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Welcome to Data Axis Golf! We talk golf, but on a more granular level. We are about making you a better player, and we have shown through research that rapid development is possible when we have access to accurate data and instant feedback as you practice. We use inexpensive, but powerful technologies to show you how to get better, even indoors. Welcome to your home for better golf. Follow us on Facebook! Sign up at to rid the golf world of a disastrous​ fashion mistake! #dataaxisgolf #betterdatameansbettergolf #rapidgolfinstruction
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Brooke Henderson Swing Analysis - Amazing!
Brooke Henderson is 21, 5'6" and averages 279 yards off the tee. She just won her 8th LPGA tournament, which ties her as the winningest pro golfer from Canada. There is we can learn from Brooke's swing and how she generates power. Download the linked PDF to follow along with this podcast, as we take a look and learn from Brooke's fantastic motion.  Let's tee it up!  Download Brooke Henderson PDF Here #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome  Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
April 25, 2019
CT Pantastic & The Pride of Canada
C.T. Pan got it done after none of his pursuers could match his -12 total, after a closing round 67 at the RBC Heritage. It was CT's first win, and you could tell he was having a hard time getting his head around the fact that he was a PGA Tour winner. Always fun to see them in awe of their accomplishments. We will take a look at the numbers that got it done at a tight course in harsh conditions.  And on the island of Oahu, Brooke Henderson defended her LOTTE Championship title at the Ko Olina Golf Club for her 8th LPGA Tour win. That ties her with Mike Weir as the Canadian golfer with most wins on her tour. At 21, all indications are she will soon be Canada's winningest golfer and her mark will most likely be very hard to match when her career is over.   Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome  Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
April 23, 2019
Who Coaches Tiger Woods? (E102)
Welcome to Harbour Town and the RBC Heritage. I think the guys love to play the tournament after a major. For those that didn't play in the major, its good to feel like you are a tour player again, and for those that played in the major, it useful to mentally get yourself refreshed and back into "normal" tournament golf, ATM golf. Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson had some fun things to say about playing in the RBC. We discuss briefly weight movement in the golf swing while looking back at Jin Young Ko's swing. You can download a PDF of her swing in the notes of the last podcast to follow along. And in the "I'm not surprised" portion of the podcast, we discuss the next dumb thing Brandel Chamblee has tweeted out. This guy is a gold mine of gaffs and goofs. I love the man. Brandel's silliness is further confirmed by researcher and author Joe Peta, in his recent book "A 2019 Masters Preview." It is a brilliant look at Tiger's greatness, and the difficulty of winning the Masters when looking at the Strokes Gained data created by Professor Mark Broadie.  Brandel's newest addition of thoughtlessness concerned Tiger Wood's non-existent coach, and how Tiger has coached himself back to greatness. Ahhh, is that the case? Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome 
April 18, 2019
Swing More Like Ko - Swing Analysis To Improve Your Game
Now that the Masters are behind us, and the golf season has "officially" begun, we can get back to what we need to do to really improve our games this year. We are going to try something new this time. Click the link here to download the PDF with Jin Young Ko's golf swing. We are going to analyze her amazing golf swing using screenshots and hopefully find some good references so we can improve our own games.  Let me know what you think! Let's tee it up! >>Download the PDF of Jin Young Ko's Swing Here<< #golf #lpgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome  Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
April 16, 2019
Tiger's 15th Major - A Masters Win for the Ages (E100)
There are not many unused superlatives when attempting to describe Tiger Wood's victory at the Masters this year.  His 15th major, leaving him only three behind Jack Nicklaus. It had been 14 years since his last win at the Masters, and 22 years since his first Masters' victory. It is tough to use words to describe just how incredible all of that is. But for me, the thing that was the most impressive was seeing Tiger enjoy the victory with his kids. Not much was said about what those kids have been through while Tiger was hurt and healing. It isn't easy watching your dad suffer in pain, and struggle with their health. As a child, there is little that is so disconcerting as watching your big, powerful dad, be reduced to a shell of their former selves.  To watch Tiger gut it out, then be able to embrace his kids, I mean to be healthy enough to pick them up and embrace them, after watching Tiger fall to his knees in previous tournaments after wrenching his back. How incredible is all of it? I am happy for golf, no question. Any of us who love golf know this was HUGE for the sport. But make no mistake, I am most pleased for Tiger's kids, they won big yesterday, and it was a more important win than Tiger's 5th Green Jacket. Let's look at the data that matters, and how Tiger got it done. Let's tee it up!  #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome  Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
April 15, 2019
The Masters - Halfway to History (E99)
Two rounds of the Masters are in the books, and we have already seen history made. The number of players to make the cut is the most ever. We also have five tied for the lead, which is the most ever there after two rounds as well. Great stuff! History tells us that you need to be within eight strokes of the lead to win the Masters at the halfway point, which means anyone at E par or better is technically not out of it yet. In today's show, we will discuss those who missed the cut that surprised us, the performance data of the players through 36 holes and determine which stats are most important at the Masters. We will also discuss how the course is holding up against its historical scoring averages and difficult rankings. Let's tee it up! ⛳️Subscribe to the 🏌️‍♂️DataAxisGolf Podcast! 🏌️‍♂️Link in Bio ⛳️ #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome  Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
April 13, 2019
The 2019 Masters Will Bloom Like A Rose
