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2019-06-30-Rick McKinniss - Come! Die! Live!

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By Darrel Qualls
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2019-07-07 - Rick McKinniss - Being Salt and Light in a Toxic Political Environment
What does it look like to be salt and light in the current toxic and divided political environment in our country?  How can we best represent Jesus' Kingdom here in our land and be the illuminating, preserving influence for righteousness that we are called to be?  It is not easy, but the Lord gives us one basic prescription to see justice released in the land.
July 11, 2019
2019-06-30-Rick McKinniss - Come! Die! Live!
Jesus calls his followers to take up our cross daily.  What does that mean?  What does it mean to die to self?  How is that worked out in the life of the believer?  And how does that relate to his call for us to be salt and light?
July 1, 2019
Sermon - 2019-06-23 - Bishop Arnold Muwonge
Guest speaker Bishop Arnold Muwonge from Uganda.
June 26, 2019
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