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Data For Future

Data For Future

By Tammy & Pavlo
Data and sustainability , oh and business!
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51: Trackable and Sustainable Urban Mobility| Fabien Sauthier, MotionTag
Transportation accounts for almost a quarter of the green house emission in Europe. When we are envisioning a sustainable city of the future, we cannot ignore the importance of urban mobility. While searching for ways of optimising our transportation system, we first need to be able to track and measure how people move within the city on the daily basis. MotionTag is a company that measures in real time in detail how individuals travel around cities. Listen in our conversation with Fabien Sauthier, the COO at Motiontag, to learn more! ShowNotes: 🚎 Mobility Impact 📍Fabien Sauthier 📝MotionTag
January 19, 2022
50: Our Data Journey | Meet the Hosts Pavlo & Tammy
This is a special edition to celebrate our 50th podcast episode. Along the journey of creating the podcast, Tammy and Pavlo have gained much knowledge in the data and sustainability field. Meanwhile, they are also growing their careers as data professionals and data leaders. This is an episode for us to introduce who we are, our inspirations and motivations for the podcast, and our intention to create a community. Moreover, we introduce our data journey- how we got into data and how we are navigating and growing our careers.  We hope to shed some light for people working in the data field or anyone who wants to start a data career. With the hope of growing the community, we also encourage you to engage and chat with us. Leave a feedback with our Typeform on the web, or drop us a message from Linkedin or email. We are looking forward to what you have to say! PS: Special thanks to our interviewer for the episode Alexis Bocuze, who is also an inspiring data professional who came up with this fun interview content. He is currently working as the Head of Data at Le Petit Ballon.For the first time, the podcast hosts Tammy and Pavlo are not interviewing but being interviewed! Resources & Links: Omdena StatsQuest Python from Zero to Hero udemy Locally Optimistic Platanomelon Le Petit Ballon
December 15, 2021
49: Solar Panels Cleaned by Robots | Felipe Urrutia, Inti-tech
We often hear about new installations of solar panels that make renewable energy transition real. But how often do we hear about the importance of keeping solar modules clean? Dirt and soiling can lower the performance of solar panels by as much as 50%!  Inti-tech is a startup that was created to address exactly this issue in the country with one of the favorable locations for solar energy, Chile. With help of autonomous and semi-autonomous robots, they offer on-demand cleaning services for both residential and industrial solar installations. And they clean them with no water consumption! Dive in with us into this interview with Inti-tech's CCO, Felipe Urritia! Resources: ☀️ Inti-tech's LinkedIn 🔋 Inti-tech's website 🇨🇱 Chile's energy country profile
November 30, 2021
48: Sustainable Building on Demand | Andrés Perales, Designable
Have you ever wondered about the carbon footprint of the buildings we work and live in? As buildings are responsible for more than 40 % of global energy used, and as much as one-third of global GHG emissions, the potential impact of building energy use optimization is huge. Designable, a company that offers sustainable building on demand, is disrupting the traditional real estate industry to drive for change. The CEO Andrés introduces us how sustainability can be weaved into the real estate industry, anywhere from construction material selection, to building design, and to energy usage.  Resources: ​​CARBON FOOTPRINT OF BUILDINGS 
November 17, 2021
47: Blockchain for SDGs | Carlos Gómez, Belobaba
Cryptocurrencies are still gaining popularity. The total cap of the crypto asset market has reached $2.3 trillion, making it larger than the market capitalization of any company and possibly any asset except for gold. El Salvador has even made Bitcoin an official legal currency in the country. Meanwhile, what role is crypto playing in terms of sustainable development? And what are the uncovered use cases of blockchain that could move us in the direction of an environmentally clean and socially just future? In our last episode on cryptocurrency and blockchain, we discussed EthicHub project in particular, whose founder discovered an awesome opportunity to make the world a better place through this technology. This time, we speak about blockchain more generally and develop a more holistic and global conversation around crypto with Carlos Gomez, the Chief Investment Officer at Belobaba crypto asset fund. Join us to unravel the power of blockchain for sustainability and find out how crypto can be useful for you personally even if you’re relatively new to the topic. Resources: 📢 El Salvador makes bitcoin a legal tender 🎓 Anthony Pompliano (learn about crypto) 🎓 Coin Bureau (learn about crypto)
November 03, 2021
46: Shaping the Next Generation of Women Tech Leaders | AllWomen
According to Statista, in 2020, about 25% of GAFAM’s employees are female, and only 20% of the leadership positions are female. Facing such a gender gap in tech and leadership, we are shifting our lens to the Allwomen Campus, where the reshaping of the next generation of female tech leaders is taking place. Laura Fernández, CEO and co-found and Idoia Martí , the Data Science Lead of AllWomen are joining us today to introduce what they are pioneering with AllWomen, how the campus dynamic is like, and the paths women can take to start and excel the data career.
