’m going to give you the solution here.
January 22, 2019
How to Let Someone You Love Go
Here’s my take on how, when and why we should let the people we love in our life go.
January 21, 2019
Why Coffee Is Toxic For Your Spiritual Growth
Here’s my perspective on coffee and how it relates to your energy and spirituality.
January 21, 2019
How to Unlock Your True Power Using Tonight’s Bloodmoon
In this episode, I share with you how you can use tonight’s Bloodmoon to unlock more of your personal power and begin a chain reaction of events to supercharge your life for success.
January 21, 2019
How to Get People to Buy Your Shit
In this episode, I breakdown the formula to have lifelong, die-hard customers who will buy all of your shit.
January 20, 2019
A Tour Of Emotional Trauma Featuring: Dan Hitt
Here’s a conversational chat with my Dad Dan Hitt on a range of topics including emotional trauma, success and going for your dreams.
January 20, 2019
How to Get THAT Perfect Girl: Manipulation Mastery 101
A crash course on how to go from zero to hero featuring my Dad—Dan Hitt. We show you exactly what it means to be an awesome guy and how to live an awesome life. You’re guaranteed to take AT LEAST one practical idea or strategy from this episode that will IMMEDIATELY improve your results, not just with women, but in life.
January 20, 2019
Get Better, Not Bitter
My take on “competition” and how adopting an empowering perspective on it is much more efficient.
January 18, 2019
How to Cure Social Anxiety
Here’s my perspective on social anxiety and how you can use macro truths and strategies like healing past trauma, understanding we’re all source energy and high vibration energy vs. low vibration energy.
January 18, 2019
How I Define Friendship
Here’s a short rant on how I define friendship and why I’m so careful (now, wasn’t always the case) with my relationships. If it’s toxic, I cut it. If it prevents me from serving and being more efficient, I cut it. If it’s not win-win, I cut it.
January 14, 2019
Why I Fucked Up My Internship (And Why You Should Too)
Here’s my perspective on internships and why following your heart is ALWAYS the answer 🥰
January 13, 2019
What I Learned Interviewing 50+ Guests
Here’s a 17 min. firestorm of value breaking down the biggest realizations I discovered while interviewing over 50+ guests on the podcast. I hope you enjoy! Please share this episode with ONE PERSON if you found it valuable!
January 12, 2019
11 Ways to Jumpstart Your Morning
Here’s 11 tactical ways you can ensure your mornings are filled with enjoyment and easy rather than depression and negativity.
January 11, 2019
How to Become A High Value Male ft. Patrick Red
Big ups to Patrick for coming on the podcast and sharing value with all of us. I hope you enjoy this episode and use the strategies/mindsets shared in this episode to start living a more exciting and empowered life. 
December 29, 2018
How to Purge Negative Energy And Trauma From Your Body
Latest episode of Dante’s Inferno
December 25, 2018
How to Eliminate Depression And Start Crushing Life
Here are the keys to defeating depression and living an empowered life.
December 25, 2018
Wake The F%ck Up
A rant on living.
October 16, 2018
Secrets to Gaining Energy While Socializing ft. Dan
Here's a short talk I recorded with my Dad Dan on the topic of social dynamics.
October 15, 2018
Intro to...
Recording a podcast in a little while with my Dad on whether I hate women or not.
October 14, 2018
How to Knit Like A Badass | Ashlee Lackovic
In this episode, I sit down with Ashlee Lackovic and she shares her story, tells us why knitting is actually AMAZING and reveals how we can "Knit Like A Badass."
October 3, 2018
How’s Your Reality?
A rant on consciousness and success.
October 2, 2018
Helping Create Profitable Businesses with Izzy Lugo
In this episode, I sit down with Izzy Lugo and talk business. He shares the story behind creating Urban Misfit Ventures and his day-to-day operations.
September 24, 2018
How to Build A Loyal Fanbase with Jayson Evans
Here's an impactful conversation I had on the topics of depression, building a loyal follower base and why relationships and giving value upfront is the key to long term success. I know you'll get a ton of value from this episode. Please enjoy.
