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Dave's Nerd Compendium

Dave's Nerd Compendium

By David Patterson
Dave's Nerd Compendium started off as a Nerd and Geek life culture podcast that evolved into a podcast about anything and everything that a nerd would be into. Dave is a very knowledgable individual with near 40 years experience in being a nerd. He puts out an episode every week and has been doing so for the last 6 years.
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Season 2-Episode 5: Hauntingly Beautiful Songs
We have all heard songs that we think are beautiful. And some songs that we thing are hauntingly beautiful. Those songs that send chills up and down your spine when you hear them. This episode is all about them. 
June 23, 2021
Season 2-Episode 4: Go Fest 2021 News
If you are a fan of Pokemon Go, and you like the idea of Go Fest. This episode is all about Go Fest 2021. Starting with what to expect with a two day event. Also at the end of the episode a few small suggestions for the event. 
June 09, 2021
Season Two-Episode Three: Nerdy News
In this episode Dave covers some of the nerdy news that has cross his desk over the past two weeks. He also adds a new segment, "Nerd's Recommendation" in which he recommends the 2020 re-release 'Break In' by Halestorm featuring Amy Lee. 
May 26, 2021
Season 2 Episode 2: Path of Enlightenment
This episode is all about one of the three Nerdom Paths of Enlightenment. There is a special guest, John Bruske, and he talks about his journey down the Path of Enlightenment that is Star Trek. Although he has not fully finished his pilgrimage, he still has Discovery, Picard, Lower Deck, and maybe the original Animated Series. And as we have Strange New Worlds and Prodigy that are in development right now. 
May 12, 2021
Season Two-Episode One: The Musings of Chris Chavez II
It's alive...ALIVE!!! Dave's Nerd Compendium has returned and is back for a new episode after a long hiatus. He is back with Grammy Nominated, Vocalist/Musician/Producer, Michigan native Chris Chavez II, whom Dave has known for 13 years, if not more. They talk about Chris' time in 4th + Main, to relaunching his YouTube channel (5-3-2021), to the iconic news of him being a Grammy nominee. 
April 28, 2021
E330 - To The Wayback Machine
As you remember from last episode, Dave will be spotlighting some of his favorite interviews from the past 6 years of podcasts. In this week Dave go back to episode #51 in which he interviews Rochelle Davis, best known for playing Sarah from the original 'The Crow' film.
September 05, 2020
327 - Books and Plays to Movies
This week Dave is back to talk about films that you might not have known that they were actually plays or books before. Some of these movies are Academy Award winning Best Films.
August 12, 2020
E326 - Sandman
This week Dave is back to talk about an audiobook he just recently finished, that got its start as a comic book. He means the Neil Gaiman classic The Sandman, was release first in 1989, but recently adapted in July of 2020 as an audiobook. With an all-star cast doing the reading, this audiobook is a strong recommendation from Dave the Nerd. And if you haven’t read the comic, do so!!! This audiobook is an adaption of the first three graphic novels. This week Dave is back with a new #DNC episode. #PodernFamily #Podcast #MakePod #Nerd #Geek #AgeOfTheGeek #Podknife
August 05, 2020
E325 - Movie Musicals
This week Dave is back to talk about musicals that have been adapted to be movie musicals. Now traditionally movie musicals will either be adaptations, pirated (cam recording), or pro-shots. This list from 2018 is titled the 15 Greatest Movie Musicals of the last 20 years.
July 29, 2020
E324 - Peace Talks Review
This week Dave is back to talk about everything that is Jim Butcher’s 16th Dresden Files book ‘Peace Talks’. This episode fall under the SPOILER ALERT type of episode. So if you have not read the book yet, please hold off listening to this episode until you have read the book.
July 22, 2020
E323 - Mid-Summer Nerdly News
This week Dave is back with a episode that is later than he expected. But is out none-the-less. He is back to talk about some of the nerdy news stories that has crossed his news feed over the past week.
July 20, 2020
E321 - Pokemon Update
This week Dave talking about the two different Pokemon Presents that happened on the 17th and the 24th. He gives you a quick rundown of what all the Isle of Armor has in store for people.
