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Dutch By Association - A Northwest Iowa Podcast

Dutch By Association - A Northwest Iowa Podcast

By Wayne Barahona, Aaron Alons, Mitch Giese
Three over-fed, well-informed, and generally well-meaning fathers and businessmen talk about the topics that hit home in Northwest Iowa over a couple of brews.
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Sheldon, The Pawnee of NWest Iowa
Sorry for the delay, apparently Labor Day also meant that Wayne isn't doing any podcast editing. Not like he has a real job anyway 🙄. In this episode, we ask the question, what is quintessentially 'Sheldon'? We take a trip back in time where we talk time capsules, Mitch's redneck Driver's Ed course, and Chuck Grassley. Aaron loses his mind at a local restaurant when a young lady openly rejects the steak that her suitor paid for, we create a psychological profile on Mitch after his recent angry outbursts and we toy with (and quickly reject) the idea of doing a video podcast!
September 14, 2022
Christ is coming soon, go ahead and eat the breadsticks!
In this episode, we talk meat and we talk beefs. We get the origin story of the culinary abomination known as "Spaghetti-O Hotdish", Aaron's nervousness when it comes to choosing restaurants, Mitch gets laughed at by a bunch of goth kids and vows revenge, Wayne accuses his wife of mishearing him when he said to cook the steak in the crock pot, and Wayne and Mitch go toe-to-toe and talk all sorts of trash!
August 20, 2022
I Can See For (Marlboro) Miles And Miles
The gang starts with some startling news after the property tax statements come out. Wayne tries to justify Sheldon's failed Franchise Fee initiative which prompts a "healthy debate". From there, we go back in time as the guys share secrets from their childhood that help to explain a few things. Aaron champions Universal Grain Care/Obama-Feed, there is a random power outage, and Mitch finds an unlikely ally in Aaron's mom.
August 06, 2022
The Mitch is BACK!
Mitch has a lot of problems with you people, and you're going to hear about it! The elder Giese comes ready with list-in-hand to refute the claims made by his brother, Aar-bear. In addition to Mitch being annoyed by everyone, we discuss weddings! Wedding traditions, plans for our next weddings, and how Aaron tried to rush his wife out of a recent wedding dance JUST in time to slow dance with a bridesmaid! Hilarity and flop-sweat ensue!
July 26, 2022
Not so fast, Mitchy-poo!
It's been too long...and since Mitch is too busy fulfilling his role as Clark Griswald in "Family Vacation," we needed a fill-in! We figured, if we can't get Mitch, let's give his brother Aar-bear his day in court! Join us as we discuss growing up in the "shadow of greatness" as Aar-bear seeks to set the record straight about his role in the Giese hierarchy!
July 13, 2022
Walk a mile in my slides, Aar-bear!
You can tell we haven't been together in a while, this episode is over two hours long! In today's episode, we get a disturbing and telling glimpse into Mitch's childhood that explains why he is the man he is today. Aaron gets all sappy about his boy growing up and tries unsuccessfully to hide the fact that he actually has emotions. We recap Aaron's visit with State Auditor Rob Sand and learn about Rob's conversations with Sheldon's finest conspiracy theorists at the local breakfast spot. And we hear about the coddling and babying of the elder Giese's favorite son, Aar-bear. A fact that doesn't bother Mitch at all...🙄
June 17, 2022
How Have I Wronged You Today
Wayne is back from "graduation" with a new attitude. The guys are understandably skeptical. Mitch takes over coaching little league and encounters some of the "fun" that comes with dealing with parents. Aaron's son finds himself in some hot water after uttering a word (THE word) he says he learned from his brothers. And for you conspiracy theorists out there, we talk about the connotations of having the "wrong last name" when it comes to local sports teams and just who is being recruited by Aaron's alma mater. 
