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Mystic Stew

Mystic Stew

By David Hanzel
Mystic Stew is a weekly podcast that discusses everything from Bigfoot, aliens, and angels to the paranormal, life after death, and everything in between. I will interview guest spiritual experts periodically and each show will be based on real questions by real people. Message me your question at and I will try to cover it in one of the many mystical topics on Mystic Stew!
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A bit about Karma

Mystic Stew

A bit about Karma

Mystic Stew

Whats my Clair and the difference between guides and Angels
In this episode, I answer two questions from the people in my Facebook group The Spirit Experience. What's my Clair and the difference between guides and Angels.  If you have questions or an idea for an episode, contact me at or schedule a reading with me at  Thank you for listening, and have an amazing day.
April 1, 2021
Connecting with Angels
In this episode, I teach you one of many techniques to connecting with the angel realm. I advise you not to practice this technique while driving or operating heavy machinery. This technique is best when you are alone and quiet in a safe space. Please like, share and comment as well as subscribe to Mystic Stew. For readings visit my website or write to me with comments and or Ideas you would like me to do at follow me on Instagram @mediumdavidhanzel and follow my Facebook page They Whisper to me or join my Facebook group "The Spirit Experience". Thank you! Background music for Meditation is... Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist:
March 18, 2021
A bit about Karma
In this episode, my good friend India Leigh and I have a pajama party and give our views about Karma. Karma is a huge subject that is one of many universal laws. Although it's interpreted in many ways in either eastern or western practices, it's very real and necessary. Join India and me for a bit about Karma and a few laughs. You can write to me with questions and topics at If you would like to know more about me or schedule a reading visit my website Follow me on Instagram @mediumdavidhanzel and check out my Facebook page They Whisper to me or my Facebook group The Spirit Experience. Have an amazing day and please subscribe and share.
March 11, 2021
What is the Higher Self?
This is a topic that can be discussed over and over and for a very long time. The possibilities that we can come up with are endless. This is episode is meant to get your wheels spinning. Every Spiritual topic is open to many descriptions and there really aren't too many rights or wrongs. All in all, it's what your personal truth is that will shape your destiny in this current lifetime. Follow me on Instagram @mediumdavidhanzel or visit my website Share like and subscribe and if you have a question about anything spiritual feel free to write to me at Thank you for listening!
February 25, 2021
A little bit about animals
The title says it all. I rant a bit and talk a bit about the treatment of animals as pets and food. I tell you why I choose to be vegetarian, and if it is really ok to eat meat. The opinions I share in this episode are from research and spirit lead as well. If you have questions about animals or any other spiritual topic, write to me at You can learn more about me and if you need to, book a reading go to   follow me on Instagram @mediumdavidhanzel, or my Facebook group "the spirit experience" thank you for listening! 
February 11, 2021
5 more questions answered!
From what our guides really look like to Earthbound spirits and more! I have answered 5 more questions this week to the best of my ability and knowledge. If you don't resonate with the answers it's ok. I am here not only to provide you with a jump start to learning your own personal truth but to help you find your way to the knowledge you are seeking. Follow me on Instagram @mediumdavidhanzel or join my Facebook group "The spirit experience" For readings or to find out more about me visit my website  Use the code mysticstew202 for 10% off any service. Please like comment share and subscribe! Love ya! David Hanzel
January 25, 2021
More Questions answered
Are there curses and can they be broken? Can we speak to someone else's higher self? How do we get info from the other-side? These are the 3 questions chosen for this short but informative episode. If you have questions you can write to me at or visit my website to find out more and if you would like to book a reading. Follow me on Instagram @mediumdavidhanzel. Please like, subscribe and share away!  Thank you!
January 18, 2021
First episode for 2021! Your questions answered
Thank you for listening to Mystic Stew! This is the first episode recorded for 2021. I answer questions from listeners and the subjects are from 5d to soul fragments. If you have questions or have a show idea, write to me at Follow me on Instagram  @mediumdavidhanzel and join my facebook group "the spirit experience" Thank you for listening, and please share, comment, and like! My website for a reading is
