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Dasagrandhi Charan Talks

Dasagrandhi Charan Talks

By Dasagrandhi Charan
I am a Programmer transformed into a writer. Having conducted a Self Engineering for Social Engineering way back doesn’t just reflect my qualifications, but describes in part the way I see the world. To transform this life a better place, with this podcast I am looking forward to learn and share knowledge, which only makes a difference for everyone.
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Mistakes are Capital To Successful Life - Understand It's Dynamics

Dasagrandhi Charan Talks

Every creation is Unique, Stop Comparison- Understanding from the Misleading Hare-Tortoise Story
Right from childhood I have been listening to Hare-Tortoise story and telling focus is important. But somehow this story didn’t appeal to me! But rather it appeared to be the misdirecting story I ever heard. This is imparting wrong morale in kids, this no way speaks about focus rather it speaks about irrational comparison, which is imparting a wrong thought seed in kids mind! You are comparing two different creatures living in different conditions, so we can’t compare both to derive some story for our benefit. When I remember this story, I recall an Albert Einstein statement-” Everyone is a genius. But if you compare a fish by its ability to climb a tree like some other animal that can climb. It will live its whole life as incapable” Hares don’t have defensive strength like tigers or tortoises, they are hunted easily. So nature gave Hares the ability to observe and quickly respond to make sure if the surroundings are safe and then it moves fast. Till then it observes. Hares can jump to good heights and distances, a little over 3 feet high and 10 feet long!  It has keen observational skills as it doesn’t possess a natural layer of protection like the tortoise, it has to depend on its observational skills and assess how safe its surroundings are! This is the key. Instead of understanding this, comparing two living beings, living in different conditions are trained differently by life and they have a different skill set for survival. So comparison has no meaning here. This is the problem with our education system and in fact society too.. They compare two different sets of talents and try to drag one down. This creation is not a factory creating the same products, instead, it creates a diverse set of skills for each species.. Right from schooling, I am seeing many brilliant people and their uniqueness is suppressed. Probably they would have evolved as change makers.. The problem is we want to change and be unique, but we don’t do that.  Our uniqueness is guided by society or some movie stars.  That is why we see society producing citizens as only factory outputs, not humans.. we are a unique part of this creation, why do we need intelligence to realize it all we need is common sense.. People aim to think big and think intelligently, but that is what we need, it’s common sense.. Competition is the foolish and insane word in this world.. People are making money by creating an illusion of this word.. let’s stop blinding ourselves… Every creation is unique but people don’t realize this and often compare blindly with others and feel insecure and get depressed. Insecurity is the biggest threat the present world is facing, irrespective of age. Finally, I would like to conclude with Albert Einstein statement- ” Everyone is genius. But if you compare a fish by its ability to climb a tree like some other animal that can climb. It will live its whole life as incapable”
May 8, 2021
Why Not Voicing and Inaction is a Great Virtue and Makes More Sense
Not raising your voice and inaction is mostly considered a negative thing without defining the context. Today we are discussing “Why Not Voicing and Inaction is Powerful and makes more sense at times?” When some tries to throw blame or say something we don’t like or feel correct! to prove our honesty or justify our thoughts, we feel we should raise our voice and give a reply whether they accept it or not, without worrying about what state of mindset they are in? People around motivate us by telling us that we should voice our opinion and reply then on, without understanding the situation or whether the other person is in a position to listen or not matters! Voicing or reacting to a situation or particular person is good, but not all the time. Here “Not giving a reply doesn’t mean we are coward or not have the capability? ” Most of the societal learning we have so far teaches only to react and voice irrespective of the situation! This is why most relationships are broken and lives are also lost! Say what is the point of voicing in front of a fool when he is working hard to justify himself? We should voice out, but I think sometimes inaction or not responding is the best action, which gives opportunity to keep up inner peace and to assess the overall situation.. When you act and voice in a space you aren’t supposed to, this will worsen the situation than not voicing, here voice becomes noise!! Refer To :
April 27, 2021
Identity Crisis- The Enemy Hidden Within and Killing Us
In the age of social and digital media, the identity crisis is a serious problem. People want to be identified and talked about, they are imbibing the same in children too which is a seriously worrying factor. In this process to get the attention people are doing some insane things to get attention! They are forgetting the fact that by craving for wrong attention they are getting mislead from the true Identity one is gifted with. People to get the attention they feel they have to be something special than what they are gifted with! Understand every creation is unique, by being somebody or by trying to be supernatural we are spoiling our own identity and we are just mimicking others and not being truthful to us. This identity crisis problem is driving mob mentality in everyone! People don't understand individuality and misunderstand it as to be being different and to be called different.. This shows a sense of insecurity in them and the same reflects in society too in every aspect of life. That's why we are not progressing as society! Nations compare with other nations and try to mimic some other nation, rather than trying to understand its social structure is different from the others, which is unique and they should work up on. With this a Nation cannot be built as the soul of a nation that is individuality will be missing.. This is the reason why marketing theories are driving human thought! The basic questions of who actually are we? and what actually are we gifted with? What we should be doing with this life? And how are we connected in this web of life? How we are being screwed and how this is disturbing the society web, which is a chain of everyone? These questions proceed endlessly.. So as to shape a person into an Individual and character that is wisdom driven... People should come out of the identity crisis and should stop being someone else in the name of being different.  and start being themselves to understand what they are actually good at! Let us not become blind followers of some untruth and misfortune. At the end of life when you ask yourselves what you are you find others, not what actually you are Finally I would like to conclude with a statement from movie Departed which says: I don't want to be a product of my environment.. I want my environment to be a product of me.. -The Departed Movie
April 6, 2021
Birth-A-Day: Why Celebrate Birthday.
