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We Are a 2 Hour Hardcore/Punk Program that plays cool tunes and talks to dope people. Check out website for more episodes:
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Episode 99 - Creature Of Rebelmatic

Dead Air Hardcore Radio

Episode 110 - Steven Jackson of Open Fire!
In this episode we talk to Steve Jackson Of Tacoma Metal And Hardcore band Open Fire! We talk about about the history of the band and the re-release of their 2007 record "Built To Abandon". Also xchrisx joins me to reconnect and talk shit. Playlist: City Of Industry - The Body Is A Faithless, Fleeting Friend Sex With A Terrorist - Utopian Delusions Militarie Gun - Life In Decline Glummer - Deadweight Open Fire! - Dreamscaoes And Promised Lands Open Fire - No Patience For The Living (Feat Zack of Oblivion and Nothing To Prove) Kharma - Most Dangerous Game Brain Cave - Seasons Work V- Trigger - Dreameater Stalchild - On Repeat, Again Eternal Champion - Skullseeker
November 17, 2020
Episode 109 - Andy From Ill Communication
In this episode we talk to Andy from Tehachapi metallic hardcore band Ill Communication about their latest EP titled "Def Threats In The Heiroglyphics" as well as talking about the current state of California with is past summers wildfires. Playlist: Mindforce - Reign Of Terror Chamber - In Cleansing Fire Fists Of Fury - Fire of The Mongrel (feat. Vulgar Display) Bitter Pill - Dog Days Ill Communication - Ill-Cult (feat. Marshall Lichtenwaldt) Ill Communication - Ear Goggles & X-Rays (feat. Gregg Fidler) Ill Communication - 113 Miles and Running (feat. Zack Nelson and Andrew Verity) Retaliate - The Real Enemy Lethal Means - Burning Inside Sex With A Terrorist Aka Swat - List Of Shit I Do Not Give A Fuck About Speedway - SOF Reaction - Don't Need A Reason TARGETS - ALL COPS Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo  School Of Medicine - Satans Combover Gism - Nightmare
November 3, 2020
Dead Air Throw Back - Jason Zink Director Of "Straight Edge Kegger"
Check out this throwback episode from may of 2019 where we talk to Jason Zink of Weird On Top productions to talk about his punk slasher film titled "Straight Edge Kegger".
October 30, 2020
Episode 108 - Cody From Nightmare Collective Pod
In this episode, we talk to Trevor's long-time metal and hardcore friend from the Bremerton area, Cody Clark. We reminisce about past Halloween shows and discuss the relationship between horror movie culture and the punk rock and metal scene while talking about Cody's Horror Movie and True Crime Podcast titled "Nightmare Collective Pod". Playlist: Misfits - Halloween Twitching Tongues - Disharmony Oathbreaker - Son Of R Cult Leader - To Achilles The Banner - Devilhawks
October 25, 2020
Episode 107 - Josh Jurk Of School Drugs
In this episode we talk to Josh from New Jersey Punk And Hardcore band School Drugs We talk over favorite Rev releases, Most Stuf Oreos and more. Playlist: Reaching Out - Doomed World Minority Threat - Punk Politics School Drugs - Nervous Eyes School Drugs - Destined Days Mud Dog - Low Life MAGA YOUTH - MAGA YOUTH
October 9, 2020
Episode 106 - Concrete
In this episode, we talk to Albany New York metal and hardcore band Concrete about there latest record "Free Us Existence". Playlist: Iron Age -  We're Dust/The Violator Dying Wish - Inmate Thirst Year Of The Knife - This Time World Of Pleasure - Sweetness Of Life Subzero - House Of Greif Concrete - Path Of Fire Concrete - Parasites Stepping Stone - Slip 2 The Crypt Bluest Skies - If You Eat Meat You're An Animal Abuser Zulu - Now They Are Through Me  
September 30, 2020
Episode 105 - Kathryn Of Faim
In this episode we talk to Kathryn from the band Faim about Working long distance with her band mates, the future of equality and accountability in our scene and their new record on safe inside titled "Hollow Hope". We also talk to former dead air host and current Metalshop host Ian Reas as we remember Riley Gale of Power Trip and the influence he brought to the metal and hardcore scene. Playlist: Power Trip - Crossbreaker Tuning - Purpose Faim - Dvision Ave Faim - Back On The Wall No Man - Dive Restraining Order - Worst Enemy Be Well - Morning Light