January 1, 2021
Questions and answers
In this episode of Mystic Stew, I answer a few questions that were asked in my Facebook group "The Spirit Experience". They range from Reincarnation, using your gifts, to vaccinations, and about the rainbow bridge. If you have a question you would like me to answer or to contact me, write to me at or check out my Facebook group  "The Spirit Experience" where I do live readings and you can connect with like-minded people. To find out about readings or events go to my webpage If you use the code Mysticstew2020 it will take 10% off any readings. Follow me on Instagram @mediumdavidhanzel or my FB page They Whisper to me. Like, comment, and share. If you leave a recorded message I will use it on an upcoming episode! Thank you for listening and have an amazing day!
December 18, 2020
Questions Answered! The energy shifts, the Akashic, and a world event prediction.
In this episode of Mystic Stew, I give my answers to a few questions asked by listeners as well as a world prediction (hint it concerns Aliens!) Join me in this short episode and keep an open mind. If you have questions, write to me at and check out my website Follow me on Facebook or join my group The Spirit Experience. And don't forget Instagram. @mediumdavidhanzel. Leave a voice recording of a question and I will most likely play it on a future episode. Thank you for listening and don't forget to comment and share!
December 4, 2020
What I saw when I died and went into a coma
In this episode, I read you a few of my journals about the NDE and coma I experienced in 2015. The realaity that is experienced after this life is just as real as the reality you're experiencing now. There is no death, but merely a transformation. I will make more of these podcasts about Death and the afterlife, but this is a start. All experiences are your own and only you can shape them. To cross over is just as easy and natural as breathing. If you have questions or comments, write to me at or visit my website Use the code mysticstew2020 for 10 percent off any reading. Follow me on Instagram @mediumdavidhanzel  Please like, share, and comment. Thank you!
November 6, 2020
About Halloween
What can I say that the title already does? This episode is about Halloween. I welcome back Lorilei Potvin for a discussion about Halloween and everything in between. Visit my website or write to me at for show Ideas, comments. or if you would be a great guest to have on Mystic Stew! Remember if you use the code Mysticstew2020 it will take 10% off any service on my website. Have an amazing Halloween!
October 30, 2020
Angels are around us all the time. They help us, guide us, and stay with us. In this episode, I speak with angel reader, healer, and astrologer Lauren Antuofermo. We cover a lot of myths and facts about these being sent from all there is to assist us in our daily lives here in the 3rd dimension. If you would like to contact Lauren go to  If you would like to contact me write to me at Please like, share, and subscribe. Thank you for listening and have an amazing day!
October 16, 2020
In this episode of Mystic Stew, I have a discussion with Lorilei Potvin from the Podcast The Angel Rock about aliens! We talk about theories and our own personal experiences with these ET's. All experiences are subjective and should be celebrated. Is there life outside this world? Do you believe they have visited us or are walking among us now? Join us for our discussion about this strange phenomenon. Please like, share, and subscribe to Mystic Stew! If you have questions or show Ideas, write to me at follow me on Instagram at Medium_davidhanzel
October 10, 2020
Past Lives
In this episode of Mystic Stew, I speak about past lives and give you a few examples of my own as well as others. The stories of past lives and the belief or disbelief of them have been in the background of the human mind as well as in some religions. I invite you to investigate this premise of coming back to a physical life more than once. Stay tuned to the end of this podcast where I will tell you how to get your name in a drawing to win a free reading with me. Please rate and comment on this or any Mystic Stew Podcast. Write to me with questions about the episodes or if you have an idea for a show or if you think you would be a great guest! Contact me at and visit my website Thank you for listening!
October 1, 2020
Water and Spirit
In this short clip, I give you a bit of info about water, an experiment done with it, and why I believe that it can be a gateway to stronger spirit communications. Follow me on Instagram @ medium_davidhanzel or visit my website or write to me at if you have a show Idea, comment, or you think you would be a great guest for a metaphysical discussion! Please rate and comment!
September 26, 2020
Are There Evil spirits?