May 18, 2022
Butts Up
The guys spend the nicest day of the week INDOORS to bring you episode 53! We talk about the Tulip Festival vs. St. Patricks Day, things you can say about a cow that you can't say about a woman, a childhood game that sheds light as to why Wayne is the way he is, Aaron being a cool kid (pause for laughter), and Mitch "Tiny Tanks" Giese puts Aaron in his place!
April 30, 2022
Mitch Giese - The Rat-Tailed Vigilante of Justice
Back just in time for the drive to Grandma's for Easter! We take a deep dive into Mitch's past! We learn about Mitch's flamingo bathroom poses, his specific brand of vigilante justice, and learn about the....interesting....hairstyles that have accompanied him along the way. We also address an Easter Egg Hunt controversy, high school track at a pack a day, and Aaron teaches a Sunday School lesson that NOBODY will soon forget!
April 15, 2022
Muscular Neck Syndrome - 50th Episode
Back from spring break we jump right in and discuss Wayne's farming advice, crimes against butter-braids, shrinking stadium seats, Wayne's body that is actively trying to kill itself, and rejoice in the fact that we've made it 50 episodes! We managed to do something consistently for over 50 hours! Now if only we had this kind of dedication to the gym...
March 23, 2022
Freedom Onion Soup
After extended hiatus, DBA returns to learn about Mitch bringing Ham Soup to a chili cookoff (and being confused as to why he didn't win), Aaron breaks down the Super Bowl halftime show from a Dutch perspective and Wayne goes to school for the first time in 20 years. 
February 24, 2022
The Nebraska of Podcasts
In the 48th installment, we try to set up Justin Rust, managing editor of the Review, with our good friend Laura. We cover Mitch's neuroses, Wayne discovers the fate of the Vikings head coach pick live on air, Wayne and Aaron collaborate on writing Mitch's "20 under 40" nomination for the newspaper, and Mitch finally has enough of Wayne's stance on Millenials. A fight ensues. Aaron keeps pouring the gasoline. 
February 05, 2022
Always Mediocre All Of The Time
The roadmap of this episode looks like a drunken Lewis and Clark expedition! We cover COVID beer judging, staffing woe's, Mitch's Legoland adventure (which leads to our new logo), Texas Roadhouse (because Aaron), pranking calling William Hung, the Ghost of Budd-Z's, and how DBA listenership is akin to Sunday at Waddy's: No one from Sioux County admits they go there, but they all have fun together when they do!
January 29, 2022
Low Rent Hooters
In our SUPER-sized episode, we touch on a number of topics: sick workers, explaining the podcast to clergy, fattening up Asa, our advice for fine dining, Wayne's newfound lake life, and how stupid small-town rumors almost tanked one of our favorite spots!
January 13, 2022
Dutch By Association - Show 46 - Rebound Fish
In this episode we find out why there is no "Show 45" (Spoiler: it's Laura's fault), Wayne gets accosted and sworn at in public because of his city council position, and the gang discusses some of their favorite holiday traditions which all revolve around alcohol (go figure).
December 24, 2021
Wayne's True Colors (Black and Blue)
Wayne's big show day comes and Mitch and Aaron give their reaction to the experience. Wayne also finds himself injured and stranded in Florida, and we talk about the last saving grace of our youth: Sports? It's a fun and sweaty time on this episode of DBA!
November 20, 2021
Lame-o Hangar
In this episode, we get a rare glimpse into Mitch's childhood and a revelation about his parents that begins to put things into perspective! Wayne makes a one-night-only return to the DJ booth, and Aaron tells kids not to dream. It's possible that he's just bitter that he got cut from Western's 9th-grade basketball team. We talk about the Northwest Iowa goodbye, robot umpires, the misery of the Minnesota sports fan, and Mitch finally has to answer to his bosses about the podcast. 
October 29, 2021
Aaron's Festivus
On a very special, DBA: Aaron recounts a crazy tale of a true-crime drama seemingly brought to life! It has scandal, intrigue, HVAC, and some "bad luck" that seems VERY convenient. This episode is two months in the making, and now Aaron is ready to tell his story. Also, we give the listeners an update on our VERY eligible bachelorette and Wayne's benevolence! 
