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Dead by Tomorrow

Dead by Tomorrow

By DxT
Daniel Winter and Andrew Monroe talk about how there is no guarantee for tomorrow with a focus on positive mindsets that will propel you forward in life.

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Doug Hathcock- Director of Recruitment and Training at Amarillo Area CASA (#37)

Dead by Tomorrow

Coding Challenge Finale, Bret Kenney Round Two, and Vertical Improvement Challenge (#55)
There's almost too much going on here. In this episode, we've got the finale to our second challenge, the coding boot camp, and how everything shook out.  We also have our first "second" interview with the self-proclaimed (and probably accurately so) #1 fan, Bret Kenny!    To round it off, we announce our third challenge for the year that Dead by Tomorrow will be working on- the vertical jump improvement!    For show notes and more, check out   Thanks for listening!
April 06, 2022
Bret Kenney (Coding Challenge Update)- Project Management, Learning Python, and SQL (#54)
Bret Kenney (@kennybret) is the most genuine and kind-hearted person you will meet. He's a project manager at Stryker, is still in the process of processing and enjoying the heck out of his firstborn child Eden, and is big into Jesus. This is also the update episode for our second challenge of 2022, the coding boot camp, which Bret is joining us on. Hear about how our chase of SQL knowledge is going, and Bret learning python. We also talk about board games, learning new things, and of course our progress in coding. For show notes and more, check out Thanks for listening!
March 17, 2022
Pursuit of Happiness Conclusion and Coding Challenge Start (#53)
Find out how the first challenge of 2022, Pursuit of Happiness, ended up and what our biggest takeaways were. We also jump into the second challenge of the year, learning SQL. For show notes and more, check out  Thanks for listening!
February 25, 2022
Pursuit of Happiness Mid-challenge- Relationships + Gratitude Journals (#52)
Our first challenge, Pursuit of Happiness, mid-challenge update! Big emphasis on relationships and gratitude. If you're interested in hearing about how the happiness challenge has been going, what we've discovered, what we have had trouble with, and a fair bit about relationships, gratitude, and everything in between, this is a good follow-up! We definitely recommend checking out the episode before this if you haven't already, as this is definitely a sequel episode. For show notes and more, check out Thanks for listening!
February 03, 2022
Pursuit of Happiness- Challenge One, Scandinavian Lifestyle, and S.A.D. (#51)
We're trying something a little different this year at Dead by Tomorrow.   We'll be creating challenges for each other to work on based on various research, books, podcasts, and YouTube videos. This is our first challenge and it's aimed at helping fight seasonal affective disorder and modeled off of the Scandinavian lifestyle. These nordic countries just keep winning the world's happiest country year after year, with Finland being first the last three years running. We cover cold exposure, outdoor focused time, The Art of Hygge, and the Happiness Index. To see some of our research or find more info on how to follow along, check out our show notes at    Thanks for listening!
January 20, 2022
Laura Ness- Bodybuilding, Marketing, and Tiny Goals (#50)
Laura Ness (@lauraness_monster) is more than likely in better shape than you are.   She's an NPC Bikini Competitor sponsored by Innovative Nutrition Amarillo and Contagion Athletics, along with being a rad marketing specialist at Education Credit Union in Amarillo. She received her Bachelor's from West Texas A&M in Canyon, and can rock business casual just as well as some incredibly sparkly bikinis.    We cover bodybuilding, setting small, easy to achieve goals, making hard choices, and how she turned her life around after college.  For show notes and more, check out   Thanks for listening!
January 11, 2022
Andrew Monroe- Principles, Ninjas, and Impromptu Psychology (#49)
Daniel interviews the other host, Andrew, about principles and core identity values. Along with that, we have our first ever lightning round and cover Andrew's decision-making skills. Ninja antics make an appearance as well as moral problems and time travel. If Andrew's psychology is something you've always wanted to dive into, this is your moment. For show notes and more, check out Thanks for listening!
December 23, 2021
Never Say No To Awesome (#48)
Never say no to awesome as a mindset leads to more opportunities than you'd expect. But like anything in life, it’s important to find a balance because as we all know, time is a resource well worth protecting. ‍   This is related to a chapter from our book, so if you want a deeper dive, go check out Dead by Tomorrow on Amazon.   For show notes and more, drop by   Thanks for listening!