September 23, 2018
Why Your Excuses Don't Really Matter
Here's a segment from the latest interview with former Bank Robber turned Life Coach - Tommy Bastian on the topic of "Perspective." This is a really cool concept I originally heard from Gary Vaynerchuk. It's kind of crazy how there's genocide going on in the world, women being raped, doped up and sold into sex slavery - often also used as drug mules, people being murdered, people melting to death from Ebola, people stricken with horrible diseases like AIDS. And here we sit Tweeting about how awful our life is because we got too much foam in our Starbucks this morning. Perspective keeps you in a state of optimism and action I think. And to gain the ability to have an improved perspective comes from practicing #empathy. Practicing thinking how the other person is thinking and trying your best to feel what they are feeling.
September 16, 2018
Live Sales Call
Hey, guys! I thought it would be cool and different than my usual videos to show you a live sales call I did at my previous job.
September 16, 2018
How to Stop Giving A F%ck About People's Judgement
Here's a rant by former Bank Robber turned Life Coach - Tommy Bastian on how to handle people judging you.
September 14, 2018
I’m Happy :)
Here’s a short rant and update of what I’m doing today/what’s going on in my life 💪
September 14, 2018
From Bank Robber to Life Coach - Tommy Bastian's Unbelievable Life Story
Here's a powerful conversation I had with former Bank Robber turned Life Coach - Tommy Bastian. We discuss motivation, not giving a f%ck what people think about you, staying focused and keeping your emotional fitness 10/10. I hope you get a ton of value from this episode. It changed my life and I'm confident it has the potential to change yours. Enjoy!
September 12, 2018
keep going
September 6, 2018
How to Overcome Depression (And Start Winning In Your Life)
After climbing out of a massive low point, I talk about how you can overcome depression and start thriving.
September 3, 2018
Late Upload: Friends
Here’s an older episode that got lost which I haven’t had the chance to upload.
September 2, 2018
Emotional Vampires
Your environment and the people you hangout with are either feeding you positive energy or they’re a constant source of negative energy which steals your positive energy. People are like generators. They’re powering you with + or - at all times. The home you live in is powering you, the habits you engage in, the food you eat, what you drink. All of it is feeding you positivity or negativity.
August 24, 2018
We Live In A Washing Machine Of Bullshit
A rant on autopilot behavior.
August 24, 2018
My Current POV On Life
Here’s a short rant. Last episodes were lost and didn’t record properly. I talk about my POV in life and some things I’m going through.
August 24, 2018
The Secret to Living In Abundance
I had a crazy epiphany before recording this episode on why I’ve been so stifled while going out vs. the times when I’m carefree, in the moment and laughing when going out. It links into how to be happy and live in a state of overflowing abundance. I hope you enjoy! 👊
August 20, 2018
Why "Surrendering to The Process" Is Vital
In this episode, I take the audio ripped from a 20 minute video I filmed on the topic of getting better, surrendering to the process and getting better at your craft.
August 17, 2018
Why We Get Depressed
I thought about killing myself a few times this past week and I share what I learned coming out of this little early life crisis and what it taught me about myself and depression.
August 15, 2018
First Day On The Job
I chat about my first official day doing car sales, my current mindset and challenges I’ve been facing the last week.
August 15, 2018
For Kathy ft. Spencer, Clare, Ashley, Erin, Amanda and Dante
One night at a party we all filmed a very powerful video for Spencer's mother "Kathy". Here's the audio. There's a ton of gems and inspirational advice related to parenting, motherhood and living your best life.
August 11, 2018
Car Deal, Optimism & Debt
In this episode I talk about why optimism is your only real frame for navigating life and my current situation/challenges I’m facing and dealing with.