October 20, 2021
The (Celery) Farmer's Daughter's Fever Dream
Following up on one of the strangest advertising requests we've ever had, we welcome Laura to the program! She's fun, sassy, and single...and thought this show would be as good of a place as any for a dating ad! Laura breaks down what it's like to be a single Dordt grad who did NOT finish with an MRS degree and explains to Wayne just what exactly a "hobby farm" is. During our conversation, we delve into horse drugs, manure smells, weight loss woes, and hills to die on. The power goes out mid-way through segment two, I guess it's up to you to find out whether it was an accident or divine intervention!
October 02, 2021
I'm Sorry (That You Feel That Way)
In our 40th episode, we learn that Mitch was wronged by a Carny at a vulnerable age, Wayne sticks both of his size 12EEE's in his mouth then does a "graceful" back-pedal, and we find out what happens on the Alons farm when Ezra has a BB gun and is not ready to go inside! Just remember, if any of this offends you we're sorry (that you feel that way). Remember, you can help the cause by Venmo: @dbapod
September 11, 2021
Don't Hate The Farmer, Hate The Game
Come one and all as we hear a tale of Aaron's cattle mismanagement that got an entire South Dakota town buzzing, we talk about the first day of school and how far we've come (well, physically anyway), and finally, Mitch challenges Wayne to what could be the slowest footrace of all time! Also, we are trying something new on the pod! We are forgoing sponsorship on this episode to allow you, our faithful listeners a chance to contribute to the cause! Please help, the beer fridge just died! 😂 or Venmo @dbapod
August 26, 2021
Send The Bill To The City!
Vacation time is winding down and Mitch's job is starting up! We talk about time at Wisconsin Dells, Lambeau Field, how to fix the local housing situation, who should be responsible for all of Wayne's suffering, and how Aaron was "humbled" by his teenage son.
August 13, 2021
Righteousness and Jealousy
This episode is all about...JOBS! Some have them, some need them, and some of us are just not good at them! We talk about big changes happening with in the group, Aaron grabs his bull situation by the horns, and Sheldon City Council successfully slaughters the chicken issue. Also, Wayne's wife makes a surprise guest apperance!
July 22, 2021
Meat Shaming
Back from the holiday break we recap the July 4th festivities, we shame Mitch for being unpatriotic, Aaron becomes the thing he said he never would, and we hear a hilarious story about meat shaming. It's the wurst!
July 13, 2021
If Not Me Then Boo Who?
We figured with the long holiday weekend coming up, we would try to shoe-horn one more episode in! In episode 35 we discuss 4th of July holiday traditions, new pets, various ways that the government keeps getting in the way of Aaron's free money, we reminisce about some radio days gone by, and Wayne explains what his council experience has been like so far. (Editors note: this was recorded a week ago and I am just NOW getting around to posting it. SOME of us have to work yet! - Wayne)
July 02, 2021
Aaron's Beaming and Wayne's Scheming - 💥Brought to you by Solsma's Fireworks!💥
A couple of weeks removed from the super-special double episode release, DBA discusses the reaction to Rob Sand, Aaron's chews fingernails while hoping that his son doesn't bring shame upon the family, and Wayne discusses the Sheldon City Council results and his latest "mistake". Thanks to Solsma's Fireworks for sponsoring and check out their FREE Fireworks demo on Friday, June 18!
June 16, 2021
Mitch Mania
This is all of the stuff we DIDN'T get to in our Rob Sand podcast. Wayne talks about the vacation that almost wasn't, Mitch is finally legal, and tempers flare at the end as Mitch makes WILD accusations! Brought to you by Getting's Garden in Sanborn
June 05, 2021
DBA & IA Auditor Rob Sand - The Anti-Partisan Penny Pincher
The guys invited State Auditor Rob Sand to the studios to talk shop, breakfast pizza, partisan politics, and the future. Brought to you by Getting's Garden in Sanborn
June 05, 2021
Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand Joins DBA! Sponsored by Getting's Garden in Sanborn!
