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Reid Report

Reid Report

By David R Reid
I am a late quinquagenarian grandfather with an interest in History, spirituality and Culture. Podcasts found here will be a, hopefully interesting, eclectic mix.
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Convict Floggings: the story of Phillip Lee's 150 lashes.
A battle of wills between a colonial convict and his master results in a harrowing and sadistic 4 days. More Canberra Australia 19th century history.
March 20, 2021
The story of Onyong. The last of the "wild blacks". Australian Indigenous history of Canberra. ACT.
The results of research I conducted a few years ago detailing the life story of an 19th century Australian Aborigine who witnessed first hand the arrival of white settlers to the area that was to become the Australian Capital Territory.
March 20, 2021