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Beginner Horse Riding Education with Debbie Burgermeister

Beginner Horse Riding Education with Debbie Burgermeister

By Debbie Burgermeister
Providing beginner horse lovers with the best start to horse riding. An education pathway - finally a development guide for parents and all ages to learn faster and have a safer horse journey. With expert horsewoman, coach and author of Giddy Up Beginner Books - Debbie Burgermeister, over 40yrs of knowledge to share condensed into her books for a tool kit of summarised reference material & checklists. It all started out growing up with horses on a farm with her parents, competing, training horses and running her own horse riding school Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat on the Gold Coast, Australia
A little review goes along way
If you have read any of my Giddy Up Beginner Books or if you have liked any of my education resources I would love to hear from you which helps me share my knowledge and understand what you need so that we can have a community of confident and capable horse riders that have a safer horse journey. Thanks very much, Deb
October 28, 2021
Giddy Up Beginner Books 2 - Part1 How To Ride A Horse
How To Ride A Horse - Lessons 1-5 focusing on safety, how to handle a horse on the ground, prepare your horse to ride and starting out with the core basics of riding. The essential foundations to achieve at walk and trot to have good balance, communication and control with confidence
July 29, 2021
A Horse Girl Prophecy
This is a poem about my wish for every horse loving girl that wants a pony one day and what being around horses means to me and the happiness they give me.
July 27, 2021
Ultimate Horse Girl Gift Poem
This is just a nice little poem that summarises my thoughts as a horse girl about the feelings I get when heading to the stables for the day that could give your horse crazy child a fun pack to enjoy
July 27, 2021
10 Top Tips to help you how to get started horse riding
Reduce the risks of getting hurt. Find out where to start if your kids want to learn horse riding. You are in the right place to have the best start.
July 21, 2021
A healthy happy Mum to cope with life
Let’s help you feel better as a busy multi-tasking Mum. Find your passion as horses, friends and family have supported me through my life.
April 28, 2021
These Hands - Can your hands tell stories
This is just a snippet of thinking about my amazing memories of growing up on 3000 acres with sheep, cattle and horses. So much more I could waffle on forever with. As I look at my so-called "lady" hands I often wonder how horse girls can have nails or non-marked skin. I look at my dented bruised finger from the stable door and laugh, or I think about the sadness of the 9yr old boy that died 20yrs ago after I did CPR.....OR....I think about the joy of holding my twins for the first time 4 weeks after they were born 3mths early just 560g............ BUT when I think hard about my 43yr old hands I think of what these hands have done on a farm with horses, sheep, cattle, chooks, cooking, cleaning, lifting, cutting, campfires, rivers, old cars and fixing fences...... the life of a country Australian that so many young people do not appreciate that I have had the blessing to experience - a farmer, a wife, a mother, a labourer, a mechanic, a factory worker and a horseman. These are all skills I cherish and I would not trade my hands for anything in the world as the stories are in my mind and my heart forever. I thank my family, my friends and my employers for the experiences of life to help me learn and grow in mind & body! I pray our youth continue to be educated away from the computer with hands on reality and stories to cherish of their own For a little deeper into Deb’s life story check out : LIFE CHALLENGES and HORSES TO SAVE THE DAY: deep into the life of Deborah Burgermeister
February 24, 2021
Giddy Up Beginners Book 1 - Horse Lovers First Book
The basics you need to know about horses with loads of fun pictures in the book. For the young at heart that want's a pony and want's to go horse riding, this is a great starting point. Also great knowledge for any age getting started.
February 24, 2021
HorseChats Interview 10 Tips for beginner horse lovers to have a safer start to horse riding
This is a great summary of advice and what can help you get started horse riding in the best way possible to have a safer start to horse riding
February 22, 2021
A thankyou letter from my student – Life Skills
Hands on life skills with horses nothing compares. This is what your child can experience learning about horses, learning to ride, volunteering and working at a horse riding stable
March 20, 2020