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Be Your Best You! - Passion into Purpose with David Delaney

Be Your Best You! - Passion into Purpose with David Delaney

By David Delaney
A hug for the mind, body & soul
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The Power of Words Festival 2021 - Amanda Kelly
The Power of Words Festival is a celebration of Words – Written, Acted, Spoken and Sung, which takes place every August in the town of Abbeyleix, Co. Laois. A wonderful inaugural year in 2019; a Short Story Writing Competition in 2020, culminating in an Anthology, due to be launched at this year’s festival - 2021 being, once again, an ‘in-person’ festival! We hope you will come join us on the weekend of 20th – 22nd August 2021.
July 30, 2021
Get your Finances in Order with The Irish Budgeting Mammy
Ann-Marie is the “Irish Budgeting Mammy”.  A little about her, in her own words: "I am a mum of four with children aged from teenage years, right down to toddler years. In addition to runnng “Irish Budgeting Mammy”, I work full time as a psychiatric nurse. My aim for Irish Budgeting Mammy is to help people get a sense of control on their personal finances. I have learnt to manage my finances in a way that is easy to understand and will help you make the most of your money. I believe income is often not the issue but more to do with poor budgeting. I have published and released the best selling “The Budget Book” to help you manage your money. Although I am not a financial expert, I am somebody who has freed themselves from all consumer debt using my method of money management, which I feel can be helpful to anybody struggling with their finances. I can show you the tools and methods I use to control and manage your income. My method is a holistic approach to finances, which not only concentrates on your money but every part of your being. I believe money should not be a taboo subject but something we should talk about. If you’re interested in following my journey, you will find me on instagram and facebook where I share my budgets, methods and progress. I am available for Budget S.O.S. One-to-One sessions which you can book into on the website or alternatively I will be running workshops during the Autumn for small group numbers in person.
July 16, 2021
Returning to balance with Roisin Graham
"One of the most important things I realised was that physical discomfort usually manifests itself when there are unresolved emotional issues present. These should all be dealt with in tandem so that a holistic outcome can be achieved and the mind and body can be returned to homeostasis/balance." - Roisin Graham  If you think you may have something holding you back from achieving your full potential or if you are feeling a lack of joy, fear, anger, guilt or other emotional issues you would like to address in your life please contact 0861797934 or visit
July 2, 2021
Dolores Andrew - driving authenticity
Dolores Andrew Holistic Life Coach, Author, Podcaster, Speaker and Mom. I support and guide women to transform from a fear and scarcity mindset to one that allows them to be brave and confident enough to embody who they really are without the limiting beliefs keeping them stuck, getting the same results time and time again.  Women, unfortunately, can feel like this is their lot - but nothing could be further from the truth. We can all get lost in life, being pushed, and pulled by our commitments and daily routines.   We can lose track of our own dreams and end up wearing whatever mask we feel we need at any given time.   This can become so habitual that we lose our identity.  Our thoughts can be scattered and our actions out of alignment with who we truly are. However, we take back control the driver’s seat of our life in an authentic and joyful way. I coach women via 1 on 1 and group coaching sessions on ways to beat overwhelm, become motivated and gain confidence. I have a podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud where I share bite-size chunks of empowerment and inspiration. I am an Amazon best-selling author and the author of two children’s fairy tales.    I am also in the process of finishing my first novel. Empowerment and Assertive Coach at Dolores Andrew Children’s Author and Emotional Intelligence Advocate.
June 18, 2021
Charles James Walker - Get In
Charles James Walker is a musician from Longford, Ireland. A unique talent, his free spirit has taken him across the world, travelling to the most wonderful places and experiencing the most incredible things. It’s this life experience which translates passionately into his music. Creating songs that remain in your mind, each its own story with its own beautiful life. A deep soul, his music transcends the boundaries of the traditional singer-songwriter, with impassioned lyrics which touch on the most sensitive subjects of life, love and everything. Charles James Walker can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
June 11, 2021
Evolutions - Elaine Nolan
Elaine Nolan is that rare multi-dimensional artist who moves easily from heavenly fine art to the meditative Earth below. She is a classically trained musician and singer, as well as an award-winning author. Hailing from Co Laois, Ireland, Nolan was also prima cellist in the Celbridge Concert Orchestra and has appeared with the Carlow Youth Orchestra and the Kildare County Orchestra. She is also a pianist and plays classical guitar and is learning the viola. She's sung as a soprano and a tenor with the Carlow Choral Society, the Wexford Festival Singers, and the Celtic Philharmonic Choir and recorded four albums as a member of the Irish Philharmonic Choir and performed with the group at Carnegie Hall. No strict classicist, however, Nolan’ latest release is To Sleep Beneath The Stars, an album of earthy and graceful meditation music that's soft, compelling, and perfectly human. As a composer, she is daring enough to mix her classical and Celtic influences with electronic sounds (Cel-Techno, anyone?), a feat that would prove difficult to do effectively for most musicians. Nolan, however, pulls it off with her usual elegance and grace. She has performed her debut work “Non-Nobis”, a 3-part soprano work in April 2011, followed by her debut concert September 2012 and more recently “A Rebel’s Heart”, a 1916 Commemoration concert as part of Kildare County Council’s Commemoration Programme. She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the Open University and has won the Cecil Day-Lewis Literature Award. Her latest book is the sci-fi tale Evolved 2.0: Vortex and was released in March 2017. Other titles by Elaine include Red Hot Summer and Of Heroes And Kings. Each novel, of course, has an accompanying soundtrack composed by Nolan, as well. She is also studying to become a Sound Healing Practitioner.
