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Take It Out On The Groove

Take It Out On The Groove

By daryle ashurst
Originally launched as an avenue to share 80's based boogie, disco, soul, modern funk, and interviews of the artist and producers behind those tracks. We now 100% focus on interviewing those artist! Find out what James Mtume, the late great Kashif, Steve Arrington, Rahni Song, Jody Watley, and many more artist already know about how we get down! Support this podcast:
Take It Out On The Groove: Jody Watley
Originally recorded 11/12/15 , the iconic Jody Watley Takes It Out On The Groove with us to discuss her album, ‘PARADISE’ and share with us some of her vast musical knowledge. I truly enjoyed my time with Ms. Watley during this interview and I hope you enjoy it as well! Be sure to support her music, (available at iTunes, Amazon, Google Play) and head over to for her blog, merchandise, and tour info!
December 26, 2019
Take It Out On The Groove: Steve Arrington
Throughout the years, I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to have interviewed music royalty in the world R&B and Funk. Taking this one back to November 26, 2014, when I interviewed my favorite artist of all-time! You know him from the group Slave (Just a Touch of Love, Watching You), Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame (Weak At The Knees, Nobody Can Be You But You"), and countless other jams...Mr. Steve Arrington! During this interview, we discussed the release of his 2014 release, Way Out (80- 84), his recording the Higher album with Dam-Funk after being retired for 25 years, and and remaining true to himself with the music!. I'm normally pretty composed during the interviews I conduct, but having the opportunity to interview someone I truly respect and connected with via the music was beautiful! I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I had conducting this! Alriiite!!!!
December 26, 2019
Take It Out On The Groove: Michael Cooper of Con Funk Shun
Originally recorded 8/31/15. Back after a brief break, we return strong with Episode 81 (A Conversation With Michael Cooper of Con Funk Shun)! I was very excited to have the opportunity to pick the brain of one of R&B's most recognizable voices! We go in depth on the latest Con Funk Shun album, More Than Love, discuss the key to longevity in the music business, and a can't miss, straight forward view on the current state of R&B music! Remember, if you're in the Atlanta are this weekend, be sure to catch Con Funk Shun at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater!
December 26, 2019
Take It Out On The Groove: Karyn White
Originally aired on 12/6/11. It's officially "White Tuesday", so it's only fitting that we have the person that sparked the day, the lovely Karyn White! Join me as we welcome Karyn and discuss her music career, her forthcoming album, and her new single "sista sista" available today, 12/6/11 on iTunes! The music, of course, will be on point and hey, I might even play some songs Karyn White forgot she sang! "White Tuesday" is in full effect, make sure you join the movement!
December 26, 2019
Take It Out On The Groove: Lenny Williams
Originally aired on 1/10/12. Join us as we welcome one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music, Lenny Williams. With his rich, passionate vocal style, he is rightfully regarded as one of R & B’s most influential soul men. Williams began his musical career making records that have subsequently become R & B and Pop classics, tunes like the mega-hit “Cause I Love You” (recorded on his solo album) and “So Very Hard To Go,” which he recorded as the lead singer for Tower of Power.  Lenny Williams' style has transcended into the new millennium, influencing many of today’s newest R & B and Pop vocalists. Lenny himself sounds better than ever as he continues to keep the focus on love. “Love is what has gotten me through all of these years.  I look for love and I surround myself with it,” Lenny says. When it comes to singing love songs, one must “go there to know there,” and Lenny never left.  He is able to take the listener to the heart of love with such soulful aplomb because love will never go out of style and no one does it better. Lenny’s current single is entitled "Still”. Twitter - @LennyWilliams
December 26, 2019
Take It Out On The Groove: Kashif
Originally air June of 2014, what a special show episode 50 has turned out to be! After four years we've finally landed the interview with a six-time Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Kashif that we've been chasing from day one! He'll catch us up on what's going on with his 10 part documentary "The History Of R&B Music", share some of his favorite records he's written and produced, including You Give Good Love by Whitney Houston and Inside Love (So Personal) by George Benson, and the stories behind them, and give us info Team iCare Foundation, that focuses on foster children. It's not every day that we have the opportunity to get down with a producer that has over 70 million records sold to date! Make sure you get ready because this episode of "Take It Out On The Groove" will go down as one to remember! Episode 50...Kashif Saleem!
December 8, 2019
Take It Out On The Groove: Donnell Pitman
When I starting doing interviews via Take It Out On The Groove, I wanted to spotlight those artists that not only burnt the airwaves up, but made those classics that we love and wanted to know more about them! This interview is just that! Recorded earlier this year, Star Creature Vibes recording artist Donnell Pitman really found a place in my heart not only with his music that I was fond of, but his colorful personality! Not only did we discuss his journey in the music industry, but he also shared history of a couple of rare grooves he's dropped over the years including the disco hit, Love Explosion! I promise you don't want to miss this one! -daryle #alriiite
December 8, 2019