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Radically Honest

Radically Honest

By Dasom Lee
In this digital age, we all aspire to become influential, entrepreneurial, or professional in our lives. Through raw story-telling, let's de-mystify the true keys to success—by unraveling our shared humanity. Whose life will you resonate with today?
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SEASON 2 RECAP ft. Your Host Dasom Lee
Your host Dasom Lee breaks down every episode released on Radically Honest Season 2.  From Episode 1: Starting YouTube at 15, Consultant To Productivity Guru, & Self Doubt ft. Barbu Agency Founder and The Real Reel Host Natalie Barbu to Episode 14: From Rare Disease Diagnosis To Her Book Blowing Up ft. But You Don't Look Sick Nonprofit Founder and Host Melody Olander, tune in for riveting key takeaways, quotes, & summaries from all of the influencers, entrepreneurs, and professionals that have graced Season 2.  Write us a review on Apple Podcasts? Website: @radicallypod on Instagram and @radicallypod on Twitter LinkedIn and Facebook
May 13, 2021
SEASON FINALE: From Rare Disease Diagnosis To Her Book Blowing Up ft. But You Don't Look Sick Nonprofit Founder and Host Melody Olander
On the fourteenth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee opens up with Melody Olander, founder of nonprofit But You Don't Look Sick, Host of Real Talk with Melody, and Author of "But You Don't Look Sick." After this four-word phrase became a point of connection for her and her 40K+ followers, she became a voice for the chronically ill community. "How do you expect people to know your story if you don't tell your story? " - Melody Olander. At 17, her symptoms developed overnight. Years later, Melody was diagnosed with CIDP, a rare neurological disorder. When her trembling hands prohibited her ability to draw, she began sketching. This evolved into her book, "But You Don't Look Sick." Organically, her platform grew and her story resonated. A Biological Sciences and Healthcare Solutions graduate, her nonprofit is an uplifting community for patients with invisible and chronic symptoms.  So, how can you activate change in YOUR community? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Subscribe and donate at, listen to her podcast Real Talk with Melody, follow @butyoudontlooksickofficial on Instagram, and shop merch.
May 05, 2021
#Lifegoals: Solo Travel, 10M TikTok Likes, & Spiritual Epiphanies ft. Entrepreneur and Kendall's World Host Kendall Fuhrman
On the thirteenth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee chats genuinely with Kendall Fuhrman, 25-year-old travelling entrepreneur, Mindset Coach, TikToker, Founder of Fuhrman Ventures LLC, and now Host of Kendall's World podcast. Enriched by her sustainable solo travel experiences and spiritual endeavors, she's wisdom galore. "The more authentic you are, the more energy you can build. The more you'll find your niche. Authenticity wins. " - Kendall Fuhrman. Graduating from USC, she quit her 9-5 to found her marketing agency and turn the Bali beaches into her office. She even recently attained her yoga instructor certificate in Cusco, Peru. The proof is in her travel TikToks, amassing millions of likes online. What's her secret? Her new podcast, Kendall's World, is a stripped down tell-all, divulging her tips on solo travelling, mindsets, and spiritual topics. Don't miss out on this one. So, how can you manifest an energetic life? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Listen to her NEW podcast at, @kendall.fuhrman and @kendallsworldpodcast on Instagram, @kendallfuhrman on TikTok, and Kendall Fuhrman on YouTube
April 27, 2021
Transforming Businesses As A Clinical Psychologist and Channeling Intention ft. Rhodes Smith Consulting CEO and Author Dr. Ian Brooks
On the twelfth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee gets intentional with Dr. Ian Brooks, Chief Executive and Founder of Rhodes Smith Consulting, clinical psychologist, and author of soon-to-be-released book Intention. He's amassed over two decades in the organization development and human capital field—he knows why people "tick." "Trust the value that you bring and stay true to that value, knowing that it will evolve. It will continuously grow as you grow as an individual. " - Dr. Ian Brooks. As a people-savvy psychologist, he's reinvigorated businesses of all sizes in their transformations. When he sensed a lay-off, he propelled himself into his own venture as a solopreneur. Over 10-12 years, he's consciously shaped his intentionality and refined his valuable methodologies. His reality check? He wasn't as good as he thought it was. Today, his masterpiece of a book was made possible by his painfully honesty moments. So, how can you nurture your humility? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Preorder Intention before the April 27, 2021 release date on Amazon and other retail booksellers. Newsletter, coaching workshops, and more can be found at @drb_intention on Instagram and Twitter.