Right from my childhood I was a little embarrassed and felt somewhere logic is missing on why we should celebrate a birthday and what is so great there to wish about a birthday? The same thought used to come even when every time I attended birthday parties, where darkness invites you to blow-off candles. In this process when I thought of why to celebrate a birthday? What falls out in the journey of human life from year to year till the final stage of life? I realized some people losing life at an early age due to some ill health or by some accident… If so, what is our ultimate journey of life contributing to? The result is just DEATH… Despite whatever we do in our journey of life right from start to end, the end result is death. So what is the use of celebrating a birthday? This describes the transparency of life from a different perspective and motivates my life to understand in depth. The day you are born is the day when you start your journey towards death. So your number of years reminds you of a life span that is fully spent or not in achieving your desired goals. What is there to celebrate a birthday when nothing is achieved out of it. All I say to myself is just chill and add some meaning to life than celebrating your journey to death. So that people celebrate your life even after your death. This is how you can make your life meaningful to you and your's loved ones – ultimately God has gifted one life, so let’s use it effectively Rather than passing lifelike insects that take birth and die within a span of minutes... This should be the mantra of your life to make it more meaningful and add some life to years and make your death bed a bed of roses. This is the greatest attribute one can give to their parents… So my dear fellow human beings start being humans.. WAKE UP ARISE AWAKE STOP NOT TILL IS REACHED..
March 3, 2021
Don't Get Trapped In The Past- Start Building Future
We come across many unpleasant things in life, they irritate us, and they make us angry. We all struggle to get out of the unpleasant things, but unknowingly we carry them more than pleasant things. Rather than the unpleasant thing, it is our reaction to it all the time in our brain spoils the things. There is no point in remaining hurt by the unpleasant events over and over again after it is over.   Doing so you are spoiling your present. The present is very precious to build your future, so utilize it to the best before it becomes past!  All we need to learn is to move on in life, leaving negativity behind, instead of carrying it like a king in a chariot! Reference: My YouTube Channel:
September 7, 2020
Realization of Mistakes Alone is Not Enough- Start Fixing!
In our previous episode, we discussed why mistakes are the capital of a successful life and how to realize mistakes. Here we discuss how to work on fixing mistakes.  The realization of mistakes and weaknesses tend to usually put us into thinking how not only one is affected, but also how people and the environment around us are affected. There is no exception to committing mistakes. Everyone does! But directing energy towards overcoming that weakness to make it stronger is what makes a successful person. What’s next? One might argue that the shortcoming has been identified and one shall put efforts into it. It’s all resolved. Really? How much committed are we in implementing correction measures? The question arises – are we so self-centered that we cut off slack to ourselves and try to escape from our mistakes/shortcomings? Justification for an action to escape facing our weakness – is it really the right thing to do? How honest we really are? How often do we assess, scrutinize, and evaluate in-depth our failures? The answer lies in an honest self-analysis. Analyze situations, consequences, and effects of an action honestly and without the fear of accepting mistakes – this is what is important. It helps us grow as a person. With an open mind, welcome criticism from the ones you trust. Being strong enough to analyze constructive criticism and modify weakness into a strength. After all, we are all born to succeed. Committed efforts and positive feedbacks are the boosters that drive us towards success. The harder one works, the sweeter are the fruits of success. Amplify your spirits and spread positivity around! Shun laziness and set an example for your kids, dear and near ones, society, and humanity! Time to Awaken the true self in you … Awaken the true self in you. Believe in your Unique strengths, keep up your spirit, honesty and route your efforts with no drain of enthusiasm and commitment! My dear friends, life is too short and precious for regrets. The day we are born is the day when we start our journey towards death…Make it a wonderful journey. Set an example for people around you to draw inspiration, joy, and happiness! Hurry up, you are never too late! Start burning your energy to perceive your passion… Success lies learning from mistakes and not repeating them. You begin your journey towards success the day you accept your weakness and make it your strength… Let’s start and make a contribution to the world and give a reason to be remembered long after we are gone!! Suggested Reads In this Series: Stop Acting- Its TIme to be Truthful Approach Matters, Not the Size of Your Opponent! Mastering The Art of Being      Thankful For Successful Business Image Source: Photo by ShotPot from Pexels
August 10, 2020
Mistakes are Capital To Successful Life - Understand It's Dynamics