December 11, 2021
Derek Porterfield- Kickstarter Poet, Writer, Musician, & Videographer (#47)
Derek Porterfield is probably not who you'd expect him to be. He seamlessly transitions between rockstar, writer, poet, father, and entrepreneur. His latest project is even on Kickstarter, "I am Not in a Good Place - More Poems from Derek Porterfield" and has one of the coolest tiers we've seen- a custom poem for you, about you, and put into the official book before publishing. We cover imposter syndrome, writing, creativity, fatherhood, and self-employment in this jam-packed episode. For show notes and more, check out Thanks for listening!
November 23, 2021
Four Letter Words- Why You Should Care What You Say (#46)
Words have power, and using the right ones (or not using the wrong ones) gives you power too. We talk about some of our feelings towards different four-letter words unrelated to the ones you are used to considering "bad."   For show notes and more, check out    Thanks for listening and watching!
November 07, 2021
Daniel Winter- Director, Father, Husband (#45)
We talk about Daniel (yes, the host of our very own DxT Podcast) and his past, present, and future. Learn about his career trajectory, what he values and regrets, and a host of fun. For show notes and more, check out Thanks for listening!
October 30, 2021
Jonah Gray- Vision Quest, Hosting Your Own Funeral, and Fasting (#44)
Jonah Gray (@ajonahgray) is one of those men with too many hats. First, he's the host of Rethoughts, a podcast that teaches you how to think and question what you know. If that weren't enough, he helps in the family business at Gray's Studio doing marketing and simultaneously works in the newly opened TX Trends wheel shop that he and the family brought about. Finally, if that weren't enough, he's spun up his own merch brand with his youngest brother, Skelliez Clothing. We talk about the Vision Quest Jonah just went on, fasting, and all the cool tidbits surrounding his recent and enlightening trip to Utah. For more information and show notes, check out
October 22, 2021
Atypical Money- A Primer (#43)
Having a mindset towards building wealth, and being smart about your money, is key to making the most out of your career and providing a stable foundation for what you do not on the clock. We won't pretend to be experts on finances, but there are definitely some tips we think everyone should be following. For more info and show notes, check out
October 11, 2021
Andrew Brandt- Owner of Phone Medic and Author (#42)
Andrew Brandt (@writerbrandt) is a talented entrepreneur and writer local to Amarillo. He's written a number of books, with the latest being Mixtape for the End of the World! It's a blast from the past featuring incredible music and nostalgia from the Y2K era. Learn about starting out as a writer, some free tools he used as an Indie Author, and learn about what he's done to advance his skill.   For more info and show notes, check out Thanks for listening!
September 14, 2021
Important Questions- What You Should Be Asking (#41)
We love interesting and thought-provoking questions, and so should you. This episode doesn't even come close to covering all the ones we think you should be asking yourself, but we do hit some favorites. For show notes and a complete list of questions, check out Thanks for listening!
August 31, 2021
Small Parts, Big Sums- Why the Little Things Matter (#40)
This episode is based off one of the chapters from Dead by Tomorrow- Small Parts, Big Sums. It's a nice, short chapter with really valuable information. For this episode, we cover how this affects your relationships and your career. For show notes and more, check out Thanks for listening!
August 21, 2021
Taylor Moore- Former CIA Intelligence Officer and Author of Down Range (#39)
Taylor Moore (@rtaylormoore97) is an incredibly interesting guy, but we've got to get the hook out there first. Taylor is a former CIA Intelligence Officer turned author whose book, Down Range, has just been released! It's a great thriller set in the Panhandle of Texas. We cover a lot of great stuff in here. Gun nuts, book lovers, and writers alike will love this episode. For more info and show notes, check out Thanks for listening! 
August 03, 2021
Christy Hathcock- Scientist, Math Nerd, and Fire Enthusiast (#38)
Christy Hathcock (@cj_hathcock) is basically the most dangerous of the Winter family. Christy is a lab analyst at Servitech Laboratories. She spends most of her day doing science and math, which is just wild to us.  Learn more about Christy's life as a scientist, how she landed a job, and what it's like living with a baseball fanatic husband. For show notes and more, find the episode at
July 27, 2021
Doug Hathcock- Director of Recruitment and Training at Amarillo Area CASA (#37)
Doug Hathcock, found on Instagram as @doughathcock99, is a saint.    As the Director of Recruitment and Training at the Amarillo Area CASA, Doug helps find volunteers to bring stability and value to children's lives.   For show notes and more, check out    Thanks for listening!
