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Dear Video

Dear Video

By Peter Preston
Weekly interviews with experts and professionals who share what's working and what's not in the world of video marketing.
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018 What you learn after 18 years in video marketing with Chris Schwager
Chris Schwager has been doing this video marketing thing for nearly two decades. He’s got a lot to share and he’s not shy about it. A lot has changed since Ridge Films started in 2002 and if you tune in to this episode you’ll hear where that journey has taken Chris and where we’re at today. Press play and listen in - Chris tells what you need to know to make your videos work for your business today. Where to find Chris: LinkedIn Ridge Films Video Marketing Legend Podcast 
September 23, 2020
017 Why your customers’ problems make good video with James Serra
Whether he's finding good stories to tell at work or struttin' the stage with his band, James Serra is a seriously fun dude. Join us as we talk about how any business can find good stories to tell, who to focus your storytelling on, what it's like to be in a band with your brother (even during a pandemic) and his super cute pup, Rambo.  Find out more about James: James on LinkedIn Face Time Police (the band) LogicGate Rambo on Instagram
September 16, 2020
016 Finding the emotional side of the story with Kara Chin
Just because you’re in business doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your audience emotionally. Today’s talk with Kara Chin of Business Insider goes deep into why it’s important to find the emotional side of a story and how to find it (hint: it’s start with really listening to people). We also talk about how you and your content can be more inclusive, no matter how big your team. Find and connect with Kara here: LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Voices of Color Kara's Business Insider Profile Page
September 9, 2020
015 How to attract viewers and keep their attention with Taylor Moyle
How do you make sure your videos capture and hold attention? Taylor Moyle has an idea and in this episode he shares how he goes about making videos that make people stop and watch. Taylor is the Video Producer for Underknown's What If, a social media channel that offers "an epic exploration of possibilities". In this episode we talk about how Underknown approaches content planning and creation that is fast-paced, educational, and for damn-sure attention grabbing. Where to find Taylor and his work: Underknown What If on YouTube Taylor on Twitter
September 2, 2020
#Lesson 1: How to Build Your Own YouTube Channel (deep-dive session) with Dr. Gerald Auger
Dr. Gerald Auger isn’t famous, but he does have a bigger YouTube channel than me.  Gerald started his YouTube channel to be able to show and tell his work to a specific audience.  But that audience wasn’t there. So he changed his approach and started growing a following that has led to big opportunities in his career. This week I’d like to share something special with you: An in-depth look at exactly how, what and why Gerald built his audience so that you can do the same. What Gerald shares is a very detailed look into how he started from scratch to build a YouTube channel and a following on LinkedIn that opened doors for him.  Here’s what you’ll learn: How your YouTube channel helps build authority and trust with complete strangers What your LinkedIn profile is probably missing and how to fix that When to use recorded and live video to make the most of each platform you’re on For the video version and a transcript, go to You can find more from Gerald here: Gerald's Simply Cyber YouTube Channel Gerald on LinkedIn
August 27, 2020
014 How to flip a story on its head and be a bit more daring with Mykim Dang
Mykim Dang, Executive Producer at America’s Test Kitchen and a bit of an adventurer, joins us to talk how to put together a story arc, why you should experiment more, and how to give your mind some time off (hint: her escape involves lots of water and and very measured breathing). You should listen to this episode if you want to learn how to capture attention online, how to start experimenting with different formats (think vertical vs. landscape), and how to give your creative and active mind a rest. Where to find Mykim: America's Test Kitchen LinkedIn Twitter
August 26, 2020
013 How to think strategically while nailing your content tactics with Payton Van Vors
Payton Van Vors joins me from Saint Louis to talk video production and social media strategy. Here's what you're going to take away from this conversation today. Payton is focused on: The strategy behind the video behind the social media What you want to get out of the content that you're producing Insightful things ways of using different platforms and the different tools on those platforms She's got a very good way of thinking about how you plan and use your content. Where to find Payton: Payton on LinkedIn Payton Riley Creative on Facebook Timmerman Group
August 19, 2020
012 How to build a career in the music biz with Bryan Hahn
Bryan Hahn is a Studio Video Producer for The Fader Magazine, an icon of the music world, and has worked with more artists than I can name in this intro. Bryan’s story is one of doing what it takes to build the connections and repertoire needed to make a great career in the music business. Listen in to hear how Bryan got started and what he says about doing it all the hard way again. Find more about Bryan here: The Fader Magazine P.S. 4080 (music label, mix tapes) Bryan on LinkedIn
August 12, 2020
011 Twitter Hacked, Sharing Passwords, and Protecting Your Data with Dr. Gerald Auger
Dr. Gerald Auger has been committed to helping SMBs protect their data for nearly two decades. In this episode, he shares the common cyber security weaknesses a business could have and what you can do about it. From Twitter getting hacked to crying baby noises, Gerry gets into a lot of things we all need to be aware of in order to keep our personal and business information safe.  Connect with Gerry here: Dr. Auger on LinkedIn Twitter Coastal Information Security Group Simply Cyber Youtube Channel The hacking challenge mentioned in the show: Hacking challenge at DEFCON