October 20, 2021
45: Democratizing AI | Korey Stegared-Pace, Peltarion
Building AI models is still a VIP fiesta that is only reserved for somewhere between 0.002% and 0.02% of the global population looking at how many data scientists are out there. What if everyone could build a machine learning model to solve their personal and/or business problem with NO code at all? That’s already happening, my friend, and Peltarion is one of the pioneers enabling this revolution!✊ Korey Stegared-Pace, an AI Developer Advocate at Peltarion, is sharing his amazing insights about this data riot and it looks like opportunities are endless. With us all using AI on a daily basis without even knowing it, isn’t it democratized already? What will the world look like when just as many people build AI models through platforms like Peltarion as building web pages through WordPress? And are Data Scientists going to disappear?! Resources: 🎙️The Maikers Show: 🤖Peltarion’s website: 👨‍🎓Intro to AI slides: 💡Ethical AI: (episode mentioning the example of Barack Obama turned white by an ML algorithm)
October 06, 2021
44: Growing a Data Career | Alexey Grigorev, OLX
Often we hear about advice on how to transition into a data career, but how about growing your career in data? Are you aspired to develop more domain technical knowledge or are you more drawn into developing into leadership positions? Are you interested in joining/building a data community or are you more keen on producing your own content? One way or another, there is no fixed trajectory in data career nurturance. Today, we have the principal data science of OLX, Alexey Grigorev,  joining us to chat about his experience growing from a data scientist into leading a data team, running the community, and publishing books on AI and machine learning. Listen in for some inspiration! Shownotes: DataTalks.Club - Book - Machine Learning Bookcamp - Course - Data science interviews - Clothes dataset - LinkedIn - Twitter -
September 22, 2021
43: Ethical Investment Made Easy with Blockchain | Jori Armbruster, EthicHub
Our current financial system is far from perfect and one of the biggest issues with it is that it leaves aside about a quarter of humanity, 1.7 billion people! With the arrival of blockchain and DeFi (decentralized finance), there is a big hope that this technology will create a more fair, inclusive, and efficient financial ecosphere. One of the pioneers in the field is our guest Jori who created Ethichub, a company that makes socially responsible investment easy and secure, eliminating major barriers to capital flow through the use of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and a so-called peer-to-peer crowdlending. It connects people in developed countries that want to invest their money in a socially beneficial and profitable cause with solvent farmers around the globe and creates a win-win situation where farmers pay less interest and investors receive more returns. How exactly does it work? Is this investment risky? How do you approach farmers with something as fancy-sounding as “blockchain peer-to-peer crowdlending”?! All this and more in this episode, so tune in! Join EthicHub community: Jori's LinkedIn: Join our team:
September 08, 2021
42: Product Carbon Footprint | Simon Hohenadl, ClimatePartner
Every EU citizen generates around 8 tons of carbon emission yearly. But to limit global warming to 2 degrees we need to lower it to just 1 ton. As individuals, our daily consumption decisions accumulate our carbon footprint. When purchasing a product, how can we learn about its environmental impact? What is a reasonable amount of carbon emission for each kind of product?  ClimatePartner, a carbon neutral label, is the solution that identifies how much carbon emission is produced with each product and what are the projects involved to offset them. Today, the CTO Simon Hohenadl is here to introduce us how ClimatePartner helps companies calculate their carbon footprints and offset their emissions, and how consumers can be empowered to make informed purchases with zero carbon footprint. Shownotes: Linkedin GoodReads ClimatePartner Data jobs at ClimatePartner:   Data Specialist Barcelona Berlin Munich   Senior Data Engineer Barcelona Berlin Munich
August 25, 2021
41: Ethical AI | Gemma Galdon-Clavell, Eticas Consulting
Seemingly objective and research-driven AI systems are in reality full of bias, and it becomes increasingly important as more and more decision-making is being outsourced to machine learning. Eticas Consulting, under the leadership of Gemma Galdon-Clavell, teams up with organizations to identify black box algorithmic vulnerabilities and retrains AI-powered technology with better source data and content. Since their inception, they have built a track record with a proven methodology that equips clients with a more cognitively diverse algorithm. Moreover, instead of punishing the algorithm performance, it improves it! Tune in with us to learn about how Eticas identifies vulnerabilities and biases and corrects them using their unique methodology! Resources:  Eticas Consulting homepage Gemma’s LinkedIn Barack Obama turned white by an algorithm Our webpage:
August 18, 2021
40: Data Powered Circular Fashion | Maddi Eckert, Trove
