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Day One Careers Podcast

Day One Careers Podcast

By Day One Careers
Free audio on Amazon Interview prep and more from Day One Careers. Day One Careers is a brainchild of an ex-Amazon commercial lead, a hiring manager and an interviewer with a keen interest in mentorship and people development. Check us out at
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Amazon Interview AMA with New Amazonians (D1C Alumni, L6-L7 Offers)
This is the first Amazon Interview AMA session hosted by Day One Careers. In this session, we invited four new Amazonians (L6-L7 Offers) and asked them to share their career journeys and insights on how to prepare to answer Amazon interview questions (tips, strategies, etc). All Alumni used a combination of free and paid resources provided by Day One Careers ( Apologies for the choppy audio and cut-outs at times - this is the nature of doing live sessions over the Internet. I hope you will find the Amazon interview insights useful.
April 15, 2021
Alumni Interviews: Beee (L6 offer, Amazon UK)
In this episode, I interview one of Day One Careers Alumni, Beee (her Discord nickname). Beee has just accepted an offer to join Amazon UK at an L6 in Product Marketing. In the interview, she talks about her path from FMCG (Consumer Goods) to Tech, her approach to making her professional profile more relevant for Tech, and about preparing for her Amazon interviews. If you are preparing for your Amazon interviews or considering a transition from non-tech to FAANG, I highly recommend that you listen to this interview.  As ever, if you'd like to super-charge your Amazon interview preparation, I encourage you to grab this FREE mini-course ( and explore our blog for a range of Amazon interview preparation tips (
March 20, 2021
Amazon Interview Process - A Hiring Manager's Perspective
In this episode, I am sharing my view on Amazon Interview Process from a hiring manager's perspective. For a great selection of interview prep resources that helped folks land L5-L7 jobs at Amazon, head over to
January 20, 2021
Amazon Interview Questions & Answers #3
In this episode, I answer the following Amazon Interview questions: What's the best way to repeat an example during an Amazon interview? How should a fresh graduate pick situations? What, if anything, can be made up? Is it ok to tell an interviewer that you don't have an appropriate example? What happens during an Amazon interview debrief? If you think this episode will be useful to someone else, please do share with your friends and colleagues. For a full set of Amazon interview preparation resources, check out
January 17, 2021
How To Answer Amazon Interview Questions About Failures
In this episode, I share my insights as an ex-Amazon hiring manager on how to answer Amazon interview questions about failures. If you are interviewing with Amazon, feel free to check out my behavioural interview preparation products and coaching services at
January 13, 2021
Amazon Interview Questions and Answers #1
Amazon interview coming up? Get everything you need to prepare at! This is our first Q&A episode where I answer questions from our Day One Careers Discord channel (
October 29, 2020
Amazon Interview Tips from an ex-Amazon Hiring Manager
Check us out at! I've been a Hiring Manager and an interviewer at Amazon for over 3 years. In this episode, I share my general tips on Amazon Competency-based Interview process and successful preparation strategies. This episode is loosely based on the article that I posted in August 2020 (
October 27, 2020
Amazon Interview Coaching: Dive Deep #2
In this episode, I run a coaching session on Dive Deep (again). My biggest pieces of feedback to the candidate are around (1) making sure to mention the scalable impact of solutions and (2) avoiding the pitfall of coming across as lucky when solving problems (I draw a distinction when being lucky if "good" and when it's "bad"). Check us out at :)
October 27, 2020
Amazon Interview Coaching - Earn Trust
In this episode, I run an Amazon Interview coaching session on Earn Trust. While the candidate's story was strong, it would have been a better fit to Insist on the Highest Standard LP. As usual, I offer detailed feedback on how to improve the flow and make sure that the candidate remembers to focus on important details that showcase his experience. === Check us out at :)
October 23, 2020
Amazon Interview Coaching - Dive Deep
In this episode Day One Coach runs an interview prep session on Dive Deep. The most important piece of feedback to the candidate's response is that you need to ensure that you're answering a question that is actually being asked. We hope you enjoy this conversation and come back for more. === Check us out at :)
October 23, 2020