April 20, 2021
Trusting His Intuition To Grow 6 Ventures Grossing Nearly $20M ft. Intuitive Branding Coach, Author, & Intuitionology Host Sunil Godse
On the eleventh episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee spills psychological wisdom with Sunil Godse, serial entrepreneur and investor, Intuitive Branding Coach, and The Intuitionology Podcast series Host. Author of Gut! What It Is, How To Trust It, How To Use It and Fall Fast. Succeed Faster—he's a mastermind of achieving goals. "Why are we waiting 'til we're 65? Why are we waiting 5 years later? Stop your regrets today. Live your life through intuition." - Sunil Godse. You don't have to succumb to fear. After one irreversible decision led to a friend being shot and killed, he invested thousands of hours on research and interviews. Today, his track record is nearly spotless. He coaches businesses to crush their competition the right way, avoiding the annual loss of nearly $1 billion due to low productivity, high turnover costs, and revenue losses. His methodology transforms lives.  So, how can you listen to your innate intuition? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @intuitionology on Instagram and TikTok,, Sunil Godse on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Clubhouse; Register for the free 7-day challenge at
April 13, 2021
Innovating New-Age Feminine Care Products and Sustaining Her Wellness ft. Honey Pot CEO/Founder Beatrice Dixon
On the tenth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee resonates deeply with Beatrice Dixon, the Founder and CEO of Honey Pot, the first plant-based feminine care line. A spiritual being wrapped up in skin, she innovates new-age products. Simply put, her mission is to improve lives—through pillars of cleanliness, efficaciousness, vibrance, and good energy. "I'm working really hard in my present moments to maintain my wellness, mindfulness, mindlessness, and to be grateful I'm here right now." - Beatrice Dixon. Her first job was at McDonald's. Her drive and hustle are in her blood, but she built her muscle of a work ethic. In Atlanta, she used to work 2-3 jobs for mere sustenance. After her bacterial vaginosis infection, she formulated a product that healed her. The key? Clean ingredients. Channeling empathy and humility always, she dreams of initiating radical and safe conversations that can normalize vaginal health. So, how can you put your self-worth first and reap the benefits of mental clarity? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @iambeadixon and @thehoneypotco on Instagram,, & Honey Pot Co products available in stores everywhere
April 06, 2021
Exponential Technologies, Safepreneurship in Leadership, & The Digital World ft. Nokia Solution Architect Doug Hohulin
On the ninth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee gets technical with Nokia Solution Architect Doug Hohulin. Doug is a trailblazing futurist that helps people navigate both physical & digital worlds. An expert on 5G, 6G, XR, VR, Cybersecurity, and more—he's a surefire connector to people, information, and things of value.  "I'm really excited about the future, and how to leverage the lessons learned in the past for the future." -  Doug Hohulin. Over 32 years at Motorola and Nokia, he's engaged in "safepreneurship," even landing a $700 million 2G project cited by The Wall Street Journal. 7 million people in the world had a cellphone at the time. 25 years later, 8 billion people do. Now that’s an exponential technology! Today, the cellular business is worth $4 and a half trillion worldwide. From autonomous vehicles to VR, the opportunity for technological innovation is abundant. So, how can you apply systems thinking in your business? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Doug Hohulin on LinkedIn
March 30, 2021
His Audacious Climb From Mowing Lawns To An 8-Figure Business ft. Student Works Head Coach and Leaders Of Tomorrow Host Chris Thomson
On the eighth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee spills valuable truth with the Head Coach at Student Works Management Program and Host of Leaders Of Tomorrow podcast, Chris Thomson. Over four decades of entrepreneurial fire later— he can recognize a prolific leader when he sees one. "There are so many small things that can make a difference. It's becoming an overnight success story in decades. There's so many iterations, climbing a mountain range" - Chris Thomson. He encapsulated his "why" with a hairy, audacious goal: to create a thousand millionaires. His company does just that— with hungry students. It's about value creation. North America is an incredible market: resources and needs are abundant. There's a lot of content, but a lack of context. He's learned the hard way, from debt crises to 18 million dollars projected this past year. So, how can you climb your mountain each day? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Chris Thomson on LinkedIn,, and Leaders Of Tomorrow podcast available everywhere
March 09, 2021
From Modeling To Silkwear Brand Owner and Romanticizing Your Life ft. A.M. Club Founder and Content Creator Amy Marietta
On the seventh episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee gets sincere with Trifecta Influencer (TikTok + YouTube + Instagram) and Founder of A.M. Club, an ethical and sustainable silkwear brand of exclusive pieces, Amy Marietta. From modeling at 16 to L.A. reality shows— she's now empowered with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. "I'm a visual learner, so it just takes one thing for me to see. Then I'm progressive, I learn, and make changes. That's the great power of social media, it can change the world in a really positive way." - Amy Marietta. Aimee Song's sister was doing her makeup at a modeling shoot one day. Viola! Her breakthrough into blogging. Her secret? Romanticizing your life. Come alive daily. When you share your positivity online, co-inspiration sparks. Keep up the positive mindset and manifest your most pearly aspirations. One regret? That she used to dress for others. So, how can you ~carpe diem~ seize every day? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @amymarietta on TikTok, @amy_marietta and on Instagram, Amy Marietta on YouTube, and
March 02, 2021
Underdog To Winner: Empowering People To Land Their Dream Jobs ft. Wonsulting and The20 CEO and Career Influencer Jonathan Javier
On the sixth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee sits down with the CEO/Founder of Wonsulting (helping those with non-traditional backgrounds reach top companies) and The20 (a job accelerator of 20 underdogs). Jonathan Javier, or #JWoW, has amassed 90K LinkedIn followers and 336K on Wonsulting's TikTok— people are hungry for recruiting advice. "You need only one yes, one job, and one person to believe in you, and that'll make the difference in the world and especially in your career." - Jonathan Javier. Growing up, he grappled with acne and obesity. After blaming job rejections in college on external factors, he realized that his work ethic mattered most. Unconventional routes = gold mines. In 2019, Wonsulting sparked as an idea. When lay-offs ravaged many in 2020, he developed a deadly combo of hope and actionable steps for job seekers. The lesson? Failure is redirection. So, how can you manifest your dream career? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Send him a personalized invite (Jonathan Javier) on LinkedIn saying you came from this podcast, @jonathanwordsofwisdom on Instagram, @wonsulting on Instagram and TikTok, and
February 23, 2021
TikTok Famous Morning Routines and Breaking The Mental Health Stigma ft. Fitness Influencer and Morning Rae Host Allana Blumberg
