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Conversations with Regular Folk

Conversations with Regular Folk

By Dayvee Sutton
"Conversations with Regular Folk" is a digital series of intimate long form interviews with celebrities, athletes and other people of note. Each episode starts with one questions that opens the door for candid talks about our world that we aren’t used to hearing from the stars. It’s timely, cool, casual, deep, fun, funny - simply entertaining.
Season one asks the question “When did you know that you were black?”
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NASCAR'S Bubba Wallace reveals racism with his sport
Dayvee Sutton chats with NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace who talks about being “the only one” at his professional level in his sport.
June 15, 2020
Issa Rae before she blew up!
Dayvee Sutton sits down with actress, producer and media entrepreneur Issa Rae to talk about her ‘awkward’ journey to Hollywood.
June 8, 2020
Rain Pryor calls out Bill Cosby
Dayvee Sutton talks with Rain Pryor about Bill Cosby's charges, and comparisons to the complex life her lived.
June 1, 2020
Former NFL Man of the Year speaks about his solicitation charges.
Dayvee Sutton interviews tenured Winthrop University professor Adolphus Belk, and former NFL men of the year Eugene Robinson and Thomas Davis to talk about the term “he’s a beast”. Is it a racist term?
May 25, 2020
When Did You Know that You Were Black?
Who is Dayvee Sutton? And what is this podcast about? Your host for this series asks celebrities, athletes, and people of note: “When Did you Know that you were Black.”
May 18, 2020