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Dear Lash Love Diaries

Dear Lash Love Diaries

By Lorena Ashmore
Dear Lash Love Diaries is a podcast hosted by Lorena Ashmore. The show explores the everyday life of a beauty professional turned entrepreneur, her new role as a mother and the weekly to dos of managing her brand Dear Lash Love. Each episode will cover topics like Esthetician school, client relationships, branding, personal growth, beauty space decor, parenting and more. Meant to be a sweet escape and a peek into the life of. Welcome to the Dear Lash Love Diaries.

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Dear Lash Love Diaries Trailer

Dear Lash Love Diaries

Tips For Hiring as a Solo Business Owner and Behind the Scenes of Product Launches With Lorena and Abbi
On this episode I record with my Marketing Coordinator/right hand woman Abbi and we talk about the hiring process and what I specifically asked for when trying to find the right person to help me run parts of my business. We also talk about our summer launch of skincare tees and the behind the scenes of how I promoted and shared about it on social media. We share simple tips about marketing, Abbi's thoughts on working in a new industry and banter about life and becoming new Moms.  . . . To connect with me on IG click HERE Read the blog about business tips, branding, social media and more HERE Shop Beauty Industry inspired apparel HERE Elevate your business and book a coaching call with me HERE
October 13, 2021
What I Learned From Corporate Jobs, Finding Your Ideal Clients and My Tips for Selling and Creating Products
On this episode I share my views on past corporate jobs, how they helped shape my future career and making shifts that feel like steps backwards to eventually propel forward. I talk about finding ideal clients for your business, how to find the best place to work that aligns with your style and always keeping an open mind when it comes to change. I also get into things to think about before working for yourself and my top tips for selling your own products.  To connect with me on IG click HERE Read the blog HERE Shop apparel HERE Book a coaching call with me HERE
September 27, 2021
My Story, Esthetician School, Transitioning To An Online Business and What To Expect On The Podcast
On this episode I will talk about my journey to podcasting and where it all began-Esthetician School. I will share why I decided to start my own podcast, a little bit about me and what you can expect to hear each episode. From business building and social media tips, to branding and life advice-nothing will be off limits. I hope to inspire you to start that "thing" you've been thinking about even if it's terrifying and you don't feel ready.  Thank you for listening and supporting! To connect with me on IG click HERE Read the blog HERE Shop apparel HERE Book a coaching call with me HERE
September 20, 2021
Dear Lash Love Diaries Trailer
Welcome to the Dear Lash Love Diaries; a beauty, business, lashes and lifestyle podcast by Lorena. This podcast was launched as a way to deep dive into topics frequently asked about on social media like business building tips, branding, client retention, beauty space decor, Mom life, "balance" and more.  Stay tuned for updates on the official launch and in the meantime you can show support by subscribing and sharing with a friend !
July 26, 2021