On the fifth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee gets candid with Influencer, YouTuber, TikToker, and Morning Rae Host Allana Blumberg, also known as @lanibfit. She aspires to make healthy living accessible and guilt-free— even the early-rising fitness gurus feel poorly sometimes. "Looking at things from a place of lightness, openness, and optimism is a huge push behind my story and my why." - Allana Blumberg. Her TikTok debut was graced by a 6:30 a.m. morning routine gone viral. From social media marketing at a startup to running @lanibfit, she never imagined her widespread impact. Her message? Protein powders shouldn't break the bank. Don't fall victim to diet culture, but eat intuitively. Reframe your perspective to be encouraging. As a creator, add value and be consistent. So, how can you appreciate the small wins to ensure progress? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @lanibfit on Instagram, @allanarae on Tik Tok, Allana Blumberg on YouTube, and Morning Rae podcast
February 16, 2021
Talent Management For Tomorrow's Stars and Nurturing Self-Confidence ft. FRNDLY CEO/Founder and Host Jacob Wittenberg
On the fourth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee unpacks the journey of Jacob Wittenberg, Founder and Podcast Host of FRNDLY, an independent media group comprised of future creators, communicators, entrepreneurs, and artists. A young visionary— his passions for music led him to be empathetic for the unrepresented. "At the end of the day, the only person that is the energy and the fuel to the fire of what you're doing is you." - Jacob Wittenberg. Far too often, we deem our passions as our "hobbies." A Boston University Senior graduate and avid singer/songwriter, he realized that no one was going to hand him a record label. And he wasn't alone. We wait for people to enable us to pursue dreams (i.e. a management firm or a social media blow-up). If we broke down those barriers, how far could we actually go? So, how can you walk your unique path with courage? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support:, @frndlymedia on socials, @jacobwittenberg on Instagram, and Jake Brewer for music
February 09, 2021
Rejecting Harvard To Bootstrap A Startup, Raising $5 Million, and Resilience ft. Fireflies AI CTO/Co-founder Sam Udotong
On the third episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee chats earnestly with MIT Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering graduate, and CTO and Co-founder of Fireflies AI, an AI note-taking system for your meetings. Only 26 years old — he's graced the cover of Entrepreneur magazine for good reasons. "If everyone loves your product but they’re not willing to pay for it, then you don’t really have a business." - Sam Udotong. Fireflies AI began as a project in the MIT classroom. After seven pivots, he now has dozens of employees globally, lectures about AI at Stanford, and has investors from Amazon to Dropbox. Be bold and persistent, believe, and drive your idea to completion. You also have to be realistic. Is your product something people will actually use and value? Is it worth your time? So, how can you overcome the emotional battle of entrepreneurship? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @sudotong and @firefliesai on Twitter and Instagram;
January 26, 2021
FIRST GUEST RETURNS: Mastering The 9-5 and Career Advice ft. Former KPMG Australia/China Partner Gary Nowak
Our FIRST guest returns. On the second episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee receives invaluable career advice from global consulting leader and former KPMG Australia and China Partner Gary Nowak. He's hired, trained, mentored, and laid off. Two decades of climbing up the corporate ladder later— here's what he wish he knew at the beginning of his career. "We don't want perfect people. We want good, hard-working, honest people." - Gary Nowak. It's all about your intangible skills. Why do you think companies conduct behavioral interviews? Difficult to grasp and harder to measure, your intangibles will make you a subtle superstar. Build relationships with those with the power to impact your career. Ask for honest feedback (brace yourself: criticism may ensue). Always negotiate your salary. Ask targeted questions to cultivate self-awareness. "If I were to be promoted tomorrow, what would have to change?" So, how can you experience success as your firm's dream employee? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Gary P. Nowak on LinkedIn; Follow for his Wish I Knew LinkedIn series and upcoming executive coaching program and podcast
January 19, 2021
Starting YouTube at 15, Consultant To Productivity Guru, & Self-Doubt ft. Barbu Agency Founder and The Real Reel Host Natalie Barbu
On the first episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee gets real with nine-year YouTuber, Founder of Barbu Agency, Host of The Real Reel Podcast, and all-around productivity guru Natalie Barbu. An NC Industrial Engineering graduate and former Accenture Technology Analyst, she's opened, closed, and rebranded multiple businesses— her life hacks are noteworthy. "Being on that upward trajectory is more important than hitting the actual goal." - Natalie Barbu. Slow and steady wins the race. Start today—improvement occurs through trial and error. Yes, she's experienced self-doubt. The first step to creating in an oversaturated market? Stop comparing and start thriving in your individuality. Moving to her dream city (New York) amid the pandemic, her plans changed but her community has grown stronger. Take classes Skillshare, but pause to apply what you've learned. Take criticism with a grain of salt. So, how can you open up your bubble to encompass the world of social media? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @nataliebarbu, @barbuagency, and @therealreelpodcast on YouTube and Instagram;
January 05, 2021
SEASON 1: 20 Episode Recap ft. Your Host Dasom Lee
Your host Dasom Lee breaks down every episode released in Radically Honest history.  From Episode 1: Why Listen? to Episode 20: How His Podcast Blew Up Overnight and Simplifying The Self Help Industry ft. New Mindset, Who Dis? Founder/Host Case Kenny, tune in for engaging summaries and quotes from all of the influencers, entrepreneurs, and professionals we have interviewed thus far.  Website: Instagram and Twitter: @radicallypod LinkedIn and Facebook: Radically Honest Podcast
December 29, 2020
SEASON FINALE: How His Podcast Blew Up Overnight and Simplifying The Self Help Industry ft. New Mindset, Who Dis? Founder/Host Case Kenny
On the FINALE of Radically Honest Season 1, your host Dasom Lee chats openly with 32-year-old author of "Single Is Your Superpower" and "The 60 Day New Mindset Journal," Founder and Host of New Mindset, Who Dis? podcast, and Forbes Business Development Council Member Case Kenny. Christened "Bro-prah" by his listeners, he's just a guy who loves house music, chipotle, and working out. His podcast just happens to be Top 50 in the US— tune in after this. "You got to find something you stand for. Takes a little vulnerability to do that, but it'll serve you in the long run. " - Case Kenny. Digital advertising sales by day, professional podcaster by night. A veracious writer, he founded in 2014 and amassed a mailing list of 220K members. A breakup lead to a desire for self-awareness in 2017—birthing New Mindset, Who Dis? He has a knack for simplifying the self development industry into digestible morsels. Uploading twice a week and posting daily for two years, he's devoted to repeated, stubborn output. Respond to comments. Don't fall for your ego. Own your truth. So, how can you manifest your "hockey stick" moment? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @case.kenny on Instagram,, and listen to New Mindset, Who Dis? on all podcast platforms.
