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Dawn of A Better You

Dawn of A Better You

By Dawn Berry
A podcast to enlighten and support single parent empty nesters. As an Empowerment Coach I believe that research is an important aspect of any treatment or process. If you would like to contact me: or 705 571 6248.
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Carla's View On Mental Health

Dawn of A Better You

Cheryl Blair
After learning how she could heal her own body, Cheryl Blair decided to attend the Health Coach institute, and is now a Certified Health and Life Coach. After years of training and research Cheryl is able to motivate high achievers to triumph over stress by educating them and supporting them on the journey to transform their lives.  Cheryl speaks passionately about how the accumulation of “Stress can cause Illness and Disease.” And how to listen to your body’s whispers before it screams.  Cheryl is helpful in guiding her audience in recognizing the ability they have to dial into what she truly believes is the right approach to Health, in Mind, Body and Spirit.  It isn’t just one part it is every part.  The Right System, The Right Support and The Right Accountability can help you get there! Cheryl’s story is powerful - Before she became a Health Coach she was so lost walking around in a daze, looking for help in every corner she could find.  She has 19 years of a mining background that lead to her escalated stress and she believes, eventually contributing to most, if not all of her ailments. 10 years ago Cheryl was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, IBS, and 4 years ago was told she had developed High Anxiety Disorder associated with PTSD.  Cheryl used to live on cigarettes, coffee and pop. Her diet was nasty, with a favourite go to meal being pasta and garlic bread.  She attributes her unhealthy lifestyle with her coping mechanism. She became sick and tired.....and then sick and tired  of feeling sick and tired.  She had allowed the stress to take control of her whole life and it was obviously robbing her of thriving regardless of her still being a young woman who should be in the prime of her life.  Then one day she found the way out of the vicious cycle she had put herself in!  She discovered Total Transformation, and with that came the tools to help her cope with the stress of everyday life so it no longer has the power to bring her down or control her. How far she has come is pretty amazing, and if Cheryl can do it so can you! Cheryl is eager to help others identify their stress triggers, change unhealthy life choices and cope with the stress and trauma that brings on those choices.  Education about TRAUMA, STRESS and the effects it has on the body is fundamental. Learning about Belief Rep-Patterning, the power of the sub-conscious mind and how to re-train it are all part of the key components she discusses in her sessions.  She will awaken and unleash your personal power, motivating you to create a more satisfying life and fulfilling new possibilities. Her ultimate goal is to lead each individual to become lighter and in doing so she knows the world becomes brighter too.  #LoveMyselfFirst is Cheryl’s favourite hash tag.  It needed to be in place to get there, now for her there is no turning back.
October 16, 2020
Beth Coombs - Yoga & Aromatherapy
Beth Coombs (pronounced Combs) is a Certified Aromatherapist and a Registered Yoga Teacher who lives in Arizona. Beth began practicing yoga back in 2008 as a way to process stress and build up resilience. She fell in love with it after just a few sessions following her Morning Yoga DVD with Rodney Yee. Because she has worked for the National Park Service since 2004 and has lived in some very remote areas, she has mostly followed DVDs and online yoga sessions. She has built strength in her body and her mind, and has been able to tune into her body wisdom as she continues her yoga practice. After being a student for 10 years, she decided she wanted to share this wonderful healing modality with others and became certified as a yoga instructor in 2019 through YogaWorks. She normally teaches at her community Rec Center at the Grand Canyon, but due to COVID-19, she has been teaching on FB Live weekly. Check out her classes on Tuesday mornings from 6-6:30am Arizona Time/Pacific Time (currently 9-9:30am Eastern time). Beth is also a Certified Aromatherapist through the Aromahead Institute. That program helped her learn about many different essential oils and how they could also be utilized to help with stress management, focus, and emotional support. She continues to create personalized blends for others, including skin care, health, well-being, stress management and more. She looks forward to sharing yoga and aromatherapy techniques and practices for self-care. After years of taking care of your kids, it’s time to take care of you! My email address is: and my business phone number is: (928) 362-1527.
October 9, 2020
RTT - Janice Burgess
Janice Burgess BSP Janice is a Clinical Pharmacist, a Certified Health Coach, a Quit Smoking Coach Extraordinaire, and an RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapist) Practitioner.  RTT is a type of hypnotherapy where an issue is uncovered for the client and then solved quickly, usually within one to three sessions. 306-537-2069 and here is my link to book a call or service:
October 2, 2020
Pam Millar speaks on Getting Out Of Your Funk
Pam is a Registered Nurse who works in the community specializing in Palliative Care and Geriatrics.  In addition, she is an online health and wellness coach promoting health at any size! Pam had cancer in 2019 and since that time she has demonstrated her passion and resilience each and every day!  She shares her journey as therapy for her but also with the hope that it will help others as they face their own challenges. Her mission is to help women find their own health and wellness and LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE! Pam says her mission is to “help exhausted women awaken their weary souls to make the 𝗥𝗘𝗦𝗧 of their life the 𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧 of their life!” Contact - Journal Titles - Affirmations(3), Gratitude (3), Goals (3), One win for the day (could be getting out of bed on some days) Book Recommendations: Intuitive Eating,   Atomic Habits   Everything Is Figure Outable   You Are A Badass     Girl Stop Apologizing
September 11, 2020
Finding Your Passion
Kate Hood is a portrait photographer, living and working in Ontario's cottage country. She focusses both on documentary family story telling and intimate women's portraiture and boudoir. She works from her beach front home studio on Lake Bernard where she hosts many of her clients. She's been in business over a decade and although this wasn't always the journey she imagined for herself she happily found what she feels is a meeting of passion and personality - a perfect fit for her. htttps://
August 28, 2020
Fear For Our Children
Fear for our children is so often expanded when we are single parents.
August 21, 2020
I Don't Know Who I Am
Being single is hard enough but what happens if you have been a single parent for so long that once the kids leave you don't know who you are anymore?  How do you start to figure out who you are and who you truly want to be?
August 14, 2020
Carla's View On Mental Health
Carla Preston Boyer, Transformational Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Founder of The You Are Worthy Movement and Author of Chasing Light. Carla worked in mental health and addictions for over 18 years in management, peer support and advocacy roles. Her personal journey through depression and anxiety have helped form her passion for ending the stigma and shame attached to mental health and addiction issues. Carla’s life took a definitive, unexpected twist in the last year with several traumatic events happening back to back. She has taken these events as great lessons and opportunities for even more growth and is now sharing them through coaching, speaking and The You Are Worthy Movement.
August 7, 2020
Dating whaaat?
How do we truly know what will make us happy?  Will we ever find that true connection?  Join me in figuring out just what we need to find that special person......
July 31, 2020
Balance and Your True Path
Balancing what you need with what others expect from you
July 24, 2020
This is my first attempt with a podcast.  Please be gentle.  Welcome to all those who come to support me!
July 21, 2020