All these years, most of us have been wasting our energy and strengths by pointing out the mistakes of others, rather than focusing on ours. Here we are just trying to escape from our mistakes.  Nothing more than that! We all speak and try to work on getting great skills and tactical ways to progress in our life and most of have been successful to an extent, but not to complete of course. To prove that you are truthful to the society, we are just building a big mess around us and start self-claiming to be the most truthful and honest people on this earth. We are soo much swallowed by the laziness and lies that,  these idiotic natures evolved as not our weaknesses alone, but they became our character and individuality unknowingly. Because of which we just find fault with others, rather than looking at ours. If someone starts pointing at your mistakes, most of us don’t like it and even get angry on them...  I don’t know about others, but I did in the past. Here I don't mean that others' mistakes are not there...There might be! Simply thinking too much of others being responsible for everything, doesn't help us much. Moreover, it results in hatred and negativity and no way it helps in our development... Of course, we need to consider other's mistakes that are affecting us. But before pointing at others' mistakes I believe self-analyzing would be wiser and healthier. I think to do this we should think of “what mistakes in me let all my attempts fail”. Here, it is important to keep our ego aside and start looking into ourselves. Look at your mistakes, only to realize how it affects us and others, then minimize them and does not repeat... Guys, it's not the mistakes that matter the most, but it is your strengths that matter the most. (I would suggest making a table of weakness and strengths) Most of us despite knowing these simple things we fail in life, due to lack of commitment in the implementation process! What’s Stopping you! Nothing is stopping other than YOU YOURSELF! So, Stop being Unfaithful to your SELF! The main problem is, most of us at times become self-centered and try to become an escapist from the situation that points our mistakes... Probably most of us do. I don't know about others, But I for sure did in my life in the past…. Which is why I failed to learn from my failures…  But dear it should not go to a level where you do only to justify your actions and to escape from the consequences or to showcase your honesty, which truly doesn't exist... Moreover, we rarely do a post-mortem of anything that happens to us, instead of finding fault with others…. Analyzation helps, but doing just from our point of view to just for justifying your actions to save yourself is not enough! Take someone help who is dear to you... You are born to succeed, friends...More than anything, just be truthful, both to yourself and to others who really wish your wellbeing! Guys never lose hope!  Everyone gets one chance in life to correct mistakes or to achieve something... But not always too! So, when you get such a chance, I beg you to utilize to the best and be an honest warrior…  Nothing is a piece of cake and nothing is harder too. Prepare for the worst in your battle and give the best... There is nothing wrong with struggling strong to reach your goal and to achieve the greatness of your life... Other than this for what the hell are you born!!!  Deliver some value for the birth you got...   Read More articles:
July 31, 2020
Why Delivering Value Alone Matters and How to Get it Right?
Every technological development that intends to deliver value or be a part of the human lifestyle must have a humane approach. Today businesses and professionals in a hurry to make business or get their job done, hardly treat customers and fellow professionals as human beings. what is life without compassion, morality, and values? In a rush to make profits, we don’t value people as much as we value short term profits, we simply view them as cash cows. It is pitiful that a human cannot understand a fellow human’s value and simply tend to forget that they are also consumers ultimately.  When one can’t relate to human suffering, it will not be possible to understand the actual problems and work towards solving the conflicts/problems. So, here where IS the question of the relationship with the customer? If this is so, making business or money goes totally out of context and meaningless.  In this podcast, we discuss why delivering value matters, and this alone works in business or personal life.  Read full write up:
July 24, 2020
Stop Blinding Yourselves
It is natural for everyone to make mistakes. But, the percentage of people who do mistakes knowingly is more! Here we are going to introspect and understand how this is happening and how to correct it! Being bound in endless illusion, we pretend and convince ourselves that what we do, and what we think is right! Moreover, we think we are progressing rather than understanding the mistake. So, let us start fixing mistakes! Correcting is an act of courage; it is not weak or coward. 
April 16, 2020
How to Handle Expectations?
One of the biggest problems in life would be handling expectations. And I am sure some of us will be victims of expectation phenomenon.  We often say that I expected this would happen if that doesn’t happen! We get distressed/depressed and thereby resulting in unhappiness. Here if we observe expectation is the root of misery.  Let us understand how to decode ways to handle expectations.. 
April 14, 2020
How to Handle and Win Situations
I am Dasagrandhi Charan. Here is my podcast on how to handle and win over situations. Most of us often get carried away by situations and spoil many things in our life be it in personal life or professional life. how much ever alert we might be still we fall prey to situations. This podcast attempts to get deep on :  How the situation gets us into its trap?  How to be proactive and smarter to handle situations so that no misery hits us
April 14, 2020