On the next episode of Dutch By Association, Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand sits down and talks shop and the future of Iowa politics! Coming soon!
June 04, 2021
Ward 2 Be or Not 2 Be
Due to the fact that one of the hosts tried to edit this episode with his wife listening, this episode is almost a week in the making!  We discuss the ramifications of Wayne's "Letter to the Editor" and how he and Mitch both became subject of some very specific scrutiny! Aaron shares his experience of being a fan of watching his son participate in anything except track and how he and his youngest both need a time out (from each other)! Finally, Aaron goes to jail, for the second time, on the same field trip!
May 19, 2021
Greta Non Grata
So much to talk about on our 30th episode! We have trouble brewing on the Sheldon City Council and Wayne's suggestion gets push back from the vocal minority, Aaron's bull goes through some tough times (which I don't even know how to describe in print), we talk about how parents are the WORST, and Greta drops by unannounced. Mitch is enthused. 
April 21, 2021
One Year Older, None The Wiser
The DBA podcast celebrates its one-year anniversary by dropping knowledge and truth bombs 🔥! We discuss Aaron's foray into the secular music world (and we obtained a bootleg copy of his performance for you to judge!), we talk a little "stonks" with Aaron's resident Trader Bro Tyler Lamm who's going to tell us how to become thousand-aires, and we discuss the fine art of bathroom placement and noise-canceling fart fans! Come join us as we dive off the deep end!
April 03, 2021
Gimmie Stimmie!
It's been a turbulent couple of weeks for the boys! Aaron's land suffers multiple plagues, but he doesn't see that as a sign. The Sheldon City Council gets turned upside down after the abrupt resignation of one of its own. The guys break down the situation and how best to move forward, and Aaron's quartet returns to perform a "rock" show? 
March 23, 2021
Amish Paradise
The gang returns after an eventful off-week. We breakdown Wayne's trip to Des Moines and the shame he brought upon his house, we share our trader bro experiences and how awful they were and Mitch accidentally stumbles upon the Amish Paradise while going to Disneyland...Aaron took notes!
March 04, 2021
Aaron Buys Weed, Snacks
We talk money on this episode of the DBA pod! We are joined by Travis Alday, who is Wayne's resident Trader Bro, to talk about Cryptocurrency and what this whole r/wallstreetbets phenomenon is all about. Aaron decides that he's going to take the advice of his Trader Bro and purchase stock in Canadian cannabis. Mitch responds to allegations that he was the Screech Powers of South O'Brien, and we talk about Western Christian's exit from the Lakes Conference.
February 18, 2021
Haters Gonna Hate - Mitch's Case Against The Hawkeyes, Saved By The Bell, Everything Sacred
In our 25th episode, Mitch goes off the rails and rallies against Iowa Hawkeye fans, Saved By The Bell, Friends, and more! We also discuss the city budget, bro-trading, and what we (don't) know about it, and discover that we are above average (height and weight)!
February 03, 2021
Anti-Yawning Sociopaths and the Harvard of Sioux County
Mitch celebrates another year by almost forgetting about it, Aaron becomes the athletic supporter he always argued against, and Wayne is oddly disturbed and bothered by yawning? Yeah, we don't get it either.  We also do a deep dive into the generational divide, whether sports in schools help or hurt personal development and Aaron hopes his son can earn a free-ride to the Harvard of Sioux County. All in under an hour for your personal enjoyment!
January 20, 2021
Peacock Eggs and Ty's Last Word
After a month of unscheduled hiatus, DBA returns to send off our good friend, former Iowa Information Managing Editor Ty Rushing. The group talks about award-winning chicken drama, broken feet, journalistic integrity, throwing money at diabetic dogs, and some of Ty's favorite memories of Northwest Iowa.
