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We speak with veterans living well to determine where they came from and how they got to where they are now.
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DRC03: Padre Paul Handelman [Musician & Rancher]

Dead Reckoning Collective

Women of Poppies [2 of 3]
In honor of Mother's Day, the focus of this episode is celebrating some of the military mothers who inspired Amy and the poems that make up her poetry collection, "Poppies." This interview is the second episode in a three part series, guest hosted by Amy Sexauer. Amy is the first woman to be added to the Dead Reckoning Collective roster and she came out swinging. In this interview series, she will discuss some of the elements surrounding Poppies inspired by the women she interviews. They are fellow Cultural Support Team (CST) veterans with whom she served in Afghanistan and they even inspired some of the poems from the collection. ----- Join other veteran parents in the upcoming July course offering, "Writing About Parenthood," a three hour introductory workshop that includes generative prompts, short readings, and optional opportunities to share work and receive encouraging feedback.
May 06, 2022
Women of Poppies [1 of 3]
This interview is the first part of a three part series, guest hosted by Amy Sexauer, author of "Poppies." Amy is the first woman to be added to the Dead Reckoning Collective roster and she came out swinging. In this interview series, she will discuss some of the elements surrounding Poppies inspired by the women she interviews. They are fellow Cultural Support Team (CST) veterans with whom she served in Afghanistan and they even inspired some of the poems from the collection.
March 08, 2022
DRC36: The First Marauder
Keith Dow sat down with Luke Ryan, the author of The First Marauder. At the Black Rifle Coffee Company storefront in San Antonio, the two talked about an array of topics regarding Luke's debut novel in fiction. Specifically, they talked about ideas that inspired this book, the motivation and organization required to finish the project, and what all entails when creating a post-apocalyptic world. We hope y'all enjoy!
December 17, 2021
DRC35: Why I Write [Reading & Discussion]
This episode is a little different than our previous podcasts. Tyler reads a short essay that he wrote for his MFA program, titled "Why I Write." He and Keith talk about the MFA program and the inspiration and ideas that surround the writing. After the piece is read, they discuss the benefits of writing an essay laying out why you write. In doing so, you'll find the foundation as to what makes you a writer and why you decide to put yourself through this beautiful and miserable experience. You can find the essay at 
September 02, 2021
DRC34: Writer's Workshop Wrap-Up
In Episode 34, the inaugural writing workshop crew sat down without Tyler or Keith and discussed what they got out of the weekend. Marty Skovlund Jr shares his excitement about one-lines that stuck out. Jessica Danger emphasizes the importance of workshopping your pieces of writing. Mac Caltrider feels encouraged to continue writing loosely based fiction. Tom Schueman touches on the idea of entitled writers and veterans and reminds people that they must bring their best work to the table. Michael Plunkett reassures writers to put the work out there. All in all, it was great to have this crew together. We hope you enjoy listening to this fun conversation and feel inspired to share your story.
July 16, 2021
DRC33: Thomas Schueman & Michael Plunkett [PB Abbate]
In Episode 33, Tyler got to speak with Thomas Schueman & Michael Plunkett. Schueman is the founder of PB Abbate, and Plunkett helps run the book club. Schueman goes into detail about how PB Abbate came about and what his intentions are with the organization. Plunkett is an example of Schueman's trust in veterans that want to continue to serve. Plunkett put himself out there and now helps give back to the community. PB Abbate's reach is endless and has only begun. It was a great time talking to these two. Enjoy!
June 19, 2021
DRC32: William Bolyard [Sober Man's Thoughts]
In Episode 32, Tyler got to speak with William Bolyard, the author of Sober Man's Thoughts. The two discussed what lead Bolyard to write the book, everything that went into writing it, and the relationship and progression of a writer with their craft. Bolyard speaks about the struggles he experienced during the process of creating this poetry book, but he also expresses the huge sense of relief after finishing the book. Enjoy!
