Dear Future Self

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An episode of Dear Future Self

By DAVID 2.0
My name is DAVID 2.0, a limitless creative and self-transformation coach. I've lived an "interesting" life, to say the least, having seen (and foreseen?) many things. Some say that I'm too young to understand the things that I do. Some say that I must be from the Future. Either way, THIS is my life's work - to take you on a journey through personal development, entrepreneurship, spirituality, Love. #DearFutureSelf... Are you ready?
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Create Yourself
People everywhere lose jobs, friendships, and business opportunities. But what happens when we allow these things to dictate who we are as individuals. DAVID 2.0 begins a conversation on redefining what it means to "find yourself".
June 28, 2019
Self-Healing w/ Corryn Kivett
DAVID 2.0 discusses self-healing & personal development with Corryn Kivett, a woman who went from financial advisor at Merrill Lynch to heart-based entrepreneur.
June 22, 2019
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