January 07, 2021
Wait, you pierced WHAT?
Whoa boy. A lot to unpack during this episode! We discuss Wayne's political future, Aaron's new-found farming expansion and how Adam Sandler almost got him kicked out of the house, and Mitch does something dumb. Or awesome. I guess you will have to decide for yourself!
December 04, 2020
We're back, finally! The election ends(ish) and we ponder our place in the outcome, COVID hits one of our own, and we tackle a number of different issues that have left us salty!
November 17, 2020
The Return of JD Scholten - sponsored by Brady's Pub in Sheldon
Less than 24 hours after the lone televised debate between congressional candidates vying for #IA4 seat, JD returns to the studios to talk about the experience. We discuss his opponent, border security, who is looking out for farmers, jobs, his position on the "Green New Deal", and athletes that look like we do!
October 23, 2020
Big Snubs and Big Dubs sponsored by Brady's Pub
We weren't actually planning on recording an episode this week but there's too much going on! Our last podcast has caused some public leaders to issue official statements clarifying positions discussed on the show which we breakdown, we learn that we may be snubbed by Feenstra which sends Aaron into a frenzy, and Wayne gets some unsavory medical news! We did our best to keep it close to an hour! And finally, let ANOTHER chance for free food from Brady's Pub in Sheldon!
October 16, 2020
So Many Bad Days - Sponsored by Brady's Pub in Sheldon!
As the calendar flips to October, there are quite a few people having bad days. We discuss the bad days had by the Sheldon City Council, a certain well-meaning Hull businessman, half of Aaron's crew, and the near-death of trick-or-treating. Also, Aaron learns from an "insider" about experimental drugs being used to fight COVID and talks about the time he got in trouble with the LAW! Finally, listen to hear how you can get yourself FREE FOOD from our new sponsor Brady's Pub in Sheldon!
October 09, 2020
Chicken Genocide?
Mitch and Aaron try to influence city policy by accusing Wayne of advocating for chicken genocide which compounds Wayne's already bad mood. They guys then discuss the flag issues in the area, teenage rebellion in the age of social media, and finally, try to come to terms with the fact that not EVERYONE likes them!
September 25, 2020
Resting Mitch Face
The boys on the pod deal with the growing Sioux County COVID epidemic, farming futures/failures, the fallout from some "controversial" stances made in episode 15, and Mitch tries to explain just why he looks the way he does! 
September 18, 2020
Shades of Grey
After a brief hiatus, the guys return to discuss the JD Scholten interview, single-issue voting, trying to survive living in a camper, and the virtues (or lack thereof) of being an internet sensation!
September 03, 2020
DBA & Iowa 4th Congressional District Candidate J.D. Scholten
In our 14th episode we get political (well, MORE political) as we sit down with J.D. Scholten, who is running on the Democratic ticket vying for Iowa's 4th Congressional District Seat held by Steve King. During our chat, we cover the BIG issues: cattlemen vs. meatpackers, renewable fuel standards, spiritual faith, term limits, cargo shorts, and how to throw a curveball! 
August 19, 2020
High School Rivals and Awkward Prom Dates
With the first day of school approaching, the boys begin to feel nostalgic. Aaron recalls the time he went to prom with two gals and left with zero, we hear about the time the entire BV offensive line almost got booted from a buffet (Mitch reminds us several times that they are the smartest players on the field 🙄), and we break down how our high school rivalries have changed. You'll laugh, you'll 'awwww', you'll be slightly disgusted.  It's all in a day's work on Dutch By Association!
August 05, 2020
12 Years, 12 Episodes, 12 Beers
We celebrate milestones on this week's podcast! We made it a dozen episodes and still publically recognize each other, Aaron's son gets his first job, and Mitch's wife, Greta, joins the 'cast the set the record straight and to celebrate 12 years of wedded bliss!
July 29, 2020
Don't Cry Over Roast Beef/Mitch Conquers Leech Lake/GIVEAWAY TIME!