July 01, 2020
E320 - Early 2000’s Superhero Movies…did it age well?
This week Dave talking about movies from the early 2000’s that are deemed nerdy. You often hear the term “that aged well” or “they aged well”, well that is where the concept for this episode comes in. This is all about the movies and if they aged well or they haven’t.
June 24, 2020
E319 - 90’s Nerd Movies…did it age well?
This week Dave talking about movies from the 90s that are deemed nerdy. You often hear the term “that aged well” or “they aged well”, well that is where the concept for this episode comes in. This is all about the movies and if they aged well or they haven’t.
June 17, 2020
E318 - 80’s Nerd Movies…did it age well?
This week Dave talking about movies from the 80s that are deemed nerdy. You often hear the term “that aged well” or “they aged well”, well that is where the concept for this episode comes in. This is all about the movies and if they aged well or they haven’t.
June 10, 2020
E316 - [Untitled]
This week Dave talking about his area of Michigan, Metro Detroit area, is still on the Stay at Home order. So he found an article that is all about shows that are binge worthy that was published beginning of May. There are a few shows that are on this list that he has added to his Netflix Queue.
May 27, 2020
E 312 - Somebody Save Me
This week Dave is back talking about a show he just finished all 10 seasons of. He started watching it 4 years ago and then took a break and have been poking at it here and there for the past year. He finally finished it and was blown away by how good it was. Of course he is talking about Smallville the look at Clark Kent, before he became Superman. Remember they had an agreement No Tights, No Flight!
April 29, 2020
E 311 - OUaT Part 1
This week Dave is back this week with a dear friend, Kelly Jackson, to talk about one of her favorite shows. This is also the show that Dave has hinted about that he was binge watching for the past month or so. So this is a breakdown by season of a show that spanned 7 years. This is Once Upon a Time Part 1.
April 22, 2020
E302 – OTH
This week Dave is back talking about a show that has been off the air since 2012. But it is a show that he recently finished a two month binge about. The show has great music, good writing, and even tosses in some sports with a heavy dose of drama. If you haven’t been able to guess by the title, Dave is talking ‘One Tree Hill’ in this weeks episode.     ]]>
February 19, 2020
E290 – Spook-tober Best Halloween Songs Ever
This week Dave is back to talk about the 50 best halloween songs ever as posted on This list is just about one week old. So you will easily be able to find or identify each one of these songs. ]]>
October 30, 2019
E287 – Spook-tober TV Shows
This week Dave is back to talk about scary shows that should be binge-watched on Halloween. Some of these shows Dave has seen and enjoys. Some he hasn’t started to watch yet. But he does ask to hear from you on shows you think should have been on the list.     ]]>
October 09, 2019
E282 – Inspiring Books Guys Need to Read
This week Dave is back, but he’s talking books. But not just any books, the most inspiring books every guy needs to read. This list that was compiled back in June has 19 books on it. But there are many other books that guys should read. Dave also challenges the listeners to put together a list of books that they think every guy should read as well. ]]>
September 04, 2019
E281 – Wedding Music
This week Dave is back, but he’s talking weddings? What the?!?! No, Dave is not getting married, but he did come up with a list of songs for a Daddy/Daughter dance at a wedding. Along with a list of songs you do not want to play at a wedding. This topic came from a co-worker of Dave’s asking for suggestions for a Daddy/Daughter dance number for her upcoming wedding. ]]>
August 28, 2019
E278 – Pokemon Go News
This week, Dave is back with his version of the Podbros Pokemon Go Podcast. Boy does Dave hate alliteration. He has had notes scribbled down for a few months now, but could not find the time to meet up with John to do a proper Go-Cast, so he will do his best at a solo version. ]]>
August 07, 2019
E277 – Do you like marathons?