It is Masters' Eve, what a great time of year. Spring is here, golf is back, and the majors are upon us. The Masters is special as a major because it is played at the same storied venue every year. We know the place, we know the holes, we remember shots of our favorite players, we remember the good and the bad of those difficult greens. It is a tournament like no other.  We get into a bit of history of the Masters, and a quote by Bobby Jones, which is essentially the mission statement for Augusta National. It is fascinating to see how Bobby's Jones' dream has been protected. Finally, trying to figure out who will win the Masters can be a bit tricky. The champion will be required to have great control of their approach shots, must be able to get up and down when they miss a green, they must avoid 3-putts, on the course that has more 3-putts than any other course the tour plays, and the champion must make their 10-footers, whether that be for bogey, par, or birdie. 10 footers are key. We look at the leaders in all these categories to try to determine if there is a clear favorite based on the data.  And there is!  Let's tee it up. #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome  Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
April 10, 2019
Canadian Corey Conners Crowned - Data Monday (E97)
MASTERS WEEK! Wow! Are you kidding me! What a great weekend of golf. Jin-Young Ko wins the ANA Inspiration for her first major victory, and it propels her to the #1 World Ranking with her second victory of the season. Very cool. We have our first Augusta National Women's Amateur in one Jennifer Kupcho, with Maria Fassi pushing her the whole time. What a wonderful tradition (I wish it weren't on the same week as the ANA Inspiration).  And Canadian Corey Conners. Again wow! A Monday qualifier, -6 on the back nine to get the win the Valero Texas Open for his first PGA Tour win, and secures the last open spot at the Masters, what a fantastic thing to see. He birdies the first 4 out of 5 holes, then bogeys the next 4, to make the turn at even, then birdies the next three and 3 of the next 6 for the victory. Unreal. Let's take a look at the data that got it done for Corey on this Data Monday. Let's tee it up! ▶️follow @dataaxisgolf ◀️ #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
April 8, 2019
Augusta National vs. The LPGA (E96)
It is a historic day in golf, with 75 of the world's top women amateurs starting play at the Augusta National Women's Amateur in Augusta, GA. The players will play the first 36 holes at Champions Retreat Golf Club on the Island and Bluff nines, which were designed by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, which is very cool. Then the field will be cut down to the low 30. On Friday, the entire field will play a "practice round" at Augusta National, with the remaining 30 playing the final 18 holes of stroke play on Augusta National on Saturday, to crown the first champion. All very, very, very cool stuff. What doesn't make sense is why the Augusta National powers that be would schedule this event on the same week as the LPGA's first major, the ANA Inspiration. Are calendars now allowed at Augusta National? Do they not care about women's golf and this is just a way to get the monkey off their collective backs and appease some of the outspoken population? It makes no sense. Let's tee it up. ▶️follow @dataaxisgolf ◀️ #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
April 3, 2019
Kisner Cruises & McDowell Makes His Move (E95)
In case you didn't know... Kevin Kisner is crazy good at match play. After placing 2nd in the Dell Match Play last year, Kisner comes back in this year's version and wins it all. That makes Kisner 13-1 in the Dell Match Play the last two years! Let's hope he is on the President's Cup team, seems like a no brainer.  In the PGA Tour event in Corales Puntacana, Graeme McDowell makes it to the winner's circle again, in an amazing feel-good story of 2019. Graeme now has qualified for the British Open on his home course, Royal Portrush, the PGA Championship, and a 2-year exemption. That is a big deal. Congratulations are in order for both the champions, let's take a look at their numbers and compare them to our performance benchmarks. Let's tee it up! ▶️follow @dataaxisgolf ◀️ #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
April 1, 2019
Paul Casey Back to Back Jack (E94)
Paul Casey is you back to back Valspar Champion! No one has ever gone back to back on the Copperhead course at Innisbrook before, so that was quite a feat of brilliance. In tough conditions a 1 over par 72 for a 1 stroke victory over Louis Oosthuizen and Jason Kokrak. With the win, Paul takes home a check for a cool $1,206,000 bucks and a matching trophy to balance out his trophy case. Let's look at the data that got the job done for Casey, and compare his 2018 number to our benchmarks to see where Paul might need to work on his game. :)  Let's tee it up! ▶️follow @dataaxisgolf ◀️ #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
March 27, 2019
Chip Like A Champ Spring Edition (E93)
Now that Spring has sprung, we are ready to get out and play some golf!! In the spirit of Spring cleaning, let's discuss the proper chip shot. As we come out of our winter nap, we usually aren't as sharp with our short game as we will be mid-Summer. So, what are the best methods for us to keep it simple and avoid the double-bogey number? Which technique is the best when faced with less than perfect conditions, or over trouble? Let's tee it up! ▶️follow @dataaxisgolf ◀️ #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
March 22, 2019
Jim Furyk's New Goals & Your Best Ball Position (E92)
After a top 10 finish at the Honda, Jim Furyk surprisingly found himself qualified into the field for The Players Championship, he didn't even know that was possible. :)  After a brilliant final round and a second place finish at The Players, Jim Furyk now finds himself ranked 57th in the world, qualified for The PGA Championship and the World Golf Championships - Dell Technologies Match Play. In order for Jim to play again at Augusta, in The Masters, he would need to be inside the World Top 50 by April first, giving him this week at the Valspar and next week at the Match Play to get that done. To play again in the US Open, where his 10-year exemption has expired, he would need to be inside the top 60 on May 1st. Needless to say, it is an interesting time to be Jim Furyk.  Oh, and we will also touch on how to find your best ball position and what to do if you start hitting fat or thin shots. Harvey Penick taught that ball position was the second most important aspect to the setup, next to the grip. Let's tee it up!  ▶️follow @dataaxisgolf ◀️ #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
March 21, 2019
Process Based vs. Target Focused Golf (E91)
There are some coaches out there teaching a "process based" type of coaching. Essentially where you only concern yourself with your set up, and focus on a few swings thoughts or mechanics and swing the club. The target is only part of the initial process to determine where you start your process. Is this an effective and efficient method to play golf? In Rory McIlroy's post victory interview at The Players Championship he quoted to have said: "...anytime I have a tough tee shot, I stand up, I pick my target and I swing as hard as I can" so there are also those who focus on targets and keep target a focus of their play. Which is better for you, which is better for amateurs? Let's tee it up!   ▶️follow @dataaxisgolf ◀️ #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
March 20, 2019
Rory McIlroy - The Players Champion (E90)
