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Saul Searching - episode 3

An episode of Saul Searching

By Darren Saul
Saul Searching - the Saul Recruitment podcast where I search for loads of interesting and valuable insights for my listeners! Anything from how to build a "WOW" company culture to Job Seeking strategies to what makes a "winner's" mindset - it's ALL here..

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More places to listen

Saul Searching - episode 3
Recruitment IS Marketing! This episode is a very special and informative session for Recruiters, Employers and Jobseekers in this new world! Darren Saul and Mark Pearce (experienced and highly innovative recruiter with 20 years in the business) discuss the very important role of marketing in recruitment and cover some very important topics: - The lack of sales and marketing in recruitment - Why marketing is becoming more important than ever before in recruitment - Why many recruitment job ads don’t work - How many recruiters are damaging employer brands without even knowing it.. - How to choose the right recruitment agency and consultant to partner with Hope you like it!
August 23, 2019
Saul Searching - episode 2
Looking for work is a journey of self-discovery. Darren Saul and Catherine Heilemann - the founder of The Salary Coach - discuss the psychology, challenges and strategies of job seeking..
July 26, 2019
Saul Searching - episode 1
The very first episode of “Saul Searching” the Saul Recruitment podcast. Darren Saul and Peter Elliott from Asta shoot the breeze chatting about culture, technology and the MSP world..
July 19, 2019
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