This week Dave is back with a new episode. The title is semi misleading. He told you that he would talk about what he has been watching. So in this episode, he talks about the five shows that he recently binged on seasons of. ]]>
July 31, 2019
E273 – Video Game Movies Worth Watching
This week , ave talks about why there was no episode last week. But he does have a new episode this week. In this weeks episode, he talks about an article that talks about the 12 video game movies worth watching. Do you like what is on the list? Let him know.  ]]>
July 03, 2019
E272 – MK11
This week, Dave has been hooked on Mortal Kombat 11 and its addictive story line. In this episode, Dave will tell you the story like and will give you some information about the new game for the series that is almost 27 years old. ]]>
June 19, 2019
E269 – The Sequel
This week Dave was inspired by a conversation he had with a friend about crappy or good sequels. So he found a list of both and thought he would share with you. Please be sure to reach out to him if you would like to add a movie to either list. ]]>
May 29, 2019
E267 – Nerdy News
This week Dave discusses different news stories that have crossed the Nerd Desk. ]]>
May 15, 2019
E265 – Captain Marvel…again?
This week Dave does not repeat himself by talking about Captain Marvel.  But instead the DC version of the character that is also known as Shazam. He also reviews the movie that came out in 2019. But also talked about the future DC feature films that will be coming out. ]]>
May 01, 2019
E262 – Hollywood Premier
This week Dave had the honor of going to a Hollywood/Hollyweird Premier for the movie based on the graphic novel ‘Rottentail’! How can a movie so campy not be amazing!!! I think everyone should see it. I also got to go to a short film premier with John Bruske and it was amazing. ]]>
April 10, 2019
E260 – 50 Greatest Soundtracks of All Time
This week Dave covers an article that he found that covers the 50 Greatest Soundtracks of All Time. This spawned from a conversation he had over the weekend in which multiple soundtracks were named. A few actually appeared on this list. So Dave posed the question, what soundtracks do you think should be counted as the greater of all time?   Warning: May contain a few explicit words ]]>
March 27, 2019
E256 – I know them as…
This week Dave talks about a concept that everyone can relate to. If when you are watching a movie or tv show and you see an actor and all you can think about is one role. Like Sly Stallone as either Rocky or Rambo. ]]>
February 27, 2019
E255 – Movie Review and News
This week Dave reviews a movie he just watched last night. He also covers a couple quick articles that all steam from the same type/source. ]]>
February 20, 2019
E254 – Best Comic Story Arcs of 2018
This week Dave found an article that talks about the 25 best story arcs in comics or graphic novels of 2018. One of which he has been picking up for a few years ago. Although he would have rated it higher if it were his list. ]]>
February 13, 2019
E253 – Nerdy News
This week Dave found multiple articles of different things that he found interesting and thought he should share with everyone. What articles, and what were they about? You will need to listen to this quick episode and find out. Also you get the first of three questions to win a digital copy of Deadpool 2. ]]>
February 06, 2019
E250 – King Adaptations….Ranked?
This week Dave talks about horror movies, but not just horror movies…Stephen King movies. In an article written for they rank 39 of King’s adaptations. Dave goes through the list and gives a little of his own commentary as he goes through the list. ]]>
January 16, 2019
E249 – Horror-4-Kids
This week Dave talks about horror movies that you might want to watch with your kids. This topic was a conversation that Dave had with his boss, that spurred him finding an article from Collider and sharing it with all of us. ]]>
January 09, 2019
E247 – Movies better than the book?
This week Dave talks about an article that he found where they claim the movie is far better than the book that they are adapted from. There are a few titles that Dave agrees with and a few he has never read the books to make a judgement. ]]>
December 12, 2018
E246 – TV & Movie Reboots
This week Dave talks about something that he is not a fan of. That thing is reboots. This week Dave goes over a list of either television or movie reboots that will be coming on either in 2018 or 2019. ]]>
December 05, 2018
E245 – Mayfair Series
This week Dave talks about a horror, gothic, science fiction series written by Anne Rice and was released from 1990 – 1994. He covers the plot of each of the books and also how if it is an Anne Rice book it will always return to vampires somehow. ]]>
November 28, 2018
E244 – Metlan Go!