August 8, 2018
Martin Danel | How to Be A Successful Musician, Being Consistent & Key Mindsets For Getting Better Not Bitter
In this episode, I sit down with my boy Martin (IG: @mdanel11) and we talk about his new single "Grow" and the release of his EP in October. We also cover the topics of failure, achieving consistent growth in your skillet, optimism and why it's so fucking important to hustle. I hope you enjoy. Thank you
August 4, 2018
Kate Vontaine | Failure, Thoughts On Voice & How to Market Yourself Effectively
In this episode, I sit down with my friend Kate Vontaine (@katevontaine) and talk about her journey starting Mermaid Magic (@getmermaidmagic). We also cover failure, how to market yourself effectively in 2018 and why voice is important.
August 4, 2018
Talking Entrepreneurship With Taylor Clark
I very special throwback to an interview I did with entrepreneur Taylor Clark.
August 4, 2018
A 10 minute rant on why you should go all in NOW and start living the life you truly want.
August 4, 2018
A Message To All The Kids Living With Their Parents
A rant on why living with your parents is perfectly okay.
August 3, 2018
Kevin & Dante Dive Deep Into Social Circle Mastery
In this video Kevin & I dive deep into the topic of “Social Circle Mastery”. We talk about: -Why your social circle, or your tribe, is important. -What to do when your friends are screwing up and stagnating. -How to find winners and add them to your social circle. What we talk about in this video I really wish I could have heard 5 years ago and internalized it. It would have saved me a ton of headache and problems. On the other hand, if I didn’t go through it I wouldn’t be able to make this killer video ft. P.S. I hope you’re having a phenomenal Friday. I’m sorry this took so long to edit and put out. Your attention means the entire literal world. I love you.
August 3, 2018
Upgrade Your Fucking Tribe
A rant on why having your tribe/social circle/team members on point and executing with you. Why being open minded, positive and optimistic is so key for long terms success.
August 2, 2018
You Are A Lion
Why loneliness is a good thing, the dangers of validation on social media and why not giving a fuck about other people is important.
August 2, 2018
How to Buy The NY Jets
Here’s the blueprint for being successful in life. Also, I’m still searching for someone to close 2018 with and pay $2,000 to change their life. Hit me up on Instagram if you like money and progress @hitthimself
August 1, 2018
PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER: Kevin, Dante, Clare, Erin, Ashley & Spencer Share Their Experiences
Here's a conversation I had with an old business partner and friends of mine about actively participating in life instead of watching it roll by like the ending credits of a movie. We cover a lot of different topics surrounding success and share powerful philosophies which have helped us progress in life.
July 30, 2018
One Life, No Regrets
Don't regret your fucking life. Regret is poison. Get it out. Start taking action. Start changing your life. You have one life, go out, use it, take advantage. Don't.... don't fucking regret.
July 29, 2018
3 Ways to Conquer Failure
The first podcast I recorded (25 minutes) didn’t record.. which makes me angry but I redid it and in this episode I give 3 ways to attack failure/fear.
July 27, 2018
Patience, Patience, Patience
A rant on staying the course.
July 25, 2018
How to Use Gratitude to Transform Negativity
How to use gratitude to take literally any negative situation in your life and transform it into a positive one.
July 24, 2018
What Are Your Clouds & Dirt?
A short rant on why finding your purpose is so goddamn important and how nothing will really click or fall into place until you find it.
July 23, 2018
Go Get Yours
A very short motivational rant.
July 20, 2018
Spekter, Quantity Not Quality and Going to The Gym
In this episode I talk about using Alex Becker’s 60 Day reboot Spekter box, going to the gym, drinking green juice and why quantity is more important than quality.
July 19, 2018
Decide Who You Are
A rant on making decisions and getting into the habit of making decisions.
July 18, 2018
How to Make Monday The Greatest Shit Ever
A foolproof tactic to transform your Monday blues into Monday “Whoos!”
July 16, 2018
Are You The Wolf Or The Sheep?
The majority of the population are sheep. They're afraid to go for what they want. They have no control of their lives. They're unconscious. The first step for taking control of your life and making real change within it is waking up to the fact you're a wolf.