June 09, 2021
DRC31: Marty Skovlund Jr & Mac Caltrider [Coffee or Die]
In episode 31, Tyler sat down with Marty Skovlund & Mac Caltrider while they were in Kittery Maine for DRC's writing workshop. Marty is the executive editor of Black Rifle Coffee Company’s magazine, Coffee or Die. Mac is one of their newest staff writers within their Entertainment vertical. Check out this episode to get some perspective on the culture and expectations at Coffee or Die and what all it takes when you're a new writer.  This was a great episode to record and we hope you enjoy listening.
June 02, 2021
DRC30: War Crimes
April 15, 2021
DRC29: Tim O'Brien & Aaron Matthews
In our 29th episode it was our distinct honor to be joined by Tim O'Brien. Mr O'Brien is an award winning author and a Vietnam War veteran. When people ask us what there is to like about fiction, we reference wise words he has said about why he prefers it as his chosen genre. No one can provide a better rationale. In this episode we are also rejoined by Aaron Matthews from Episode 24. Tim and Aaron talk about the upcoming film, The War & Peace of Tim O'Brien, which is available for pre-order right now. It follows Tim's triumphs and struggles as an author, a veteran, a father, a husband, and a man. We hope you'll join us for this special episode where we discuss parallels of written and visual storytelling techniques as well as how Tim's life was so honestly captured by Aaron as he embedded with the O'Brien family for several years. The film will officially debut on VOD services on March 2nd, 2021.
February 27, 2021
DRC28: Leo Jenkins, BK, David Rose [Lucky Joe]
While we had them in town to sign all of your books, Tyler sat down with the authors of “Lucky Joe,” DRC’s first novella. The boys run through the creation of the 3 way collaborative book while also responding to questions submitted to our social media platforms. PURCHASE SIGNED COPIES
December 15, 2020
DRC27: Thomas Schueman [PB Abbate]
As a Marine Infantry Officer hailing from the South Side of Chicago, Thomas Schueman has a resume he is less interested in talking about and pushes the lives of “greater men” regularly in conversation. He is currently an instructor at the Naval Academy teaching literature while also recently founding Patrol Base Abbate, a retreat for all veterans to use as a place to refit and get back in the fight. Find out more about Schueman’s efforts to help veterans and the man the retreat is named after.
November 30, 2020
DRC26: Cokie
If a novel is beer, poetry is whiskey. Cokie is a mysterious presence in the world of veteran creatives. In this episode he talks about his experiences as a failed pastor, marine scout sniper, contractor, and a poet. Be sure to pick up a copy of his new book on or Amazon.
August 10, 2020
DRC25: ROK275
Rok was (and still is) a Baltimore graffiti writer before and joined the ranks of the US Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment. In this episode, we talk about the state of veteran and graffiti culture and correlations between them.
April 12, 2020
DRC24: Aaron Matthews [Documentary Film Maker]
Aaron Matthews In our second episode ever featuring a non-veteran, we welcome award winning documentary film maker, Aaron Matthews to the show. Among several other documentaries that some of you would take interest in, Aaron is currently awaiting the release of “The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien.” Tim O’Brien is one of the most influential veteran authors of our time and when we were made aware of the film that Aaron had put together we immediately reached out to Aaron and roped him into the podcast episode before you. Check out this episode for some insight on storytelling through film, insight into Tim O’Brien and some other great topics we stumbled upon along the way. Check out Aaron’s work and the film at: .
April 11, 2020
DRC23: Marty Skovlund [Coffee or Die]
In episode 23 we had the pleasure of sitting down with Marty Skovlund, who is a former 1/75 Ranger and held several titles at various publications before finding his new home at Black Rifle Coffee Company. Marty is the editor of the company’s magazine, Coffee or Die. Check our this episode to get some perspective on his previous projects as well as some exciting things he has coming out in the future. This was a great episode to record and we hope you enjoy listening out there in quarantine land.
April 04, 2020
DRC22: Jessica Rambo [Painted Buffalo Travel Studio]
In this episode we welcome Jessica Rambo to the show. Jessica is a Marine veteran, an artist and a mother who has recently transitioned into living in a school bus she renovated. In addition to her unique lifestyle, Jessica has started a charitable effort called the Paint Can Project, where she gathers art supplies from donors and distributed them to deserving veterans in 50 cal ammo cans. For more info about Jess and the Paint Can Project, check out her instagram: @paintedbuffalotravelingstudio
March 31, 2020
DRC21: Luke Ryan
In this episode we talk to Luke about his childhood abroad, his time in the 75th Ranger Regiment, and his literary endeavors to date. Luke is now a published author, poet and the new Social Media Manager at Black Rifle Coffee Company’s media outlet, Coffee or Die.