July 18, 2021
Donna Monroe- Trail & Ultra Runner and Discovering Your Passion (#36)
Besides being Andrew's mom, Donna has accomplished some amazing feats in the last few years. Finding her why, running a 50k, and helping others discover their passions, just to name a few. A bit about Donna Monroe: She's a follower of Christ, mom to four incredible people, and bonus mom to one fantastic son-in-law. Crop insurance underwriter, Ultra runner, trail runner, adventure seeker, and beginning golfer. Also, a work in progress and under construction. For show notes and more, check out the episode at and enjoy the behind-the-scenes info! Thanks for listening! Andrew + Daniel
June 21, 2021
Cedric Harris- Host of "The Invited" Podcast, Basketball Afficianado, and Risk Taker (#35)
Cedric Harris (@jbigcedgoon), is a co-host on the podcast The Invited and used to work with one of our own hosts at Compass/Alight. More importantly, he's one of those guys with a big heart, a way with words, and a lot of intention behind the choices he makes. Learn about values, basketball, swapping careers, and starting a podcast mid-pandemic, and a host of hilarious stories. In a world of risk-averse, unkind, and uncaring people, Cedric Harris stands out. He's constantly learning, looking to spread wisdom, and helping people. Be like Cedric. For more information and shownotes, check out: Thanks for listening, you rock!
June 09, 2021
Jonathan Harris- Cloud Engineering, Priority Management, and Mermaid Parties (#34)
Jonathan Harris (@jonathanharris2012), the wisest one among our weekly game night, came on to share his wisdom about being a dad, making decisions, choosing your priorities, and possibly hiding bodies. Learn more about our cloud engineering friend and the ways he has become the greatest dad out there. Find the show notes at
June 01, 2021
Kenny Harris- Comedy and Ultimate Frisbee (#33)
Kenny Harris (@kennylee270), aka Kendrick Harris, aka Kenny the beautiful, host of Up Super Late, Ultimate Frisbee aficionado, and drafter is one of those people that just makes other people feel amazing. This is a talent. Learn about how Kenny's life has lead him into comedy, frisbee, and all the ways he's dealt with being the funny guy in the room. For more information and show notes, check out Thanks for listening!
May 23, 2021
Chasing Optimization- How To Work Towards Your Goals Every Day (#32)
The ways we use our time, especially the small bits that seem to slip and slide between the hours as we go through our day, are some of the most important moments we can focus on.    By optimizing these little, inconsequential minutes spent playing around on social media, surfing through the web, or mindlessly consuming entertainment, we can drastically improve our pursuits of higher purpose.   For show notes and more, check out
May 12, 2021
Suzy Winter- Writing, Tutoring, and Daniel's Real Dad (#31)
Suzy Winter (@wintermom2013) has a number of claims to fame, but the most relevant to this podcast is she is our very own host's (Daniel's) mother! Along with that, she helped beta read the book we released back in December. She's been a huge part in Daniel's success, and is one of our greatest and most supportive fans. Suzy is also an English teacher and tutor who recently left the public education system to work in the private sector as a tutor. You don't want to miss this episode on writing, being a good mom, career transitions, and living the good life, and possibly MOST IMPORTANTLY, is Kent actually Daniel's real dad? For more info and show notes, come find the episode over at  Thanks for listening!
May 02, 2021
Dr. Faith McAllister- Optometrist, Researcher, and How to Go Into the Storm (#30)
Dr. Faith McAllister (@faith-mcallister) is one heck of a human. She was recommended to us by our good friend Dr. Kayci Houlette, who we thought was pretty cool, but deferred and said Faith was the one with the interesting job. Not only that, but she has had a wild journey that we can all learn from when it comes to pursuing goals, being willing to pivot when opportunities arise, and taking leaps of faith (yes, we had to), to make our lives, and the lives of those around us, better. For more info, check out the episode at
April 27, 2021
Derrick Brownie- Photographer, Stylist, and How to Use A Career to Enhance Your Passion (#29)
Derrick is not your average photographer. He's collaborated with Express on a collection, has some of the most beautiful shots of Indianapolis that you'll ever see, and still manages to stay humble. If you're ready to learn about how to look better on Instagram, how to use your career as a springboard for your side hustle, and generally get some great advice from a kind and talented style-forward gent, this episode is the one for you. For more info, check out
April 18, 2021
Kurt Johnson- Teacher. Dating, and World Travel.