December 22, 2020
The Perils Of The Hustle Mentality, His Multi 7-Figure Business, & Engaging Online ft. Design Cuts CEO/Founder and Biz Buds Host Tom Ross
On the nineteenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee sits down with Creative Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of DesignCuts, and Host of Biz Buds and The Honest Designer Show Tom Ross. Fired up with entrepreneurial ambition pre-puberty, the only time he didn't work for himself was stocking shelves at a store. His adversity story is inspiring—lean in closer. Growing up in England, a genius friend inspired him to code at age 12. An early adopter in the blogging space,  "sleazy" advice online led him to use vanity metrics to build a high-traffic site. This boasted over 50 million visitors. Oddly enough, he wasn't fulfilled. The bounce rate was high and what heavily lacked was engagement. He vowed to create the most engaged community of all time. A multitude of design competitions later, he fell in love with creatives—being one himself. Viola! Design Cuts was born, but the rocky road to its 500,000+ users today was back-breaking. After working 18-hour days for too many months, Tom's health deteriorated rapidly. A surgery later, his painful condition seemed chronic. Although now manageable, he learned a serious lesson: the hustle mentality can be dangerous. "[Without adversity], you wouldn't be a well-rounded, mature, and resilient character." - Tom Ross. Bask in gratitude and respect your physical limitations. Be honest about your struggles. His brand? Relationship-building. He fondly recalls befriending Design Cuts' earliest users, as they chatted for hours. The gold mine? The precious feedback they gifted him with. Preaching the non-scalable relational business metric, he's a believer in the power of authenticity—as a business tool. So, how can you serve your audience? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @tomrossmedia, @designcuts, and @honestdesigners on social media;,, and; Tom Ross on LinkedIn
December 16, 2020
Generating Viral TikToks and Spreading Awareness For Chronic Illnesses ft. Influencer Gigi Robinson
On the eighteenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee receives refreshing stories from TikToker, Photographer, and YouTuber Gigi Robinson. A multi-faceted optimist, her diagnoses of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and POTS have changed her life—and her mentality. This episode gets juicy—tune in for an intriguing tell-all. Her battle with chronic illnesses began at 12 years old. She found healing from her spurts of pain and fatigue in her artistic expression. Growing up in New York City, a "hustle" mindset was instilled in her from a young age. Her impressive schooling from LaGuardia Music & Performing Arts High School to FIT to USC birthed her vigor for her craft: photography. Documenting her doctor's appointments amid flair-ups and body image fluctuations, her supportive community online brought her solace. Thereafter, she became a fiery advocate for body positivity and a lover of clean beauty. A TikTok ambassadorship catapulted her growth to now 132K followers. Her most viral TikTok on beauty products boasts more than 4 million views. "I create with intention, deliver with confidence, and radiate positivity." - Gigi Robinson. From Timberland to Smashbox Cosmetics, her brand deals have enriched her social media marketing and content creation skillsets. She analyzed her own digital persona to formulate brand pillars she can stand by. Educate others and embrace yourself, and your audience will follow. So, how can you conquer modern-day influencing online? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @itsgigirobinson on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok; Gigi Robinson on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn Music by Mr. Chase - Wild Cherry -
December 01, 2020
Leaving Google To Lead A Tech Startup and Being A Female CEO In Silicon Valley ft. Kapwing CEO/Co-founder Julia Enthoven
On the seventeenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee gets candid with former Google Product Manager, Consumer Technology Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, and CEO and Co-founder of technology startup, Kapwing. In inventing an accessible and future-forward editor for videos, GIFs, and images, she is that girl making a dent in Silicon Valley. Grasp onto a pen—you'll want to jot down some notes. One Stanford Mathematical and Computational Sciences degree and Apple software engineering internship later, Julia moved up the Silicon Valley totem pole to Google Associate Product Manager. Her guidance? Trust your intuition when formulating exemplary software. Consider this: how will we interact with the apps and websites of the future? Spotting a pain point in digital content creation, Kapwing was born. A comedic blog post had SEO working in their favor. Documenting your company journey through a blog can be powerful. Authenticity attracts. And lead with clarity. Your startup's heartbeat is the internal storyline you draw out. And listen up, "techies." Don't forget to craft a meaningful—and simplified—user experience. "You have to care about both building an excellent product with great technology and building a brand and getting distribution." - Julia Enthoven. In 2020, Kapwing's vitality has expanded in a quarantined world of emerging creators. In hiring or pitching to venture capitalists, rejection is inevitable. She's the first to express their struggles in the beginning. It's not sunshine and rainbows, but persist anyway. It's okay to be at the bottom of a learning curve. Don't allow a fixed mindset to magnify anxiety around your premature skill level. So, how can you forge resilience? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support:, @kapwing on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok, and @juliaenthoven on Twitter and LinkedIn
November 24, 2020
From Server To TV Show Production, On Set With Ariana Grande, & Defeating Your Ego ft. Interdisciplinary Artist Sebastián Sada
On the sixteenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee receives poignant anecdotes from interdisciplinary artist (photography and videography), abstract storyteller, and Production enthusiast Sebastián Sada. His claim to fame was on the set of Ariana Grande's record-breaking "thank u, next" music video. Now manifesting his dreams as a Director's Assistant for an emerging show on The CW—this episode is worthy of your attention. In college, he was flooded by celebrities in a peak experience as a London Alley Entertainment intern. On set, it's human to human. Everyone is alike and working toward a unified goal. Thereafter as a UT Radio Television Film graduate, ambiguity clouded his future. An "ego death" ensued. Waiting tables in Austin, TX, he eventually was cast as an extra on a television show called "SKAM Austin." Networking his way up, he's climbed the career ladder one step at a time. Your inclination that all is rosy and whimsical on set is not the full picture—production is manual labor. It's grueling, 12-14 hour days, and job instability is a given in the profession. The glossy music video or charming film scene gracing your screen demanded blood, sweat, and tears behind-the-scenes. Therefore, optimism and a tenacious work ethic are essential. Insecurity must be overtaken by faith in your creative assets. "Your passion is everything. And your success hinges upon how passionate you are about your work." - Sebastian Sada. Never forget your roots. The influence of your upbringing can gift you with an inimitable perspective, which can substantially materialize in your art. Leverage humility and bask in gratitude even in unprecedented circumstances. And never lose heart. A year can take you further than you imagined. So, how can you express humanity in your work? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @sebastiansada on Instagram, @stiansada on Twitter, and