This week Dave talks about Pokemon Go update that allows you to catch Metlan (Nutto…as it was called after Chikorita day. He also touches base on the Switch games Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. But he also talks about the newest Legendary T5 Raid Boss. ]]>
November 21, 2018
E241 – Halloween Special
This week Dave celebrates Halloween by talking about the worst horror movies ever made, and a list of the worst/best of 2018. Dave willing watches a lot of bad movies, so you will not have to. ]]>
October 31, 2018
E240 – Dracula
This week Dave talks about one of the Universal Monsters that speaks to him. Well it is actually the concept of the monster, than the monster itself. This monster has been played by Bela Legosi, Lon Chaney, Christopher Lee, and Gary Oldham. But this is all about Count Dracula written by Bram Stoker. ]]>
October 24, 2018
E239 – Frankenstein
This week Dave remembers a dear friend of his that passed away a week ago. This week he talks about one of the things near and dear to her heart, Frankenstein’s Monster. So Dave breaks down the novel of Frankenstein.  ]]>
October 17, 2018
E238 – Lobo
This week Dave talks about one of his favorite under-appreciated comic book characters ever. That would be the infamous Lobo. From his villainous start to his relaunch as an anti-hero. He has clashed with some of the bigs in the DC universe. But he didn’t gain a good following until the 90s. Want to know more, you will need to listen.  ]]>
October 03, 2018
E237 – Pokemon Go News
This week in the second DNC episode you will get, Dave covers quickly some of the big news that has hit in Pokemon Go. There’s a new Pokemon, that links with the Nintendo Switch game, what is that all about?  ]]>
September 26, 2018
E236 – Fall TV Shows
This week Dave goes over an article he found that talks about Fall Television shows that you should either watch, skip, or that might be hit/miss material. This article was released on the 19th of September on in case you want to look up the article.   ]]>
September 26, 2018
E234 – Ashley Nemer
This week Dave was honored to have an indie author come on the show to talk about her new book “The Ones Who Lived”. This dystopian book is really interesting and everyone should pick it up and check it out. The release date is 9/18/2018 and is available for pre-order on Amazon. Please feel free to use the Amazon link on the PodBros site when you make any purchases.    ]]>
September 05, 2018
E233 – Percy Jackson
This week Dave talks about a book series that his buddy’s daughters strongly suggest that any fantasy fan should read. The series is a 5 book series, that has spawned supplementary books, movies, and sequel series. Also, have a few other series that have minor tie-ins to the first series.  ]]>
August 29, 2018
E232 – Worst Albums Ever
This week I read parts of an article about 41 albums that critics claim to be the worst albums of all time. Now they give two different ratings, critics ratings that are out of 100; the user’s ratings are out of 10. So you can easily do the math to where they are the same. Dave does think that a few of the albums should not be on here. ]]>
August 22, 2018
E231 – Songs that make you go…What?
This week I read parts of an article about 11 songs that the meaning of the songs is not what one would think. Whether it is a dark and twisted story, a story about the death of a relationship, or a humble tribute, the songs mentioned in this list will make you truly scratch your head, if you did not catch the true meaning.  ]]>
August 15, 2018
E229 – One Hit Wonders
This week as Dave talks about a section of music that gets overlooked. But it is honestly Dave’s favorite part of listening to music. This week he talks about the 57 Greatest One Hit Wonders of All Time. Some songs/groups he has arguments about due to them having multiple hits. But he goes through the article and shares each one with you.  ]]>
August 01, 2018
E228 – SDCC 2018 News
This week as Dave talks about the High Holy Ground…he talks about San Diego Comic-Con. He also feels like Ariel, he wants to be where the people are! In this episode, Dave talks trailers, returns/reboots of shows, and talks about a relaunch of a Marvel Comic line.  ]]>
July 25, 2018
E227 – Best and Worst Movies of 2017
This week as Dave talks about a list of the 10 Best and the 5 Worst movies of this past year. He also has seen or wants to see about half the movies on the list. What movies are on the list, you will have to listen and find out.  ]]>
July 18, 2018
E226 – SNICK
This week as Dave talks about something that was brought up while he was hanging with a group of friends. It was what they would watch on Saturday nights as kids. SNICK was the primary that was on all of our TVs.  ]]>