June 4, 2021
There's a book in everyone! - Karen Brown
Karen Brown is a Life Coach, Bio Energy Therapist and author of over 100 books on both Amazon and BookBoon. After finding 10,000 ways not to build a business, she found the one way to build build a business that that is both aligned to her values and allows her to help others and give back. She helps others to publish their own books.  @coachkarenbrown
May 28, 2021
Finding freedom - with Barbara Byrne
Barbara Byrne is an inspiring Life Coach, International Co-Author and  Award-winning Weightloss Consultant. Barbara has worked tirelessly with women and men to coach, inspire and encourage them through their personal transformations, for over ten years. She has empowered and supported clients to create change in their relationships with themselves and others as well as their personal lives, to achieve their personal goals. Her love of walking and being outdoors drives her unique coaching style and she is passionate about enabling others to find their own way to personal freedom and also inspires them to find their way to feel better every day. Barbara knows first hand the effects of intense grief, traumatic marriage breakdown and dark depression and shares some of her stories with us today.
May 21, 2021
Making the difference - with Jillian Godsil
Jillian Godsil is a journalist, broadcaster, writer and law changer having changed the law in 2014 to allow bankrupts to run for public office. She ran for Europe, which we discuss, as well as her work in blockchain – as Editor in chief of Blockleaders. She was awarded the 2020 Uptrennd Blockchain Journalist of the year, is considered one of the top 100 people in Blockchain globally. She has been nominated for an IMRO award for her EastCoastFM radio show and broadcasts weekly on Dublin City FM with her show – making a difference So this morning, Jillian is on the other side of the mike as we chat to her about drives her to make a difference
May 14, 2021
Aligning Energy with Breda Stackpool
Breda Stackpool is an Energy Alignment coach whose souls purpose is to lead others to their point of expansion. She helps you to identify what you want and how to get yourself into a position to make sure you can bring it into your reality. She is passionate about helping people prioritise their own success by stepping into the true version of themselves, and has the ability to help you create results in your life that were once only a dream!
May 7, 2021
A sense of belonging(to) with Moninne Griffith
Moninne is a passionate social activist with over 20 years’ experience in the fields of advocacy, law and social justice. Today, she leads BeLonG To Youth Services, Ireland’s national organisation for LGBT+ young people. As Executive Director, she is dedicated to supporting and empowering LGBT+ youth, and achieving a world where they are equal, safe and valued in the diversity of their identities and experiences. After spending 8 years as Director of Marriage Equality, a single-issue organisation working for, and historically achieving, equality for same-sex couples in Ireland, Moninne is acutely aware of the needs and challenges of the LGBT+ community in Ireland today. Moninne is a member of the Government’s Taskforce on Youth Mental Health and the oversight committee of the National LGBTI+ Youth Strategy. She is a former Chairperson of the National Women’s Council of Ireland.
April 30, 2021
Dance to the Rhythm of Life with Dezy Walls
Often referred to as "the people magnet" or "the mad piano man" Dezy Walls is a writer, performer, director, concert pianist (well,  he does concerts playing a piano) and a "creative being" - which he believes we all are and it's what keeps us sane. Dezy has whipped up crowds into enthusiastic revelries, had them swinging from the rafters, from Kinsale to Los Angeles and back via Hong Kong. In 2019 Dezy won the IMRO radio drama award 2019 for his play, Searching for Daddly Dee to add to his numerous song writing awards in both comedy and romantic genres.
April 23, 2021
Sarah Breslin tells us about how the new Good4all is good for you!
We talk to her about health and wellbeing and her journey with massage and Colon hydrotherapy to help resolve gut health issues. Her passion for helping others to feel the best they can and to give as much power and knowledge to clients to take control of their health and to help them understand that there is always something that can help even if it's just that 1 per cent improvement. Her new business venture Good4all Giftcard, the wellness gift card that allows you to give the gift of wellbeing. The goal of Good4all is to help more people achieve better health and wellness by connecting them with great treatments and practitioners simply and easily.
