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God & a Gram

God & a Gram

By Debbie L. London
If you're into spirituality, weed, healing from generational trauma, and transparency of others journeys then this is for you! Helping you get your shit together one episode and book at a time!
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Astral Travel, Facing Shit, & Loving Unconditionally
Man, I have hella updates from this past week. This episode I’m talking about astral projection, my true gift of healing, my twin flame reunion, fully facing trauma, and loving unconditionally. It’s a good one, I promise! Everything you need is in this link, book your soul cleansing session also:
October 26, 2020
Hardhead-assery AKA Self-Sabotage
A tweet I made last night sparked today’s episode. Hope it chin checks you the way it did me. Everything you need is in this link: For a free business consult:
October 20, 2020
PowerFUL Not PowerLESS: You Know You’re God Right?
Sticky subject but walk with me here, we have been conditioned to think that we are helpless. However, God has given us the power within as long as we stay connected and nurture ourselves spiritually. Hit the link for everything you need:
October 13, 2020
Get Yo ASK Up!
This episode is about asking for what you need from your spiritual team. I know you’ve been doing everything on your own but that won’t carry you any longer. Get what you need here:
October 5, 2020
The Main Character
Often times we get so bogged down with routine that we forget WE are the main characters in our story. Meaning we control how shit goes down and when the plot shifts. A reminder for you to switch roles and take your place as the main character in your life. Hit the link for everything you need:
September 28, 2020
Putting An End to Me
So I am giving two topics in one with this episode. There is a twin flame lesson and update tied into what my week in shadow work has looked like leading me to be done with old stuff. Check out this link for all you need from me:
September 23, 2020
It’s Happening FOR You, Not TO You!
At times, we feel like our journeys are beating our asses and we keep getting the short end of the stick. I’m here to inform you that perhaps your perspective needs to shift! Click the link for everything you need:
September 16, 2020
You Are Not Crazy, Babe
This episode is talking about how at times in our spiritual journey we can feel crazy or have doubts in ourselves. I’m here to tell you to keep going because you are not crazy in the least bit. Everything you need is in this link:
August 31, 2020
Accepting Who I Am Spiritually
If you are like me and grew up very religious but have taken a different path, there may be some residual guilt from doing things your way. Today I’m discussing what I’m into spiritually and finally accepting myself. Hit the link for everything you need:
August 28, 2020
Happy Birthday Twin Flame & Loving Myself...Truly
Chile, I have messed around and met my twin flame. Let me tell you how the encounter changed me and helped me to love myself more than ever. Hit the link for everything you need about me:
August 25, 2020
Trust Your Gut, Face Your Shit
This episode is discussing my recent dark night of the soul experience and the nuggets I learned from it. Everything you need is in this link:
August 18, 2020
No Hidden Agendas, Recovering From Spiritual Hurt
It really sucks when we feel God or our beliefs have let us down. Let’s unpack those feelings and get back to the basics of who we are spiritually. All resources and tools you need from me are in this link. Follow me on everything 💜
August 11, 2020
Stop Being A Hypocrite, Step Into Your Power
It is time to stop shrinking, diluting, doubting, and not being who you truly are. Seeing yourself through God’s eyes is so important so you can truly know who you are. Get everything you need to connect with me and purchase my books and products at this link:
August 5, 2020
Bold Ass Faith
Sharing my recent experience with having to stretch my faith to levels I have never had to before . Listen in to be inspired to make bold moves of faith in your journey. Everything you need to heal and connect with me is in this link:
July 27, 2020
How Spirituality Healed Me Pt. 2
Many of you have asked how I connected with my spirit guides and I talk about that and how meditation has changed my life. Get the book Residue: Get the book Your Facade is Showing: Follow me on TikTok: Follow me on IG: Subscribe to my YouTube channel:
July 10, 2020
How Spirituality Healed Me Pt. 1
In this episode I talk about how I began my shift from religion to spirituality and how it changed my life. Through spirituality I have been able to find myself, heal from generational trauma, and live a life peace. Get the book Residue: Get the book Your Facade is Showing: Follow me on TikTok: Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Follow me on IG:
July 10, 2020
False Victories
Welcome to the very first episode of God & a Gram! This is just a sampler episode with new ones to come weekly. This episode talks about when it seems that opposing forces are winning in our lives it's not true, we are getting setup for the ultimate win!
June 11, 2020