July 11, 2018
E225 – Worst Superhero Movies
This week as Dave talks about a the worst superhero movies that are not Marvel or DC in origin. There will be 16 listed, but what ones are ranked how? You will have to listen and find out.  ]]>
July 04, 2018
E221 – Touching Dougherty
This week as Dave talked with Dan Dougherty the creator behind Touching Evil about the Kickstarter that is going on and has a week left. Listen to the new levels, the new stretch goals, and the possibility for future campaigns.  ]]>
June 06, 2018
E220 – Horrible Comic Events
This week as Dave covers a number of comic events that are not worth the cost it took to create them. But I found two articles that had lists of more than 10 titles of bad crossovers events. There were a few titles on both lists. But this will give you a good list of arcs to avoid. ]]>
May 30, 2018
E218 – Avengers Assemble
This week as Dave preps for Motor City Comic Con he gives you the history of the Avengers. From their humble comic start in 1963 through all the changes in the team leading up to the most recent comic title. ]]>
May 16, 2018
E215 – Cult Classics
This week Dave finally gives goes over a list of movies, books, television shows, and songs that have been considered Cult Classics. This is all due to a conversation that Dave had with one of his friends about what are some cult classics that everyone should see at least once. ]]>
April 25, 2018
E213 – Brotherly Bonding
This week Dave is joined by his brother-from-another-mother Jeremy Lesatz and they just geek out about a show that is only found online. The show is part of a larger established nerdy universe. And the show has been renewed for another season. What show are they geeking out about??? You will have to listen and find out! ]]>
April 11, 2018
E212 – Looper Recommendations
This week Dave found a few articles via about movies that are coming out in 2018 and 2019 that will blow your mind. What does he want to see, what will he avoid? These are questions you will need to listen to find the answers to. ]]>
April 04, 2018
E211 – Rick and Morty
This week Dave is celebrates his 4th year with Podbros talking about an animated series he binged all 3 seasons in two days. What show did he binge? It was the show in the title, Rick and Morty. ]]>
March 28, 2018
E210 – Nerds on Movies
This week Dave is joined by Tony Vance from Kapowcast, a nerdy review show on the Podbros network. They get together to review not one, but two movies. First up is Justice League and that is followed by Black Panther. They also go off the rails and talk about a lot of random stuff as well. ]]>
March 21, 2018
E209 – Drunk Guys Book Club
This week Dave brings to you the episode he has been teasing. He was recently on a Drunk Guys Book Club Podcast episode where they talk Armada by Ernest Cline. He thought he would share the episode with you. However, this is a rough edit. Once the polished episode is released by DGBC, he will Dave will release it as a 209b. ]]>
March 14, 2018
E207 – Kevin Smith
This week Dave pays respect and honors one of his idols, the one and only Mr. Kevin Smith. With his recent health scare with the “Widow-Maker” a massive heart attack, similar to the one that killed John Ritter, what better way to wish him a speedy recovery than to honor him with an episode. ]]>
February 28, 2018
E205 – Nerd Book Club
This week Dave is joined once again by John Patrick to introduce more books into the Nerd Book Club. But like most all Nerd Book Clubs they go off on tangents and talk movies and all sort os stuff. What are some of the books they are reading, what did they think of them? You will just have to listen and find out. ]]>
February 14, 2018
E202 – Secret Empire
This week Dave covers the Marvel crossover event Secret Empire. From Captain America saying “Hail Hydra” to the aftermath and it all being a figment of Red Skull’s imagination. Dave talks about each issue and gives you his honest opinion of the event. ]]>
January 24, 2018
E201 – Comic Book Shows
Welcome to episode 201, and in this episode, I talk about Riverdale and also an article that states eight comic book shows everyone is excited about. What is on the list? You will need to listen and find out. ]]>
January 17, 2018
Episode 200: Books for Nerds
n the milestone 200th episode of DNC. Dave harkens back to his early days where he gives you a list of books that are for nerds! He also talks about his thoughts on the books he might have read or the books that he has on his to-read-pile. ]]>
January 10, 2018
Episode 199: 2017 in Review
With the New Year just starting Dave is here to go back and look at all the things that we have seen happen this last year. ]]>