November 17, 2020
Building The World's #1 Fitness App For Swimming and Evolving In The Pandemic ft. MySwimPro CEO/Co-founder Fares Ksebati
On the fifteenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee converses with CEO and Co-founder of technology and media company MySwimPro, Founder of World Swim Day, and Consumer Technology Forbes 30 under 30 recipient Fares Ksebati. In cultivating the #1 fitness app worldwide for swimmers, he's made his mark as a first-generation American—listen up for his tell-all. A three-time U.S. Masters Swimming National Champion, his love for aquatic sports developed at an early age. His vision to replace the in-person coach with a powerful progress-tracking mobile tool (synergized by expertise and workout plans) was organically contrived. "I'm no Michael Phelps or Bob Bowman," he said, expressing moments of doubt and Imposter Syndrome. Here's the catch: users care less about your credentials and more about the value you yield. Be a coach, not the expert. His parents being immigrants from Damascus Syria, he understands the universal benefits swimming offers the masses. His app creation now dominates in over 150 countries with over a million users. In his TED Talk titled "Idea to App of the Year," he quotes the infamous Bill Gates: "We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten." The bumps in the road are inevitable, but don't let the mountains crush you. "Take a step back, analyze the situation, figure out what your options are, and move forward." - Fares Ksebati. During the global pandemic, pools shut down. How do you react? You adapt—primitively grow with the tide. What's next for him? An entrepreneurship YouTube Channel quickly building traction and a book launching early 2021. So, how can you become a master of execution? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: @faresksebati and @myswimpro on every social media platform;
November 10, 2020
Creating Masterpieces For Gucci & Google Off Her NYC Kitchen Floor and Scaling Her Business ft. Artist Amber Vittoria
On the fourteenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee interviews Forbes 30 under 30 Artist Amber Vittoria. Embracing femininity and the human form, her handmade paintings are enamoring. With clients from Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Warby Parker, The New York Times, and NBC to Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Adidas, and more, even HuffPost and Teen Vogue praises her. Her mellow voice will infuse you with strength—don't hesitate to click "play." Her childhood love was painting, which catapulted her career in graphic design. From Victoria's Secret Web Designer to Art Director for luxury and fashion Fortune 500 companies, her capabilities have flourished the corporate goals of notable brands. Her advice? Be your own PR person. With a strategy coined the "warm" call, Amber excels in advocating for her pieces' worth. Reach out to others in your industry to gauge rates—you may be underpaid. Here's a surprise: she works off of her kitchen floor and dining room table. Her 100K followers may envision her in a decked-out art studio, but the reality is much more sensible. Although her visually thought-provoking pieces are often similar, the approach is different and this creates variety. "Success means to be able to be happy doing what I love, taking a break from that when I need it, and enjoying life with the people that I love the most." - Amber Vittoria. Don't fall prey to America's warped sense of success. Despite the high costs, the vibrant energy of the people of New York City keeps her there and drives her on the daily. So, how can you courageously pursue a career in the arts? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and more: @amber_vittoria
November 03, 2020
Why Stay Real In A Filtered World? ft. YouTuber and Gals On The Go Host Brooke Miccio
On the thirteenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee chitchats with relatable next-door Influencer, YouTuber, and Gals On The Go Podcast Host Brooke Miccio. A 23-year-old University of Georgia graduate living it up in the Big Apple, her adoring fanbase boasts 231K subscribers on her channel and 97K Instagram followers. An avid content consumer herself, she keeps it real online—all attention on this audio. 2011 marked the beginning of her journey with a "Sleepaway Camp: What To Pack & Much More!" video nine years ago. A YouTube early adopter, she grew her platform out of pure innocence—driven by eager devotion to the latest trending topics. Little did she know: this would blossom into a full-time career after her dissatisfaction with her post-graduate technology sales job. "We used to be doing things just for Instagram versus now we document our reality, and that's a way better strategy." - Brooke Miccio. Humanize your next-door influencer. They maintain personal lives outside of your screens. She works hard to cultivate real bonds with her following by discussing hard topics like body positivity. Her heart warms with gratitude for the "friends" not fans that have stood alongside her for nearly a decade. If a brand deal is your incentive for beginning an Influencer journey, you may be prioritizing the wrong things. Build up a digital brand for 6 months to a year simply out of creative zest. So, how can you simultaneously connect while disconnecting to stay true to yourself? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, and more: @brookemiccio,, and Gals On The Go Podcast Instagram: @galsonthegopodcast
October 27, 2020
Why Break Free Of Imposter Syndrome? ft. Your Host Dasom Lee and friends
On the twelfth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee digs deep into the realities of Imposter Syndrome in the lives of two college seniors in opposite industries: technical software engineering and creative journalism. Plot twist: it's her boyfriend and her best friend. Your head won't stop nodding—if you've ever felt like a fraud putting on a show, you're definitely not alone. Oh no! They'll realize I'm not good enough! When the curtains open, you'll shatter everyone's expectations, right? No. Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern where an individual doubts their gifts, abilities, or accomplishments, cultivating an internalized fear of being exposed. Ingrained in us from childhood, you may fear that one extraordinary performance will be followed by a mediocre one. Thereafter? Defeat. Sounds illogical. "Go at everything with an outrageous, unreasonable confidence and let the chips fall where they may." - Emma Garza. Although isolating, this phenomenon is relatable by the masses. Ever attribute your successes to situational aspects? Ever admire others and feel your intelligence, competence, or talents and wither in comparison? It's time to change your perspective. Periodically pursue feedback from credible mentors, and use that as a reality check. Perhaps you're fully delusional and overly self-critical—or the areas you lack in, you can target for growth. Stop performing, and start contributing real value. "Anything that has been achieved in this world started with a belief that it was possible." - Julian Alvarez. So, how can you twist Imposter Syndrome to benefit you? Listen to the episode to find out. Support:   Julian: @julian.alvarez42 and @infinitemindspodcast on Instagram;  Emma: @emma_rayne on Instagram;
October 13, 2020
Why Understand Your Value? ft. Lifestyle Influencer and Blogger Mattie James