After a couple of weeks of R & R, we learn what the gang has been up to: Mitch almost kills his extended family, Aaron shares about the loss of his favorite sandwich and about "that one time" at Apple River, Wayne is boring and lives vicariously through them, one of the dbapodians may be expecting? AAAAND, our very first GIVEAWAY!
July 22, 2020
Shameless Plugs, Dirty Water and Kitty Cat Fireworks - Sponsored By Coleman Heating and Cooling
In our first double-digit episode, the guys talk about the fourth of July at the lakes, Wayne tries to prepare his house for sale, Aaron buys fireworks and gets free cats...and Mitch is just angry as usual despite assuring us he's not. Seriously, he's fine. FINE! Thanks to our July sponsor Coleman Heating and Cooling: Find us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter:
July 09, 2020
Mark Mahoney's Mean Mugging Meeting - Featuring Ty Rushing
In episode 9, we bid farewell to a good friend of the podcast, former Iowa Information Writer Mark Mahoney. Ty Rushing came with because he couldn't resist throwing Mark under the bus. Hear about his great writing skills and his inability to be an effective wingman! We also tackle the upcoming 4th of July holiday, haters, and more! Thanks to our new sponsor: Coleman Heating and Cooling -
July 01, 2020
Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet
In episode 8 we celebrate 1000 listens, ponder the stuff we hear on the internet, and get political(ish). We also bash Missouri a few times. Consider yourself warned!
June 24, 2020
Ty Rushing and the conversations we all need to have
On a very special, Dutch By Association (cue 80's serious sitcom moment music), we speak candidly with our friend, writer, and activist, Ty Rushing about racism and its effects both in Northwest Iowa and across the world.  Also, Wayne learns what God's chicken is.  Please note, we cover some heavy subjects in this episode, so it may contain some language that all of us find offensive.  You can follow Ty on Twitter: @rushthewriter You can follow US on Twitter: @dbapod Also, while you're at it, follow FakeBob on Twitter: @FAKEBOBVP
June 10, 2020
The Beef We Have With People
Old friend and cattleman-extraordinaire  Joe Nilles joins us as we talk about the NW Iowa things: beef producers getting the shaft, weird traditions, and how its okay for some people to eat raw ground beef (gross). Also, Aaron has problems with acronyms. Alot. 
May 27, 2020
As we go on we remember, all the times we had together
In episode 5, DBA explores graduation under COVID, what college looks like and #lakelife (those who can do, those who can't, complain)
May 20, 2020
Fancy New Voices and Tinfoil Hats
We're official now! We have a new announcer, a new name and a new logo. But the pretty much the same! On our fourth episode, we tackle the huge uptick in COVID numbers in Sioux County, bad plastic-cup-based country, and we put on our tinfoil hats as we look at the latest crop of conspiracy theories!
May 13, 2020
Ty Rushing and the Curse of the Black Nerd
Episode 3 brings us our first guest and a new name! Ty Rushing, managing editor ofIowa Information sits down with us to talk about small-town media, the 'Rona and what it's like growing up as a nerd in Kansas City.
April 15, 2020
State Of The State - Mitch's Revenge
Gov. Reynolds issues a proclamation that closes just about everything except gas stations and grocery stores and specifically CLOSES our public parks. We take a look at life now that we have NO way of entertaining our children without getting yelled at! Also, we celebrate "National Beer Day" and Mitch starts to fight back after being the subject of much ridicule in episode one. 
April 08, 2020
We Have No Idea What We're Doing
After several years of being Sheldon Iowa's number one rated Sheldon-based morning show, the Wayne and Aaron Morning show was laid to rest in April 2019.  Fast-forward one year later. We're older, larger, and still have too much to talk about! Welcome to the primary episode of the Wayne & Aaron (and Mitch, I guess) Podcast! Join us for a PG-13-ish take on what's happening here in our corner of the world!
April 05, 2020