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The Real Shit Radio Show.

The Real Shit Radio Show.

By David Anderson
World Renowned Time traveler and psychic medium.
I am here to help humanity, stop NWO. United States and around the World and to tell my Story of Time Travel.
This is a show and movement for the people of the USA. Also for Likeminded people from around the world. To come together and stand for the truth and the Constitution of the United States of America and their freedoms respectively. This is a movement that has no race or gender barriers. Please join this group if that is you.
Ask all the Questions that you have for future podcasts.

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The only time traveler on earth

The Real Shit Radio Show.

The only Real time traveler on earth discussing the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer
In this episode I discuss the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer also respect that has been taken away and forgotten in United States and around the world
January 13, 2022
The only real time Traveler on earth. Election and election fraud
In this episode we talk about elections how they work and election fraud also how to fix it in the future
January 08, 2022
The only time travel on earth and the host of the Real Shit Radio Show.
In this episode we will discuss the Morse code technology through the 5G and Internet of things
January 07, 2022
David answers question about time travel and so much more!
December 22, 2021
The only time traveler on earth
In this podcast we will hear a discussion as to why the New World order needs your children and why a new financial reset is imminent. If we don’t stand up and stop it in every country from around the world.
December 12, 2021
The Time Traveler. Why New world order needs to be stopped.
In this episode we will Discuss what will happen in the future as New World order is Enacted and a conversation on how it needs to be stopped for the safety of humanity and to save the human experience please subscribe to his channel for updates please do you all need to know what I know your future and lives depend on it
December 11, 2021
The only real time traveler on earth. Answering questions today.
Today we are answering questions about time travel, where I get my information from and also answering questions sent to me by listeners.
December 03, 2021
The short version where my time travel started and why I’m here in 2020 and 2021 please subscribe
In this episode we discuss time travel how time travel really works. not the sci-fi BS and why I’m here in 2020 and 2021 helping humanity please subscribe to the channel for future podcast and please ask questions
November 14, 2021
November 3, 2021
November 03, 2021