Jim Furyk made it interesting and more than exciting. Charging up the leaderboard with a final round 5 under 67 to get take the lead in the clubhouse. But Rory McIlroy did not falter to the end this week, after a bogey on 14, Rory impressively birdies 15 and 16 to take the lead by one, then with precision plays 17 and 18 with confidence and poise to take The Players Championship. As the crowning jewel of an amazingly consistent run, finishing in the top 10 of his 6 last starts, including a 2nd at the WGC-Mexico Championship. To say Rory is in good form is a bit silly, he is playing as good as he has played in years. Let's dive into the data that got the win. Let's tee it up! ▶️follow @dataaxisgolf ◀️ #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
March 19, 2019
Phil Mickelson's Long Ball Advice (E89)
Phil Mickelson continues to turn his nose up at Father Time and is hitting it further than he ever has! In a recent Instagram video, Phil shares with us how he has been able to find more speed and more power off the tee. We discuss two ways we can implement what Phil is suggesting we try, the hard way, or the easy way... Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook:
March 15, 2019
Justin Thomas Carrying a Big Stick (E88)
On this "Whatever Wednesday" episode, we discuss how Justin Thomas has been expressing his opinion and doing it in a way that demands attention. Even at only 25 Justin seems to understand his role and the ability he has to use his platform to encourage positive change to the game. We also discuss the true meaning of a Fred Shoemaker saying we shared early, namely: "Only when you have felt it, can you fix it." The definition of "feel" in this statement goes much deeper than what many assumed. Finally, we discuss how to use Tour Averages to keep our expectations for our golf game where they should be so that we can get maximum enjoyment out of the game. Let's tee it up!  #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. 
March 14, 2019
Molinari's Masterfully Managed Victory at the API (E87)
Wow, Francesco Molinari burst into the winner's circle on the PGA Tour in 2018 with wins at the British Open and the Quicken Loans National, he then followed that with dominating play at the Ryder Cup, where he and Tommy Fleetwood teamed up to dismantle their American counterparts with relative ease. And now with a win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, it is safe to say Francesco has found something. We dive into the data that got Francesco this win, we discuss the steps he took to improve his game to a new level of performance, and we get ready for another great week of golf, as the Players tees off on Thursday. What a great time to be a golf fan! Let's tee it up! **GOLF IS THE GREATEST SPORT ON EARTH (and its not even close)**  ▶️follow @dataaxisgolf ◀️ on instagram and facebook #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome
March 12, 2019
Arnold Palmer: A King of Life (E86)
Arnold Palmer burst onto the golf scene via a black and white television screen, and golf was instantly cool. He won majors and tournaments, he created an army of fans and more importantly achieved a level of greatness that now lives on after his passing. We take a look at Arnie's accomplishments in this podcast, reviewing some of the incredible data of his life from an article written by Cameron Morfit. He grabbed our attention, earned our support and eventually our respect and love. There will never be another Arnold Palmer, and we would be unwise to forget him. Let's tee it up! #APInv #ArnoldPalmer #ArniesArmy ▶️follow @dataaxisgolf ◀️ #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome
March 8, 2019
Justin Thomas: Swing it Like You Just Don't Care! (E85)
We all overthink! We try to control our swings and shots with our conscious mind, and you know what, it just doesn't work quick enough to do it well. It is no fault of their own, they really want to help, but the most we can get out of them is a swing thought here or there or a negative thought right before we take the club back. To play really great golf, we just have to let it happen, just give everything we have practiced and all the experience we have earned a chance to shine through and get it done. If we try to control things with our conscious mind, we are just getting in the way of our best golf. Instead, let's be like Justin Thomas in his final round of the WGC Mexico Championship. He came right out and tied his own course record because "he just didn't care." Oh sure he cared about his score and performance, but he stopped caring about the outcome, his value wasn't attached to his performance, and like predictable magic, he went low, really low. He even had a makable birdie putt on 18 to break his own course record! So cool. So how can we play golf and keep our conscious mind out of it? Excellent Question! Let's tee it up! #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome
March 6, 2019
What If Keith Mitchell Was A Better Putter? (E84)
This is Keith Mitchell's 2nd year on tour. He has played in 40 PGA Tour events and has made 70% of his cuts so far in his career. His putting has been very poor so far this year, but with the victory last week, it was the first time Keith has been a positive number against the field in the Strokes Gained-Putting (SGP) category. In this episode we take a few minutes to define SGP for a few of our listeners, then we dive in to see just how much more money Keith Mitchell would have made in the previous 5 tournaments, if he has just putted as well as he did last week, while playing in them. Additionally, we take the PGA Tour's leader (Brian Gay) in SGP and use his average to see how much more money Keith could have made if he was the best putter on tour. It makes for some pretty fascinating data. Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome
March 6, 2019
Keith Mitchell Mastery at the Honda - Data Monday (E83)
On this Data Monday, we dive into the data that matter and look to see how Keith Mitchell was able to navigate the Bear Trap at PGA National and hold off Brooks Koepka and Rickey Fowler to get his first win on the PGA Tour. His victory took me back to the situation at the Desert Classic in Palm Desert where Adam Long came from seemingly nowhere to steal the tournament away from two other veterans, Phil Mickelson and Adam Hadwin. It was such an impressive win, to sink a birdie putt to win it all will be something he and many of us will remember for the rest of the year and maybe longer. In the data, we will see where Keith made the biggest jump in his game to get this win and discuss where he might want to stay focused going forward based on the data. Great success and some fun and interesting data in this Data Monday, The Honda Classic edition. Let's tee it up!  #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome
March 5, 2019
Golf is Best Played With the Soul (E82)
Do you have passion for golf? Why? Is golf just a game? Or is it more to you? How do you play your best golf? How do we get in our own way and hurt our performance? What can golf teach us about ourselves and about others. And can golf, this silly little game, actually prepare us to get more out of life? Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #liveunderpar #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome #knowgolf #knowgolfer
March 2, 2019
Brooks Koepka Finds His Voice (E81)