The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions. While consumers are busy filling up their wardrobe with new seasonal fashion items, there are companies looking to bring unused or underused items back to the shelf. Trove is the circular engine that enables sustainable brands like Patagonia, REI, Levi’s and Lululemon to take back items from customers’ closets. Join the conversation with Maddi, the Data Analyst from Trove, to discover how data is powering up Trove’s sustainable fashion impact at scale. Resources: Ellen Macarthur Foundation Locally Optimistic Fashion Industry Locally Optimistic Slack Linkedin
July 28, 2021
39: Making Documentation Sexy | Juan Luis Cano, Read the Docs
Coding is cool, but badly documented codes are not. Although documentation at first glance does not seem to be the sexiest task for developers and data scientists, it is ultra essential for any project to scale and for further collaboration. Juan, the developer advocate of Read the Docs, is here with us today to introduce why we should think about documentation as an empathy, what are the tools to enable simple and clear documentation, and what are the principles to abide when documenting. Furthermore, we also touched upon the importance of open-source community, diversity in tech, and data ethics. Listen in! Contact- twitter linkedin Related Resources- -Why you should document your work as a data scientist -Surveys about documentation Digital Ocean State of API Postman Technical Communication Developer Documentation Trends -Diátaxis Framework for documentation - Readme Checklist
June 09, 2021
38: Open Government & Open Data Barcelona | Carles Agusti i Hernandez
Young people, most probably like you, tend to experience issues marked by the distance and mistrust between citizenship and politics. Society and its needs both evolve at such a great speed. Today’s society is democratically mature, highly skilled, restless, and eager to take part in shaping the world around them. How to close this gap in communication between the government and society? Here’s when Smart Citizenship and Smart Governance come into play. Our guest this time is one of the 50 best experts in Smart Cities at world level nominated by the World CSR organization, Carles Agustí i Hernández. He and his team leveraged Smart Citizenship and Smart Governance in Barcelona city, using technology to improve the communication between people and its government. In particular, he has led the Barcelona Open Government and Open Data initiatives, building it from scratch to make the administration more transparent and using the power of data. Dive in to find out how Barcelona has become smarter since the launch of these initiatives, what have the successes and challenges been, and where the project is moving towards in the future! Decidim: Open Data BCN: Carles' Linkedin: Our website:
May 26, 2021
37: Intersection between Data and Management | Javier Granda, Glovo
Further growing your data career into leadership position is a path with many new dimensions. In this episode, we chatted with Javier on his journey from an individual data contributor to a product data team manager. How did he connect his business background with the world of data? What are the challenges of leading in areas unfamiliar? How did he manage to keep up his growth with the fast growing company? Listen in to find the answer! Speaker Bio: Javier is the Data Manager for Glovo, in which role he leads a team of Data Scientists, Data Analysts and BI Engineers working in partnership with engineering and product teams to help deliver impactful and performant product features. He is also a lecturer at Bdata Institute teaching Behavioral Analytics. Prior to his data career, he was an entrepreneur who co-founded the company Cine Pass. Cine Pass is a Companion App for Movie Lovers in Latin America which reached +500.000 MAU in 9 countries in Latam. Resource: Farnam Street podcast  Coded Bias Locally optimistic Email:
May 12, 2021
36: ML Ops: Data Models into Production | Adria Salvador, Glovo
“Only 22 percent of companies using machine learning have successfully deployed a model”.( ) Why such a big gap between machine learning model development and production? What are the big challenges and how are they being solved?  Adrià Salvador,  lead of the Data Science Productivisation team at Glovo, is here with us today to share his tricks and tips in the field of ML Ops. From his honest revelation of personal experiences, we see the challenges leading a team to productionize data science directly into the company’s operation.  Other than real case references,  Adrià also introduced concepts of best data science practices, machine learning model production pipeline in Glovo, and open source tool packs for us to add to our next learning list. Don’t miss the opportunity and listen in! Speaker Bio: Adrià Salvador Palau (Barcelona, 1990) holds a BSc and MSc in Physics. He also holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge.  In his PhD, Adrià developed distributed machine learning architectures to predict failures in large fleets of industrial machines. Adrià’s research focused both on the technological and economical challenges of implementing these technologies in industrial scenarios. He joined Glovo two years ago to work as a Data Scientist. Since then, he has been promoted to lead the Data Science Productivisation team at Glovo. His team has the responsibility of speeding up productivisation of machine learning models in glovo and helping determining MLOPS best practices within the company. Resources: MLOPS by google MLOPS in Towards Data Science Deep Learning by Goodfellow Umap Paperswithcode Poetry
