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Running Virtually

Running Virtually

By Just Plain Dave
Just Plain Dave is a middle of the pack runner and endurance athlete in Southeastern Massachusetts, sharing thoughts and observations about endurance sports and training while keeping up with regular life (work, family, and the real world). If I learn something interesting, I plan to share it with you.
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079. Falmouth race report & Recognizing Delights
A summary of my experience running the 'Falmouth in the Fall' 7-mile road race in mid-November. And a my observations of a few little details in my day-to-day world that put a smile on my face and give me delight. Stopping to notice little delights is a great way to prime our minds for positivity. Happy trails!
November 19, 2021
078. Our Running Community
Thinking about the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits of spending time in fellowship with friends. Time with friends and running in small groups (2-3 people) or larger gatherings (at a race) is very rejuvenating. I share some of my experiences and observations, but also ideas shared on the podcasts: Dirt Church Radio and Trail Runner Nation. DCR is hosted by Matt & Ray in New Zealand. TRN is hosted by Scott & Don in California. Our running community is much bigger than my local circle of friends. Shout out to Andy Jones Wilkins (AJW) a respected educator, endurance runner, major contributor to 'IRunFar.'
October 24, 2021
077. Bird-in-Hand Race Report
Recap and summary of the 9/11/2021 Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon. Joyful real life meetup with (previously) virtual friends.
September 13, 2021
076. Anchor Down Ultramarathon - race report
My recap of the August 13, 2021, Anchor Down Ultramarathon. My pre-race goal was to run 100 miles in 24 hours. My successful outcome was to run 100 kilometers (62 miles) in just under 14 hours. We had to take what the day would give us. It was an exceptionally hot and humid day. This recap includes a 6-minute pre-race speech by the Race Director, Jason Paganelli (thank you Jason for putting together a wonderful event). I forgot to mention that I ran alone almost the full time, in contrast to years past. All's well that ends well; I finished uninjured. Just one blister on one toe. Happy trails!
August 16, 2021
075. Animal Crossing
When I'm out for a run or walking the brown dog, if I pay attention and look carefully, I often see animals out and about. Deer, coyotes, humming birds and more.
July 24, 2021
074. Strawberries Raspberries and Blueberries, Oh My
Fruit and berries are nature's candy and near perfect snacks. Eating real foods is so much better than processed snacks. Plus a brief rant on the 365 availability of everything. Our society and culture has made "everything available every day with free next day shipping" feel normal. Do we really need dog treats delivered tomorrow?
July 2, 2021
073. Social Runs - ‘Burn’ by Herman Pontzer - Marathon day medical risks
Working hard (& driving) to be a part of group runs; some key findings from the book, Burn, by anthropologist Herman Pontzer (click bait: “exercise does not link to weight loss . . . but exercise is REALLY good for you); and unexpected medical risks on marathon race day (risks to society, not the runners). Freakonomics of Medicine Podcast by Babu Jena.
June 13, 2021
072. Maple Syrup - Asparagus - DNF
Spring has arrived in New England. We are along for the ride as nature cycles through a season of rebirth. I’ve had lots of time in nature. And that is a very good thing. I reflect on my DNF (did not finish) at the 2015 Providence Marathon. I learned more lessons from that failure than from many successes.
May 9, 2021
071. Injured - Consistency - Skeletal System training
Hiking at Swansea Village Park with my Brown Dog on a cold clear Spring day. I recently tweaked my back and am in recovery mode. The most important aspect of success in endurance sport (and life) is consistency in practice and training. I learned that most of our skeletal system training benefit is in the 1st ten minutes of exercise. And a highlight in the forest is that the evergreens and Holly trees are showing the first signs of Spring.
March 7, 2021
070. The miracles of ice & cheese - and Emil Zatopek 1952
A meandering conversation about 5 flavors of snow, the miracle that ice floats on water; and why does melted cheese taste 100-times better than just plain cheese? Chemistry in real life is interesting and cool. The last chapter is about Emil Zatopek, the Czechoslovakian Locomotive. He was one of the greatest distance runners of the 20th century. He innovated interval training. I read an August 1952 article after his three gold medals in the Helsinki Finland olympics. The AP re-released the article when the 2020 Olympics were postponed. Happy trails!
February 19, 2021
069. COVID Test & Running in the dark & snow
Thank you for your time and attention. Just Plain Dave shares three chapters recorded across the month of January 2021: 1st his experience with the CV19 testing process; 2nd a sunset trail run that got a little spooky in Massasoit State Park, and 3rd a run that finished in a heavy snow squall. I am staying healthy and well, and am very grateful for you all, my friends and family. Happy trails!
January 30, 2021
068. Random Act of Kindness (& 2018 Eilat Desert Marathon recap)
Happy holidays and Merry Christmas. First, a random interaction with my neighbor Edith, with “see you tomorrow” familiarity. Second, a random act of kindness on the Wapack Trail and the pleasant neurochemical boost from helping a stranger. Third, a flashback to November 2018 when international travel seemed normal. This 2020 holiday season has me thinking about travel and family, and creating great memories. My trip to Israel in 2018 is a big highlight for me. The recording includes a 20-sec call to prayer, a sound that transports me back to Jerusalem. Happy trails, my friends.
December 27, 2020
067. EDS - Every Damn Street Mission Accomplished
The EDS project took 36 days of consistent effort and big logistical challenges to try to map a route with minimal duplication. Lots of cul-de-sacs and private roads. I am very fortunate for my health and well-being so that I can attempt crazy challenges. /-/ This episode and my whole EDS Project are dedicated to the memory of my Uncle John, who crossed the final finish line in the Ultramarathon that we call life, Rest In Peace.