January 03, 2018
Episode 198: Last Jedi Review
This week Dave is joined by Jason Clark of “An Elegant Weapon” and they discuss The Last Jedi. This was a blast having him as a guest on the show. What did they think of the film? You will need to listen and find out. ]]>
December 27, 2017
Episode 197: Christmas Time
With Christmas being just a few days away, Dave covers the best books, tv episodes, and movies of the holiday season. What made the list? Did your favorites make the list? You will need to listen and find out. ]]>
December 20, 2017
Episode 196: Jedi
This week is the week for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So Dave wants to help get you in the holiday spirit by talking about the Jedi Order. ]]>
December 13, 2017
Episode 195: The Sith
This week is the two week before Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So Dave wants to help get you in the mood by talking about the history of the Sith and talking about the different Sith Masters. ]]>
December 06, 2017
Episode 194: Hellblazer
This week Dave talks about John Constantine aka Hellblazer. Yes, they are technically two characters, but they stem from the same creative mind. Who created him, who worked on him, what are his powers? All this and more will be answered in this episode. ]]>
November 29, 2017
Episode 193: Thanksgiving
This week Dave starts off by saying what he is thankful for in this weeks episode. He doesn’t go over everything he is thankful for, but the primary thing he is thankful for. He then covers a list of TV episode/specials and movies that have been voted the greatest for Thanksgiving. ]]>
November 22, 2017
Episode 191: Ragnarok
This week Dave goes full on SPOILER ALERT when he talks about Thor Ragnarok and all the easter eggs that was hidden within the movie. ]]>
November 08, 2017
Episode 190: Dragonlance
This week Dave is back to talk to you about the Dungeons and Dragons expansion called Dragonlance. ]]>
November 01, 2017
Episode 189: Halloween
It’s Halloween time so Dave talks about movies and books to read and watch on the special day. I also give you part  of the Podbros Twisted Con of Terror! ]]>
October 25, 2017
Episode 188: Nerd Book Club
The Nerd Book Club Returns Again!!! This time Dave talks about the last three books that he finished. And what were the books mentioned this week? You will have to listen to find out. Dave also talks about his new sponsor. Be sure to go to and use promo code dave639 at checkout. ]]>
October 18, 2017
Episode 187: Nerd Book Club
The Nerd Book Club Returns Again!!! This time Dave talks about the last book he finished Stephen King’s ‘IT’! This book has been one of his favorite King novels since he started collecting King novels. So it holds a solid place in his heart. Dave also talks about his new sponsor. Be sure to go to and use promo code dave639 at checkout. ]]>
October 11, 2017
Episode 186: Nerd Book Club
The Nerd Book Club Returns!!! This time Dave flies solo as he talks about three books he recently finished reading. One has been talked about by John Patrick, while the other two are books that have not been mentioned so far in any of the Nerd Book Club episodes. ]]>
October 04, 2017
Episode 185: Nightwing
Dave has mentioned his love for this character multiple times. But when he is asked who is his favorite DC superhero of all time his answer is simple…Nightwing!! ]]>
September 27, 2017
Episode 184: Monroe Comic Con
Dave got the chance to go to Monroe Comic Con. He got to hang out with his con family, and this week he brings to you a number of interviews with some of the amazing artists that were in attendance. ]]>
September 20, 2017
Episode 182: Wrestling Movies
Dave is a huge movie buff. It surprises him on how many movies have been made over the years with wrestlers cast as actors. So he found an article on Den of Geeks website that list the top 50 Wrestlers that were in movies. Now some of the wrestlers are mentioned multiple times due to the different movies that they have been in. But this will give you an idea. If you can think of any other please let Dave know. ]]>
September 06, 2017
Episode 179: Gygax
Dave just finished the book “Empire of Imagination” and it lead him to think. Being the nerd that he is, he should talk about the “Father of Role Playing Games”. That individual is one Mr. Earnest Gary Gygax, best known as just Gary Gygax. From his humble start to being one of the founders of TSR, Inc. And even after being removed he would still keep creating gaming material up until his untimely death in 2008. ]]>
August 16, 2017
Episode 178: SDCC Recap
Dave covers some of the biggest stories that came from SDCC in this weeks episode. ]]>