August 27, 2020
Episode 104 - Brandon And Paul Reserving Dirtnaps
In this episode, we talk to Brandon and Paul of Memphis Tennessee heavy hardcore band Reserving Dirtnaps about Memphis rap, Pantera, Being a tough guy and their new ep titled "Another DIsaster" on War Records. Playlist: Vanguard. - To Suffer Livid - Two-Faced Fucks Concrete - Executing Vengeance Prime - Bricks In The Brain Smash - Who Are You This Week Primordial Harvest - Complexity of Divinity  RESERVING DIRTNAPS - BLOOD ON THE WALLS  RESERVING DIRTNAPS - THE FLOODS Brainwave - Built To Bleed Shit Eating Grin - Show You Reality Ninth Realm -All Hail Treachery Embitter - Redemption Terminal Nation - cognitive dissonance
August 20, 2020
Episode 103 - Aram Arslanian Of Change
In this episode we talk to Aram Arslanian who is Ceo of Cadence Leadership and has been in bands such as Betrayed, Th First Step, Keep It Clear And More. We also talk about the new band he sings for called "Change"and their upcoming record "Closer Still" out on React! 9/11/20 Playlist Gag - Still Laughing Change - Reason Change - Beyond Punitive Damage - Smug Rat
August 13, 2020
Episode 102 - Ryan Morgan Of Misery Signals And & 7 Angels 7 Plagues
In this episode we talk to Ryan Morgan about his musical journey through his bands 7 Angels 7 Plagues and Misery Signals as well as the latest Misery Signals record titled Ultraviolet. Playlist: Abrasion - No Tolerance Misery Signals - The Tempest Misery Signals - River King Ten High - Clocked Cycle Of Abuse - Cycle Of Abuse Cleansing - Dark Current
August 6, 2020
Episode 101 - David from Barfbag
In this episode we talked to David Bason of Punk/Hardcore band Barfbag. We talk about the band shared members with bands such as  Nine Inch Nails,Dresden Dolls,Violent Femmes, and Awolnation. We also talk about the future of protest music and where it fits in to this day and age.  Playlist: Gulch - Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress   Ecostrike - Sanctuary  Richard Cory - Trauma Queen  LMI - Victim OF Change  Spiritworld - Uholy Passages  Speedway - SOF  Last Option - Never Stops  Barfbag - Pornocracy  Barfbag -  Morrissey Wears Leather Shoes  Barfbag - Right To Fight Back  All Hits - Dont Wanna  Cavalerie - End It Now  Ozone - I'll Be Fine Peace Test - Uniform  Self Agression - Congregate  Omega Glory - Spit Fuck  Colonial Wound - New Skin  Afterburn - Chained  Entrapment - War of Words   Buried Alive - I Killing I   Mortality Rate - Veins
August 6, 2020
Episode 100 - Stan Of Terminal Nation
In this episode, we catch up with Stan who does vocals in little Arkansas metal and hardcore band Terminal Nation. We talk politics (of course) and the making of their new record title "Holocene Extinction" out august 7th on Twenty Buck Spin.  Playlist:  Primitive Blast - Self Deluding  FLUSH!! - PUT IT ALL BACK  The Path - Washington Is Burning  Psychic Weight - Caveman  Pinner - Deaf Mids  Wired Shut - Again And Again  The Chisel - Rat Running Scared  War Babies - You're Not Essential  Terminal Nation - Holocene Extinction  Terminal Nation - Disciple Of Deceit  Burn Alive - Senseless Brutality  Warfront - Domestic Abuse  Entry - Vulnerable  Missing Link - Chainlink Heart  Wrath Of Gods - Disdain  Unreal City - War Behind Bars  Soul Blind - Stuck In A Loop
July 30, 2020
Episode 99 - Creature Of Rebelmatic
In this episode we talk to Creature from NYC hardcore and punk band Rebelmatic. We talk about the versatile style of the band,Living in New York and of course the bands new record "Ghost In The Shadows" coming out 8/28/20 on Red Right Recordings. Playlist: Sharptooth - Evolution (ft. Justin Sane Of Anti Flag) Rule Them All - Values Here (Dag Nasty) The Fight - Fight Back (Discharge) Pain Of Truth - Pain Of Truth Raindance - Tracks Slowbleed - high noon You Lose - Control SPY - VIOLENT MAJORITY Mindz Eye - Street Justice Rebelmatic - Feel Some Type of Way Rebelmatic - Insult to Injury MAAFA - Not Your Exotic Winterwolfnyc - Dead Body Fuck Party Sinking - Cemetary Beggars Row - Obsolete Exil - Warning Cold Brats - Detergent Han Gan - Freed market Caradine Choke - Squat in the red zone Second Arrows - Spindles