November 30, 2019
DRC20: Serena & Alex Carbery
It was great to talk to Navy Corpsman, Alex Carbery and his wife, Serena about her involvement in a current research project at University of California Irvine. The research seeks participants with combat experience with the goal of improving the way we approach care for combat veterans and their families. Check out the article on our website for information about participating in the study and share it with your friends.
August 21, 2019
DRC19: Michael Ramos [Creative Writing Professor]
We had a great time talking (and just listening) to Michael Ramos, who is a Navy veteran of Iraq. After leaving the Navy, Michael went back to school for Creative Writing and now teaches a new course at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, called “Reading and Writing the War.” In this episode, we discuss the course as well as his background and aspirations in writing.
July 31, 2019
DRC18 - Jariko Denman [War Office Productions]
Take notes from Jariko Denman if you’ve ever been interested in working as a technical advisor for film. He shares lessons learned from 15 years in the 75th Ranger Regiment, 5 years as a ROTC instructor and every second since learning the ins and outs of the film industry.
July 09, 2019
DRC17 - Doug Kiesewetter
Keith talks to Doug about his journey from Texas oilfield worker to National Guard Special Forces Engineer Sergeant. This path presented many entrepreneurial endeavors, including Doug’s current position as Director of Content and #1 Gunbunny at SOFLETE.
May 28, 2019
DRC16: Tyler & Keith talk “Fact & Memory”
We’re back. Ryan is jumping into the mix with us and we are getting the podcast going again after dedicating some time to other DRC projects. On that note, this episode is an explanation of our audio absence and the book we have funneled all that time and effort into. •
February 26, 2019
DRC15: Alex Horton [Freedom Holistic]
It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Captain Alex Horton. Alex talks about her time assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command and her experience as a Cultural Support Team member/instructor. Finally we discuss Freed-OM Holistic and how her experience in the CST program helped to shape the way she approaches healing. We are looking forward to her impending transition out of the active duty Army and the things her and her team plan to accomplish.
November 05, 2018
DRC14: Rory Patrick Hamill
Rory Patrick Hamill joins us in this episode to discuss his ups and downs before, during and after his time in the Marine Corps. He identifies several stressors and saviors, including how a not-for-profit helped him to gain confidence and camaraderie back that he thought had lost after leaving the military.
October 02, 2018
DRC13: Johnny Primo [Courses Of Action]
In our 13th episode we talk to Johnny about how a troubled past lead him and many others to a career in special operations. He explains how much of his career was spent trying to prove things to others, which inspired the title of his upcoming literary attempt, "Proving Myself To Me."
September 25, 2018
DRC 12: Justin Eggen [Warrior Poet]
In our 12th episode we were able to connect with Justin Eggen and discuss his current books Outside The Wire: A US Marine's Collection of Poems and Short Stories Volume I&II. We talk about Justin's transition, his creative process and how he plans to continue to provide for his family while writing full-time.
September 12, 2018
DRC11: Benjamin Bunn [Cigar City Crossfit]
Ben Bunn joins us to discuss how he planned his transition and coordinated it with the launch of his business, Cigar City Crossfit. We also talk about his experiences with the veteran community, nonprofit industry, health and relationships.
September 05, 2018
DRC10: Thomas Tartaglia [Co-Owner of Recon Rings & Tango Charlie Apparel]
In this episode our guest and long time friend, Thomas Tartaglia, co-owner of Recon Rings and Tango Charlie Apparel discusses the current climate of entrepreneurship among veterans and why his businesses feel the need to involve the physical community in which they exist. Sponsored by Recon Rings & Arrowhead Coffee Company All music written and recorded by Timothy Mueller
August 19, 2018
DRC09: Rob Cosman & Luther Shealy [Purple Heart Project]
In this episode Rob Cosman & Luther joined us. Luther briefly talks about his time in the U.S. Army and Rob tells his story from a kid cutting lumber to the craftsman he is today. Together they share their story that lead them to starting the Purple Heart Project and all that the program offers. Their passion to help men find the calm woodworking offers is admirable and inspiring.
