#10 René Johnson - Tapping Into Your Personal Power to Generate Incredible Results!

An episode of DEALER TALK

By Herb Anderson & Erik Nelson
The podcast designed to bring today's insights to automotive retail professionals from the people who are LIVING it day in and out!
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#15 David Cole - Extra Episode From Season 1
During this EXTRA episode Herb and Erik have a conversation with David Cole about the automotive industry. David is a veteran of the industry who was in the dealer for over 14 years in many different roles and currently works for Cox Automotive consulting with dealerships. David's insights on this episode are pure FIRE and he offers some thought provoking ideas on ways that Dealer's can get more in today's landscape. Make sure to checkout this episode for some practical advice you can put to use in your day to day! Here is how you can reach David Cole: LinkedIn: Email: Phone: 661.388.8047 Thank you for tuning in and as usual we will TALK later...
November 20, 2018
#14 Impromptu Episode – A Conversation On Fixed Operations
So Erik and myself met for a game golf today with Wido and decided afterwards we just could not pass up the opportunity to TALK shop! During this impromptu episode we discussed Fixed Operation as a whole including profitability impact, marketing, and the future of service in the automotive dealership environment. Wido has over 20 years of experience in Fixed Operations and is seasoned veteran who brings a lot of insights and practical advice to the conversation. Here is how you can reach Wido: LinkedIn: Mobile: 775.513.353 Also, don’t forget to reach out to Erik and Herb on LinkedIn (for the time being) with your questions. Erik: Herb: Thank you for tuning in and as usual we will TALK later… P.S. Apologies for the background noise, we did this deal live right after a game of golf!
November 4, 2018
#13 Erik & Herb - FINAL Episode (Season 1 Recap)
Join Erik and Herb for this very special Season 1 recap! Thank you ALL for your support and your feedback. This Season flew by! Erik and Herb had a lot of fun TALKING about the Auto Industry and have learned a lot in the process as well as made some really valuable connections and friendships. Not only with the guest that have been on the show but all the support from listeners reaching out and connecting. In this FINAL episode of Season 1 Erik and Herb are recapping ALL the amazing guest and conversations they had on the show with the highlights from each one and their takeaways. Finally, a very specially thanks to all the guest that made time to come on and give their perspectives on the industry as well as some practical advice for the listeners. Erik and Herb are already working on Season 2 and are excited to introduce some new platforms where listeners can not only access the information but connect with them as well as share comments, feedback, and send in there questions! Thank you once again and as usual we will TALK later… Here is how you can reach Erik or Herb on LinkedIn (for the time being) Erik Herb
October 28, 2018
#12 Alan Dickie - A Conversation With The ACE-Man!
Join Herb on the season one closer with non-other than Alan Dickie A.K.A the Ace-Man! This gentlemen needs no introduction and I learned a ton from our conversation. Make sure to tune in on this one, there is a lot of VALUE BOMBS in this episode. During our conversation we covered an array of topics from salesmanship to marketing and social media impacts. If you’re taking ups in particular and are looking for some thought provoking perspective then you need to check this one out, for sure! To check out Alan's Selling Systems for an incredible advantage go here Here is how you can connect with Alan: LinkedIn: Website: Phone: 416.735.0597 Email: Twitter: AlanDickieACE To send in your questions for Herb or Erik go to LinkedIn for the time being: Herb LinkedIn: Erik LinkedIn: Thank you for tuning in and as usual we will TALK later...
October 18, 2018
#11 Keith Theisen - "ROBUST" Strategies for the Car Business Today!