The Honda Classic is on, and Brooks Koepka is in the field and again is speaking to be heard. Brooks seems to have decided that 2019 will be the year that his opinions will matter, and we are happy about it. Many of us just thought Brooks didn't have much to say, but we have learned in a recent article that he didn't feel he had earned the right to speak his mind. We also hear from R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers who fortunately disagrees from Mike Davis on how the Rules of Golf had been received and implemented. It is refreshing to hear someone in power who gets it! Let's tee it up! Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas use very different methods to make their opinions on the new rules known. 😂😂 #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #liveunderpar #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome #knowgolf #knowgolfer
March 1, 2019
Whatever Wednesday - Honda Classic - 1st Fred Says (E80)
Wednesdays are now "Whatever Wednesdays."  Giving us a chance to review all things golf for the week, the news, the feel good, and maybe feel bad stories, essentially... whatever. In today's show, we discuss how the schedule change has hurt the Honda Classic, how our perception of Rory McIlroy here in the US probably more positive, where Rory's decision to skip the Irish Open has raised some ire from his hometown paper. We discuss the difficult and near disaster at the Monday qualifier for the Honda Open, and even a little bit on the ridiculous outcry on backstopping. Give me a freaking break; let it die already. And finally, my favorite, the very first installment of "Fred Says," which will be a segment where I share a quote or teaching of Fred Shoemaker of Extraordinary Golf, and then discuss the how it can help us in golf and sometimes even in life. It is what a mentee should always do for a mentor, so here we go.  Let's tee it up!
February 28, 2019
I Am A Better Golf Coach Than Butch Harmon (E79)
Yep, I said it; I am a better golf coach than Butch Harmon. I don't want anyone's head to explode, so let me explain. I am a better golf coach than Butch Harmon... for my swing. And with technology to help us, we can all become the best coaches for our swings. When we choose a coach, we want to make sure they are asking us what we are feeling, what we are experiencing, for them to help us get closer to what is going on. Once we are experiencing what is going on, then our ability to get better goes throughout the roof. The key is to use technology and coaching to close that gap. Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #liveunderpar #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome #knowgolf #knowgolfer
February 27, 2019
Dustin Johnson Wins Again On Foreign Soil - Data Monday (E78)
Dustin seems to like playing out of the country. This is his second worldwide win this season, and he won both outside the borders of the good ole US of A. This win was a breeze for Dustin, who is showing some form similar to what we say out of him in the early portion of the 2017 season, when it really felt as if no one could beat him. You could hear in Rory McIlroy's voice in his Saturday afternoon interviews that he felt catching DJ was going to be difficult, and he was correct.  At the Puerto Rico Open graduate Martin Trainer won for his first PGA Tour win, and pick up $540K for his efforts and a 2-year exemption on tour, which has to feel great! Let's look into the number of the Dustin Johnson win, and compare it to out benchmarks to see how they hold up.  Let's tee it up! NEW BENCHMARKS: Driving Accuracy: 55% GIR: 65% Sand Saves: 45% Scrambling: 55% Putting: Over 25': 4% 15-20': 14% 10-15': 25% 3-5': 80% Putts Per Round: less than 30 #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict #liveunderpar #nowhitebelts #talkbirdietome #knowgolf #knowgolfer
February 26, 2019
Genesis Open Marathon Winner JB Holmes - Data Monday (E77)
Wow, that was a weird one at the Genesis Open this year. Much to cheer about with the improvement to the tournament going forward joining with Tiger Wood's charities and becoming an Invitational, more money, more extended exemption. Very cool. JB Holmes and Justin Thomas have history, which we didn't learn about until after the tournament, but did that mentor/mentee relationship play a role in the outcome. We look at the number that matter in both $$, but also in performance up against the performance benchmarks we use to manage and monitor our games. Let's tee it up!!
February 18, 2019
Holy Cow J.B. Holmes and Kuchar Does Right (E76)
Wow! Did anyone see that coming? Jordan Spieth was sitting in the clubhouse with a seven under par in his pocket, and J.B. Holmes comes screaming out of nowhere to throw down an 8 under 63 to snatch it away. Amazing! Matt Kuchar finally takes significant steps to put his this David Ortiz, Mayakoba Golf Classic garbage behind him, and the steps he took should end it. I think other players on the PGA Tour are going to take note that the public isn't going to look too kindly on players who come across as greedy. With social media and 24/7 televised golf, there is just too much craving for new news to make hiding from even the slightest hint of bad behavior to get by. They will have to take note. And finally, we dive into more data to see if our expectations on par 3, 4, and 5 holes are realistic, and also our perceptions of bogeys. These stats are useful data for not only a good discussion, but hopefully to help us get our perceptions where they need to be. Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict
February 16, 2019
Sergio, Kuchar and PGA Tour Career Money Data (E75)
I tried to avoid it, but question have come from listeners about my thoughts on Sergio and Kuchar. We touch on both of those situation today, and that will be the last of it forever (unless we get another question) 👍. And we take a look at the career money leaders from the PGA Tour, how they got there, and how much they have averages over the course of their careers. There were some pretty big surprises. Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict
February 15, 2019
Why 1-Plane Swings Are Best for Amateurs (E74)
In the podcast yesterday I mentioned I don't recommend a 2-plane swing for amateurs, especially those who don't have much time for long practice sessions. Some proponents of the 2-plane swing claim it is a more natural movement and generates more clubhead speed. We will look at the data from Sergio Garcia and Jon Rahm (2-Plane swingers) and Adam Scott and Justin Rose (1-Plane swingers) all mentioned in a recent article on biomechanics. This a classic argument of performance vs. consistency. Who comes out on top?  Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict
February 14, 2019
Welcome to Golf Geekdom (E73)
On there was an interesting article entitled "Meet the biomechanist who's changing golf - and can help you gain distance." The article is about Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, who is a researcher of Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. You may know him from the work he has done with the BodiTrak. In this article, it tells us of the easiest way to get more speed in our swing. Additionally, we look at some consistency numbers of top tour pros and see how their career average stacks up with their 2018 and 2019 numbers to see how they are trending. It's for fun. Let's tee it up!
