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Dear Creative Me

Dear Creative Me

By Annkelsy Nyaga
Dear Creative Me is a podcast that inspires creatives to make meaningful content and be bold enough to make steps in their passion. Annkelsy Nyaga, a minimalist artist, musician, content creator and student engineer sits down with creators to talk about their process, the lesson’s they've learned and how to make an impact in society and within self.
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Welcome to Season 2
After being away for ages... Kelsy makes her way to your timeline like the good host she is.... Show some love and let's do this 😜😜😜😜😜
March 02, 2021
_SEASON FINALE_ Inferiority complex
As this year comes to an end... We look back at so many things we've lost and gained... The lessons learnt... And as we end the season... We touch on something that hold us back a lot as Creatives. INFERIORITY COMPLEX this topic will be talked about a little more in the coming season stay tuned 😉.... Yours truly KELSY.... HOTLINE NUMBER: +254771022526 INSTAGRAM: JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP:
December 28, 2020
My 2020 story prt 2
This year has been a hand full... A lot has happened and hopefully we got to learn. As the next year approaches, we hope for better. follow us on Instagram join our Whatsapp group our hotline number is +25471022526
December 21, 2020
"It's never too late to be right"
This episode features a lady with a lot of ambition and zeal for what she does..... What her hands can do is so amazing.... Stay tuned as we feature the story of Keren Osapir and how Ogfra knits came about..... Ogfra knits- follow us on Instagram join our Whatsapp group
December 07, 2020
"My 2020 Story"
After so long we are back and this time Maryann Sheerow is with us. 2020 has been hard for all of us, but we choose to focus on the positive... What good thing happened to you this year? What can we learn from it? Today we find out what happened in Sheerow's 2020 .... Find us on Instagram Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Join our Whatsapp group or send us a message @ +254771022526.
November 30, 2020
Quite Miss Home💛
This is probably dumb, crazy and stupid... Call it whatever but I just thought I'd drop this here... You know....😅😅😅.... I have had a rough couple of days and it sparked up some diamonds I thought are worth sharing... Disclaimer: I'm vulnerable, I hope I don't chase you away 🥺..... Talking about being vulnerable....... We have a Whatsapp group.... Use this link to join us : ... Or use our hotline number +254771022526
November 22, 2020
Important announcement
This bonus episode is brought to you to inform you that we'll be holding off production for a couple of weeks to restrategize. Thank you to all of you for your continued support and when we get back, we'll definitely inform you. We'd greatly appreciate if you took your time to fill in the questionnaire in this form We have a hotline number +254771022526. Your feedback would be well appreciated. To join our community on Instagram: , Twitter: And Facebook page:
October 27, 2020
"It's Storytime with Kelsy"
Storytime with your host Kelsy Nyaga is a time which she narrates some of her experiences in this journey. In this story, Kelsy answers her *Why* why she started this Podcast. Hopefully from this you can answer your *Why* too. Join the community on Instagram here Follow our Facebook page
October 20, 2020
Leadership As a Creative(Ft. Brilliant Chepkirui)
In this episode we are joined by Student engineer, writer and leader Brilliant Chepkirui. She shares with us the experiences and challenges that come with being a Creative and a leader. Don't forget to share with friends and family.
October 13, 2020
The Quest for Identity "Who am I?" (ft. Gibson Kuria)
"The lack of awareness of Identity will cause you to apply yourself to life incorrectly" Son Gibu says..... The quest for Identity is one we struggle with. Gibu talks to us about finding the right answers to this.
October 06, 2020
The Art of Self-expression (ft. Lucy Dafano)
In this episode we get to learn the perspective of one with many interests and Creative pursuits. Lucy Dafano, a multipotentialite, takes us through the journey of finding an opportunity to express ourselves in our creativity. The art of Self-expression is one that we can relate to. Find her on Instagram
September 21, 2020
Power of networking (ft. Caleb Mutiso) winning Adelle Onyango's Giveaway
Having a network is very important, and not just any network, a good network. Join me as I speak to Caleb Mutiso about this great skill.
September 15, 2020
Being true to oneself
Imagine this world without a talking bird, or without the thing you love most. So often we live a life of pleasing others and living by someone else's standards. In this episode we take about being true to oneself and breaking the shells that confine us. If you are a parrot be the best parrot that exists, don't try and be an eagle.
September 07, 2020
Comparison the thief of Joy (ft Kigen Debbie)
One too many times we find ourselves feeling that we are not good enough probably because of other people's success. Comparison affects us all. From the latest YouTube Video of Kigen Debbie , our guest, we discuss these matters. She is a web developer, a content creator and a student as well. is the link to her video..... And her blog , That little girl Debudebu.
August 31, 2020
Steel or Iron?
"Stingy" some may like to call it, as a minimalist artist, I know we struggle with "*I can't pay for what I can make*" phrase. It has saved us a couple of dollars but....... I have my own set of experiences too and here's what I have to say.... Since I love using metaphors, a little highschool physics is perfect.
August 18, 2020
Never Settle For Less
Merlin Evelyn Mwangi shares with us one of the most important things every creator needs to remember. Are you settling? Listen and find out.... Annkelsy Nyaga, your host, does her best to help you get the best out of this life. Remember, you are a Creative!💚
August 13, 2020
#Rule Number 1: Don't be afraid to break the rules
Success is something we all desire. Success in our businesses, in our career, in friendships and in many other stuff. Annkelsy Nyaga explores success in the creative industry and brings us 10 rules* we need to achieve the success we all desire.
August 03, 2020
Opportunity is a subtle creature.
Honestly opportunities are a mystery to this universe , misinterpreted as an obvious treasure. Sad and and dangerous as it is, it is easy to push it away as insignificant or fluff. "Music and sound effects from"
July 28, 2020
"It's not as it seems" She says (ft. Maryann Sheerow)
Join Kelsy Nyaga as she takes a journey with the charismatic, lovable and beautiful Maryann Sheerow exploring the Creative world from a Creative mind perspective. Maryann is an amazing Content creater and a Singer. She enjoys crafty arts as well.
July 21, 2020
My story
My name is Annkelsy Nyaga but you can call me Kelsy. In this episode, I narrate to you my life as a creative and the things that matter to me. If we have to do this, it'd be best if you know where it all began. I hope you enjoy.
July 15, 2020
A little intro, let's get to know each other 😊
Joining the premier of Kelsy's episodes... I'm not here to change anyone, rather to realise what's within that requires discovering.
July 13, 2020