July 23, 2020
Episode 98 - Larry Of XIron Sharpens IronX
In this episode, we talk to Larry who plays everything in his one-man metal and hardcore project titled "XIron Sharpens IronX" we talk religion, straight edge, and more politics and heavy subjects. Playlist: Shiiva - h(a)ppy  Gag - London Fog  Krimewatch - New York Nightmare  Nasti - Plastic Wrap  Thou - Territorial Pissings  XIron Sharpens IronX - Atom Bomb  XIron Sharpens IronX - Dehumanized  Mouth For War - I Don’t Want To Feel At All  Watcher - Washed Away  Venom Prison - Defy The Tyrant
July 13, 2020
Episode 97 - Jim And Rash Of The Scattering
This episode we talk to Jim And Rash from Reno NV Metallic Hardcore band The Scattering.We talk on the Reno scene and its history as well deep dive into more current politics.  Get ready for hella political episodes people! PLAYLIST: Zulu - 52 Fatal Strikes  Ecostrike - Together  Starving Wolves - Never Touch The Ground Braincave - Nightwork The Scattering - American Horsepower The Scattering - Western Weapons Never Drown At Sea Locked Up - Draw Lines Controller - Life Of Contempt Geld - Infrasound SPEED - Devil You Know Bitter Truth - Between the Lines
July 7, 2020
Episode 95 - Kevin White Of FCON
In this episode we talk to Kevin White of Seattle Punk/Hardcore band FCON about what we have both personally seen in Seattle with the protests and talk about some of our experiences working in the capitol hill area. We also talk about the current state of politics in punk and alternative music and where we think it is going. Product Of Waste - Crook With a Badge Minority Threat - Protect and Serve Mass Arrest - Whistlin dog Rebelmatic - Please Don't Shoot Body Count - Point the Finger  feat. Riley Gale Fcon - The Spectrum The Bitter - Separator Total Lockdown - Bullet Proof Backpack Know The Score - Smash Racism MTA - Cops Placeholder - Selfless Spirit Sunami - Feds Watching Chain Whip - Negative Justice Opioid Crisis - FLea Collar Rain Of Salvation - In Times Of Desperation Year Of The Knife - Virtual Narcotic
June 11, 2020
Episode 94 - Danny Lyerla Of Headcount
In this episode we talk to Danny Lyerla, guitarist of sandiego hardcore punk band Headcount. We talk about the importance of dyi venues and why to support them during the pandemic. We also talk about his social distancing project with local seattle rocker xrustyx called agenda. Tracklisting: Poison Idea -  The Badge Worws - Oblivion Soul Charge - Sackcloth Grin a TEETH - Filth Worst Self - Burn It Down Garbage Man - Bad Trip Sweet Soul - Noises Drown stalchild - invariable Agenda - Pushed To The Edge Headcount - Watch It Grow Scarecrow - Adaption Vision Quest - Psych Bloodtrust -Poison You Lose - No Rules Castaway - I Saw The Blood Criminal Instinct - Skullfucked
June 11, 2020
Episode 93 - Mark And Tristan Takeover
Mark And Tristan from Indiana HC band Disappear. help trevbot host the show and play an assortment of tracks from their favorite release of the last 6 plus months. Plus, we premier a new song from Disappear. Dagger/XbystanderX - Guillotine Frozen Soul - Hand Of Vengeance Soulprison - Majesty's Servant Enemy Of Creation - Dying Views Deadrngr - Paradise In Paradigm Dig Deep - No Peace In Silence Mortality Rate - Roses Tortured Skull - Beneath The Waters Burn Away - Suffer Eternal Berthold City - Back Against The Wall Bull Cult - 40 Years Of Futility Jawstruck - Venial Sin Big Laugh - Imposter MSPAINT - Flush The Prostitues - Shake Rattle Die Redbait - Capital Gains Slutbomb - Get It Right Last Gasp - Burn Bright Or Burn Out Last Straw- Not For You Disappear - Unrelenting Will
May 27, 2020
Episode 91 - xchrisx is back?