August 09, 2017
Episode 177: Eric R. Asher
This week indie author Eric R. Asher joins Dave to talk about his books series. The two of them talk Vesik, Necromancy, Steamborn, and Missouri Folk Lore. To find out more about what was discussed, you will have to listen. ]]>
August 02, 2017
Episode 175: Nerdy News
This week Dave covers the nerdy news that has crossed his desk over the past few weeks. But first he starts off doing some promotion for the Michigan Comic Book Expo. ]]>
July 19, 2017
Episode 174: Spider-Man: Homecoming Review
This week Dave talks about the movie that is taking July by storm. Spider-Man: Homecoming was a movie the Nerd was hesitant about. But the Traveling Daves, Dave Herndon and myself, went to the movies. What did the Nerd think of it, listen and find out. ]]>
July 12, 2017
Episode 172: Nerd Book Club
This week Dave goes solo and talks about the books that he has read over the last month. What did he read, does he think that anyone else will like it? You will have to listen and find out. ]]>
June 28, 2017
Episode 171: Wonder Woman
This week Dave talks about a character that has been around since the 1940s. And with the new movie that is in theaters right now and has made over $300,000 worldwide. If you do not know the history of Wonder Woman, than this is the episode you’ve been waiting for. ]]>
June 21, 2017
Episode 170: Top Comic Storylines
I found two different articles from the same source that detail the top 15 storylines from both DC and Marvel. I also add in an honorable mention, that many would want to replace a few titles on the DC list. ]]>
June 14, 2017
Episode 169: Michael R. Underwood
This week Dave is joined by an amazing indie author. The creative genius behind ‘Geekomancy’ and ‘The Younger Gods’ Mr. Michael R. Underwood. He was such a joy to talk to and become acquainted with. ]]>
June 07, 2017
Episode 167: Motor City Recap
This is the episode that Dave recaps his feelings about Motor City Comic Con. He was able to get a number of interviews with different comic creators as well as two first time con goers. Find out who all he talked to as well as what all they have coming out. Also if you would like to read Dave’s blog entry here. ]]>
May 24, 2017
Episode 166: Guardians
In this week’s episode, Dave talks about the team in the recent Marvel blockbuster. Coming out just two weeks ago with the second installment the Guardians of the Galaxy is the subject for this week’s show. Who was in the original lineup for the team versus to who is on it now. And have they been hinting to a past member in the movies? At least one is mentioned in the episodes. Fair Warning, this episode may contain spoilers!! ]]>
May 17, 2017
Episode 164: Oldest Teenager Ever
This week Dave covers a character that made their debut nearly 55 years ago. Or should I say 55 years as of August of this year. The character made their debut in Amazing Fantasy #15, before getting it’s monthly title…Amazing Spider-Man. That’s right this week is all about Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man. ]]>
May 03, 2017
Episode 160: Shadowhunters
In this episode Dave talks about the Shadowhunter Chronicles. This is a series of books that have been/will be broken into five smaller series. Infernal Devices, Mortal Instruments, Dark Artificies, Last Hours, and Wicked Powers. All the books series are written by Cassandra Claire. And each set can be read individually. But if you want to read them in succession then you will need to wait till all the books are released cause they are in a strange order. ]]>
April 05, 2017
Episode 159: Nerd Book Club
This week Dave flies solo in talking about the Nerd Book Club selection Homeland by R.A. Salvator. This is the first book of the Drizzit series, aka The Dark Elf Trilogy. Next month there is two books to be read. ]]>
March 29, 2017
Episode 155: Nerd Book Club Part 3
This week Dave is joined by John Patrick for the newest Nerd Compendium Book Club entry ‘Hounded’ by Kevin Hearne. Like always we do go a little off the rail as we nerd/geek out about books and different series of books. What did we think? What is next months book? You will have to listen and find out. ]]>
March 01, 2017
Episode 153: Flashpoint
This week I bring you a quick episode. Even while battling losing my voice, I try to be the voice of the nerd community. In this weeks episode I take us back in time, neigh, to an alternate reality. I take us back to 2011 to cover the DC comic event Flashpoint. This has been touched on in the DC animated movie Flashpoint Paradox and the current season of the Flash. But in this episode I focus on the comics. ]]>
February 15, 2017
Episode 152: LotR