Kurt (@kurtlyjohnson) is a math teacher in Dallas at Richardson.  He's one of the funniest people we know and easily has one of the largest video game collections though you'll have to talk to him about that. Tune in for teacher life, a bit about theater, and how Kurt has managed to meld his passion for travel with a career that allows for it while simultaneously bringing fulfillment.    Kurt was raised in Amarillo, TX, and is a Texas A&M graduate.  Find him on Facebook or Instagram. For show notes and more, check out the episode at
April 04, 2021
Dr. Shawn Kinser- Veterinarian. Parasitology, Pet Care, and CrossFit
Dr.  Shawn Kinser is a vet at Swann Animal Clinic in Amarillo. He's one of the kindest people we've met and helped us shed some light on what it's like pursuing this field of medicine. Tune in for parasitology, Oklahoma and a distinct lack of tigers in his daily life, and how fitness has helped him mentally. Shawn was raised in southeastern Oklahoma and attended veterinary school at Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences and graduated in 2015. Find Shawn at Swann's website This episode's challenge: Get your pets on some parisite prevention meds! Check out the show notes and such at
March 31, 2021
Austin Fielding, Punk Rock and Engineering
Sporting the most rad mohawk any mechanical engineer has dared to wear, Austin Fielding is living the life in Austin, TX working at Samsung by day, and hitting the 1000 lb club at night when he's not rolling dice or creating costumes.    We talk about sacrifice, work/life balance, punk rock while on the 8-5 engineer crunch, career changes, and out dancing coked-up Australians. This episode's challenge: Make a list of all the hobbies you want to pursue, and then shave it down to only two items. Then, dedicate the next month's free time to only pursuing those two things. Keep in my the 14th-hour rule if that helps! If you'd like to learn more, check out
March 19, 2021
Brandon Friedman- CEO of Rakkasan Tea
A combat veteran, author of The War I Always Wanted, former Obama Administration official, and the genius behind Rakkasan Tea, Brandon Friedman is a true renaissance man.  A transplant most recently from DC to Dallas, Brandon is bringing some of the most interesting and unique teas from around the world to our shores. We talk about starting a business, why Brandon writes, and the Trinity River project in Dallas. If you love tea, want to love tea, are interested in marketing or starting your own business, or love military memoirs, this is the episode you've been waiting for. Find Brandon and his tea at, and follow him on Twitter at    In case we didn't do a good enough intro for him, here's the Rakkasan Tea about Brandon- "Brandon launched Rakkasan Tea Company in 2017 after more than a decade in PR, politics, and public service. He has completed the Specialty Tea Institute's Level I and Level II courses on his way to becoming a Certified Tea Specialist recognized by the Tea Association of the USA. Brandon began his career as an infantry officer in the 101st Airborne Division, serving in both Afghanistan and Iraq. His memoir, The War I Always Wanted, was recognized in 2010 by The Military Times as one of “The Best Military Books of the Decade.” He writes regularly on politics for The New York Daily News." This episode's challenge: Drink a cup of tea! We'd love it (and so would you) if you tried some of Rakkasan's. But whatever you have on hand works as well. Trade out that second coffee for a nice cup of tea and throw a post up and tag Rakkasan and us. If you'd like to learn more, check out
March 07, 2021
Momentum // an Ode to "Deep Work"
- MOMENTUM - Maintaining momentum is the key to long-term goals being accomplished. This is a major factor in the "Dead by Tomorrow" mindset, as consistent and positive choices made daily are some of the most impactful, and most difficult choices one can make.  In this episode, we talk about how to maintain momentum, why it matters to focus on doing so, and a fair bit about the book "Deep Work" which helped bring both of us into better focus with why maintaining momentum matters.    This is a chapter from our book, so if you want a deeper dive, go check out Dead by Tomorrow on Amazon. If you have any questions about this episode or want to check out some of the things we referenced, or just want to send us funny pictures- check out