April 28, 2021
35: Personal Branding as Data Scientists | Admond Lee
Stepping into data science is an exciting decision, but how do you stand out among peers and plan for your career trajectory? Even after being a data scientist for many years, how do you break the ceiling and further explore your growth potentials? Admond Lee gives us a tour on how he went about developing his own image and brand as a data scientist- how he started with publishing in Medium and Toward Data Science, to teaching data science personal branding courses, to speaking at meetups and events, and to seeking mentorship... Oh, wondering how routines like meditation and cold showers intertwine into a data scientist's life? We also got answers for you. Listen in! Show notes: Book- Statlearning Book- Hundred page machine learning book Medium Twitter Marketing Attribution Website
March 24, 2021
34: AI Against Global Diseases | Eduardo Peire, AI Scope
Website of AI Scope: Eduardo’s LinkedIn: And email: Taking into account the current COVID pandemic, it is easy to oversee the persisting impact of other infectious diseases in the world. Nevertheless, malaria alone continues to take over half a million lives each year, along with other spreading diseases that need to be taken care of. Diagnosis, the first step of the cure, turns out to be very expensive and sometimes impossible to carry out in developing regions, especially in rural areas. Microscopic blood tests are expensive and there’s a clear lack of trained staff to perform analyses. Eduardo Peire, the Founder and the Head of Innovation at AI Scope, has found a brilliant application of AI to serve a higher purpose. He and his team are developing an app, powered by computer vision Deep Learning algorithms, that by connecting a phone to a microscope can automatically detect infectious diseases and confirm a need for further diagnostic. This allows to drastically reduce the cost and increase the scale at which diagnoses can be performed. However, the application does not exclude humans from the process and serves as a collaboration tool between the human and the machine. The algorithm is used to filter out people who certainly are not infected, to allow more resources and time to be allocated for people who really need it. Tune in with us in this discussion with Eduardo where he explains how the idea was born, how he gathered resources to power the non-profit project, and what humbling learnings he and his team have encountered on their way. ------------------- Looking for data-powered solutions for your business problems? We are here to help you with data cleaning, analytics, and machine learning:
March 10, 2021
33: Data Science in Marketing, and Women in Data | Alicia Horsch
Data Science in the world of marketing. How does marketing effectiveness get measured? How do we develop metrics and models to shape decisions? Is data science really science? Join our conversation with Alicia to talk about her experience working as a data science in Social Point. We explore when fancy algorithms meet reality, how challenging it is to deliver and translate data insights to stakeholders, as well as where shall we draw the line between data asset and user privacy. Also don’t forget to connect with the Women in Data Community!
February 17, 2021
32: print('hello light') Data Science In Renewables | Pablo Rosado, Holaluz
Holaluz is a renewable energy provider in Spain and today their Sr. Data Scientist Pablo Rosado is sharing his challenging experience of working in the renewables industry. Oftentimes, people refer to deep neural networks and the most advanced and complex algorithms talking about data science. But, as Pablo says, having robust knowledge of the basics of data cleaning, wrangling and engineering is even more important for working in a real-life business setting. After switching from academia and research in Astrophysics into the data science industry, Pablo has also made many discoveries and overcome many challenges along the way. His insights about what is really important while learning to work with data will be of great value to both academics as well as aspiring data scientists. Pablo's blog: Linkedin: Data Science For Social Good Summer Project:
February 03, 2021
31: Blockchain Enabled Residential Solar Energy | Victor Gardrinier, Solarmente
Harvesting solar energy to power household consumptions presents to be a sounding solution- even better when the energy comes from the panel on your roof or from your local energy micro-grid. Looking at Spain, it is hard to reason the small proportion of solar energy generation to the amount of sun exposure the country enjoys. Why has the potential of clean solar energy not been unlocked? How government regulations, policies, and technological maturity are impacting the process? More intriguingly, by introducing blockchain to the green energy market, can we create a fairer and cleaner energy footprint? Enjoy the conversation with Victor Gardrinier, founder of Solarmente to seek the answer. If you are interested in further engaging the conversation, join the solar energy & blockchain committee on slack and check out Victor's blog.