December 13, 2020
066. Happy Thanksgiving and EDS Update
Update on my “Every Damn Street” running project. 17 runs complete, about 60 percent of the 170 miles of roads in Rehoboth. Comments on some of the critters I’ve seen while out and about. And Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friends.
November 24, 2020
065. Run Every Street
New goal for the last two months of 2020: “Run Every Street” in my town. 170 miles of roads in 47 square miles. /-/ Does it feel like the world is out to get you? Hanlon’s Razor says that it’s more likely that they just don’t care. Incompetence and apathy are more frequently the explanation for misfortune than bad intentions.
November 1, 2020
064. Falmouth Unofficial Road Race - Cape Cod
October is a great time to go to the beach in New England. There may be a gale force wind on the Sakonet River (Little Compton, Rhode Island) or glassy smooth conditions on Vineyard Sound (Cape Cod) but life is good when you can enjoy the sun and sand. My brown dog and I enjoyed a long walk at Horseneck Beach in Westport (Massachusetts) while I recorded my recap of the Falmouth Unofficial Road Race brought yo you by the Flying Quahog Running Club.
October 18, 2020
063. Duane and Dave’s Excellent Adventure
D&D attempt the 43-mile “Wapack and Back” trail ultramarathon. The adventure was a success, even if the total miles run was “only” 31 miles (50 km). Eight lessons learned to increase the chance for success on your next adventure. Plus some musings on history and perspective, and points of reference. I think it is human nature to think that the world as we see it now is “normal.” It’s always been this way . . . . (This episode dedicated to my Uncle John, who is demonstrating many of the strengths of an ultra endurance athlete in the 1,000+ days since his cancer diagnosis)
September 9, 2020
062. Flying Quahog Gansett Ultra
Putting to the test, the Ultimate Ultrarunner skill: Dealing with change and adversity with a smile. Join my real life running friends - - the Flying Quahog Running Club - - for an Ultra Grand Adventure. A 41-mile run from my house in southeastern Massachusetts to the beach in Narragansett RI. Adventures are better when shared with friends, even with (especially with) social distancing in the time of Covid. Four friends joined Just Plain Dave for a sunny, summer trek through west bay Rhode Island to spend some time TOGETHER at the beach. Key words: Friends & Together. /-/ FQ is a noncompetitive and inclusive group, most of whom run a little, some of whom run a lot. In a different time or place we would be Hash House Harriers. /-/ A Quahog is a salt water clam, usually not harvested till they are larger than your fist. And it’s pronounced: KO - hog
June 28, 2020
061. Going Vertical (Evaluating Elevation Gain) with input from Coach Chris Twiggs
Run training, using elevation gain as a metric during marathon training. Summary of vert - - elevation gain - - during 2020 monthly training. Feedback from Coach Chris Twiggs on potential benefits of hill training. And Just Plain Dave’s discussion of seven reasons why he includes hill training in his running program. Thank you to Kevin Gwin (The ExtraMile Podcast) and Coach Twiggs (Jeff Galloway training system).
May 31, 2020
060. Solo 50K - Bad Predictions - University of Hawaii Pisces V
Meandering thoughts from a couple of very long runs. A brief recap of a solo self-supported 50 kilometer run and a Patriots Day hike on Mt. Greylock. Seth Godin commentary on people being bad a making predictions. And a 10-minute recollection about marine geology research from my graduate studies at the University of Hawaii. A simple sound triggered the memory from more than 25 years ago. Happy trails and Aloha.
May 13, 2020
059. Ten Ideas for Staying Positive
There are lots of stresses piling up. Too many things asking for our attention. I gathered a Top 10 list of action items to prioritize mental health and mindfulness. 1. Sleep; 2. Eat well; 3. Curate your attention; 4. Structure your day; 5. Manage stress; 6. Exercise; 7. Don’t overdo it; 8. Refuel properly; 9. Gratitude; and 10. End your day with a smile. Happy trails. Thank you got your time and attention.
April 5, 2020
058. Forrest Bathing (and crisis management): we are in this together
Getting out in nature has tremendous value. Doing something (run, hike, watch a movie) with people you care about is also very important. Amid the chaos that is crisis planning and crisis management, I’d like to share some thoughts. Sometimes it’s more of a challenge to stay positive, and that’s okay. We are all in this TOGETHER.
March 21, 2020
057. A tour of Swansea Village Park
Join my brown dog and me for some of the sights and sounds of Village Park in Swansea, Massachusetts. Inspired by RunRunLive @ChrisRussell and by Run The Narrow Path @KristerW.
February 10, 2020
056. It is better to be different than it is to be better
Three thoughts while out for a walk with the brown dog: the importance of sleep; the mistake that is multi-tasking - we should focus on what we are doing; and it is better to be “different” than it is to be better. Reference to “The Knowledge Project” with Shane Parrish with guest Neil Pasricha, and “The Happiness Lab” with Laurie Santos.
February 1, 2020
055. Planning Persistence and Patience - the 3 Ps of endurance sport
No New Years’ resolution for Just Plain Dave. Pick a goal. Make a plan. Then breakdown the process into bite-sized pieces and get it done. Planning,Persistence, and Patience - the 3 Ps of endurance sport. This approach works in real life, too. Happy Trails!
January 11, 2020
054. The Brown Dog’s Tale (Tail)
Sharing stories and details about one of my favorite running companions. She’s brown, trim, happy to go for a run or walk no matter the time of day or weather. My trusted canine companion. In spite of my trust, she may be a little devious. Happy trails and happy New Year!
December 27, 2019
053. Grateful - Placebo - N of 1
Trying a new podcast medium, let me know your opinion. It’s a chilly morning in Southeastern Mass, I’m grateful for health & well being. Plus thoughts on nutrition and the Placebo effect.
December 8, 2019