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Vedic Astrology Forecasts with Darinka

Vedic Astrology Forecasts with Darinka

By Darinka Maja
Hi ! This podcast is to share weekly updates on the planets and moon, including significant events and energy signatures to assist you to plan ahead, align & optimise your actions in your daily life. Jyotish is an ancient science of Light, which allows us to understand and work with the intimate, yet dynamic relationship between past present and future.
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19 Sept - 3 October - New Moon Virgo, Debilitated Venus, Ancestor Fortnight...
Venus is getting stressed as she moves into Virgo, New moon on 26th with retrograde and combust Mercury. Virgo season begins. What is the ancestor fortnight ? Navaratri begins on the 27th, the 9 nights of the goddess ...
September 18, 2022
5-11 September - Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde
Full Moon Aquarius ♒️ 10/9, Mercury turns retrograde making 3 planets not operating in their usual manner. What is the deeper symbolism of this moon and how to work with it?
September 04, 2022
29 August - 4 Sept - Weekly Celestial News
Relationships in crisis, do you need to take action now? Retrograde season is upon us, planets in general strength but moon feels wobbly this week... ⭐️🧡
August 28, 2022
22 - 29 August : Planetary News
Mercury Retroshade, Leo Season, 🦁♌️ New Moon in Leo - A wonderful time to honour our ancestors 🙏🏼✨️
August 21, 2022
15 - 21 August : What's in store for this week ahead ?
How Saturn, Jupiter and the lunar nodes impact the cycles, themes and attitudes of society, Mars in Taurus conjunct the demon star algol, Sun moving through gandanta, opposite enemy Saturn.. Leo season begins!
August 15, 2022
Will the Real Lion's Gate please Stand Up? 8-15th August - Planetary News
This week sees a bright full moon in Capricorn with Saturn, opposing Venus and Sun. A realistic time for relationshps on all counts. There may be crisis. Mars finally moves away from itsvolatile conjunctions in Aries and shifts into Taurus. Also, Lion's Gate... say what?!
August 07, 2022
What's in store for the week ahead ? Celestial Weather 1 - 7th August
A potentially explosive week but massive energy to accomplish tasks and projects. Stay calm, blessings abound. Jupiter Retrgrade now for 140 days, a time to reflect and review your ideologies, beliefs and philosophies... ex lovers may return, something lost gets found, reconciliations, reversals and delays ...
July 31, 2022
The week ahead : 25 July - 1 August - Stay Safe!!
A potentially volatile week ahead as Mars approaches Rahu and Uranus, squared off by Saturn and Mercury, Jupiter turns retrograde, new moon in Cancer, plus much more xx
July 25, 2022
Signs of the Times - 18- 24 July- What's in store for the week ahead?
Hey folks, this weeks lots of activity with the moon and mercury, both planets affect our mind, moon is the emotional, feeling intuitive side, mercury is the way we communicate and articulate ourselves. Mercury has been in heavy combustion, moon will pass through the pisces Aries gandanta zone, and we need to take care as the mars uranus and rahu conjunction intensifies. Interested to Join the Masterclass on Saturn this wednesday 20th July? Head to my IG or send me a DM (Cant seem to post links here) 
July 18, 2022
Ep.3 Celestial Forecast : 11- 17 July
Hey Folks, Here is my take on the weeks celestial climate : Moon gandanta transit  Mercury combustion,  Saturn, Venus, Sun, Mercury changing signs Sagittarius Full Moon, plus some info on Boris Johnson, Shinzo Abe and the legendary Ophiuchus
July 11, 2022
Ep.2 What's in store for the week ahead? 4 July - 10 July
5 planets at home in their own signs! Mars strong in Aries approaching Rahu and Uranus, a volatile combination, Saturn retrograding into Capricorn,but currently in between places ... plus more !
July 03, 2022
Ep 1 Celestial Weather Report 27 June - 3 July
Welcome to the first episode! We cover Mars transitioning home to Aries, New moon in Gemini, in Ardra nakshatra on the 29th, Saturn retrograde and the positive blessings of most planets in their own signs.
June 26, 2022