January 06, 2021
30: AI-Powered & Sustainable Cities | Apu Kumar, CITYDATA
Have you ever wondered how a smart city actually looks like? Most of us probably imagine a vast metropolitan area covered with futuristic IoT devices, drones delivering commercial products to customers by air, and skyscrapers bedecked with vertical gardens. Meanwhile, what about small cities and towns that hardly can afford a data scientist to get even the simplest insights into the city’s life? How could they make decisions about the city infrastructure and budget? Keep in mind that those cities comprise the majority! That's where CITYDATA comes in. Its proprietary AI transforms real-world geospatial data into "People Intelligence" (trademarked) for smarter cities and enterprise businesses. As a GovTech 100 company, CITYDATA builds and maintains daily-refreshed anonymized knowledge graphs about people-presence, activity, and movement for 1566 cities on a global scale. The company also sees many opportunities for a sustainability-centered future, working hand in hand with the agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You can find CITYDATA and its services through the following links: - the company website - the company’s People Intelligence platform - mobile chatbot for citizens and cities We're offering data science and machine learning services:
December 16, 2020
29: Envisioning the Automated | Marc Verbenkov
The impact of technology advancement on unemployment is always a hotly debated topic. What is technology consultant and futurist Marc’s perspective on it? This episode is a macro vision of data and technology and its potential impact into the future. Other than automation’s impact on the job market, Marc also touches upon concerns and policies related to automation, such as cyber security and universal basic income. As COVID also pushed us rapidly to switch to a more digital workflow, are we enlarging the gap between the rich and poor? What should we learn to catch up with the drastic change of skill demand? How can we attribute value and what is valued? Listen to the conversation to find out more.
December 09, 2020
28: Making Coding (Really) For Everyone | Vincent van Grondelle, MigraCode
Have you ever thought of changing your career and entering the tech world? Or maybe are you already doing it and find it difficult? Whatever stage you are at, this episode is here to motivate you. Vincent van Grondelle tells us about MigraCode today, an open-access coding academy that teaches migrants from all over the world to become full-stack developers and find employment in Europe. If MigraCode’s students make it, you are able to make it, too. Support MigraCode by volunteering in different (also non-technical) roles or just sharing stories of their students to create more awareness about people with a migration background: You can also text Vincent via email: We offer Data Science services:
November 11, 2020
27: Ethics by Design- Data Powered Mental Health | Ollie Smith from Alpha Health
While holding your doubts about businesses abusing user data and finding cleavage in privacy regulations, there are companies that set the standard high and put ethics first. Alpha Health, a tech driven startup that designs and builds effective prediction, prevention and treatment solutions for mental health, intertwines user privacy protection and bias prevention into the company gene. Join our conversation with Ollie Smith, the head of ethics and strategy director of Alpha Health, and learn about what is Ethic by Design.
October 28, 2020
26: Data Workers of the World, Unite! | Reinier Tromp, The Data Union
What, do you think, is the secret of Google, Amazon, Netflix, and other Big Tech companies to become the most powerful and rich firms in today’s arena? Arguably, this is thanks to the invisible gold of the 21st century in their possession we call data. Today’s internet still remains a mostly unregulated space where profound manipulation and surveillance takes place. If we work for free on creating that data that is the essence of all the state-of-the-art algorithms today, then why don’t we have a say in how we want this technology to be used? And if it is worth so many $$$, shouldn’t we get paid for it? The following is the conversation with the creator of the first data union in the world, Reinier Tromp. Just like labor unions used collective power to pressure capitalist firms and governments to create better conditions for the workers, a data union aims at creating better conditions for data producers, aka internet users just like you and me. Get in touch with us on Linkedin: Facebook: Email: Sources mentioned: The Data Union Website: Blueprint For Better Digital Society (Data Dignity by Jaron Lanier) : Fake News spread faster than normal news: Study about Facebook, negative emotions are easier to trigger than positive ones: Visualization of Neural Net Layers:
September 30, 2020
25: (Non-)Traditional Education & Finding Your Passion | Jan Carbonell, Akademy.AI
If you are one of those people who are/were lost while being a student, then welcome to our club, you’re not the only one. How to find your calling while still being at the university? Should you go a non-traditional way, like joining a bootcamp? And why the hell are they so expensive?! This is the time to answer all of your questions! Today, by the CEO of Akademy.AI bootcamp, Jan Carbonell. Looking at Jan’s serial entrepreneurial career today, it is hard to imagine that he once, too, didn’t know where to go. Not only he shares honest insights about the non-traditional education sphere, Jan also gives excellent tips on how to find yourself while following your uni undergraduate program. Jan’s contacts: LinkedIn: Twitter: Support us here! Our webpage:
September 23, 2020
24: “It’s Only One Straw”, Said 8 Billion People | Oriol Segarra, Youbumerang