April 16, 2021
A new kind of high with artist Kieran Hyland
Kieran is a contemporary artist from Portarlington, County Laois, whose emotive pieces are representative of his unique style, values and experiences. Kieran spent a portion of his twenties searching for fulfillment externally, and when it wasn’t to be found, he resorted to mind-altering chemical substances as a means of escape. But he always found meaning and fulfillment in artistic expression, be it through music or stand up comedy, or through his exploits on canvas. He now believes there is no high comparable to that of satisfying your artistic curiosities.
April 9, 2021
A conversation about Mental Health with Christy Bannon
Christy Bannon talks to us about mental health, his experiences, strength and hope. His poem which he mentions in the episode can be found here, Please be advised, it may trigger. There are supports listed below Supports: Cycle Against Suicide  Cycle Against Suicide have launched a community-based peer-supported program.   SOSAD Laois  Save Our Sons And Daughters Laois   Pieta House, Preventing Suicide and Self Harm  Teac Tom Phone: 056 7796592  Samaritans Ireland  Freephone 116 123 Aware Freecall: 1800 80 48 48 Get help now Text 50808  For free 24/7 support in a crisis, free-text HELLO to 50808.
April 2, 2021
Journeys with words - Niamh Boyce.
Niamh Boyce is an award-winning novelist and poet. The Kildare native’s first book, The Herbalist (2013), was an instant success. The Irish Times called it, “The most entertaining yet substantial historical novel since Joseph O’Connor’s Star of the Sea.” Inside the Wolf (2018), her first collection of verse was met with similar positivity. Nuala O’Connor said, “In these clever, concise poems, Niamh Boyce resurrects the ancestors who gifted her a legacy of words…Boyce has the artist’s unpeeled eye: she dissects fairy tales and reassembles them with colour, menace and wit.” Niamh Boyce lives with her family in Ballylinan, Co Laois. She is currently working on her third novel, a collection of short fiction and a non-fiction book.
March 26, 2021
Christiane Wuillamie OBE - Companies, Culture and driving her car into Buckingham Palace
Christiane Wuillamie OBE - Chief Executive & Co-Founder PYXIS CULTURE Christiane founded CWB Systems in 1994, addressing the challenges of rescuing failing IT projects in financial services. After 100% year-on-year growth she sold in 2001 and began a successful career as a business troubleshooter, advisor and NED. Christiane has deep experience in technology, innovation and business transformation.
March 19, 2021
Talking passion, poetry and the issue of racism today - Dr. Rohini Bannerjee
Dr. Rohini Bannerjee, born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, daughter of immigrants from Himachal Pradesh, India, is an Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies in the Department of Modern Languages & Classics, Graduate Coordinator of the International Development Studies program and a Faculty Member in the Asian Studies, and Graduate Women & Gender Studies program at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada. Rohini’s primary research focuses on the literatures and cultures of the Francophone Indian Ocean.
March 12, 2021
When the artist met the photographer...
Collaborations in the world of art are not that unusual. Think of all the brilliant musicians that create wonderful songs, eg. Lennon and Mc Cartney  Collaboration within the visual arts are less common.... but let's find out what happened when the artist met the photographer. Today we talk to Ciara Drennan & Pauline McEvoy from Heyday Studios
March 5, 2021
Life - The Barna Way with Lisa Fingleton
Lisa Fingleton is an artist, filmmaker, writer and grower. She strives to ‘be the change’ she wishes to see in the world and likes to walk the talk, grow the food and integrate life with her studio practice. For the last number of years she has been working closely with her partner Rena Blake. Together they are consciously focusing on developing The Barna Way an ecological art project on their farm.
February 26, 2021
Chatting with Mary Pat Moloney
Mary Pat Moloney has a number of strands to her work.  She is an actor of both stage and screen.  She is also a sound healer and started Croi Anu Creative Centre 12 years ago.  A place that nurtures both creative arts and healing arts.
February 19, 2021
You've got the music in you! - Jasmine Lyhagen
Join us as we head to Sweden to talk about the passion for music and more with Jasmine Lyhagen. Jasmine, also known as Fjolk Smolk, tells us about her life as "a musician amongst other things"  Check out the band's YouTube Channel here:
February 12, 2021
Rhythm is a Dancer! - Paula Byrne from Apple Blossom Holistic
Paula Byrne talks to us about her passion for dance, working in the creative space and how a career in teaching has led her to create 'Apple Blossom Holistic' 
February 5, 2021
It's a beautiful life
A quick 'thought for today' inspired by some cheesy 90's pop. Enjoy
February 2, 2021
Be your best you
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January 28, 2021