On the eleventh episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee gets real with Lifestyle Influencer, Blogger, and Entrepreneur Mattie James. Featuring her beautiful family, @themattiejames's picture-perfect life online exudes posh glamour. Amassing an audience to be reckoned with, her decade-long journey as a blogger is worth hearing about. Turn your volume on high—here's a conversation (and person) you'll fall in love with. Inspired by her mother's love for magazines, Mattie dreamt of working at a magazine editorial. Her passion transcended her actions when she began her blog ten years ago. She recalls a reader warmly referring to her as an "everyday black girl."  Relatable, her content helps her audience discover magic in the mundane everyday. Five years of hard work and retail 9-5 jobs later, she became a full-time blogger. 98K Instagram followers and a #Mattiemademedoit hashtag later, her exuberance reaches many. "Be yourself. Tell your story. Show up as you, this is enough." - Mattie James. Mattie fiercely believes that authenticity is the key. Trust that your followers will be impressed by who you are. After reshaping her priorities, she now experiences more peace than happiness—she's thriving. Her openness on her and her husband's humanity in their marriage surprised some of her followers, confirming that highlight reels are curated. Influencers are people, too. When negotiating brand deals, you represent your value. Candid about her experiences with adversity, she notes that indirect prejudice can lead to an unfair return on your hard work. Educate yourself on the compensation your industry peers are receiving. Be professionally direct. So, how can you stand up for your worth? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support:  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube: @themattiejames
September 22, 2020
Why Overcome The Anticlimactic Moment? ft. Your Host Dasom Lee
On the tenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee rides solo for the second time and delivers her own personal anecdotes on what she deems, the "Anticlimactic Moment." Having recently accepted her post-grad job offer in her dream city of New York, she finds herself oddly defeated. What's next? Was the vision too good to be true? Grab some coffee and get cozy—the stories that mark this episode are simply relatable. Our pop culture today formulates bright and filtered ideas of specific goals, careers, and even cities. This was true on Dasom's first visit to New York. A realization burst through: everything seems better than it is. But what are the causes? The mentality that sets us up for immediate failure at the end of an aspirational journey?  Our perspectives and unrealistic expectations can victimize us. When you’re no longer looking up toward the peak of a mountain and you’re level, the clouds dissipate and your view becomes larger, perhaps even daunting. "That's when you realize—those people you looked up to with starry eyes lived lives, not moments." - Dasom Lee. From birth, our lives are shaped by a constant upward trajectory as we grow physically and mentally. Our performance is persistently graded. But at some point, we must realize that the journey never ends. Specifically, Generation Z individuals become accustomed to feeding off of instant gratification. The reality can be somber. Why? Because it's just the beginning. The journey is yet to come. It’s the satisfaction of completing acquiring skills and seeing your capabilities expand like a muscle that fuels us. When you achieve an accomplishment after a pattern of failure, your emotions of gratification skyrocket. Essentially, we cannot rely on the short stints of energy—the moments. So, how will you acquire fulfillment in a life preoccupied with uphill battles and anticlimaxes? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Instagram and Twitter: @dasom_l33 and LinkedIn and Facebook: Dasom Lee
September 16, 2020
Why Let Failure Fuel Growth? ft. Kreator eCommerce CEO and eCommerce Entrepreneur Kevin Zhang
On the ninth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee enters into fiery conversation with CEO of the world's first comprehensive eCommerce Incubation Program—Kreator eCommerce—and serial eCommerce entrepreneur, investor, and educator Kevin Zhang. At 23, he became the youngest member of the Forbes Business Council and a Forbes 30 under 30 member. Effortlessly, he demystifies complex topics for those less-versed in entrepreneurship. Fear not—the value in this episode is unquestionably potent. A son of Chinese immigrants, Kevin chased the American Dream. The problem was, it wasn't his dream. After receiving a job offer more competitive than admittance into Harvard from the esteemed consulting firm McKinsey, he felt an anticlimactic weight of societal "success" on his shoulders. As his college career at Vanderbilt trickled to a close, the tragic loss of a mentor figure kickstarted his realization that he needed fulfillment in his career now, not in the future. Obsessed with automating processes and optimizing his time, he delved into all the various techniques of entrepreneurship preached by gurus online. That's when he discovered a gold mine in the rapidly growing eCommerce industry. "Good today, or even bad today, is a thousand times better than the potential of something great tomorrow." - Kevin Zhang. His methodology is simple: create an eCommerce business that's not only branded legitimately but that will grow on its as own as consumers flock to retail online. He teaches his students to create lifestyles of abundance, not short stints of financial gain. And what fuels his confidence? It comes from how he relishes in failure, as long as those mistakes never happen again. How he believes in learning before educating, as value always floats to the top. So, how can you make your income work for you? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Instagram and other platforms: @kevinzhangofficial; Access his free training:
September 10, 2020
Why Monetize Your Talents? ft. Marketing Design Studio CEO Kaitlin Ortega
On the eighth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee breaks down the entrepreneurial journey of Marketing Design Studio CEO, Communications Consultant, Branding Coach, and military wife Kaitlin Ortega. A grand leap of faith displaced her from her corporate 9 to 5 job into navigating a fresh small business in an industry with rapidly increasing demand.  Lean in—her energy is delightful and her advice will streamline the early stages of your venture. Juggling the duty-filled life of a military wife and a demanding corporate job with a Texas A&M Communications degree and English minor, Kaitlin was drained chasing other people's dreams. She decided to define her own destiny in life. With a love for painting, she tested the waters by selling watercolor paintings to fund an El Salvador mission trip. Ideation began. Beginning as a Communications Consultant, she quickly learned the value of the pivot. Redefining is a tool often employed by entrepreneurs. Niche down so your services will be sought after. Investing time with persistence, she seamlessly translated her passion for art into profitable skillsets: graphic design, website-building, coding, and more for small businesses elevating their brands. "You have to believe in your business more than anyone else. So much that you're willing to cast aside fear, doubt, and negativity." - Kaitlin Ortega. Although valuable experiences, she found a traditional workplace unfulfilling. From State Farm Customer Service Representative to a boutique's Manager to a home loan company's Marketing Assistant, she's dabbled in several jobs. Eventually, her faith carried her into letting her free-spirited, independent, and creative nature bloom into her studio. Be fearless. Expect failure. It is inevitable, but one thing remains the same: you are your own boss. Work hard even when your client count is low. Fuel everything you have into being ahead. Have people join your journey. Give generously and ask for advice often. So, ready to translate your gifts into a career that works for you? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Instagram and Facebook: @studio_kait; Email:; Website:
August 19, 2020
Why Let Passion Drive You? ft. USA Today Bestselling Author Renée Carlino
On the seventh episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee untangles the story of screenwriter, USA Today Bestselling Author, and California native Renée Carlino. Seven years later, she has an invested readership and twelve whimsical but heart-wrenching novels in the Contemporary Romance genre. Listen closely as a love story unfolds—of herself and her joyous mediums—to birth delectable pieces of art. Her writing career did not develop through classical training. As a Film major graduate with an emphasis on Cinematography, she fell in love and into the career of an English teacher, prioritizing her family. Her life was unexpectedly...quiet. At age 35, she took a step of faith in her leisure time to explore, simply because she savored the process. I wasn't sure if it was even read-able, she voiced her doubts. What was? Her first self-published novel written in six weeks—Sweet Thing—personifying two 20-something musicians in a whirlwind romance. The way music feeds her soul, her love affair with New York City, and daydreaming in the hours her toddlers napped, all bubbled up inside of her to cultivate something truly moving. Her novels embody coming-of-age themes and are flurry with humane realities and dissect-able truths behind interpersonal relationships. "It's hard to remember that we're all people because we're all behind these screens." - Renée Carlino. Time is often the most precious currency within her black-and-white pages, especially in my favorite book titled Wish You Were Here. She discusses her mentality of what's the next pinnacle of success? progressing into a mature sense of present satisfaction. Overcoming comparison and insecurity not easy, but you can relieve the pressure. Cherish a support system that uplifts you with the faith you lack. As an author, what happens when an accident affects the center of your brain where language is developed? It renders you with doubt. You realize that wow, this remarkably special and natural gift you possessed is not shared by the masses. Pinpoint that in your life. And, have the courage to laugh at yourself. So, ready to reap the fruits of your labor by watering them with passion? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Instagram and Facebook: @reneecarlino1; Email:; Website:
August 11, 2020
Why Be Authentic Online? ft. Intuitive Coach and Manifest It Sis Host Dani Faust
On the sixth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee falls into deep conversation with Intuitive and Life and Wellness Coach, former blogger and blog-business mentor, metaphysical practitioner, and Manifest It Sis podcast Host Danielle Faust. Get comfortable and sink into her introspective mantras. After the first few minutes, you'll realize her vulnerability is profound—prepare to be inspired. When prodded on her why, the first thing out of her lips was her children. Graduating with a Health major and a double minor in Psychology and English, a sudden motorcycle incident left her husband bedridden with a toddler at home. Juggling the difficulties of a second pregnancy as the now-primary breadwinner, Danielle sprinted in her business journey—incentivized by the need to survive. Her streams of income?  Diversified with the occasional sponsorship with oh, you know, Disney. Her podcast empowers all people, but specifically women of color, to own the potential they possess within and break down their mental barriers. Notably, she also experienced a spiritual awakening that changed her life and re-informed her purpose as a guru, which she leverages to coach other women. "Here's the industry standard and here's what I'm doing. When in doubt, be yourself. You are the differentiator." - Danielle Faust. Her stories are awe-inspiring. "I am not a victim. I am not weak. I'm capable. I'm strong. I can do the hard things," she boldly declared in discussing her battle with postpartum rage,  a stage of her life when her anxiety reached its peak and therapy was unaffordable, and much more. Danielle is not holding back, because she knows the truth. Her power lies in her response to the struggle. Her brand is golden because it vibrates out waves of palpable authenticity. In the end, she grasps onto gratitude and encourages herself and others to lead with love. The hardest of struggles to overcome are often the most invisible and concealed. Danielle unpacks her epiphanies with a mature level of mental clarity that can only be achieved through peace—with her past. So, what methodologies can you latch onto to center and trigger your purpose? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Instagram and Facebook: @thedanifaust and @manifest_it_sis; Email:; Website: and
August 04, 2020
Why Persevere When You Feel Like Giving Up? ft. Vize CTO and FB Engineeer Julian Alvarez
On the fifth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee collaborates with Infinite Minds Podcast Host, CTO of the startup Vize, and Software Engineer at Facebook—Entrepreneur and Professional—Julian Alvarez. Our youngest guest at 23 years old, his journey toward success had  many twists and turns. You'll want to swallow his bite-sized takeaways, that perfectly balance practicality and necessary optimism. Hold onto your earbuds—it gets interesting. Indisputably,  entrepreneurship is glorified in our day and age. What you aren't exposed to online are the behind-the-scenes barriers to sustenance—low company morale, personal challenges, team member turn-over, etc. So how do you possibly keep going? Julian declares this: your mission must be solidified. It must appeal to you at your core. It must be worth it. And most importantly, it must go beyond yourself. Get your hands dirty. It took investing time listening to the stories of Tijuana factory workers—who are suffering from broken promises from employers, unsafe working conditions, and a lack of base-level respect—to revive and root his belief that this startup was more than worth it. Can your business idea's legacy outlast you? Chasing learning opportunities like Tony Robbins seminars or silent retreats pushed him further to create a sustainable lifestyle that not only nourishes his capacity for success, but the potential of his work to help others find quality employment in third-world countries. Now this is the truth: Vize is worth hearing about. "The only failure in life is the failure to learn" - Julian Alvarez. Moreover, his resumé has accumulated an impressive portfolio of companies. Goldman Sachs. LinkedIn. Facebook. What's surprising is that this all sprouted from one major rejection: the Silicon Valley giant Google. Julian realized that what is painful now can only benefit you in the future. Why? Because reconciliation is not only possible, but beneficial, when you take what you learned and simply invest it elsewhere.  Don't settle, but don't give up either. So, how can you not be a victim to your circumstance but a warrior of your why? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Instagram and Facebook: @julian.alvarez42 and @infinitemindspodcast; Email:; Website:
July 31, 2020
Why Believe In Yourself? ft. The Curvy Fashionista Editor-in-Chief Marie Denee