August 13, 2018
DRC08: Jordy Laird [SVT Creative LLC/Kinetic Syndicate]
In this episode we welcome Jordan Laird. Jordan talks about his time as a Marine Scout Sniper and his failure to make arrangements that allowed a smooth transition out of the Marine Corps. Although he has made mistakes that have severely impacted his life and others, he has taken accountability for his actions and adapted to his circumstances.
August 02, 2018
DRC07: Mobbs & Peddicord [Founders of Kinetic Syndicate]
We hit some heavy issues in this episode as we are joined by Meaghan Mobbs and (returning guest and new collaborator) Johnny Peddicord. We talk about some of the pitfalls in the veteran community and what Kinetic Syndicate, the brainchild of Johnny and Meaghan is doing to challenge that. In addition to this being the first audio coverage of the project, it is our inaugural episode as the "voices of reason" of Kinetic Syndicate. Join us as we discuss who KS is, why it exists and what you can expect.
July 23, 2018
DRC06: Mike Steadman [Founder of Ironbound Boxing Academy]
On our 6th episode, we talk with Mike Steadman about his path to the Naval Academy, his time as a Marine Infantry Officer and the internship at St Benedict’s Prep School in Newark, New Jersey that lead to the birth of the Ironbound Boxing Academy. Mike talks about the road to where Ironbound is now and who helped to get it there.
July 03, 2018
DRC05: Dan Charlton [Host of Homeward Bound Podcast & Founder of Boondocker Supply Co.]
On the 5th episode we welcome Daniel Charlton. We first became friends with Daniel when he started the Homeward Bound Podcast to help himself and others through transition out of the military. Since then he has been inspired by his guests to go out on his own and has started his newest venture, Boondocker Supply Company, a motorcycle themed clothing brand. We talk with Daniel about current trends in veteran entrepreneurship, his family’s recent move to Texas and a variety of other topics.
June 26, 2018
DRC04: Ian Strimbeck [Founder of Rune Nation]
In our 4th podcast episode we sat down with the CEO of @runenationllc , Ian Strimbeck. We talk about what qualifies someone to teach, responsibilities of firearms owners and the importance of verbal acuity in your “every day carry” inventory.
June 18, 2018
DRC03: Padre Paul Handelman [Musician & Rancher]
I had the pleasure of chopping it up with Paul Handelman about how he went from 2/75 Ranger Platoon Leader to full time Musician and part time Rancher. Paul talks about the difficulties he faced in his exit from the military but also how he is happier in his current line of work, making less money and working longer hours. We end this episode with a song called "Six Dollars," from Paul's newest record, "Unbridled." Honorable mentions to Willy T. Taylor, Forest Beutel, Julie Campbell, Joe Pug, Tyler Childers & Veteran musicians: Nick Sterling, Adam Martin (Black Bird Anthem), Anderson Elswick SONG CREDIT: Padre Paul Handelman, "Six Dollars" [ ]
June 12, 2018
DRC02: Leo Jenkins [Published Author & Former 3/75 Ranger Medic)
On our latest episode we link up with Leo Jenkins, published author and former 3/75 Ranger Medic to discuss life as a full time writer, husband and father while settling in Baja, Mexico. We get into the nitty gritty of Leo's daily routines with plenty of tangents and just enough direction to steer us back on course and break down the details of the Verses & Curses tour, which will feature 2 other veteran poets and promote their work as well as Leo's first collection of poetry, "With a Pen."
May 04, 2018
DRC01: Johnny "Grifter" Peddicord
In our first episode we welcome Johnny “Grifter” Peddicord on the show and discuss transition, growth and the counter productive culture many post 9/11 veterans tend to cling to. Johnny is a former Recon Marine/Private Military Contractor and is a current Pre-Law student at the University of St Louis. Direct all questions, comments and concerns to: [Intro/Outro music written and recorded by Timothy Mueller]
April 15, 2018