February 13, 2019
Pebble Beach - Phil's Personal Playing Ground (E72)
Phil's wins for his 5th time on the hallowed grounds of Pebble Beach Golf Links. He started his round 3 strokes back and ended up winning by three after posting a seven-under 65 to lap the field. Phil also lets us in on why Pebble Beach is such a special place for him and his family. We take a look at Phil's stats and see where his performance was above his 2018 averages and carried him on to the win. We also compare Phil's statistics to our established benchmarks, to continue refining how we are going to track our games and make sure we get better this summer. Let's tee it up!
February 12, 2019
Matthew Wolff or Ho-Sung Choi? (E71)
The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is upon us and Brian Gay and Scott Langley got out of the gates quickly with 64s at the Monterrey Peninsula Country Club Shore course. Phil Mickelson does something he hasn't done in about 20 years and finds himself close to the lead, in a tournament he has won 4 time previously. Phil loves the Poa Annua greens of his native California.  And, if you were forced to choose a swing you absolutely had to use the rest of your life, you had no other choice, would you choose Matthew Wolff's or Ho-Sung Choi's swing? Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict
February 9, 2019
USGA Clarifies-They Need Help (E70)
The USGA has issued "clarifications" to rule 10.2b(4). Yes, that is how they list the rules. It is the rule that no caddie should assist their player line up. Instead of having a simple rule in the first place, the rule to convoluted and silly. So now they issue a clarification, which is two pages in an 8pt font. This clarification may add some additional insight to the intent of the rule, and I used the word "may" on purpose. But what it definitely clarifies is that the USGA is not about simplifying the game, because they simply don't know how. It is Data Axis Golf's belief that they must base their salaries on a per word basis. This is out of hand, let's give the USGA some free advice from those of us who are simple-minded. Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict 
February 7, 2019
Flagstick Fluke - Hold The Phone Pelz (E69)
New research published yesterday seems to contradict the research done previously by Dave Pelz. What gives? This puts Dave Pelz in a tough spot, will he release his data now? If he doesn't, he runs the risk of losing credibility in the golf world. This will be interesting.  While this new research is hardly comprehensive and is a far cry from being strategically helpful, it does add to the body of work, which is great. The data is now more muddled than ever, but with more data comes a better chance we will really get an answer to the flagstick question. Let's hope more will take up the flagstick battle cry and provide us with real research, transparent research that we can trust and can actually use to improve our chance of playing well. #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict
February 7, 2019
The USGA - A History of Ineptitude (E68)
The USGA has made glaring mistakes and myriads of poor decisions over the last decade. It has become so common place that pretending they have their act together just isn't possible anymore. The USGA is broken. They are essentially Pam Am, or Blockbuster, or Kodak, but instead of being allowed to fail, they are propped-up and protected by their charge to oversee the game of golf in the United States. But is that right? Are they too protected to fail, even despite their inability to manage effectively? Something either needs to change in the USGA, or they need to be removed from their position of governance. They may need to be dethroned. What is Donald Trump's cell phone? Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict
February 6, 2019
Dustin and Rickie Get It Done in The Desert(s)! (E67)
Dustin Johnson shoots 4 round in 60s to become the inaugural Saudi International Champion in a desert far, far away, while Rickie Fowler gets his long awaited win at the Waste Management Phoenix Open for his 5th PGA Tour victory. The 16th hole again stirs up some controversy, and Brandon Grace learns the hard way that galleries drowning in pools of liquid courage can be less than good sports. What shall we do with a tournament that is arguably the most environmentally responsible stop on the PGA Tour, while also being the most irresponsible when it comes to common human behavior... Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict
February 5, 2019
Bubba, Bryson, Brandon, Justin, Rickie, Oh My. (E66)
Rickie started slow, finished FAST. Justin started faster, and came back to the pack. We learn about Bubba's new putting stroke and who his new putting pal is (we didn't say coach, Bubba makes it clear he has no coaches). Brandon Grace throws a 64 down with a hole-in-one, using an 8 iron from 193. No, that is not a typo, 193 yards!!! Waste Management Phoenix Open is a Zero Waste tournament. What in the world does that mean? And if you didn't see the Video with Gary Woodland and Amy Bockerstette, a Special Olympics athlete. IT IS SO GOOD. It is the best golf video of 2019, and it won't be beat. Gary Woodland is a stud. I have wanted it a bunch, I can't get enough of it. Check out the link below. #WMPhonenixOpen #GaryWoodland #pgatour #SpecialOlympics #dataaxisgolf
February 2, 2019
Blame Big Money Sponsors for Slow Play (E65)
With recent comments from Brooks Koepka about the problems with slow play on professional golf tours, we again find ourselves mired in this discussion. But why don't the powers that be in golf just start enforcing the rules? As with much on this planet, when there is a problem we can seem to figure out, we need to follow the money. In this case we find that big golf sponsors, who pay tour players handsomely to proudly display their corporate logos on hats, shirts, golf bags, etc., want their players to be on our TV screens as much as possible. One way to do that is to take every allotted second to prepare to take the next shot. As long as there is big money being paid from big sponsors, the PGA tour would be simple stupid to punish slow play. Except to players that don't have a big sponsor. It just doesn't make financial sense to enforce slow play. The first round of the Waste Management Open could not have gone better for Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler. Justin Thomas with 7 birdies and no bogeys penciled a cool seven under 64. Rickie Fowler also shot a seven under 64, but he did it with 5 birdies and one eagle. The question now becomes can either of these two power houses hold on, with the better question being for Rickie Fowler, who has had a few close calls here in Arizona. Let's tee it up!   #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #rapidgolfimprovement #golfday #whyilovethisgame #golflessons #golflife #anythinggolf #beautifulgolfcourses #lovegolf #betterdatabettergolf #dataaxisgolf #golfislife #golfball #golftournament #golfcourse #golfrange #golfnews #instagolf #golfswing #golfing #golfaddict
February 1, 2019
DeChambeau Dissects Dubai (E64)
Another impressive win for Bryson DeChambeau, who continues to prove to the world that using training aides that provide instant and correct data can transform you game. Not only your swing, but also you mental toughness, as you can prove to yourself that you golf swing is solid. You can know you golf swing, it won't be mystery to you any longer. And with that, your performance will go up, just ask Bryson.  We also get into the one-length iron discussion, with some insight I learned personally after being fitted and playing with one-length clubs for a few months. Let's tee it up!
