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EP 010: Francesca Leo - Playing Without Pain

An episode of The Conditioned Musician

By David Cartolano
This podcast is for YOU if you want to optimize your body, cultivate your mindset, and make better music. Stay Conditioned!

I am a musician that happens a doctor of physical therapy student, exercise physiologist, and personal trainer.
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EP 023: Jared Dickerson - Music Education for All
Today we have Jared Dickerson, a trombonist and co-host of the Upnote, a media co-op hosted by young professional musicians exploring what it means to be an artist in an ever changing industry.  Jared Dickerson: IG: @theupnote YouTube: The Upnote Email:
October 16, 2019
EP 022: Mike Schwartz - How To Work Out When You "Don't Have Time"
Mike’s life began with open heart surgery at 5 months old. Yeah. I know. Today, we have Mike Schwartz, a drummer, the head trainer at BodyFit Training Fitzroy, personal trainer, trusted authority of Muso Wellness, and founder of MusicFit. He also plays in the bands Miles Recommends and Robins Avenue. He had boundless enthusiasm for what he does, and I’m so excited to check out Melbourne one day. We talked about one of the most underrated bands in Canada, open heart surgery at 5 months old, and about how you do anything is how you do everything. If you are on the road and you want to begin exercising a little bit at a time, Mike is offering 70% off of online coaching, just mention that David sent you😉 He is AWESOME. Mike Schwartz: IG: @thedocrocktor Email: The Conditioned Musician: IG: @theconditionedmusician
October 10, 2019
EP 021: Emily V - Not Your Typical Violinist
Do you struggle with what others say about you, your playing, and your music? Good. You are in the right place. Today we have Emily V, a professional rock and roll violinist who plays face-melting overdriven solos and has toured with an extensive list of incredible musicians. She is TRULY not your typical violinist. How many violinists do you know of that dare to plug their violins into a wah pedal? Exactly. Y'all need to see her rip on Sympathy For The Devil with her band Monkey Finger. It's wild. She looks up to Nita Strauss (don't we all) and it shows. We talked about breaking her father's violin, why the term "female guitarist" is no longer applicable, and how she figured out rock and roll on an instrument that's *cough cough insert judgemental voice here* "for classical and jazz." Confidence comes from practicing being confident. Give this one a listen.  Emily V: @emilyvofficial The Conditioned Musician: @theconditionedmusician
October 9, 2019
Ep 020: Karen Atkins - Master Your Body
Imagine agreeing to play a gig without knowing how to play your instrument. That's exactly what Karen did in high school, scrambling to learn to play the guitar so she could play Day Tripper in a band in front of a large audience.  Today we have Karen Atkins, award-winning singer/songwriter who has more certifications than I can count, including her massage therapy license and advanced certified bodytalk practitioner. She has been featured on Ted Talks and Good Morning America conscious lifestyle expert who specializes in helping people take better care of themselves and find their optimal state of being. She is an educator that wants to help you (YES, YOU READING THIS) from feeling tired and broken down all the time.  Karen Atkins: IG: @karenatkinsofficial FB: Karen Atkins The Conditioned Musician: IG: @theconditionedmusician
October 2, 2019
EP 019: Joseph Conyers - How Can I Use My Gift For Good?