Trevbot and XchrisX discuss Their favorite hardcore shows of all time. Track List Shallow End - Web Of Lies Three Knee Deep - Phantom Spirit Mutually Assured Destruction - EXHALE Rat Poison - Hypnotized By The 90's Cross Control - Dear John Bent Blue - Between Your And You're Treason - Noise Protein - Walls And Faces Cauldron - The Last Words Crowkiller - Castigate City Of Industry - I Digress Inscecure - Free Gospel
May 15, 2020
Episode 92 - I Am A Bitch
In this episode XchrisX decides bring up a boring nontroversy between the used and chamber. We talk about what would happen Twitter would have existed in the 90s and we go through all our latest submissions. You can always submit music to Tracklist: Sunami - Yab Mindforce - Hope Dies In The City Militarie Gun - A New Low For A Progressive Society Rejection Pact - Statement (Go It Alone) Life Force - Out Front Glummer - It Follows Thunderworm - Parasites The Great Lie - A Game Of  Horshoes XIron Sharpens IronX - Among Shadows Self Depricator -Another Day PressON  - Salvation The Scattering - American Horsepower The Path - All Hail Spider Bear Bed Of Razors - Surrendering Autonomy Time And Pressure - This Is Not An Exit Discourage - The Tyger Dry Socket - Damn You Sissyfit - Static Cage Vital Sense - Awaken beast of burden No Other Way - Unfamiliar Ceiling Agenda - Opposition
May 14, 2020
DAHC Podcast Episode 3 - Forgotten Hardcore Part 2
Dev and Trev come back for part 2, We go over the second half of the list and talk over the amazingcore phenomenon as well forgotten records from popular bands and more . If you have anything to add send us an email to VERY fast punk shit: Internal Affairs Outbreak Wake Up Call Piece by Piece Know the Score Trash Talk Swamp Thing Colin of Arabia Learn Justice Look Back & Laugh “Melodic/AmazingCore” Sinking Ships Ruiner Go It Alone Killing the Dream Set it Straight Miles Away The Effort Another Breath At Half Mast Final Fight Run w/ The Hunted More than Life Life Long Tragedy Carpathian The Carrier Dangers Paint It Black (Kinda more punk too) Permanent Too early/late into their catalog: Last Damnation AD record First Cruel Hand record Band sort of fizzled out/: Wrong Side Rise & Fall Stick Together Rzl Dzl Kids Like Us Outliers: For the Crown Off Sides No Harm Done Hope Conspiracy Signs of Hope Attitude
May 6, 2020
Episode 90 - This Straight Edge Fire Will Never Burn Out (Except When The Lighter Falls Out Of My Hand)
In this episode trevbot and XchrisX catch up on all things 2020 and talk about the future of streaming hc shows. Drain - Character Fraud Rotting Out - Last  Man Standing Kruelty - CKS Eyez Wide Shut - True Fate Denial - Perdition Zous - Pandemicon Nudie Mag - 110 Burning Stong - The Fire Rages On Xibalba - En La Obscuridad Buggin - Be Like you acxdc -copsucker
April 28, 2020
Episode 89 - Chris From Dog Year Records
In this episode we talk to Chris from dog years records about their latest comp titled "Underdogs III Rise Of The Underdogs" and play all dog years records releases. Playlist: Faim - Time Is Now End It - Raw Dog Point Break - Broken Home Church Tongue - The Guilt Of You Placeholder - Sickness Health Gumm - Slipping Jocko - Wiseman Pummel - Illusion Of Choice Headcount - Us Against Them 3weekoldroses - Poison Envy Nautious  End On End - Replacement Head Alone - No Youth Vulgar Display - Overcoming Torture Out Of Time  - Coal From Gold Gel - Like Glue (SSD)
April 22, 2020
DAHC Podcast Episode 2 - "Forgotten Hardcore Part 1"