January 31, 2019
A Justin Rose Parade at Torrey Pines (E63)
An amazing display of golf this week from Justin Rose, using new equipment for only the 2nd time in competition. What can we learn from Justin Rose? Let's get into the data and see how Justin's performance holds up compared to his averages and our performance bench marks. Let's tee it up!
January 29, 2019
The Wisdom of Lee Westwood, The Brilliance of Bryson DeChambeau (E62)
On today's show we play two soundbites from Lee Westwood and Bryson DeChambeau, as they play in the Dubai Desert Classic. Lee provides us with great pearls of wisdom into how we need to carry ourselves mentally on the course to achieve our best golf. Bryson provides some brilliant insight into how we can prepare ourselves to be prepared and consistent on the golf course. Both pieces of advice are wonderfully helpful in assisting us get better at this great game. Let's tee it up!
January 26, 2019
Aimpoint Addresses Putting Proclivities (E61)
Equipment manufacturers are producing better putters, grasses on modern greens are quicker due to better agronomy and watering strategies. It all means that we have better surfaces, better technology, but we aren't making statistically more putts. So what it the problem?  In a nutshell we can't read greens well enough to adjust to these conditions. What can we do about it?  Let's tee it up!
January 25, 2019
Should We Learn Golf By Feel, or By Data? (E60)
This time of year, with the PGA Show going on, we will hear about all kinds of new technology and products that are supposed to help us play better golf. There is also many coaches getting together to share notes, which always brings up the question of do we learn by feel or by technology. The answer? Let's tee it up!
January 24, 2019
Oh Rickie You're So... (E59)
Rickie Fowler is not playing Titleist Pro Vs anymore? My world just came crashing in around me? What in the world is going on around here?!? Rickie claims he has found the Taylormade TP5x golf ball to be better in the wind and he has picked up some distance with his irons. So how to you choose a golf ball? Does it really matter that much to us amateurs? Let's tee it up!
January 23, 2019
An Adam Long Time Coming
It may appear Adam Long was an overnight success, but not so fast my friends!!  Adam has been earning this win for a very long time. On this Data Monday, we will go over some cool stats of Adam's from his PGA career, and we will even look at some from Phil Mickelson for comparison. We will also take a quick look at how Adam performed up against our amateur game improvement benchmarks. Let's tee it up!
January 22, 2019
Beware of a Rusty Phil Mickelson
Phil tweeted out he was a "little rusty" before his start at the Desert Classic, then he went out and shot a 60. It was the 3rd 60 of his playing career, which no one else has done on the PGA Tour. But this 60 was his lowest score to par in his career. So what was rusty? Let's tee it up!
January 19, 2019
3 Killer Off-Season Putting Drills to get you Ready for Spring
Winter is a perfect time to work on our putting strokes. In this podcast we will go over 3 drills that won't cost you anything, are easy to set up and do, and will transform your putting game into a strength. These drills focus on making a precise stroke, making sure the putter face is dead square at impact, and insuring you are not moving during the stroke. Use these three drills until Spring and get ready to take money from your buddies pockets. Let's tee it up!
January 18, 2019
Do You Expect To Get Better When You Play?
Do you expect to get better while playing golf? Why? What do you do to make sure you are working on the weaknesses of your game? Are there strategies that make getting better possible while playing? Or is there a time to perform and a time to practice? Should our mindset be different for each? Let's tee it up! 
January 16, 2019
Kuch Again! What Can We Learn on This Data Monday?
Another impressive performance by the "Smiling Assassin." Many remember that Matt Kuchar went about overhauling his golf swing back almost a decade ago, and it wasn't easy. However, much of what Matt changed can really help us amateurs too. Do you want to play more consistent golf?  What Matt implemented can really help us. Let's tee it up!
January 15, 2019
Jordan Spieth - Push the Panic Button?
After his first round of the Sony Open many "experts" were discussing their worries for Jordan Spieth and his game. Robert Damron (who is one of the most entertaining guys on Golf Channel) claimed it was DEFCON 7 for Speith (whatever that means). But Jordan has a plan and he is going to be just fine. Let's tee it up!
January 12, 2019
Jordan Spieth - The Technology Child
What can we expect from Jordan Spieth this year? Are you optimistic he will play better than last year? Why or why not? Based on some of his comments this might be a very, very important year in his long-term success. Let's tee it up!