Today we have Joseph Conyers, a fraternal twin like myself, the Assistant Principal in the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Music Director of the All City Philadelphia band/choir/orchestra, an adjunct professor at Temple University, a vegan body builder, and in his spare time, Executive Director of Project 440, a non-profit that creates educational programs for student musicians that teach them to use music as a tool to create opportunities for themselves and to give back to their communities. We talk about how he finds time for all of this, why he doesn't cook food for more than 5 minutes, and almost becoming a meteorologist. Yeah. He's awesome. You don't want to miss this one. Joseph Conyers: IG: @weather_clef Project 440: IG: @project_440 Facebook: The Conditioned Musician: IG: @theconditionedmusician
September 26, 2019
EP 018: Amelia Rosenberger - You Don't Have To Be Flexible To Do Yoga
If you are the kind of person who CONSTANTLY worries about their form and if they are doing things right, this episode is for you. Today we have Amelia Rosenberger, a graduate trombone student, rock-climber, BARRE teacher, and AWESOME yoga teacher. She is the founder of Music Body Mind, a resource to help musicians with playing-related pain and performance anxiety.  Amelia: IG: @musicbodymind The Conditioned Musician: IG: @theconditionedmusician
September 18, 2019
EP 017: Dr. Rachel White Galvin - Mindfelt Methods
Today we have Dr. Rachel White Galvin, a super cool multi-instrumentalist (viola, violin, fiddle, mandolin, and singer), a member of the band DANNSAIR, Doctor of the Musical Arts, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Crossfit Level 2 Trainer, and SOOO much more (have you seen her website?!). She is the Founder of MindFelt Methods and the course Perform Without Pain, where she helps musicians play without pain as a strength coach and movement practitioner. Rachel is an invaluable resource to Musician's Wellness, ask her questions. Ask her questions. Ask her questions.  Rachel: IG: @mindfelt_methods FB: Dr. Rachel White Galvin The Conditioned Musician: IG: @theconditionedmusician
September 13, 2019
EP 016: Sam Woodhead - The Musical Master Sergeant
Today we have Sam Woodhead, a trombonist, Doctor of Music, Master Sergeant of the US army, Crossfit business owner and coach. Yeah. He's pretty cool. Sam didn't start Crossfit until he was thirty eight years old with two kids. There's a lot of gold in this episode. Get mining, and stay conditioned.  Sam Woodhead: Blackjack Crossfit - Reston, Virgina IG: @xfittbn The Conditioned Musician IG: @theconditionedmusician
September 6, 2019
EP 015: Brianne Borden - Be More Than Your Instrument
Today on The Conditioned Musician, we have Brianne Borden! Brianne is the founder of Yoga For Musicians, a yoga teacher in two locations AND a trumpet player with an eye for keeping the whole musician in balance.  Brianne Borden: IG: @yogaformusicians Youtube: Finding Your Center The Conditioned Musician: IG: @theconditionedmusician
September 3, 2019
EP 014: Journey Choi - The Cellist Who Lifts
Today we have Journey Choi, a musician and dedicated teacher, as WELL as a cellist player that lifts. Journey talks about casually picking up what turned her lifelong passion, how lifting has improved her playing, and the number one lesson she gives to her students. You can find her on Insta @stylejourneys and her website Stay Conditioned!
August 30, 2019
EP 013: Naia Kete - The Voice Behind SayReal
Today we talked with Naia Kete from the amazing band Say Real. She is a singer -songwriter, a powerful vocalist, instrumentalist, wellness coach and music business coach. She has some INCREDIBLE insight for all of you, and I can't wait for you to hear it. Her insight as a performer as well as her insight as a business woman is TOP NOTCH. Do not skip this episode. Naia Kete: IG: @naiakete SayReal: IG: @sayreal
August 29, 2019
EP 012: Kimberly Hankins - Healing and Happiness
Today on The Conditioned Musician, we had Kimberly Hankins, an Arizona-based violist and a 200RYT Advanced Buti Yoga Instructor (with knowledge in Pilates, Body Mapping, and so much more). As a student of yoga and of music, she connects the two in a way I didn't expect (and surprise, it's awesome). Kimberly Hankins: IG: @kimihankins Other Musicians We Mentioned: Amelia: IG: @musicbodymind Brianne: IG: @yogaformusicians
