Dear Sister Knowitall Podcast

EPISODE 1: "What is this Podcast About?"

An episode of Dear Sister Knowitall Podcast

By Cindy Pitts Gilbert
Fresh NEW Natural Health and Wellness Podcast Launched May, 2019
A real and honest look at the inside story of natural health and wellness. Hosted by speaker, writer and 20 year detox expert, Cindy Pitts Gilbert. The Dear Sister Knowitall Podcast is a series of informative conversations with experts in the field of natural, holistic and alternative health and wellness, to provider listeners with solid research to help them demystify and simplify everything in natural, health and wellness to make your life as healthy and happy as humanly possible.
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More places to listen

EPISODE 6: "Healing Your Brain." Interview- with Dr. Candace Holmes Braincore
Heal Your Brain while watching television. This interview was fascinating. Dr. Candace Holmes works with all types of brain issues and 75% of the population are able to see significant improvement in the functionality of their brain. Dysfunctions including; Anxiety, ADD, PTSD, Autism Aspergers, Insomnia, Migraines and even peak brain performance.
August 13, 2019
Episode 5: "What's Behind the Mask?" - Interview with Jennifer Flores (Infrared Therapy) Retro Co
Jennifer Flores works with Retro Co.  We met at a Health Fair and I was attracted to the super hero mask she was wearing.  It turned out that the mask was an infrared product that has earned a lot of awards and it very effective in anti aging. Retroco also has a product that helps grow hair.  Finding multiple products that are ultimately  natural have zero side effects and avoids needles and toxins was not only fun but very eye opening for me.  Can a light mask really reverse aging ? Can you get your hair back after it falls out?  Listen to this episode and find out just what I learned  and experienced for myself from Jennifer about the  Infrared Therapy.  
July 30, 2019
EPISODE 4: " What is a Salt Cave Doing in Snellville" Interview with Bebe Gibson, Serenity Salt Cave
Listen now to Episode 4, where I interview Bebe Gibson with the Serenity Salt Cave in Snellville, Georgia.  Learn what a salt cave is, the many health benefits of spending time in one.  The Serenity Salt Cave has so many other wonderful natural health modalities.  Spend a few minutes of your day with Bebe and I as we learn the many benefits of the awesome, natural and healthy things to treat yourself to at the Serenity Salt Cave.  
July 15, 2019
EPISODE 3: "I Only Have Two Thumbs" Interview with Angi Reid Reflexologist
I hope you enjoy Episode 3. I am Interviewing my friend  Angi Reid.  Reflexologist and Creator of the Flow Technique.   What is Reflexology?  What is the Flow Technique?  Listen now.  The way you see your feet will never be the same.  
June 27, 2019
EPISODE 2: "Who is Sister Knowitall Anyway?"
In Episode 2, You will hear where the name  Sister Knowitall came from .  More about the upcoming shows and how I got involved in natural health and wellness in the first place.  You will also get a short bio on my years in corporate America,  Owning my own Karaoke Coffeehouse. We all have a story so here's some of mine.  
June 11, 2019
EPISODE 1: "What is this Podcast About?"
In this introductory Episode 1 . Learn who is Sister Knowitall. Who will be guests on the podcast and content you will hear on this natural health and wellness podcast. 
May 27, 2019
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