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The Max Your Dash Podcast

The Max Your Dash Podcast

By Dash Capital Advisors
What are your true desires? Join Dash Capital every month, as we take a deep dive into the world of finance, personal development, and everything in between.
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Episode 15: Build Your Portfolio Like THIS...
In today's episode, Nate and Steve are joined by Mark to continue their discussion on the state of the stock market, and explain the steps to creating a sound investment strategy backed by confidence.  
May 26, 2022
Episode 14: What's Going On In The Stock Market?!
Interest rates, growth vs value, Netflix, fed talk, and more. In this episode, Steve and Nate are joined by Mark to discuss their current thoughts on the current state of the stock market and economy. 
April 27, 2022
Episode 13: Do THIS To Master Budgeting..
A pillar of personal finance - the budget. In today's episode, Steve and Nate discuss the secret sauce to budgeting, and the mindset around aligning your spending with your true values.
March 31, 2022
Episode 12: The SECRET To Goal Setting In 2022
In today's episode, Steve and Nate break down the secrets and powerful strategies to setting and following through on your goals.
February 25, 2022
Episode 11: Your Solution To 2022's Stock Market Volatility
In today's episode, Steve and Nate are joined by Mark to discuss the recent volatility that market's have been experiencing to start the new year. Interest rates, inflation, tech stocks, the fed, etc. The guys discuss this and more in an aim to help you navigate the investing landscape.
January 26, 2022
Episode 10: Retirement Planning - The Honest Truth
What is financial independence? In today's episode, Mark joins Steve and Nate to break down the basics of retirement planning and the key components you NEED to know!
January 21, 2022
Episode 9: The Q4 List You NEED
In today's episode, Mark joins Steve and Nate to compile a list of personal finance "to do's" you should complete prior to year end! Have you done your tax-loss harvesting yet? What about Roth Conversions? Giving any money to charity? Check them off as you listen!
December 01, 2021
Episode 8: Your Open Enrollment Guide
It only happens once a year. Once it's closed, you can't get back in for another 365 days. That's right....It's OPEN ENROLLMENT. Should I make any changes to my health plan? What about my 401(k)? What's LTD? In today's episode, Nate and Steve discuss the things you should be aware of when looking to make changes to your employer benefits!
November 01, 2021
Episode 7: The Cost of Education is What?!
In today's episode, Steve and Nate team up with Mark to discuss all the basics of saving for your children's education! Your 101 introductory course on education planning is here!
September 30, 2021
Episode 6: Myth-busting: Credit Cards
I should close out a credit card if I don't use it right? Is it damaging to have more than one card? Should I even bother using any cards with a high annual fee? In today's episode, Nate and Steve discuss the self defeating thinking and common myths associated with credit cards and their role in your financial plan!
August 02, 2021
Episode 5: Your Biggest Gamble
What happens to your lifestyle if your paycheck disappears? Disability income planning expert Jon Sheldon joins Nate and Steve to discuss the importance in protecting your income in your financial plan.
June 07, 2021
Episode 4: Investing 101
In today's episode, Nate and Steve welcome their first guests to discuss the ins and outs of investing, asset allocation, diversification and....poutine?
April 26, 2021
Episode 3: TOP 5 Budgeting Tips
Budgeting: Your favorite love/hate relationship. In today's episode, Nate and Steve discuss the top 5 tips every personal finance connoisseur should know if they want to be a master budgeter. 
March 29, 2021
Episode 2: The Dash
In today's episode, Nate and Steve dive into the origin story behind the "Dash" in Dash Capital Advisors. 
March 12, 2021
Episode 1: Stack Your Wins
In episode 1, Nate and Steve discuss one of the most important topics regarding personal development: goal setting.
February 02, 2021