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DMC Podcast

DMC Podcast

By Danya
This is the closest you guys will get to our group chat. 5 brothers from 910 talking about our lives. From relationships to sports, to parenting, to music, to food, clothes, video games, and a quick disclaimer your gonna hear kids in the background and hear video games thanks for listening.
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DMC Episode 6
Today’s topics were would you let your significant other become an onlyfans content creator and when is it cool to pursue your ex’s friends.
June 1, 2021
DMC Episode 5
Today’s topics the guys talked about was which one is worse a thief or a cheater. How much is to much in reference to disrespect. Hope you guys enjoy
May 25, 2021
DMC Episode 4
Today’s topics were should someone’s past have any effect on who they are now and is there a difference between disrespect and criticism. As well as a rapid fire questions on music.
May 18, 2021
Episodes 3 pt1&2
Join the crew as we embark on this journey to become podcast legends
March 13, 2021
DMC Episode 2
Join the crew as we discuss a wide range of topics on this episode as we find our groove and get into a new space in with the podcast
March 13, 2021
DMC Episode 1
Join us as we talk about a wide range of topics from sports, movies, video games, music, and Valentine’s Day.
February 25, 2021