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Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me

By Peter Eguae

"If you could give three pieces of advice to your younger self, what would they be?"

Our guests share their advice and unique experience with as much honesty as they can bear. The show is hosted by Peter Eguae, a criminal barrister, who is fascinated by the good, bad and ugly bits of our beautiful species.

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Reggie Johnson
Reggie Johnson
Reggie Johnson is an entrepreneur and podcaster. His positive mindset is infectious and authentic. We disagree about whether being a space explorer is good sense. We discuss the BBC. We discuss (with some envy) the brilliant institution that is David Attenborough. One of my favourite insights: "There's no use about worrying about the entirety of your life today". I love the moment that he realises how much we pay in the UK at the gas pump (i.e. first world problems are still (kinda) problems). Better yet is his explanation of how he escaped poverty and why he values giving back. But like so many of us he wishes he invested younger.
October 14, 2022
Sivani Ishaya
Sivani Ishaya
Sivani has meditated and taught people to meditate. A mother of three, she explains the reason for her journey and the challenge of overcoming the preconcieved boundaries placed on us all. She's passionate about supporting others to live a long vital life that they create. She promotes the concept of autonomous living. Although i don't think the word is mentioned during the entire conversation, the wisdom she shares demonstrates the importance of "courage". We go dark, we go light, we explore.
September 30, 2022
Diana Indries
Diana Indries
There's a great song with a great chorus: "Love Sets You Free". If you listen to it before enjoying this episode it'll get you in the mood! Diana is a brilliant example of what love can do, and demonstrates why it is important to hone your skills; to help find love, nurture it, and constantly appreciate it. We look back through her mistakes and adventures, and are blessed with her infectious positive energy. Diana and her husband (who I would LOVE to interview at some point!) are the creators of the "Better Topics" card game, which is designed to strengthen communication and increase relationship success. Check it out here:
September 14, 2022
Gavin Scott
Gavin Scott
Gavin lost himself following a tragedy at the cusp of manhood then found himself while travelling to different countries. He's a natural salesman who made and lost a fortune. He encourages people to connect with themselves and poses a simple but interesting question: who are you? Gavin caught the last flight back to London before the pandemic lockdown and spent the isolation on a mindset bootcamp. We talk about past lives, our intuitive navigation system, and the challenge of showing your genuine emotions.
August 31, 2022
Phil Russotti
Phil Russotti
Phil is a award-winning New York trial lawyer, teacher and author. Via tragedy and introspection, he gained wisdom that has led to new adventures and growth in his later years. We chat about juries, work-life balance, yoga, and an inspiring story about one of his exceptionally determined clients.
July 31, 2022
Dominion Ezechibueze
Dominion Ezechibueze
Dominion is a Nigerian immigrant to the USA that was "born dead". He shares his journey; from moving to the States to becoming a top tier American Football running back - one of the most dangerous positions in one of the most brutal sports. His drive, determination and commitment are clear. As is the importance of his faith.
June 30, 2022
Steve Braker
Steve Braker
Steve's life has been a gigantic adventure. He started off in the South of England, before spending the last twenty years exploring and traveling all over East Africa from Mogadishu to Zanzibar Island and everywhere in between. He's a keen sailor, scuba-diver and novelist. He shares some important wisdom about teaching people to speak a new language...before the internet.
May 31, 2022
Lindsay Taylor Dellinger
Lindsay Taylor Dellinger
Lindsay left the fashion industry and wrote a book - "Swipe Write" - about about 20 online dates with 20 different men and all things life, loss, and love. We discussed idealism and the importance of understanding your parents. She made a good case for adjusting the golden rule, and is a great advert for the tiny-home movement.
April 30, 2022
Ausar Stephens
Ausar Stephens
Ausar Stephens is a young artist with an entrepreneurial mindset. I loved his intro and loved the outro. He embodied the spirit of the DYM project and surprised me with his openness and creativity. We talked about cryptocurrency, social media, sales techniques, and meditation.
March 31, 2022