February 27, 2021
Stephen Mobley, Ex-Trainmaster // Civil Engineer // Exploration Interview
Stephen Mobley has spent the last few years reshaping his career, chasing mountain tops, and raising three kids with his unendingly patient wife. He received a degree in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech (Guns Up!) and currently resides in Portland, OR with his family.  We cover what it's like trading a less lucrative career for a better life, backpacking and hiking, fathering twins, and jumping about the U.S. after school. If you're into trains, learning about public transportation, BNSF, or what to do with your engineering degree- this episode is for you!  If you'd like to learn more, check out
February 14, 2021
Interview with Michael Miller on Sacrificial Leadership
Michael is a man of many hats. He's a father and husband, Amarillo High and Aggie grad, and one of our Monday night gaming regulars as mentioned in our Friends and Free Time episodes.  He, his wife, and their son just moved back to Dallas, Tx from California!   We cover what it is to be a sacrificial leader, how determination and positivity can get you through life, and what kind of mindsets Michael focuses on.   If you'd like to learn more, check out
February 07, 2021
Friends and Free Time
- FRIENDSHIP - “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What? You, too? I thought I was the only one.'” -C.S. Lewis   Building healthy relationships (note: this is plural), is key to living a happy and fulfilling life. Not to mention a longer one.    In this episode, we talk about why it's important to continue building and seeking new friendships, the ways we go about maintaining ours, and some suggestions on how to go about it yourself. We also cover this in our book, so if you want a deeper dive, go check out Dead by Tomorrow on Amazon. If you have any questions about this episode or want to check out some of the things we referenced, or just want to send us funny pictures- check out
January 26, 2021
Resolutions, Systems, and What Counts as Failure
- RESOLUTIONS - In this episode, Andrew and Daniel talk about new years resolutions, systems to achieve goals, what counts as a failure, and the tools and mindsets they use to keep track and crush the year.  If you have any questions about this episode or want to check out some of the things we referenced, or just want to leave us loving messages- check out
January 13, 2021
Manufacturing Engineer, Kevin Miller, Interview
Kevin is a manufacturing engineer at one of the larger corporations in America. Not only do we go a bit into how he achieved this, but we also cover loneliness, the environment, how to make friends and join organizations, and pursuing higher education. Plus, there's plenty of stories from our school days, including Andrew's friendship necklaces, Kevin's commitment to the dart game, and Daniel sabotaging the physics class. For further notes, links, and the transcript, and pictures, check out
December 19, 2020
Life+Health Coach Shelby Flores, Interview
Shelby is a certified health & life coach. She helps young professionals lose weight and live anxiety-free. She's a lot like a personal trainer, but for what you eat and how you treat your body. She works to help clients achieve and maintain a healthier life through lifestyle, diet, and mindset modifications. We cover goal setting, personality, reframing the past, and why diets are NOT a part of what she tries to teach people. For further notes, links, and the transcript, check out
December 13, 2020
DxT Book Release + Behind the Scenes
In this episode, we talk about the book we're publishing on December 14th, and a little behind the scenes on the process of making this book happen, and some of the tools we used to write and create the book. We're both thrilled to be finally releasing the Dead by Tomorrow work, and as the Amazon subtitle says, the simplest way to think of what it entails is "How to Practice the Art of Today."  For further notes, links, and the transcript, check out  To grab a copy of the book, find it on Amazon at We hope you enjoy!
