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God's Globe by Deborah Rutherford

God's Globe by Deborah Rutherford

By Deborah Rutherford
Sharing God's globe one word at at time.
Hi and welcome to the "God's Globe by Deborah Rutherford" Podcast Channel. I will be releasing some of my favorite blogs to this channel. Please find the link to the blog below. "God's Globe" features my love for Faith and Family through the valleys and mountain tops of my life. Many moons back in the 1990's I was a spoken word recording artist and have an album "Nocturnal" on New Alliance Records under Deborah Patino. You can find copies possibly on Amazon or ebay. It's fun to revisit this medium of spoken word as a podcaster.

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Awakened and Restored
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
This episode is also available as a blog post: The song "Everlasting Covenant" by Don Rutherford is featured at the end of the podcast. Enjoy! Are we waiting to be awakened and restored like the winter grass? We may be like the seed that is waiting to sprout. Or like the bud that wasn’t there yesterday and tomorrow will flower. Our brokenness heals by the grace of Jesus as He wakes, restores, and lifts us. Likewise, winter is ending and spring is upon us. What a perfect way for God to show us how He can transform each one of us.
March 31, 2021
Sometimes Life Gets Sticky
This episode is also available as a blog post: "When Don came into the kitchen later, I said pizza dough is sticky. Yes, he said it is sticky. I said pizza dough is hard. We smile and laugh. But it is so good! Yes, sometimes life gets sticky but perhaps life is sometimes meant to get sticky. Perhaps it can sometimes lead to a wonderfulness that we would not know unless we had a challenge that took us there."
March 22, 2021