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Ideas for you about today, career & investments

Ideas for you about today, career & investments

By Deaver Brown
Ideas for you about today’s events, career tips, thoughts & investments, with reference to our over 700 original downloadable eBooks & audiobooks available from our partners & at
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The Wealth of Nations Summary for Non-Academics in an American Voice
The first book on economics by the Father of Economics in 1776, the year of the Declaration of Independence, with both documents standing tall 350 years later. Addresses productivity, capital, labor, stocks, wealth, and more on a lecture length audiobook such as promoted by Harvard Business School Press.
June 21, 2021
6 Business & Personal Financial Episodes, Tips & Ideas for You!
1. Simpler & Cheaper wins. 2. Know Your Deal to Get Business. 3. Just Call People Inquiring. 4. Collections Should Be a Sales Call. 5. Stock Options Dilute & Hurt Owners & Turn off Many Prospective Good Employees. 6. 4 Subjects for You.
April 27, 2021