I spent a little bit of time doing some paranormal investigations and that is where I met Mary Marshal The Paranormal M.D. We discuss the question in this episode, "are there evil spirits?" our conclusions come from our own experiences. We talk about mysterious scratches, poltergeists, and the things that people claim to see, hear, and feel. We also talk about hauntings and whether they are real, or if it is an energy that is built up from mass consciousness. This episode is to give you some information so you can come to your own conclusions your own truth. Remember that what we want to experience is most likely what you are going to get. To know more about Mary, check out If you have questions about this episode or ideas. write to  Follow me on Instagram medium_david hanzel and check out my website  theywhispertome.comabout 
September 18, 2020
Is earth a school?
I am joined in this episode of Mystic Stew by two gifted friends of mine, karmic astrologer Susan Reynolds and spiritual reader India Leigh. We discuss the topic of the earth as a school or a place to remember who we are. We also delve into the philosophies that can cause us to have experienced good and bad and where our signs and past lives may play a part. To contact Susan Reynolds, her website is and India Leigh can be reached at To learn more about me and my services as a medium and spiritual teacher go to Use the code mysticstew2020 to get 10% off my services. Or write to me at for questions you would like answered in an episode of Mystic Stew.
September 17, 2020
I am not a political person although I was inspired to put a message out there after watching a short video called the Invisibles by Edgar Humberto Alvarez. We tend to ignore the sides of life we don't see every day. The sides of life where the invisable people live. Not Ghosts or spirits, but real people who we tend to forget, the homeless, the drug addicts,  the elderly, and even the young children who have been forgotten. Remember that we are all one and we need to start treating each other as friends on a common journey, life.
September 15, 2020
The Law of One
There are many universal laws. I find the law of one to be very important in this day and age we are in right now. Join me and my guest intuitive channel and activation guide JJ as we discuss this law and various topics around it. The world is the best school we can attend right now to learn about ourselves as well as others. We are all connected in some way. The goal in this subject is to help you see the world through another set of eyes. Your true eyes. Thank you for Listening!
September 7, 2020
Synchronicities and coincidences
In this episode, I will be discussing Synchronicities and coincidences with readers Terry Bruno and Jen Huber, we will explain what they are and how to tell the difference between the two as well as stories about our own experiences. We will also explain to you how you too can experience these magical moments in time as well as explain to you if what is happening is real. To leave comments or ideas about this podcast or future podcasts you can write to me at
September 5, 2020
Elementals and Faries
In this strange episode, I will discuss and inform you about the material that I have researched on elementals and fairies as well as offering my opinions and experiences with these other earthly beings. This episode was meant not only to inform you about the subject but to give you something to think about as well as open your eyes to a new experience. If you have questions or comments you can write to me at Thank you for listening! Leave me a message or feedback. Hope you enjoy it! 
August 31, 2020
Elementals and Faries trailer
 A heads up to the next episode Elementals and Faries premering August 31st. What are they, are they real? My personal experiences and a wee bit of history about these amazing beings.
August 29, 2020
Divination with India Leigh
Welcome back to Mystic Stew! In this episode, I speak to my good friend Intuitive reader and tarot and oracle card reader India Leigh. We discuss how we read and what goes into it. We explain the feelings we receive and how we perceive the cards and other information during a reading. We also reveal some secrets about who we are speaking to on the other side and help you discern against the fraudulent readers out there and how to trust what you receive and how to prepare for a reading. You can contact India at or my self at 
August 23, 2020
Near death experiences
NDE's or Near-death experiences, happen to 1 in 10 people around the world! In this episode, I will share the common experiences people report and talk about my personal experience with an NDE and being unconscious for close to 2 months. I talk about heaven and hell, what some spirits look like and what we look like. I also touch on the life review that so many speak of and how an NDE completely changes your life. Join me for this short yet informative glimpse into an NDE and a little about the transition between the physical world and the world that you yourself really come from.
August 18, 2020
August 7, 2020
August 7, 2020