July 16, 2018
A fiery rant to jumpstart your day.
July 9, 2018
You Are Not Your Limitations
Pick something today that you’ve been wanting to start or stop doing... then do it. Too often we tell ourselves stories and wait for the right set of circumstances to come along before we act. They’re not coming. Create them for yourself.
July 9, 2018
Upgrade Your Fucking Standards
What you tolerate and expect from life is what you’ll get. Here’s how to raise your standards to start getting the results you want.
July 7, 2018
Take Back Your Power
July 6, 2018
You’re Fucking Worthy
An extreme wake up call to shake you out of unconsciousness.
July 6, 2018
A stream of consciousness from the inside of my car.
July 5, 2018
Find Your Why
A rant from inside my car on why it’s so important we find our “Why” in life or as Garyvee puts it: your clouds. What are you living toward? Why? What do you want? Why? What’s your purpose in life? Why? Can you put that Why in a sentence?
July 4, 2018
Arash Zepar Dibazar Interview (Part II)
Here's the second interview we did featuring a girl Arash picked up. Arash talks about male and female dynamics, living life on your terms and why you can NEVER compromise your dominance as a man.
July 4, 2018
Don't Compromise Yourself For Anyone
Here's a rant on why compromising yourself, your values and your beliefs is never a good idea.
July 4, 2018
How to Make Monday Your Bitch
The secret formula to never hate Mondays ever again.
July 2, 2018
An Interview with Arash Zepar Dibazar on Embracing Who You Are
Almost everyone on this fucking planet begins life struggling with embracing their inner world and for most people, that never changes. They're stuck in this hellish, shadowy version of life where they're not happy, they're not winning and they're SCARED! Arash sheds the light on that darkness and reveals how you can escape and live life on YOUR terms.
June 30, 2018
Stop Running From Yourself
A very fire rant from inside my car on self-awareness and embracing who you are instead of running from it.
June 30, 2018
A Message to My Parents
It’s my 23rd birthday today and I wanted to give this to you - Mom and Dad.
June 28, 2018
Laughing Heals Pain
A bunch of nonsense.
June 28, 2018
A Reminder: Be Yourself
A reminder to be yourself in all areas and aspects of life.
June 27, 2018
3 Ways to Start Getting Results
Here are 3 ways to start immediately getting results in your life.
June 27, 2018
A rant on discipline and winning.
June 26, 2018
#TuesdayThoughts - Day In, Day Out
A rant on keeping things in perspective and acknowledging your success.
June 26, 2018
I Hated High School
A rant on my current POV on life, what I’m going through and why I hated high school.
June 25, 2018
Monday Anthem
Here's a rant on Mondays from inside my car during my commute to work. Mondays are the perfect time to take stock of your life and audit your actions. Are you doing things that are making you feel fulfilled right now? Are you actually becoming someone youll admire and be satisfied with 5-10 hears from now? If you aren't. This episode might help.
June 25, 2018
Taking Value vs. Giving Value
A rant on my way to work about giving value and why it’s essential to long term results.
June 22, 2018
Stop Judging Yourself
A rant on how to take consistent action, not perfect action.
June 22, 2018
Do You Get Off On Resistance?
Happy Thursday! Here’s a rant on me resisting the urge to smoke and how I feel about addictions & cravings in general.
June 21, 2018
What's Your Time Worth?
Here's a short 20 minute rant of valuing your time and maximizing every second of it for INSANE results.
June 21, 2018
Everything Is Your Fault
A 3-point rant on self awareness, accepting everything is your fault and why life is happening for you, not to you.
June 20, 2018
Have You Had Enough Pain?
Today I quit smoking and had a powerful realization about our belief system. The stories we tell ourselves on a daily basis that keep us trapped in a certain place. We give our power away to these stories, for better or worse. It’s our responsibility to take that power back and use it to change aspects of our lives that we are unhappy about. Self-acceptance first but then change. I’ve struggled with smoking for a long time by choice. It’s not addiction. It’s a story. And this one has come to an end.