November 17, 2020
Fear is the Enemy- How to Manage Fear and Anxiety
- F E A R -  In this episode, Andrew and Daniel talk about fear and anxiety, the tools and mindsets they use to overcome these obstacles, and some of the studies that have helped others face their demons on this front.  Thanks for listening, and please share with someone you know who either struggles with fear and anxiety or would be great as a guest on our podcast.  If you have any questions about this episode or want to check out some of the studies we referenced, or just want to leave us loving messages- check out
October 29, 2020
Interview with Forerunner's Program Coordinator, Beth Winter
Our very own host, Daniel, brought his sister Beth on for this episode.  Beth is a coordinator for the Forerunner program in Dallas, TX. (  We cover how mentoring and being mentored can help you grow and make better decisions, how dealing with chronic illness can help you fix your mindsets, why you should ask better questions, and the relationship between fear and curiosity, just to name a few. Oh, and how Beth lost her "warrior spirit" according to Daniel when they were kids. For more information about this episode, show notes, and links to books we talk about and all that jazz, go to
September 22, 2020
Opportunities (Part 2)
Opportunities are what give us (you included) LIFE. They bring joy, excitement, and a feeling of purpose.  This episode is part two of a two part series on opportunities and how these opportunities can affect your life. We mean things that can help improve your life, improve your social standing or your career and whether or not you need to be saying yes or no. We know it's hard and we definitely aren't perfect at it ourselves, but we really want to pass on what we've learned about this and hope you enjoy this episode and everything that we have coming. Don't forget to share with your friends and foes! For more information and show notes, visit Much love, Andrew and Daniel
September 10, 2020
Dr. Jason Coffman, Orthopedic Surgeon- Interview
Dr. Jason Coffman talks to us about orthopedic surgery, mindsets for getting through medical school and beyond, and a lot of weird stuff that happened in college. If you have any questions about getting into med school, the struggles of getting through med school, and the many grinds through it all and after along with the residency program that's not actually much of a light at the end of the tunnel, this is the episode for you! Jason is a great friend of both of ours, and has had some wild obstacles thrown at him as he's pursued his career in medicine down in Houston with his wife Kim and recently born son. This was a blast to record, so we hope you enjoy listening to it half as much as we enjoyed recording it! For show notes, check out
August 25, 2020
Opportunities (Part 1)
Opportunities can be hard to spot, and harder to take a chance on.  This episode is part one of a two part series on opportunities and how these opportunities can affect your life. We mean things that can help improve your life, improve your social standing or your career and whether or not you need to be saying yes or no. We know it's hard and we definitely aren't perfect at it ourselves, but we really want to pass on what we've learned about this and hope you enjoy this episode and everything that we have coming.   Don't forget to share with your friends and foes! And for more information and show notes, visit Much love, Andrew and Daniel
August 17, 2020
Jordan Herring with Agile Consulting - Interview
On this episode of DxT, Andrew and Daniel talk with Jordan, a man of many talents, including a savvy business mind, excellent fitness, and health knowledge, and what we suspect are some hacker skills that he did not confirm or deny.  We cover a range of topics including how to stay healthy, balance work and fun, and Daniel and Jordan's mutual love for the Dallas Mavericks.    Don't forget to share us with your friends and foes!  Show notes: Jordan's Instagram:  Agile Consulting:  5 Minute Morning Newsletter:  Tools of Titans by Tim Feriss:  Atomic Habits by James Clear:  Deep Work by Cal Newport:
August 03, 2020
Interview with Dude Check This Out- Kevin "Bernie" Land
Dude Check This Out is a Podcast hosted by Noah and Kevin, and this episode we were lucky enough to borrow Kevin to chat about everything from marching band, being laid off, engineering, Dungeons and Dragons, Ultimate Frisbee, and so much more.  Show Notes:  Kevin and Noah's Podcast: Dude Check This Out  Dude Check This Out Twitter:  Dresden Files by Jim Butcher: 17x (!) Book Series including the recently released Peace Talks  K-Pop Recommendations from Kevin: ITZY & BLACKPINK  Bloons Tower Defense Game:  Dungeons and Dragons Starter Books: D&D Essentials   Don't forget! We'd love it if you followed us on Spotify, and shared with your friends, family, and foes.  Thanks fam! -Andrew & Daniel
July 19, 2020
Movement and Fitness
On Dead by Tomorrow's latest episode, Andrew and Daniel talk about how anyone can stay in shape, and why you should. Wondering about the benefits of exercise beyond looking sexy? Want to know how the guys stay in shape? Want a bare minimum to get results on your health journey? This episodes for you. Both of us LOVE this kind of thing, so if you have any questions, want to talk workouts or nutrition, or need a starting point- REACH OUT! We'd love it. Show Notes: Not moving enough? Wear a fitness tracker! Is exercise bad? Fitness makes you happier! Why being physical is important. Exercise and the Workplace. Apple Watch: Whoop: One Punch Man Workout: Forest Bathing: Protein Fat Loss: 22 Day Pushup Challenge: Joe Rogan Pullup Video (How to Workout Smarter): David Goggins + the book that introduced him: +
July 02, 2020
A Case for TV (Part 3)- How Much is Too Much?