Dev made a twitter thread on forgotten hardcore and had people post there picks, We go over the first half of the list that covered alot of mid 2000's metallic hardcore as well as lesser known regional bands that should have been bigger in our opinions. If you have anything to add send us an email to Bands we go over: Metallic/Heavy/MoshCore: Fight Like Hell Steel Nation Cast Aside Love is Red Folsom Mother of Mercy CDC Since the Flood Palehorse Living Hell xAFBx xTyrantx Violation The Miles Between Murder Practice Bloody Sunday In Due Time Pulling Teeth Creatures Blood Stands Still Regional stuff: In Stride Shere Khan Vanguard Pressvre Snake Eyes In the Face of War All Teeth In Control Anton Rough Holy Land Blackteeth Meltdown The Nerve Agents More to Pride Allegiance Red handed Get the Most Forfeit Count the Hours Barricade The Risk Taken The Separation Make Move Will to Live Stay Gold Lights Out Harder the Fight Bars Last Lights Product of waste Hour of the Wolf Pop punk/super melodic: Energy “punch the clock” Soul Control “Cycles” Crime in Stereo Set Your Goals Shook Ones Ambitions
April 14, 2020
Episode 88 - Kevin Returns
In another edition of dead air social distancing, We have one of the original hosts Kevin Diers on the line. We go down Dead Air memory lane as well play a load of Kevins favorite hardcore and metal tracks from the last couple years. Playlist: Section H8 - Day Of The Rope Venom Prison - Self Inflicted Violence Eyes Of The Lord - Too Many Dead Friends Constrict - Bleed For Me Internal Rot - Chronic Bedlam Higher Power - King Of My Domain  Take Offense - Guilt Free Midnight - Fucking Speed And Darkness Red Death - Face The Pain Big Cheese - Punishment Park Rule Them All - Look Inward Secret Cutter - Trampled By Light Greying - Season Of Separation Husbandry - Lupus Dei Despairer - Unburdened By A Soul The Warriors - Within, Without
April 3, 2020
Episode 87 - I Miss My Homies
In this episode we have local homie Ray BudWorth on the show to play his personal picks from his friends bands as well as some current submissions. We also premier a new track from Rays band Cut Out. Fcon - Left To Rot Tzompantli - Ohtlatoc Copa Ilcahualuztli Sunyata - The Veil Between Gouge Out - Flood Myth Foes - Turnaround King Disappear - Obediance Training CUT OUT - Static Low Blood - Hollow  Bodiless - Serpent Prince XI:XI - No Future XRAWRX - LEGO: Running Scared Starring PauLEGO WaLEGOker Inner Turmoil - Submerged Holy Flesh - No Getting Through
April 1, 2020
Episode 86 - Jack From Adrenaline
In this lockdown episode we talk to jack from Adrenaline about their unique brand of hardcore on Flatspot records. End Of Dayz - End Of Dayz Lead Dream - Identity Theft Sector - Playin The Part Contstrict - Scourge Revulsion - Paralyse Cut Out - Such A Prison Adrenaline - Masked Out Adrenaline - In Dreams Power Alone - Self Fulfilling Prophecy Punitive Damage - Imposter World Demise - Can't Relate Jocko - Majority Rule Desruct - Wars Of Attrition Take It To Heart - Shattered Hearts Forced Neglect - Flesh Made Steel Constraint - Bullets Business Crafter - No Renaissance
March 24, 2020
DAHC Podcast Episode 1 - Code Orange
In this first podcast only episode me and devin do a deep dive of  Code Orange going over the full timeline discography of the band to date.
March 19, 2020
Episode 85 - Logan And Brenna From Denial Of Life
In this episode we talk to Logan And Brenna from tacoma crossover band  Denial Of Life about tacoma,metal and rating burritos. Playlist: Reek Minds - End Of The Trail Disweed - Cop Skull Bong Denial Of Life - The Collector Denial Of Life - Escalation To Hell Echelon - Mission To Kill Grand Scheme - Social Bait Repeat Offender - Blood Feud Prison Manic - Authority Machine
March 19, 2020
Episode 84 - Akil Of End It
In this episode we talk to Akil from Baltimore Hardcore band End It about their latest EP on Flatspot Records titled "One Way Track". Fixation - Black Clouds Typecast- Hypnagogic Hallucination One Step Closer - Lead to Gray Cold Embrace - Mimic Code Of Violence - Narco Genocide End It - Hardhead End It - HTF Existence - Horror Spawns Carbonite - Disgrace Get A Grip - No Future THIRTEENTH - Clean Break Wreckage - VICTIM BIB - Eyes Of The World
March 10, 2020
Episode 83 - Anton From Disavow
 In this episode we talk to Anton from DISAVOW about Swedish hc,the xvx life and more. Playlist: Physique - We Make Noise Ill Communication - Your Excuses Disavow - Eyes Disavow - Abstain Nightfeeder - Hung By The Neck Stiip - Yeah Half/Cross - Dangly Earring Outcast - The Death Of Myself Discourage - Burden
