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soul bradda

soul bradda

By soul bradda
movement dedicated to learning how to live life the soul full and real way from soul bradda. providing you with that true soul food that you need for life, learn how to stay soul full, soul real and always soul ready!
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when life hits you hard and clear

soul bradda

living right
to live your life right is hard. it all starts with knowing who you are and what is good for you - period. other people, emotional baggage, drama, material things, they all mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. sifting through your conflict, struggles and finding that true you, full of strength, confidence and love for self, is what it takes to get you on track to livin' right. listen in to find that which is good for your soul and life to help you find the rest of what you are looking for in this life!
September 27, 2022
just be there
be there for others as much as you are for yourself. we as a collective have forgotten the reason why we are here (in life), being blessed with all and who we have, but trudging through with no understanding of our (true) purpose. a part of our purpose is to be there for, learn from and love one another. hatred and greed have infiltrated yes, but there is still time to save reality and our lives and reverse things before it is too late. listen in on why it is good to just always be there for others. after all, wouldnt you want someone to be there for you in your time of need?
September 21, 2022
your time is precious, so fight for it and stay diligent in getting things done in your life. a lil podcast to help you get focused today!
September 17, 2022
for the people
we must continue to break all the barriers that force us into living segregated amongst ourselves. these barriers consisting of gender, age, race and socioeconomics status to name a few, when broke, will allow us to unite and seek the true understanding of our purpose not just as individuals but as a collective, as a people. listen in to unite us to be the people to do it for the people!
September 14, 2022
when life hits you hard and clear
when life hits you hard, rather than succumb to it, stand tall, strong and face it head on with that confidence that only comes from within. be honest and clear with yourself about who you really are and never waiver, no matter how rough it may get. and remember friends, there is always tomorrow, which always promises to be better than today!
September 09, 2022
the soul full reunion
the soul full reunion, soul bradda, back in da saddle lets goooooooool!!!
September 02, 2022
the soul is back!
soul bradda is still in the building and is checking back in. we all need to retool, refocus, and reset sometimes, and soul bradda is no exception...
July 23, 2022