Such a jam-packed session with Keith Theisen! Tune in and join Erik and Herb as they have a conversation on the business as it stands today and some of the best practices in areas that a lot of dealerships can afford to pay a closer look. Keith is a veteran of the business who is currently working for Cox Automotive consulting with dealerships on a day to day basis. Because of his practical experience he brings a unique perspective that has a lot of insights and practical advice you can implement now! Tune in and be prepared for an experience. Also make sure to check out the inside joke, which became sort of the theme of the episode. All because I used the word ROBUST! Leave it up to Erik to set the tone... Here is how you can connect with Keith: LinkedIn: Email: Also don’t forget to reach out to Erik and Herb with questions so that they can bring them up to the guest for some practical advice. Connect with them on LinkedIn for the time being: Herb LinkedIn: Erik LinkedIn: Thank you for checking it out and as usual we will TALK later...
October 12, 2018
#10 René Johnson - Tapping Into Your Personal Power to Generate Incredible Results!
Join Erik and Herb on this VALUE packed conversation with the Power Zone Coach! René is the author of Leaving Your Comfort Zone and CEO of Power Zone Coaching, which empowers business professionals and entrepreneurs to breakthrough to their "inner" leader and activate the magic in their Power Zones so they can achieve their business targets and make a greater difference in the world through their influence. Since René can remember, she felt called to a larger life purpose – the calling she now claims as an inspired leader and gifted empowerment coach. This episode brings a unique perspective on how you can achieve incredible results by connecting with your inner leader to get to the next level! As René points out leadership is a choice and once you make that choice you will impact your attitude which will impact your results! Make sure to tune in to this amazing conversation and discover what is possible for you! Don't forget to checkout the FREE assessment referenced in the show. You can do so here: For a copy of Rene's book go here: Here is how you can connect with René: LinkedIn: Website: Facebook: Phone: 602-875-8373 Email: Twitter: pzcoach Also, a quick shout out to Arthur Castillo, Anna Young, and Rudy T! Thank you for all the support. As mentioned in the episode reach out to Erik and Herb on LinkedIn (for the time being) with all your questions so that they can bring them up to the guest for further discussion! We would love to get you, the listeners, more involved and help get practical advise that you can implement in your day to day! Erik LinkedIn profile: Herb LinkedIn profile: Thank you for tuning in and as usual we will TALK later...
October 5, 2018
#9 Kim MacPherson - The Sell It Smart and Buy It Smart Philosophy
Join Erik and Herb on this FUN insight packed episode with THE ONE AND ONLY Kim MacPherson where we are breaking down sales and finance strategies! Kim has over 22 years of automotive sales, finance, and management experience with over a decade training automotive new and independent dealerships on how to professionally, profitably and ethically set up and optimize their less than perfect credit departments. Sell it Smart training was created to help people by teaching business professionals to listen to their customer's challenges and offer real solutions that solve their problems. P.S. Apologies for the excessive laughter but this was a very entertaining session. Thank you Kim! Here is how you reach Kim: LinkedIn: Website: Mobile: 1.902.818.1373 Email: Twitter: KimMACTraining
September 28, 2018
#8 Joseph Rosales - Tsunami of Change
During this episode Erik and Myself have the absolute privilege of having Joseph Rosales on the program. Joseph is a nationally known speaker, consultant and performance coach specializing in the development and optimization of Sales and Service Teams. As the founder and Senior Consultant for the Sales and Service Group for over 20 years he has worked with automotive dealerships throughout the United Sates to develop the strategies to optimize sales and service performance and provide the training and coaching programs to support those objectives. Joseph is the author of three books on the topics of sales, service and developing high performance sales teams, including his best-selling book titled; Customer Service is a Contact Sport™. A companion book: Sales is a Contact Sport will be out in early 2019. Here is how you can reach Joseph: LinkedIn: Website: Email: Mobile: 609-760-9066
September 21, 2018
#7. Ali Reda - From Car Salesman to Trusted Adviser