March 3, 2020
Episode 82 - MJ Of Wake Of Humantity and REAL
In this episode we talk to MJ from Wake Of Humanity and REAL and go over some of their personal picks of releases over the last couple years. Playlist: Blame God - Arson In Gods Pasture Cell Rot - Endless Death Baptists - Vicarious Trauma Cloud Rat - Webspinner Crafter - Lasting Effort Envy - Fingerprint Mark Extricate - A Thousand Cuts Faim - All Talk Fiddlehead - USMA Infernal Coil - Continuum Cruciatus Loma Prieta - Continuum Magnitude - Counterattack Modern Life Is War - Feels Like End Times Sect - Terminus Seizure - Toxophola Torso - Grab A Shovel
February 25, 2020
Episode 81 - Dennis From Iron Price
In this episode we talk to Dennis from Iron Price about about their latest record on upstate records titled "Big Coffin Hunters". Playlist: Drain - Sick One Orthodox - Look At Me Saigon Terror - Necronomocon The Annihilated - National Anthem On Hooks - Birth.Conspire.Return.To.The.Void Secret Society - Tree Of Life Iron Price - JEC MRS Lifes Torment - Caution To The Wind Everything Ends - Mental Bloodshed  One Down - TRY HARD
February 19, 2020
Episode 80 - Dan From Getting It Out Podcast
In this episode we talk to Dan Craley, host of Getting Out Podcast And Editor at Stereo Killer.  We talk about our personal difference in our hardcore experiences living on opposite sides of the country . Playlist: Drug Church - Bliss Out PRESSURE CRACKS - READY FOR YOU  GadgetXXX - Profound Will Rain Of Salvation - The Sound Of Triumph Pleasant Living - All I Ever Loved Method - Soaked in Apathy Big Takeover - When The Nuke Hits
February 11, 2020
Episode 79 - Cameron From Jocko
Here is episode 79 Featuring Cameron From Omaha Nebraska band jocko talking about their  release on Dog Year Records titled "Expression", As Well talk on, Steak, Guy Fieri, Kid Rock And More. Playlist: Corrosion Of Conformity - Minds Are Controlled BIB - The Fool Kings Never Die - Raise A Glass Featuring Vinnie Stigma Higher Power - Lost In Static  Jocko - No Money No Problem Jocko - Best Of Me Scowl - Reality After Reality... Pummel - Doomsday Clock Change - Beyond
February 4, 2020
Episode 78 - James From Time And Pressure
In this episode we talk to James from ST Louis Hardcore band Time And Pressure about their latest LP "The Gateway City Sound" as well as Dewey Cox and The importance of bread in an Apocalypse.   Also Small musical tribute to Vinnie Value Playlist: No Redeeming Social Value - A.S.P.C.A. Grey Area - Colossus Warzone - The Sound of Revolution End It - Lifer Chubby And The Gang - Chubby And The Gang Rule Ok? Time And Pressure - No. 75 Time And Pressure - The Lost Boys Tuning - Bitter Wind Fortunes Fool - Primitive Hate Typecaste - Traverse
January 28, 2020
Episode 77 - Caleb From By All Means
Here is episode 77 with Caleb from tacoma Washington hardcore band By All Means in studio with his homie tyler in studio to talk about northwest hardcore and chicken sandwiches. Playlist: Change - Reason Code Of Violence - One Death By All Means - Choice2Make Cold World - Boom Bye Bye Turning Point - Thursday Ill Intent - Numbskull Three Knee Deep - Devils Playground Paybackxxx -The War One Step Closer - The Reach Choice To Make - Disconnect
January 21, 2020
Episode 76 - City Of Industry
In this Episode we talk to Seattle melodic hardcore band City Of Industry in studio as they talk about playing hardcore in the northwest and give our opinions on the current state of the star wars franchise.  Playlist: Black Breath - Eat The Witch Final Declaration - World's Decision/Nothing but Pain True Form - Control Skin Ticket - Soilex Pink Guitars - Self Doubt Trapped By Lies - Not Sorry (Feat. Casey Shaw) Porcupine - Fawn Stand Alone - Take Control Mind Prison - Final Goodbye Becoming - Blade Of Wrath Hushed - Welcome To The Wrongside Payback XXX - One Scene Unity Facewreck - Losin' My Cool
January 14, 2020