Plastic pollution is such a well-known problem that it seems we have started to filter it out. Meanwhile, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a waste island filled with plastics and at least twice as big as Texas still continues to roam the Pacific Ocean. How to prevent this massive pollution? Oriol Segarra, the Founder and CEO of “Youbumerang” has found his way to contribute to the solution. His company provides a system of reusable bowls for takeaway restaurants to avoid single-use plastics. With years of experience in Circular Economy consulting and developing solutions for sustainable packaging, Oriol shares his insights and experiences in the field. Tune in! Oriol’s Linkedin: Our website: Enjoying our podcast? Consider supporting us on Patreon:
September 16, 2020
23: Machine Translation and the Future of Languages | Jose Conceição from Transperfect
Have you also noticed how well-known online translators got incredibly good in a blink of an eye? Machine translation has been having great breakthroughs and receiving a lot of attention in media. This increases productivity and volumes of translated content each day. How did it impact the jobs of translators? And on the darker side: How to prevent over 3000 languages from becoming extinct? What implications does it have for the sustainability agenda? Jose shares his insights about working in the Machine Translation team at Transperfect, the biggest translation company in the world. Later, he also gives some useful practical tips on learning AI and Data Science in a non-traditional way. Tune in and learn from experts with us! Jose‘s Linkedin: Visit our web: Support us on Patreon:
September 09, 2020
22: Data Science in Production | Christopher Collins from Glovo
How do data scientists work? What is it like to build a data project from idea to production? Chris Collins, a data scientist from Glovo, will share with us his journey becoming a data scientist - how he pivoted from engineering to data by building projects he is passionate about. For the technical gurus, we also get to see the tricks and tips for navigating the science behind. Join the conversation and discover first-hand insights! Check out our website: And we would love to get your support on Patreon:
September 02, 2020
21: Marketing Analytics with Katie King
Submerged in the AI trend with deep research, book publication, and years of business consultancy, Kate brings her AI insights to our show. We will poach concepts of AI in business and marketing with an introduction to use-cases, updated tools, adoption perspectives, and end up touching bigger concepts such as AI ethics, employment, and education. Join the conversation and the AI transformation! Your personal discount for Katie's book "Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing": AIMARKETING20 Support us on Patreon:
August 19, 2020
20: Talk Python To Me - Juan Luis Cano
THE tool for Machine learning, data wrangling, EDA, automation... I am sure you have heard of the famous Python. What is the charm of this programming language and how can we learn and build impressive applications with it? Join the conversation with Python professor Juan Luis Cano -  with his experience teaching python in Boeing and Airbus, founding Python Espana association, contributing to scientific Python stack projects, and also nowadays launching satellites and grabbing aerial images of the earth with Python… - we will examine the power of this programming language and explore the resources we have to further amplify our knowledge. Enjoy! Our web page: Support us on Patreon:
July 29, 2020
19: The Truth About & The Hype Around AI-Startups | Daniyal Shahrokhian, Part II
Have you ever dreamt of working in an AI-centered startup? Wondered how it felt to be a rockstar from Silicon Valley? Here, Daniyal tells us about the truth of working in emerging tech enterprises. Like pretty much everything, it is certainly not for everyone and has its pros and contras. Here’s the perspective from Daniyal Shahrokhian, a Deep Learning professional that worked on smart city projects in Barcelona and Madrid, developed algorithms to detect digital manipulation, and did research in Emotion Recognition. Join us to learn together! Check out our webpage: And support us on Patreon:
July 22, 2020
18: AI Fighting Digital Manipulation | When Issue Is Rather Philosophical Than Technical | Daniyal Shahrokhian, Part I
Is technology & digitalization threatening our democracies? Cambridge Analytica has already shown us once how the free internet can be used against its users. However, some people use artificial intelligence to prevent the exact same thing happening. One of them is Daniyal Shahrokhian, a Deep Learning enthusiast that worked on algorithms that discovered digital manipulation. However, according to him, not all issues have a technical workaround, and maybe the reason lies in the nature of how our minds work in a deeper philosophical sense... Check out our webpage: And support us on Patreon:
July 22, 2020
17: AI Against Modern Slavery - Adriana Bora
Governments play an essential role in regulating the developments and usage of artificial intelligence. Lacking necessary AI policies, the technology might be misused and backfire in increasing inequality, the rise of totalitarian powers, supporting racism biases, etc. But if our politicians have no clue how the technology works, how are they going to be implemented? This is exactly what The Future Society is about. The “think-and-do-tank” has an extraordinary mission: Advancing the responsible adoption of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies for the benefit of humanity. How does the organization shape the global AI policy framework? Can governments find a balance between caution & foresight and action that is rapid enough? How is AI being used to eradicate modern slavery? Dive with us into this thought-provoking conversation with Adriana Bora, AI Policy Researcher at The Future Society.