During this episode Erik and myself have the privilege of talking to Ali Reda the #1 sales consultant EVER! Ali started in business in 2001 at Bill Wink Chevrolet from 2001-2010 (GM closed this as part of their wine down program) He moved to Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac in June 2010 were he currently works at. Ali has led the zone for the past 5 years for Chevy. He was named #1 for Chevy and Cadillac nationally in 2017. The current record he holds is 1269 Chevy, 261 Cadillac and 52 used in 2017. Ali has also Co-authored a book titled “How To Sell 100 Cars A Month” which is available on Amazon and you can also download a FREE version here Here is how you can reach Ali: LinkedIn: Mobile: 313-408-0006 Email:
September 16, 2018
#6. Jeff Larsen - Taking Social Media to the Next Level
With over 18 years of proven auto sales experience, Jeff has held multiple roles in the industry, including being the top performer 50 of 58 months while on the sales floor, to managing the top Internet Department in the Billions organization, selling 1300+ vehicles online in 2013. Jeff has also held positions as Used Car Manager to General Manager in the 18 years of being in the automotive industry. His true passion though, is complete customer satisfaction and the opportunity to train and develop new sales people in the automotive business. Here is how you can reach Jeff: LinkedIn: Mobile: 605.321.5757 Email:
September 15, 2018
#5. Sean Kelley - Moving the Industry Forward
Prior to entering the car business, Sean believed leadership was the key to ensure his Special Operations team survive two combat zone deployments in Bosnia and Iraq. Sean Kelley #thecarbizcoach has since applied those same leadership principals to automotive management, and successfully lead dealers for a decade: lowering turnover, increasing profit, customer retention, satisfaction, and setting first time regional records. As the CEO of Car Motivators Sean works with dozens of dealers, and hundreds of sales managers across the country to achieve great results through their people and technology. Here is how you can connect with Sean: Email: Car Motivators Community: LinkedIn: Blog Rockstar Conf Ticket Purchase Link: Digital Calednar:
September 8, 2018
#4. Bill Schomburg - Is Data Dead in Automotive?
In today's episode Bill Schomburg shares his background and how that has translated into opportunities to help the automotive industry. His unique perspective in business has some great lessons that are very impactful and applicable in the industry. Make sure to tune in for some amazing insights! Here is how you can reach Bill: LinkedIn: Phone: 217.306.2555 email: Website: Thank you for tuning in and as always we will TALK later...
September 1, 2018
#3. Noel Walsh - Conquer the Sale!
In today's episode we have the AMAZING Noel Walsh a 20 year veteran who has held many rolls in the automotive retail business including sales to currently owning a sales training company, NW&A, which helps dealers with creating the most effective sales force in the business! Noel brings some great insights on this episode to the sales aspect of the business talking about processes to vehicle trades and handling objections. This is straight FIRE, you dont want to miss it! Here is how you can reach Noel: LinkedIn: Phone:734.678.4502 email: NW&A Website: Thank you for tuning in and as always we will TALK later...
August 25, 2018
#2. Derek Stringer - How to Keep The Buyer In The Showroom
During this episode we talk to our very first guest Mr. Derek Stringer, a 20 year veteran of the automotive retail business. He is currently a GSM for an Auto Group in Saint George, Utah. He is also the founder of Auto Soft Apps where he offers solutions based on his many years in the business and the "pain points" he has recognized during this time. - - Here is how you can reach Derek: Phone: 844.424.APPS(2777) - - Thank you so much for tuning in and we will TALK later!
August 18, 2018
#1. Introduction to Dealer Talk
WELCOME to the very first episode of Dealer Talk! the PODCAST created to talk about the automotive industry by people who are IN IT and doing the work. The goal of this show is to bring perspectives and insights to this amazing industry from the people doing the work. The format for this show is an open forum and discussion with people that are in the business from sales professionals to management and anybody that is doing the work day in and out. For more information from the Hosts of the show check us out on the following: Herb Anderson Phone: 713.501.6082 Herb Anderson is currently an Account Executive for GSM consulting with automotive dealers in 6 different states in the country. Erik Nelson: Phone: 303.601.4041 Erik Nelson is currently a Finance Director for Bradshaw Chevrolet in Cedar City Utah
August 12, 2018
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