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Pendulum Land Podcast

Pendulum Land Podcast

By Dave Arnold, Kristen Bennett, Ross Greene, Carrilin Hirsch
An informative and sometimes irreverent podcast for those interested in eminent domain, right of way land acquisition, or infrastructure development. Topics for discussion frequently include condemnation of real property for public use, just compensation, the Uniform Relocation Act, as well as your hosts' hot takes on popular culture.
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A Thanksgiving Intermezzo for the Right of Way Industry!

Pendulum Land Podcast

Effective Eminent Domain Expert Witnesses
If you serve (or want to serve) as an expert witness in an eminent domain case, this episode is for you!  Find out the qualities of an effective expert witness, as well as the weaknesses and potential areas of exploitation.  (BTW, does watching enough TV make you an expert in a field? Kristen seems to think that she has watched enough Grey's Anatomy to perform minor surgery!) What famous actors cannot act?  And what was your first concert?  Listen on to find out in this final episode of Season 1 of the Pendulum Land Podcast!
December 15, 2020
Andrea Carolan Returns From the Land Down Under! (Part 2 of 2)
The lovely and talented Andrea Carolan returns for the second installment of her interview with the Pendulum Land Podcast.  Hear more about Australian eminent domain procedures, and listen in on a spirited debate about aussie rock bands and movie stars!
December 8, 2020
Andrea Carolan Joins Us from The Land Down Under! (Part 1 of 2)
This is the first episode of a two part series with aussie right of way expert, Andrea Carolan.  Andrea educates the Pendulum Land crew on the Australian right of way industry.  Learn how her country handles  "Compulsory Acquisition" (eminent domain) and "Disturbance" (relocation benefits) and find out how she has miraculously managed to survive for this long in a land of so many deadly creatures.  Watch out for funnel spiders and the most dangerous Australian animal of them all, the kangaroo.....?
December 1, 2020
A Thanksgiving Intermezzo for the Right of Way Industry!
Kristen and Dave host three special guests who preview their Thanksgiving plans and share a little eminent domain poetry along the way.  Find out what Clint Schumacher can do with a blow dart and a dachshund, why Robert Thomas is so obsessed with oysters, and why Cyndi Whelpley has a "bar name".  Join the "panda"-monium!!!  Listen to Clint Schumacher's eminent domain podcast here: Check out Rob Thomas' eminent domain blog at .
November 24, 2020
Noah's Arcade Presents: Eminent Domain Appraisals! Are They Live, or Are they Memorex?
Wayne's World invades the Pendulum Land Podcast! Your hosts discuss whether an eminent domain appraisal differs from a "regular" appraisal, they examine the three most common valuation methodologies, debate whether appraisers can really be objective, and identify a few shady appraisal tactics.  Party on!  Excellent!!
November 17, 2020
Jeremy Hopkins Presents the Landowners' Perspective on Eminent Domain and the Uniform Relocation Act.
Landowner attorney Jeremy Hopkins brings buckets of his Kool Aid to the Pendulum Land Podcast crew. He presents the landowner's perspective on the inequities of eminent domain and the shortfalls of the Uniform Relocation Act...and manages to get Ross's dander up in the process.  Listen to his explanation as to why landowners have no voice in the process, as well as why he thinks they fund the demise of their own property rights.   But never fear! Your hosts find time to discuss guilty pleasures.
November 10, 2020
An Election Day Intermezzo for the Right of Way Industry!
In this bonus trailer, Kristen and Dave preview future episodes, share right of way Haiku, and give more listener shout outs.  Don't miss this!!
November 3, 2020
Halloween Special! Graveyard Relocations and Historic Sites Impacted by Right of Way Projects.
In this topical episode, your hosts examine what to do if marked or unmarked gravesites lie within the path of an infrastructure project...OR if George Washington slept beneath a cherry tree in the path.  Along the way, they debate best Halloween costumes and candy, scariest movies, and worst ways to die.  (Too much?  I thought so.)
October 27, 2020
Crazy Right of Way Encounters!
Kristen reveals her craziest encounters while clearing a right of way.  Let's just say there were lots of snakes, a strip club, cat hoarders, and uhmmmm....dogs which were not house trained.  At all.  See who would play your hosts in a movie and weigh in on the most pressing question of all:  Kid Rock or Eminem?
October 20, 2020
Funky Relocations! Odd and difficult challenges under the Uniform Relocation Act.