This week Dave covers one of the biggest named series in the realm of fantasy. He talks about J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Ring’ series. He covers from the start of the series, and the events following ‘The Hobbit’ through the end of the series. ]]>
February 08, 2017
Episode 151: Video Game Movies
This week Dave covers all the movies that have been based around video games. This is starting from 1993’s Super Mario Bros. to 2017’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Not all of the games have been played by Dave. Nor has he seen all the movies. But he welcomes your opinions and thoughts on the movies and/or games. ]]>
February 01, 2017
Episode 149: Books to Check Out
It’s time for Dave to give you something to check out. This week he talks about two book series that both started in 2011. The first is the Iron Druid Chronicles which is an urban fantasy that he highly enjoys. The second series is the Rivers of London series, and that is a series that he just started to read as of the day of recording this episode, it also is a urban fantasy. ]]>
January 18, 2017
Episode 146: Year in Review
Dave is here this week with a look back at the year 2016. He found a few lists of the top movies, books, songs, and tv shows. He also spends time covering and showing respect to those who have left us this year. ]]>
December 28, 2016
Episode 143: Banshee
This episode Dave covers a comic book adaptation that was a show on Cimemax from 2013-2016. This show is based off of a one shot comic, but is effectively a sequel since it takes place 15 years after the events that transpired in the comic. ]]>
December 07, 2016
Episode 141: A DC Bombshell
This week Dave gives you a hint to a new part of the show, a new and improved Nerd Book Club. But also Dave covers one of his favorite DC female characters. He touches base on a character that started not in the comics but in the animated serives of Batman from the 90s. Who is it? You will have to listen and find out. ]]>
November 23, 2016
Episode 140: Ranger’s Apprentice
In this episode Dave talks about a series that the cover art got his attention. The story is your typical Young Adult/Teen fantasy adventure. But being a D&D gamer, it was a new vision of the class of Ranger. So that is why this week he covers the series The Ranger’s Apprentice. ]]>
November 16, 2016
Episode 138: Dr. Strange
In this episode The Nerd covers a brief history and the powers of a character who has their first Marvel Studio movie opening this weekend. If you haven’t guess he is talking about the one and only Dr. Strange. ]]>
November 02, 2016
Episode 137: Halloween Episode
This week Dave covers a show from his childhood that he loved to watch that would totally fit with the Halloween theme. He also goes over a list that was compiled in 2013 of the top 20 horror films to watch on Halloween. I also go over my top pick on horror movies and my top book to read on Halloween. ]]>
October 26, 2016
Episode 125: Xanth
In this episode Dave talks about a book series that has been mentioned a few times on the show but has never been really talked about. The Xanth Series from Piers Anthony is probably one of the best fantasy series that goes beyond 15 books. If you are a fan of high fantasy that mixes with mundane reality as well, then Xanth is a series for you!! ]]>
August 03, 2016
Episode 124: SDCC
In this semi-quick episode Dave covers the biggest stories that happened to come out of SDCC (San Diego Comic Con). He touches on the announcement of Star-Lord’s father, who the villain will be in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and will we get to see the classic Harley Quinn outfit in Suicide Squad, that and much much more. ]]>
July 27, 2016
Episode 120: Nerdy TV Shows Part 3
Harkening back to a collection of ideas I had at the beginning of it all. I come back with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 7 different shows that are nerdy. Some shows that have been cancelled, some that are still going, and one that is highly debated about it being funny at all. What are they, what made this list…you will have to listen and find out. ]]>
June 29, 2016
Episode 96 : Monstrous
I am joined by the Dr. Frankenstein of comics Dr. Greg Wright to talk about his new Kickstarter called Monstrous. It is a total monster party that you do not want to miss. You will want to back this because it sounds amazing!! ]]>
January 13, 2016
Episode 84: Nerdy News
It’s Marty Day, that’s right the day Marty McFly goes ‘Back to the Future’. So what will we do today…Talk about the nerdy news that has come across the nerd desk! This is a short episode so you can sit back and watch Marty arrive. ]]>
October 21, 2015