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Dean Grimshawe - Work in Progress

Dean Grimshawe - Work in Progress

By Dean Grimshawe
A podcast dedicated to improving performance in all aspects of life.
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Preparing for a big physical transformation with Mauro Stara
Personal trainer Mauro Stara is used to helping his clients make BIG changes to their physiques. In this episode we discussed how you need to prepare for a big transformation, and what is required to succeed. A coach can show you the way, but they can't do your press-ups for you. It was a brilliant chat that flew by too fast. I'm hoping to connect with Mauro again very soon to talk further about the specifics of physical transformations, and share some further tips. You can connect with Mauro on Facebook. And for more content associated with the Work in Progress website be sure to check out the website.
December 14, 2020
Facebook marketing for small business with Tamara Collins
We could have so easily carried on for even longer with this recording as Tamara was dropping gold all over the place. Ever the professional we even lost communications half way through as her phone died, but she she simply grabbed a second phone and carried on. And I'm very glad she did. In this episode you'll learn how to set yourself up for success marketing on Facebook including: Tips for setting up your home page The difference between a page and a group  And how to increase engagement on your posts I'm certainly hoping we can catch up Tamara again, as she touched on some great insights into building out a marketing funnel, but to go deeper clearly required a whole extra conversation. To follow Tamara's work and get in touch with her you can find her in all the following places: Facebook Twitter Instagram  Pinterest  Website 
December 07, 2020
Liver and Gallbladder cleanse with Jurga Proudlove
Health and wellness expert Jurga Proudlove returns to the show to share her experience performing a liver and gallbladder cleanse. The main function of the liver is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract. Where it detoxifies any harmful chemicals and metabolizes any drugs consumed. Depending on the quality of our diets the liver can easily start to become overwhelmed and require a little assistance to keep performing at a high level.  During this discussion learn how Jurga first heard about this cleanse, the protocol she followed, and the results she observed. To continue following Jurga's content around health and wellness, or to consider working with her, check out her Facebook page - JP Wellness & Therapies with Jurga
November 23, 2020
From Nope to Hope with Lorraine Reguly
From Nope to Hope is the title of Lorraine Reguly's book in which she details how she went from suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts, to building a life for herself. Lorraine is now an author, English teacher, freelance editor, blogger, and entrepreneur.  The book is not just about documenting her own journey, but also how others can achieve the same through her motivational story. From Nope to Hope is designed to help anyone who wishes to lead a happier life, and contains a built-in workbook with exercises. You can get your own copy on Amazon here, and if you want to sneak peek Lorraine has provided a couple of chapters free on her blog. One about positive affirmations, and the other about meditation and visualisations. Lorraine is active online and you can follow her in all the usual places including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
November 11, 2020
Get yourself ready for your next challenge with Adventurer Baz Gray
In this episode I have the great pleasure of speaking with former Royal Marine and Adventurer Baz Gray. Baz is no stranger to taking on a big challenge, with a long history of impressive experiences under his belt. A former mountain leader in the Royal Marines, he knows what it takes to complete tough expeditions in all terrains. Not just in terms of what is required physically and technically, but also the mental and emotional demands that come with the territory. During this episode he distills his wisdom down to some key pillars, that are applicable to every single one of us. A few areas that we should always be mindful of if we want to get ourselves ready for our next challenge in life. Whatever that may be. I thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity to speak with Baz, as he was very generous with his time, and incredibly humble despite all that he's achieved.  He still has the fire within him for his next challenge, where he has his focus on achieving a world first. So there is no danger of Baz slowing down anytime soon. You'll hear him talk about this in the podcast and it's no small goal at all! But if anyone can succeed, you know it will be Baz Gray.  And I for one look forward to following that journey all the way to the finish line. Continue to follow Baz's projects and get further tips from him via The Outdoor Athlete Community.
August 30, 2020
The power of a good morning routine with Keir Wotherspoon
Keir Wotherspoon is a level 4 strength and conditioning coach, who has worked with all levels of athlete to help them achieve their goals. During 2020 he was forced into a completely new schedule as his gym facility was closed through lockdown, keeping him home with his family full-time. Like many working from home was something he had to adapt. Which is when his appreciation for a solid morning routine stepped up a gear. Listen in, as we discuss the positive difference that a good start to the day can make. Along with some pointers for helping you get in the right frame of mind to achieve your goals. Keir understands that a good gym program will only take you so far. To really excel you'll need a plan that serves you both inside and outside of the gym. And it all starts with a good, consistent, morning routine. To follow Keir for the future you can find him on Instagram (@keir_wotherspoon,, Twitter,  and via his website where he has an active email newsletter.