Your hosts examine challenging relocations in infrastructure projects, the effects of fixtures on relocations as well as surprise movie endings and...oh, yeah, childhood fears!  (Is anyone else afraid of being eaten by a shark in a back yard swimming pool?  I didn't think so.)
October 13, 2020
Rob Thomas Returns to the Pendulum Land Podcast!
Eminent domain rock star Rob Thomas returns for part two of his interview.  Topics include whether a ban on uranium mining constituted a taking, Snakes on a Plane, favorite eminent domain songs, and the value of blogging in your profession.
October 6, 2020
Eminent Domain Rock Star Guest: Rob Thomas!
Hawaii inverse condemnation lawyer and William and Mary Law School adjunct professor Rob Thomas joins your hosts to discuss recording his classic single "Smooth" with Carlos Santana, whether the COVID moratoriums on evictions constitute a taking, and his favorite flavor of SPAM! (Don't act like you don't love SPAM.) This is the first of two episodes with the publisher of the popular eminent domain blog
September 29, 2020
Eminent Domain Misconceptions: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
In this lighthearted episode, your hosts examine the true meaning of several words associated with the practice of eminent domain and some common popular misconceptions about those words.  Kristen and Dave celebrate The Californians (from SNL), while Ross introduces Kristen to Idiocracy.  What about Ghost Busters, The Carpenters and Jimmy Buffet? And who can spell antidisestablishmentaria.....oh, nevermind!
September 22, 2020
An exclusive interview with Charlie Nobles, CEO of the International Right of Way Association!
Charlie Nobles joins your hosts to discuss the challenges he faced when taking over as CEO of the International Right of Way Association during the COVID crisis.  Thankfully, he still finds time to weigh in on issues that only a true Californian can address.  Who was Van Halen's better lead singer: Sammy or Dave?  Is "Hotel California" a masterpiece, or should it be stabbed to death with a steely knife?  And is anyone really "Going Back to Cali"?  (I don't think so.)  Finally, what do Anthony Hopkins and disco music have in common?  Why, Charlie Nobles, of course!
September 15, 2020
A Labor Day Intermezzo For Those in the Right of Way Industry
Your hosts give listener shout outs to some loyal fans, reveal two upcoming celebrity guests, and preview future episodes.  Meanwhile, enjoy a trip down memory lane to the 2019 NCAA basketball tournament,  the truth about Texas Pete hot sauce, and find out why Billy Squier is still MIA from our podcast.  And look out for copperhead snakes....and Jon Lovitz!!!
September 8, 2020
Eminent Domain Cocktail Party Conversations: Keep Calm and Talk About Star Wars!
How do right of way agents with the power of eminent domain explain what they do for a living without being asked to leave the party?  What lessons from the Star Wars franchise can aid in placing the benefits of infrastructure development in a proper perspective?  What is everyone's favorite Christmas movie?  (Hint: it's not Elf!) And when will Billy Squier be joining the Pendulum Land Podcast?  Listen to find out answers to these important questions! 
September 1, 2020
The Path to a Right of Way Career: From Here to There.
In this episode, your hosts examine how to unlock a satisfying and lucrative career in "The Hidden Industry"--right of way--by using their own professional journeys as examples.  But along the way they celebrate the glory of Billy Squier, Saturday Night Fever, Footloose, and reveal the words that they despise the most in the English language. (Does anyone feel moist in here???)
August 25, 2020
Right of Way Infrastructure: The Hidden Industry. From the Uniform Relocation Act to Eminent Domain
Long before construction crews show up with steamrollers or bulldozer to build a road, an entire spectrum of experts has been involved in the planning and execution of that project, sometimes for decades.  Your hosts examine the role of The Hidden Industry in these projects and compare it to your favorite candy bar.  (What exactly is "nuget", anyway?)  Oh, and they still find time to debate the comedic talents (or not) of Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughan and their relation to Tzatziki sauce.
August 13, 2020
Eminent Domain: Good or Evil?
A spirited discussion about the positive impacts vs. the prevailing negative connotations associated with eminent domain.  Through the lens of everything from biblical stories through modern day infrastructure projects, your hosts examine popular misconceptions,  the hidden benefits of the Uniform Relocation Act, eminent domain abuse and....80's music????  "Money printer go BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!"
August 4, 2020