SHOW NOTES- Daniel and Andrew Talk about missed opportunities, self-control, how your friends effect your lifestyle,  and brain development in this episode on Dead by Tomorrow. Watch “About Time” on Netflix. The Impact of Television Viewing on Brain Structures: Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analyses  Dynamic spread of happiness in a large social network:  The Spread of Obesity in a Large Social Network.  Having trouble with self-control? Make Your Bed:
May 26, 2020
Interview With Sam- Commitment, Loyalty, and Lord of the Rings
Daniel and Andrew welcome their first guest, Sam, to talk about what commitment and loyalty means to him. Sam is a Texas A&M graduate, whose career choices have brought him into minisitry with a focus on helping others learn how to grow enough to travel abroad and introduce Christianity to other cultures without the usual misconceptions that are involved in cultural white-washing that is normally associated with this kind of work. If you've ever been curious about what it's like working in a church, or how to go abroad to make an impact on both your life and others, Sam is the guy you need to hear from. The business term Daniel tried to reference is market cannibalism: How Adventure Time Makes you Better:
May 04, 2020
A Case for TV (Part 2)- Sharing Deeper Passions
In this episode, Daniel and Andrew talk about why it's important for us to build deeper connections with friends, the value in diversifying your relationships, and why it's tough for us to do so.  Don't worry, #sixseasonsandamovie shows up again, and vulnerability makes another appearance. Study/show references: Brene Brown Vulnerability: TED TALK DUDE CHECK THIS OUT PODCAST: The Homophily Principle: Hardwired for Empathy:
April 28, 2020
The Case for TV- Part 1
In this episode, Daniel Winter and Andrew Monroe discuss how entertainment can be important to making new friends and building stronger relationships. Specifically, how and why TV and movies can help bridge the gap in forming new relationships with strangers, co-workers, and new friends.  SHOW NOTES: Firefly TV Show 12 Reasons to watch. (Link: What Is Firefly. (Link: Firefly on Amazon. (Link: Where to find: Hulu and Amazon, or a friend with the DVD's. Community TV Show (#SixSeasonsAndAMovie!) Funniest Show Ever. (Link: What is Community. (Link: Community on Amazon. (Link: Where to find: Netflix (as of quite recently), Hulu, and Amazon. Or that friend with all the DVD's Links to Studies we discussed, or you may find interesting Having friends is healthy - Having friends makes things feel easier - TV can help Mental Health- Peak End Theory- Colonoscopy Study reference. Books you may like based on this episode Firefly Big Damn Hero- How To Win Friends And Influence People-
April 12, 2020
Commitment Part 3: Professional Life and Millenials
Daniel and Andrew round out their commitment series of episodes with the final key, professional life commitment. Thanks for listening! Show Notes:  Statistics on Millennial job commitment and engagement: Wall Street Journal - Gallup - Dynamic Signal - Simon Sinek TED talks & Books: Leaders Eat Last Talk - Leaders Eat Last Book - Start With Why Talk-  Start With Why Book -
April 06, 2020
Commitment Part 2: Social Trust
In this episode, Daniel and Andrew talk about what it means to be committed to people besides yourself, how vulnerability is important, how to use tools like gratitude, and a number of stories about their personal experiences. Show Notes:  Brene Brown and Vulnerability: Study on Trustworthiness: Social Trust Link: What the heck is Hygge? Pearson's Law: Gratitude:
April 03, 2020
Commitment Part 1: Self
Show Notes: Principles, by Ray Dalio: Video- Book- Stormlight Archives (Book Series) by Brandon Sanderson: Atomic Habits, by James Clear: Jocko WIlink - Craig Ballantyne - Gail Williams -
March 17, 2020
Introductions REDUX- Daniel and Andrew
Want to know who Daniel and Andrew are, why they've started a podcast, and what exactly "Dead by Tomorrow" means? Here's the episode for you! Show Notes: Want to check out the full transcription for this episode, more proper show notes, and explore what else we have on our website? Go to: Kobe jersey 24 meaning Challenge: Figure out if you were to die tomorrow, what would you have changed about today? Like our intor/outro music? You HAVE to go give Nuera Beats a peek. Nick's an incredible artist, and has some truly amazing music.
March 03, 2020