January 12, 2019
Targets - The Art and Science
Maybe one of the most under discussed topics in golf. How should we choose targets to better improve our performance and clearly communicate our intentions? There are some common mistakes to avoid, but better target strategies can drastically improve your scoring, and in some cases, instantly. Let's tee it up!
January 11, 2019
How Are You Swinging It?
If someone asked you how do you swing the golf club, how would you answer that? Could you answer? Can you describe your golf swing? Do you know if well enough to classify it? Explain it? Critique it? And if you can, will it make you a better player? Let's tee it up!
January 9, 2019
Golf Xandtastic! Xander Wins Big at Kapalua
Wow!! I hope you had the chance to watch at least the last few holds of the Sentry Tournament of Champions yesterday. What an amazing finish, what an amazing display of golf!! Xander Schauffele and Gary Woodland put on an amazing show. On this Data Monday, we will dive into some of Xander Schauffele's statistics and see how his 2018 averages hold up to the benchmarks we have established to improve our golf games in 2019 (listed below). Driving Accuracy: 50-60% Greens-In-Regulation (GIR): 55-65% Scrambling: 45-55% Sand Saves: 30-50% Putting from 20': Make 3-7% Putting from 10': Make 20-40% Putting from 5': Make 65-80%
January 8, 2019
The Flagstick... In Or Out?
With the new rules of golf much is being discussed, but probably no rule has caused as much discussion than the one allowing golfers to leave the pin in while putting. So what will you do? Will you leave the pin in our out? And is there any research that can help us decide for our own games?  It is a great question and discussion. Let's tee it up! CLICK HERE: for Dave Pelz Research Article 
January 5, 2019
Better Goals for 2019 - Putting & G.I.R.
How do you plan to improve your golf game in 2019? In the last show of our Data Driven series we will review some 2018 PGA Tour statistics to calculate some reasonable benchmarks to measure our own games, and use those to set proper expectations for maximum enjoyment and maximum game improvement in 2019. On today's show, we examine proper expectations for putting and Greens-in-Regulation statistics. Let's tee it up!
January 3, 2019
Better Goals for 2019 - Scrambling & Sand Saves
How do you plan to improve your golf game in 2019? In our year-end Data Driven series we will review some PGA Tour statistics to calculate some reasonable benchmarks to measure our game against, and to then help us set up proper expectations for maximum enjoyment and game improvement in 2019. On today's show, we examine proper expectations for scrambling and sand saves. Let's tee it up!
December 29, 2018
Better Goals for 2019 - Approach Shots
How do you plan to improve your golf game in 2019? In our year-end Data Driven series we will review some PGA Tour statistics to calculate some reasonable benchmarks to measure our game against, and to help us set up proper expectations for maximum enjoyment and game improvement in 2019. On today's show, we examine approach shots. Let's tee it up!
December 27, 2018
Better Goals for 2019 - Driving Accuracy
How do you plan to improve your golf game in 2019? In our year-end Data Driven series we will review some PGA Tour statistics to calculate some reasonable benchmarks to measure our game against, and to help us set up proper expectations for maximum enjoyment and game improvement in 2019. On today's show we examine driving accuracy. Let's tee it up!
December 27, 2018
Cursed for Cursing
Do you swear on the golf course? Does it help you play? Does it hurt your play? The data says some interesting stuff! Let's tee it up! Follow us on Facebook! And sign up to win a free belt at! #dataaxisgolf #betterdatameansbettergolf
December 21, 2018
Practically Perfect Putting
Do you remember how your putting stroke developed to what it is now? Was it based on trial and error? A tip? Watching someone else putt? And do you know if this is the best way to putt for you? Let's tee it up! Follow us on Facebook! And sign up to win a free belt at! Buy your own Voice Caddie PT30 Putting Analyzer Here #dataaxisgolf #betterdatameansbettergolf
December 21, 2018
Productive Practice Hacks
Practice doesn't make perfect unless we practice the right way... And even then, it's golf, so perfect is a stretch. Practicing the wrong way can seriously hamper your chances or ever playing the right way. Let's tee it up!
December 20, 2018
Data Monday - Davis and Dru Lovely!
Davis and Dru Love do it again! Jack Nicklaus quips he hopes Dru gets his card and can't defend next year. :) And we get into some cool data on how much the top 20 players in the world make per tournament and per day on average. Let's tee it up!
December 18, 2018
Feel Good Friday - The Best Playing Partners
Think of your best rounds. Do you remember who your playing partners were? Was it the way you played, your final score, or who you were with that made the round memorable? Let's tee it up!
December 15, 2018
A Faster, Faster, Faster Golf Swing
Can you increase your swing speed by just trying to swing "faster?" Hank Haney seems to think so! Let's tee it up!
December 14, 2018
A Club Fitting Epidemic
Many are shouting that we need to get fit, for our ball, for our shafts, for our clubs, but do we? Do fittings really benefit the high-handicapper? The low handicapper? Or is it a ploy to get us to spend more? Let's tee it up!
December 13, 2018
The Dreaded Yips
No one can explain what causes them, no one knows how to fix them, no one really wants to talk about them, so we are going to anyway. 😂 Let's tee it up!
December 12, 2018
Data Monday - Tricky Blick!
What would you do if your clubs were stolen the night before the biggest round of your life? How about shoot 63 with borrowed clubs?!? Let's tee it up!
December 11, 2018
Feel Good Friday - A Better Tiger Woods
Some folks are sadly asking the question "what's wrong with Tiger Woods?" It is a bad question, the answer is... Tiger Woods isn't the old Tiger Woods anymore, and that is a great thing. Let's tee it up!
December 8, 2018
Did Tiger Woods Cheat?
From his knees, Tiger Woods took an abbreviated swing and knocked his ball out of a bush, back toward the fairway. Upon further review, using HD video, it could be clearly seen that he had carried the ball on the face of his club or essentially perform a double hit, which is against the rules of golf. After some discussion by the officials, Tiger did not receive a penalty stroke, even with video proof of the infraction. Did Tiger Woods cheat? Let's tee it up!