August 5, 2020
010 How to run a Facebook Live Q&A Show with John Dickow
Today's guest has worked nearly all aspects of TV and is now produces and directs a weekly Q&A show for The University of Chicago Medical Center airing on Facebook Live. John Dickow has been a news producer, a content writer, a social media manager and more, so he knows what he's talking about when it comes to making awesome content. You'll also learn how John makes the most out of each piece of content (content amplification) in clever ways that you can use. You can find out more about John here: John on LinkedIn At the Forefront Live
July 28, 2020
009 Smartphone Video for Smart People with Jay Hunt of Violet Productions
We listen today to an extraordinary woman with a unique perspective on how to make the right video for right now. Jay Hun never set out to train people how to make great videos, but she adapted to the changing landscape of video production for businesses and now she teaches the Smartphone Video for Smart People course. From booking celebrity interviews to being the on-screen talent, Jay has worked almost every aspect of video production and in this talk we cover what it's like to work with people who might not be comfortable in front of the lens, how small business owners can get started making better video on a tight budget, what the most important things are to get right and which things viewers will forgive, and more. You can find out more about Jay here: Jay on LinkedIn
July 21, 2020
008 Why You Should Record A Funeral with Paul Sheaffe
Paul Sheaffe helped bring the Sydney Olympics to TV and went on the build his own production company here in Australia.  He focuses on creating specialist and personalized video for businesses and unique occasions, including funerals and memorial services. If you're wondering why you would want to do that, have a listen - Paul makes a good case for it. If you own a small business, Paul also lays out exactly what kind of video you should have and where you should put it on your site. He practices what he preaches, so you know he ain't blowing smoke.  Where to find Paul: @PaulsProductions on Facebook LinkedIn
July 14, 2020
007 What A Videographer's Real Job Is with Sean Vincent Phair of Ambiguous Fiddle
We hear from Sean Vincent Phair of Ambiguous Fiddle. Sean helps artists grow and engage their fan base using online video. He's an experienced live video producer and what we talk about is how sometimes we can feel like things are just falling into place and sometimes it feels like you're falling into your current roles.  Sometimes we're surprised by history repeating itself in strange and wonderful ways. Sean shares how he got started helping musicians connect with their fans using online video and what he sees his real job is as a videographer (HINT: it's a lot more than just shooting and editing.) This is a fun story that a lot of people will be able to connect with.  Links: Sean on LinkedIn Ambiguous Fiddle
May 5, 2020
006 How To Make It In Video & Creative Fields with Pip Duncan of SEEK
Whether you’re just getting started in video or are trying to break into a new role, Pip Duncan shares a unique perspective on what it takes to make it in a creative field like video. And you can be sure she knows what she’s talking about. Pip has worked for creative juggernauts like M&C Saatchi, Cummins & Partners, and more, while being involved on project for big international brands you’ve definitely heard of. Listen up! There is something in this conversation for everyone interested in making great videos. Links: Pip on LinkedIn SEEK
April 28, 2020
005 Video Is Part of Your Strategy, Not The Whole Strategy. With Mark Flores of Falcon Creative.
When he was a kid, Mark Flores wanted to be a rock star. He still plays music, but he's shifted gears and is now helping business owners learn how to think strategically about growing their business with video in the mix.  Links: Mark on LinkedIn Mark on Facebook Falcon Creative
April 21, 2020
004 Why A Testimonials Is Your Best Piece of Content with Sam Shepler of Testimonial Hero
Sam Shepler and his team at Testimonial Hero have figured out how to make amazing, high-quality video testimonials from almost anywhere in the world. And Sam believes that your next video testimonial is going to be your best piece of content, even if it's a simple DIY video.  Links: Testimonial Hero Sam on LinkedIn
April 14, 2020
003 How keeping it local led to a global footprint with Richie Burke of GoGeddit Marketing & Media
Big-time success doesn't happen overnight. In fact, it often starts when you focus on being right where you are. Richie Burke of GGMM had an idea that focusing his podcast on the local Milwaukee market would help his business grow. And grow it did. Learn how helping the people nearest you can be the best thing for your business. Links: GoGeddit Marketing & Media The GoGedders Podcast Richie on LinkedIn
April 9, 2020
002 Seven Elements to an Effective Video Strategy with Ben Amos of Engage Video Marketing
"Your content plan should be as a direct result of understanding your audience and knowing what goals you're trying to achieve." Ben Amos practices what he preaches when it comes to video and business and in this conversation, he goes into detail about how he helps clients think through their content needs. Links: Engage Video Marketing Online Video Strategy Blueprint Engage Video Marketing Academy Ben on LinkedIn
April 9, 2020
001 The Creative Never Drops Out with Nathan Goad of Achieve Video Marketing
Nathan helps businesses grow by using better video storytelling, but he doesn't come from the kind of background that you'd think. We talk about how sales experience can help land clients and help those same clients look at video in new ways. And now that everyone has a video camera in their pocket, there's even more need for good storytelling skills.  Links: Achieve Video Marketing Molly Dooker Wines Nathan on LinkedIn
April 9, 2020