July 29, 2020
Integration of the Generations with Chris Ogle
In this episode we talk about how the generations can work together so everyone wins, with professional networker Chris Ogle. Chris is the founder of Link4Growth which is a project focused on developing communities, for the purposes of business, personal support, and personal growth. During our discussion we touched on the different labels such as the baby boomers, gen X, and millenials. And we explored how we can all benefit from bringing the resources, and experiences of each group together. As too often there can be divisions between the groups which hinder opportunities for everyone. The underlying theme of the show is how the world is changing. The only constant is change. And while we must be aware of the lessons of the past, in order to learn from them and build on the shoulders of giants, we must always have one eye on where the future is going. History only repeats itself if the past is ignored, or old habits become too ingrained to break. Do we sometimes miss out on ground-breaking opportunities because we falsely belief that an individuals age, (or years of service), makes their opinion more valuable by default? There are stereotypes of course, and no individual can be completely defined by the era that they were born in. There are exceptions to every rule. However, the trends do tell a story.  By opening up the conversation the goal is to break down the divisions between the generations, and build a world where everybody wins. After all, winners create, and losers compete. So there is no benefit in battling with each other through the demographics of generation.  Let's keep the conversation going. "There are 2 kinds of people in this world. The learning and the learned. The learning will always have a future, and the learned are perfectly positioned to succeed in a world that doesn't exist any more." Tune in and be sure to share your thoughts on the topic. It will be great to hear more views. To learn more about Link4Growth you can click on the link here. And to follow Chris Ogle via social media, you can find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
July 22, 2020
Talking about the power of beliefs with Reg Lenney
If you've ever wondered how the worlds best coaches interact with A-List celebrities then allow me to introduce you to Reg Lenney. As a health and wellness coach to many of the top stars in Hollywood, as well as members of The Royal Family, Reg understands what it takes to attain optimum health and a success mindset. His work in this area led to him defining his own 10 keys which are detailed in his book 'Be You' which is available to buy online. In this podcast we focus on the area of beliefs and it's a really high energy chat with some awesome content. At the end of the podcast Reg also makes some very generous offers to listeners of the show, including a FREE copy of his latest book, and a healthy home guide for anyone who signs up for his 5 minute mentor program. After we came off air Reg and I spoke further about the power of a good Mastermind. And after a bit of discussion he agreed to co-host a new group with me, specifically for listeners of this podcast. I'm extremely excited about this possibility and I'm actively looking for motivated individuals who may be interested in getting involved. If that sounds like you then register your interest here. To follow Reg Lenney on Facebook you can find him here.
July 13, 2020
Finding Your Personal Mission with James McNeil
James McNeil is a combat veteran of the US Army who joined me on the Work in Progress podcast to share the story behind his new book, Finding Your Personal Mission: Transforming Your Mind to Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts. "It is not a weakness to let other people see where you’re struggling, nor is it a strength to cover it up." Upon leaving the military James experienced first hand the struggles of integrating into civilian life. From the challenges of finding a new career and translating his skills to a whole new environment, to his internal battles of coming to terms with who he was as a person. His lows were so extreme at times that he did unfortunately have suicidal thoughts. Thankfully he was able to turn his mind around through better understanding himself, and adopting tools and strategies which he has documented within this book. This is a book for anyone that has ever asked themselves if the world would be better off without them, as well as a solid resource for anyone wishing to better understand those that are suffering. James refers to suicide as a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and he hopes that by sharing his experience and the strategies that got him back on track, he can help those that are suffering to find a better way. To learn more about the work that James is doing you can follow him via his blog, and Facebook Page. And to buy a copy of the book is available on Amazon via and
July 06, 2020
A Sneak Preview about what's in the book I'm currently writing
Over the summer of 2020 I have started putting pen to paper to document the foundations of building a Warrior mindset. In this episode I share a basic overview of what you can expect to learn when you read it, and plant the seed of just how far you can go if you put your mind to it.
June 29, 2020
Saving lives as well as livelihoods with Alex Petty
In this episode of the Work in Progress podcast I have the great pleasure of speaking to business coach Alex Petty.  During the recording we discussed what it really takes to form a solid relationship as a coach, as well as the impact those relationships can have. Alex shared a particular story which included jumping on a plane to the Middle East to re-connect with an old client. Though it wasn't until he landed the other end that he realised just how it important his trip was going to be.  Suffice to say that Alex's approach to helping businesses thrive goes far beyond just looking at the numbers, and managing cash flow. He takes time to understand the people he works with on a deeper level, and as you will soon learn it's a good job that he does. You will hear the story of what happened on that trip to Dubai when you listen to the show, though a more detailed account has actually been made into a book titled Suicide to Success by Rob Goddard.  Alex is offering that book to listeners of the show for free, so be sure to tune in to learn how you can get your hands on a copy for yourself. It is a very powerful story, as we follow a journey from extreme lows to being incredibly successful. To follow Alex for the future you can find him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and he also has a website.
June 22, 2020
Taking responsibility for yourself and your health with Jurga Proudlove
In this episode I'm joined by Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Sanomentology Therapist Jurga Proudlove. An amazing lady with a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for improving the lives of everyone she comes into contact with. During our discussion Jurga shares her own story of how she learned about the impact our nutrition and lifestyle choices can have on our health, both in terms of how serious things can become for us, and what can be achieved through consistent focus. Ultimately it is all down to us which path we choose. And Jurga shares a bit of tough love in reminding us all that is our own personal responsibility to take good care of ourselves. Be sure to follow Jurga for the future and consider getting in touch if you feel she can assist you in your goals. To connect with her on social media the links are below:
June 08, 2020
Katy Bishop talks to Dean Grimshawe
In this episode I speak to the personal training, axe throwing, pro-wrestling, single Mum of four that is Katy Bishop. An inspiring role model who has learned to live life on her own terms. And the world is a far better place for it. To follow Katy  for the future (as Astrid the Viking) you can head over to her Facebook page, and you'll also find her on Instagram @astrid_the_viking_
May 31, 2020
An introduction to my new Work in Progress podcast
After a great deal of thought I've decided to get back to running my podcast. I've always had an interest in all things personal development which have led to me qualifying both as a life coach, and a personal trainer. And many moons ago I worked with clients in this field. In recent years I moved away from being self-employed to focus on a full-time sales career, while raising a family with my wife Sara. For full transparency I did this for the financial security of having a regular monthly income. Personal development has always remained in my life of course. And recently I had the urge to get back into writing around this area, sharing content, and I want to share my learnings with those that it will benefit. So it made sense to fire up the podcast again, and incorporate some awesome people in my network who I've met along the way. This quick recording is purely to set the scene of what it's all about, who it is for, and give you a flavour to see if you want to join me for the ride. I hope you do!
May 07, 2020