August 28, 2019
EP 011: Aubrey Trujillo-Scarr - The Wonder Woman
Today on The Conditioned Musician, we talked with Aubrey Trujillo-Scarr. She is a soprano, actress, katana wielder, martial artist, fight choreographer, and much, MUCH more. And yes, she actually has played Wonder Woman in a web show.  Aubrey Trujillo-Scarr: IG: @aubrey.trujillo.scarr Results Fitness: The Conditioned Musician FB Group: 
August 22, 2019
EP 010: Francesca Leo - Playing Without Pain
Today we had a talk with Francesca Leo, a flutist with a vision of improving performing arts health for all musicians. She drops awesome insight into why she does what she does, how Playing Without Pain got started, and why she does wall sits in the practice room. DO YOURSELF a HUGE favor and check out this website. Stay Conditioned! Francesca Leo: IG: @playingwithoutpain The Conditioned Musician:
August 21, 2019
EP 009: Hannah Gray - The Gray Area
You are now entering a zone of Hannah the Gray. This Conditioned Musician plays the tuba and bass trombone, is a certified personal trainer, a mother of two kids and a nationally-ranked powerlifter and record-holding olympic lifter. We talked her (amazing) story, muscles, musicians, and why both keep getting injured. Hannah Gray: IG: @grayareastrength FB: The Conditioned Musician:
August 16, 2019
EP 008: Keith Chambers - The Muscle Maestro
It is my pleasure to introduce to you the muscle-bound musical maestro, Keith Chambers. Hailing from NYC (like yours truly), Keith is a conductor, pianist, teacher, and the founder and artistic director of The New Amsterdam Opera. Keith Chambers: IG: @muscle.maestro The Conditioned Musicians FB Group:
August 15, 2019
EP 007: Angela McCuiston - The Musician's Trainer
Wow. Yeah. That episode just happened. Angela McCuiston is a conditioned musician who is also a NASM-CPT, CES, SFS and CETI-CES (Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist and Cancer Exercise Specialist) and owner of Music Strong, a business that specializes in personal fitness training for musicians. AND SHE IS AMAZING. Learn from her persistence, musicians. Press your doctors. Demand more. There are resources out there to help you. Music Strong is one of them. If you are playing through pain, GET IT SOLVED. Music Strong: Angela McCuiston: IG: @musicstrongfitness The Conditioned Musicians FB Group:
August 9, 2019
EP 006: BrandonLee Cierley of 322
BrandonLee and I both are instrumentalists, personal trainers, and were Exercise Science Majors and Music Minors. His saxophone solos with 322 are awesome, by the way.  BrandonLee Cierley: IG: @brandonlee_cierley His band, 322: IG: @322_jazz The Conditioned Musicians FB Group:
August 8, 2019
EP 005: Robert Clark - The Bodybuilding Opera Singer
On this episode of The Conditioned Musician, Robert Clark (The Official Anthem Singer of the Oilers) and I talked about his journey into opera and bodybuilding (even when other musicians told him not to do it). We talked about diaphragms, body building, and a lack of whales on stage in neoclassical opera. Stay Conditioned! Rob Clark: IG: @robclarktenor The Conditioned Musicians FB Group:
August 7, 2019
EP 004: Helen Williams - The Big Bad Wolf
This Conditioned Musician is a talented multi-instrumentalist, a weightlifter, and an MMA fighter. This is Helen Williams, The Big Bad Wolf. She took a break from recording an EP to speak about weight lifting and staying healthy. Stay Conditioned! Thank you for bearing with the sound quality
August 1, 2019
EP 003: Claire Howard - The Flutist That Taught Me To Sun Breathe
Claire Howard is a flutist, yoga teacher, Crossfitter, vegan and dog mom. I HAD to get her on the podcast to share her amazing story about her journey through fitness and music, and why she started her project (Practice Room Yoga). Claire Howard - Practice Room Yoga IG: Website: Email:
July 30, 2019
EP 002: MORNING MOTIVATION - Are You Better Than Yesterday?
Hey Conditioned Musicians! Are you better than you were yesterday? And why does it matter?
July 26, 2019
EP 001: What is The Conditioned Musician?
In this episode, we talk about who I am, what I do and why I do it.
July 22, 2019
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