June 20, 2018
Stop Complaining
A rant on my way home from work about complaining and bitching. Why it’s not helpful. And why it’s actually dangerous for your life.
June 19, 2018
How to Stop Hating Mondays
A rant from inside Storm sharing practical steps I use every day to love what I’m doing and feel fulfilled.
June 18, 2018
How to Stop Caring What People Think Of You
My perspective on what I think it takes to stop caring about what people think of us.
June 18, 2018
A rant on not beating yourself up and taking consistent action. Not perfect action.
June 16, 2018
Messy Thursday
June 14, 2018
How Gratitude Will Make You Unstoppable
A 10 minute breakdown on how to use gratitude as a superpower to supercharge your life.
June 14, 2018
Another short car rant about life, perspective and deploying massive gratitude.
June 13, 2018
Fuck People's Opinions
A super quick rant while driving to work about people's opinions and why they just don't fucking matter.
June 12, 2018
FUCK MONDAYS! (A Rallying Call To All My Followers)
Here's a 20 min. rant on what I think about Mondays and people who hate them.
June 11, 2018
Why Do I Keep Self-Sabotaging
Here’s a short rant about my life and current POV on taking action.
June 9, 2018
What To Do When Your Life Falls Apart
In this episode, I break down why the WORST events and circumstances in our lives are actually gifts and offer us tremendous transformational opportunity.. if we allow them to.
June 9, 2018
Burn The Boats (Why You Should Go ALL IN Right Now)
In this episode, I break down how I "burned the boats" in my life in order to put myself in a position where I would have to win or die. I also talk about why this mindset is powerful and how to exert pressure on yourself in order to achieve real, tangible results.
June 7, 2018
Whose Fucking Permission Do You Need?
Stop looking for permission from other people. They will NEVER give it to you except when you're paying for it in the form of coaching. Your family isn't going to give it to you. You friends won't give it to you. The only person who can give you true permission... is yourself.
May 28, 2018
Spending Over $100 On Strippers
Here's a 3 min. rant on strippers and learning from your mistakes.
May 28, 2018
I'm Nervous
Here's a short rant on the mindset I was in before launching the diabetes business.
May 26, 2018
You Only Get One Life
You only get one life. How are you going to spend it? Living on your terms? Or living in fear?
May 25, 2018
If You're Excited It's Friday...
Here's a short rant on what I think about Fridays and why it is absolutely INSANE to spend the majority of your life (which is spent working) doing shit you hate.
May 25, 2018
How to Deal With Friends When Pursuing Self-Help
In this upload I give my current POV on the topic of friendships. But more specifically, how to deal with friends when pursuing self-help and inner transformation.
May 24, 2018
What It Felt Like Having My Masculinity Ripped Away From Me
A short rant on why setting up your ecosystem and feeding it with positive, high vibration energy is advised for long term success. I also talk about the night my mom's husband threw her across the floor and how powerless I felt.
May 15, 2018
Here's a 20 min. rant on putting in the work.
May 15, 2018
How to Become Successful With Mario Tomic
One of the most powerful interviews I've ever done. Hands down. I had the very special opportunity of sitting down with Mario Tomic to discuss his entrepreneurial journey and his insight on what it really takes to become successful.
May 14, 2018
Maybe The World Needs YOUR Crazy Right Now
Here's a quick rant I did in the streets of Downtown Phoenix talking about why I think it's so important to focus on yourself and eliminate the outside noise. Outside opinions. The outside world.
May 13, 2018
What I Think About Kanye West
In this podcast I share what I think about Kanye West, slavery and the latest media coverage on him.
May 10, 2018
What It Takes to ACTUALLY Become A Successful Entrepreneur
Really enjoyed getting to sit down with my man Brian Tobias to discuss his business and entrepreneurship as a whole... I think this episode opens up a side to me that many of you haven't seen with respect to whether or not you should go all in on your passions and not give a fuck what people think or play it safe and stay the same.
May 7, 2018
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