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Dara's Dish

Dara's Dish

By Darapati
Fun and insightful perspective on life. Bringing about positive change and personal growth. Every week I will discuss further on the changes we can make in ourselves and our surroundings to create a positive impact in our world. Perspective matters so let's chat with each other and changemakers about how we can create a difference for everyone and be an inspiration along the way. Find me on Medium :
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How Excercizing in my 30s Gave Me The Body I Wanted in My 20s
It's never too late to excercise. I hate the Gym and working out. However, when i hit 30, i realised my body was acting differently. Turns out, due to metabolism slowing down, in order to maintain the body we had in our 20s, we have to work harder in our 30s onwards.
March 12, 2021
How Realistic is the Marvelous Mrs.Maisel in Real Life?
Midge Maisel, real life role model or too good to be true fantasy? Is Midge Maisel the Northern Star for single moms? Is her life realistically obtainable and should single parents follow suit?
February 24, 2021
If You're Stressing Out About Life, Read a Romance Novel
Valentines day is the day of Love. This Valentines day, instead of spending it the traditional way with chocolates and flowers, lets focus inwards and care more about ourselves and our wellbeing. A good book is always a great way to reflect on ourselves. So this Valentines day, read a romance novel and be swept away...
February 15, 2021