July 08, 2020
16: How I Became A Self-Taught Data Scientist - Edgar Rootalu
Ever fancied about becoming a data sentient but fearing not having any experience? Ever admired people who lead a digital nomad lifestyle, traveling around the world while working to make a positive impact? Today we will follow the journey of Edgar, to see how he developed his self-taught data scientist career meanwhile enjoyed location independence. Hope you enjoy the conversion and discover with us how to allocate the best resources and develop life-long learning skills. 
July 01, 2020
15: Sustainability from the company gene- powered by transversal data solutions
10 years of working experience in sustainability projects across 5 continents, Keith Nelson, director of New Day International Consulting, shares his perspective regarding how companies should embrace their data and start achieving sustainability wins. We will discuss the topics based on real project experiences and case discussions. Better yet, Keith introduces the fundamental idea of company sustainability goals: it should be established as early as possible to intertwine sustainability practices and priorities into the gene of any company development. He also touched upon the importance of a sustainability business model, and most importantly why companies shouldn’t pollute and then compensate for a carbon-neutral image. If this interests you, dive into the episode with us! Visit our web and support us on Patreon!
June 24, 2020
14: Sustainability From 11 Years Of Experience - Jordi Oliver
How do big corporations like Coca-Cola, L’OREAL, and Seat transition into more sustainability models? What are the main reasons for shifting toward sustainable productions? Why is servitization the new direction? Let’s learn about the latest trends of the circularity and understand the ecosystem around the transitions. This week we are glad to have Jordi Oliver, CEO of environmental consultancy Inèdit, which started as a Ph.D. spin-off project. With 11 years dedicating in the field working with major cooperates, Jordi works with his team to create eco-innovation projects that improve business competitiveness through sustainable design and strategy. Today he will share with us his expertise in Life Cycle Assessment, carbon footprint analysis, eco-design, sustainable supply chain, and sustainability strategy development. Check out our website for show notes. And please support us on Patreon so that we can continue creating quality content for you!
June 17, 2020
13: Sustainable Digital Marketing - Guillem Bargalló, Founder of El Bien Social
Youtube video here. We see 5,000 ads per day, and more and more of them are switching to digital. They're invasive. Tricky. And effective, thanks to big data and personalization powered by algorithms. Is there any chance we could use digital marketing to make the world around us better? This is what Guillem Bargalló has been doing for over 5 years already. With his digital platform El Bien Social, he promotes sustainable initiatives and social businesses and spreads their word. In this episode, Guillem tells us about his journey of creating El Bien Social and we discuss some ethical issues related to digital advertising. Check our website to see the show notes and see all the links mentioned in this episode! And please, support us by submitting your feedback about our podcast in this super short and fun questionnaire!
June 10, 2020
12: Greenwashing Solved? Interview with Paul Allard from Impak Finance
You've probably watched a couple of documentaries that reveal how different companies hide away the disaster they are responsible for. Greenwashing is a great hurdle on the way to a more sustainable world and today, even certifications cannot be fully trusted from what the practical experience shows. However, there might be a new solution leveraging technological innovation to overcome it and build trust through transparency. Paul Allard, the CEO of Impak Finance, is revealing the company's secret weapon to measure the impact of companies and organizations and provide investors and the public with a transparent and reliable scoring. Check out our website for show notes and links. We would appreciate your support on our Patreon page!
June 03, 2020
11: Future Synthesizing with Cecilia Tham
The future is for those who dare to imagine and make it happen. Granting that the richness of data and technology had made the moon shot dreams one step closer to reality, but are you daring enough to imagine big? Join our conversation with Cecilia Tham on a trip to a data-enabled future, and see what it's like to run a career at the crossroad of technology, entrepreneurship, and impact. Cecilia Tham holds an architecture degree from Harvard undergraduate and graduate school. Being the founder of 3 successful startups that curate a community of innovative, tech-driven, social aware entrepreneurs, she is currently incubating her new company Futurity Studio. In the conversation we touched upon her past experience and current Data Science studies with Allwomen, her lessons and tips from serial entrepreneur experience, and the current labs running in her Futurity Studio focusing on automated commerce, food, and neuro UI. Other than the mind-opening envisioning of the future, Cecilia also shares with us her secret sauce- the concept of TrimTab. Of course with useful cheatsheet for TrimTabs that could potentially be of use to us. Dive into the episode and ready to be inspired! Things you agree and disagree? Share with us! Most most most importantly- check us out on our freshly published website!  #womeninbusiness #womenintech #TrimTab #Data #Future
May 27, 2020
10: Fintech - Engine for Sustainable Development
SDGs need money, and the financial sector is the engine to drive the change.  In what aspects does technology innovation in finance help with SDGs? What are financial inclusion and impact investment and why are they important? Let's explore the intriguing land of fintech and examine what differences we can contribute to. Check out our web to see cited sources and show notes!