On the fourth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee brings in this week’s double threat—Influencer and Entrepreneur—Marie Denee. This powerful Black woman is Creator and Editor-in-Chief of The Curvy Fashionista, a magazine and plus-size fashion resource. Her mega-platform celebrates the beauty in diversity. Don’t miss it—all ears on deck. The Great Recession hit the United States in 2008—and suddenly Marie found herself unemployed. Propelled by the insecurity entrenched in her retail career, she began building her dream business from her laptop screen. An early adopter in the blogging world, Marie was forced to become comfortable with ambiguity. Mutually beneficial relationships sprouted, as bloggers rallied toward an incomprehensible state of financial success on premature platforms. Two driving factors pushed her: bills to pay and her empathy for plus-size shoppers, derived from her own in-between sizing. Originally a boutique idea, she launched her personal brand on She recognized something valuable: women of color are dominating the plus-size industry and deserve to be praised. Today, her digital platform illuminates the positive voices of diverse, plus-size influencers all over the globe. In an even more courageous fashion, Marie shares stories of overcoming anxiety and depression to help her audience realize that they are not alone. Her career has been shaped by a few key ideas, gifted by her role models. Never diminish yourself in your act of uplifting others. Project your light. Radiate outwards and bring your purpose full-circle “I realized that I wasn’t recognizing my own dope-ness.“ – Marie Denee. A challenging twelve years later, her success speaks volumes of her hard work ethic. Don’t restrict yourself to a moment where you’ll finally breathe, “I made it.” Her philosophy is to break down the confines of your perceivable success and expand your reach. To put it simply, the sky is not the limit. In light of COVID-19 affecting the state of our nation, her Facebook Live series inflamed her spark once more. Business owners have united in an online community where advice is shared and ideas are exchanged. So, how can you combat mental barriers and bring your vision to life? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement. Support: Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter: @mariedenee; Instagram & Facebook: @thecurvyfashionista; Instagram: @tcfstyleexpo; Twitter & Pinterest: @tcfstyle; Email:; Website:,
July 21, 2020
Why Be Humble? ft. KPMG Australia/China Partner Gary Nowak
On the third episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee brings in this week’s Professional—Gary Nowak—global consulting leader and former Partner at KPMG Australia and KPMG China. His impressive career and riveting stories will keep you on your feet. A first-generation college student from Detroit, Gary took a leap of faith and moved to LA post-grad—finance degree in hand. After decades of global experience, he is now a coach striving to guide, mentor, and develop young professionals.  If you want to pursue a career in professional services or be successful at any company, tune in. Gary compiled resumés and worked for free his first week as a receptionist at a small production company. His diligence, sincere work ethic, and desire to deliver caught the attention of many. He eventually left the comfort of home in the US, embarking on unfathomable adventures and challenges across the world in offices from Glasgow, United Kingdom, Shanghai, China, to Melbourne, Australia. How do you lead when expectations are unrealistically high and support is low? His mantras are simple but powerful. No one owes you anything. Let humility seep from your actions and uphold your moral character. The more responsibility you are given, the more questions you need to ask. Understand your audience, and specifically the generations that preceded you—because they’re the ones hiring. “My mindset shifted from “just roll your sleeves up and get in there” to “ask for help when you need it”” – Gary Nowak. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, this episode will equip you with the right attitude and unfiltered stories of leadership, overcoming cultural differences, how to become the change you want to see in your environment, and more. And the best part? Gary is available as “Gary P. Nowak” on LinkedIn—and his mentorship efforts will soon be multiplied as he shares his widespread wisdom unto university campuses. So, how can you climb up the corporate ladder without losing yourself? Listen to the episode to find out. Join the movement.
July 14, 2020
Why Be Radically Honest?
On the second episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee addresses manifesting the refreshing power of visibility in your life—through four tools—to properly equip your mindset to begin refining the art of being radically honest. In Robert Waldinger’s TED Talk titled “What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness,” the 75-year-old study expressed that a meaningful life is sustained through fulfilling relationships. Have you ever felt unseen or unheard for you who you really are? And dwelled in a state of discouragement leading to inaction and complacency? How do you break a habitual cycle of procrastination ingrained in your very lifestyle? It begins with yourself. In a place of free expression, use meditation, prayer, or creative art forms to satiate your curiosity on your current state. Who are you now and who do you want to become? Discover further what you want and what you need from others. Internally elevate yourself and heighten your sense of affirmative value. Then project that outwards, through clear and honest expression of your true self to friends, family, your significant other, co-workers, and even bosses. “Are you empowering yourself AND others?“ To be radically honest, these four tools are your dearest friends: emotional intelligence, empathy, transparency, and human connection. So, how can you tangibly apply these four tools? Listen to the episode to find out. Together, let’s nourish our relationships: by being more aware, emotionally and actionably affirming yourself and others, and seeking out the value in human connection. Join the movement.
July 07, 2020
Why Listen?
On the first episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee addresses the 5 Ws—Who, What, When, Where, and Why—of this journey you’re invited on. Generation Z Digital Natives aspire to become influencers, entrepreneurs, or professionals. Essentially, self-employed or high-up in a prestigious company with a robust brand image that’s personal but also profitable. Radically Honest is a story-telling lifestyle podcast that unravels what separates self-help consumers from those who make it—penetrate the “dream” bubble. Our focus? It’s unconventional. The power of adversity to shape us, the hidden stories and low points we’re too afraid to share, and the vulnerability that we think outcasts us. It doesn’t. It unites. “We don’t offer advice, we gift life lessons.” Undoubtedly, our social media pages could use more empathy. How do we amplify it in a world heavily saturated by the “glamour” facade separating an audience from their guru? We peel it back. Our goal is to shed light on the difficult-to-talk-about, stripped, and uncomfortably raw aspects of being an influencer, entrepreneur, or professional who seemingly has it all. We combat misconceptions on fame or wealth with authenticity. Vulnerably, we invite each of you behind the curtain and into the outlandishly imperfect paths to making it big. So, what are our 5 Ws? Listen to the episode to find out. Our manifesto for the future of this podcast is simple: let’s stop hiding and discover something real. Join the movement.
July 05, 2020