December 6, 2018
Dirty Rotten Sandbaggers!
You know who you are, and you know what you have done, and we are tired of it. How can you easily identify a sandbagger? Let's tee it up!
December 5, 2018
Data Monday: Jon Rahmtastic
Jon Rahm has his own way about him. A fellow Sun Devil and a unique approach to the game. Let's tee it up!
December 4, 2018
A Tim Herron Sighting: The Return of Lumpy!
He has to be one of the most beloved golfers of our generation. Tim "Lumpy" Herron, the Minnesotan, the comedian, the entrepreneur, the husband, the dad, the legend! Let's tee it up!
December 1, 2018
Patrick Reed - Setting Off Fires and Playing On Fire!
Love him or hate him Patrick Reed has the game and the mentality to be around a very long time. Let's tee it up!
November 30, 2018
Playing Golf "Outside" Yourself
Can you remember back to when you played a great round of golf? Do you remember what you were focused on? Were you "outside" yourself? Let's tee it up!
November 29, 2018
Hank Haney Said What?!? 🤯
Technology in golf is here to stay,​ despite the lamenting of some. Let's tee it up!
November 27, 2018
Data Monday: The Match
Cuts Made Data, plus we chat about Hosung Choi's unique swing and win on the Asian Tour, and Monday would not be complete without a recap on "The Match" of Tiger and Phil. Let's tee it up!
November 27, 2018
Find Your Best Grip
We go against conventional wisdom here, but after looking at a few positions in your swing, you too can more easily find your best grip. Be aware, as we work together your swing plane will simplify and improve, as it does, you may need to adjust your grip to take advantage of your new simplified action. Let's tee it up!
November 23, 2018
Thankfulness in Golf
Can being thankful on the golf course improve your play? Let's tee it up!
November 21, 2018
The Bad Pre-Shot Routine
Does a pre-shot routine really help your golf game? The answer is... maybe. It only helps if you use it the right way if not, it could actually be hurting your game. Let's tee it up!
November 20, 2018
Data Monday: Howell Cool Was That?!?
A quick recap of the RSM, and some data on Charles Howell III. Whatever happened to "Chuckie 3 Sticks?" Let's tee it up!
November 19, 2018
No White Belts
This travesty of the golf fashion world has plagued generation after generation, and it must end today. Make the world a better place, take the pledge at
November 17, 2018
The Art and Curse of Competition (E20)
Is competition good for our golf game? It is good for us?
November 17, 2018
Fighting Anger on the Course (E19)
Golf can be frustrating and with frustration can come anger. We typically don't play our best while angry, so what should we do about it?
November 16, 2018
When Rules are Cruel (E18)
Rules are to created to make golf "fair" for all of us, but sometimes the rules, as written, are just plain cruel.
November 15, 2018
Caddy Talk (E17)
Do you like playing with caddies? Do you mind it when a course requires you to use a caddy? Both Lee Westwood and Matt Kuchar won last week without their regular caddies. Interesting...
November 14, 2018
Golf and the Unsupportive Spouse (E16)
Our spouses are a huge part of our lives, and thus our golf life. How we interact with them concerning golf is vitally important. Especially if you want to keep playing golf.
November 13, 2018
To Be Fit, Or To Not Be Fit (E15)
Should you take the plunge and be fit for custom clubs? The quick answer is... Maybe. Let's discuss!
November 11, 2018
Bubba Watson Saved My Life (E14)
Yes, I did almost die, and yes Bubba Watson did, in fact, save my life... But I have never met the man. Let's get to it.
November 9, 2018
We Create (E13)
Why do really well hit golf shots feel so good? What is behind that? Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with this.
November 8, 2018
Coach or No Coach? (E12)
Do you need a golf coach? Do you want a golf coach? What should we look for in a golf coach? Let's get into it!
November 8, 2018
You Don't Need 10,000 Hours (E11)
In Malcolm Gladwell's book "Outliers" he puts forth the concept that we can achieve mastery in something at around 10,000 hours. My opinion inside this episode.
November 7, 2018
The Friendlier New Rules of Golf (E10)
They have been six​ years in the making, but the USGA has finally released new golf rules for the 2019 season. We review the top 10 rule changes that we will deal with the most. The game of golf just got more straightforward​, and hopefully, the pace of play will pick up too!
November 6, 2018
Unrealistic Expectations (E9)
Most people are shocked when they actually take time to analyze the performance data of PGA touring pros. The data should help us develop more reasonable performance expectations.
November 6, 2018
What Can We Learn From Bryson DeChambeau? (E8)
He is known as a mad scientist, which is great. Bryson uses data to rapidly improve his golf swing, we can too.
November 5, 2018
A 1-Plane vs 2-Plane Swing (E7)
Aaron discusses the benefits and risks of both a 1-Plane & 2-Plane swing.​
November 1, 2018
Choosing Targets (E6)
How choosing the "right" targets can improve your play.
October 31, 2018
Practice vs. Play (E5)
How should our mindset differ from the practice tee to the first tee?​
October 31, 2018
Golf Magazines (E4)
We all love golf magazines, but are they good for your golf swing?
October 30, 2018
“Feels” LIE! (E3)
Some rely on feel. Tiger talks that the “feels” are coming back. What?!?
October 26, 2018
Extraordinary Golf (E2)
My first experience at an Extraordinary Golf School, and my rampant stupidity on full display!
October 25, 2018
Intro to Data Axis Golf... Rapid Golf Improvement (E1)
Through a series of really unfortunate and fortunate events, we now know how to help you rapidly improve your golf swing. To get better at anything we need accurate, instant and usable feedback. The more accurate, the more instant and the more usable the better! Yep, that's us.
October 25, 2018
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