May 13, 2020
9: Is Renewable Energy the Solution? - Reflection on "Planet of the Humans"
After releasing Episode #7 on Energy and Climate Change, we thought we confirmed that renewable energy was the main solution to reduce our carbon footprint. Yet, right after publishing, the documentary "Planet of the Humans" came out providing striking facts and data cursing renewables and making us question our current strategy. Who to believe?! To find out the truth inside this whirlpool of (dis-)information, we reached out to James Macdonald, Renewable Energy & Agrotech Developer and Founder of Ecofuturista. Join us to shed light on facts given in the documentary and have a further discussion on renewable energy and related issues. Sources, links, and graphs available on our website!
May 06, 2020
8: DEBATE - Will AI take our jobs?
"Will AI take my job?" is one of the most searched questions on Google. This is not surprising as we see AI outperforming humans in various sectors. Some claim that up to 40% of our jobs will be displaced in the near future, while others say even more new jobs will be created thanks to AI. What do you think? Join us in our debate about the future of jobs in the Industry 4.0! And- cool people leave feedbacks -  help us to improve with this fun survey! ;P
April 29, 2020
7: Energy - Elephant In The Room
You’ve probably heard our planet is in trouble: glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, the pandemic right in our face... And you’ve probably had friends, influencers, and media outlets tell you how to help: “Quite plastic”  “Fly less” “Go vegan.” While these tips may be helpful, are they actually impactful? What is the biggest contributor to Climate Change? And how can we break it down to address the problem in an efficient manner? Today let's dive into it - let's talk about energy. Check out our website to see sources and fancy graphs!
April 22, 2020
6: Invisible Women- Data & Gender Bias
Imagine a world where your doctor prescribes a drug that is wrong for your body, where in a car accident you are 47% more likely to be seriously injured, where every week the countless hours of work you do are not recognized or valued. If any of this sounds familiar, chances are that you’re a woman. This episode is inspired by the book Invisible Women by Caroline Criado-Perez. We will explore the facts and cases exposing the pervasive gender data gap profoundly affecting women’s lives, understand why it is important to change it now, and what are the potential solutions.  Join us for a 'brain yoga' and share with us your perspective through this short survey! 
April 15, 2020
5: What Will Education Be Like?
We as lifelong learners enjoy immediately accessible and high-quality education brought by technology online. It is intriguing to see how data and AI can take us further. What aspects of education will be enhanced by AI and what potential setbacks are there? Will algorithms take over the roles of teachers? How to design to avoid privacy concerns and arbitrary conclusions on student’s intelligence? Will innovation bring more equality for the under-educated population? Are we truly becoming more ‘educated’? Join us for the brainstorm on AI and Education in our fifth episode! We are constantly striving to improve. Please support us by sharing your feedback by clicking on this link!
April 08, 2020
4: DEBATE - Are we giving up Personal Privacy for Public Security?
How far are we from the Big Brother's dystopian world?  From security cameras at every street corner detecting criminal events; to location tracking embedded in everyone's phone to enforce quarantine; to chat histories used in court as evidence of litigation... Albeit all cases are developed in the name of a fair and secure public life, it is hard to imagine privacy is still a right we can claim for. Does Public Security outweigh Personal Privacy? What is your thought?  Here's our web to provide you with cited sources! We hope you enjoy the learning journey with us and we appreciate any feedback you can leave in this super-ultra-mega-short fun survey!
April 01, 2020
3: Data, AI & Circular Economy
What is circular economy and is it the silver bullet for sustainability? How does AI and data support us in our journey toward a circular, sustainable world? Dig in with us on how innovative applications of data, machine learning, and IoT help to advance in the circularity transition!
March 25, 2020
2: Coronavirus through Lens of Data & Sustainability
We are on our 3rd day of coronavirus quarantine in Barcelona. From machine learning that only quarantines high-risk people, to lockdowns that keep the whole nations under "home arrest", to the 'herd immunity' which lies hope to nature immune development,  we see various reactions and theories being made. Companies also play a vital role in educating people, predicting the virus spreading, consulting governments and managing healthcare systems. Learn more about the data solutions of the rising pandemic in this episode!
March 18, 2020
1: Sneak peak of what’s yet to come!
Are you passionate about technology and data, and at the same time care about a more sustainable future of our society and planet? We too! For us, data is an incredibly powerful instrument that can help us make the world a better place increasing positive social and environmental impact. Join us in the journey of discoveries about how data is being used for good today, and how it can contribute to sustainability! Also, visit our website to see our show notes and cool graphs!
March 11, 2020